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UFORA90021 17 Feb 1990 Canberra ACT 0515hrs Low Level A S2/P5
Mr Zoran Ivanisevic went outside into his backyard and noted an unusual, soundless, object in the morning sky. It was at a low elevation in the East and was a very bright white colour with a red light on the left hand side. He returned inside to fetch his wife and a video camera, and filmed the object. After some five minutes, during which the object was stationary, they went inside. Upon going out again he found the object was no longer visible. However, he did say that clouds were moving in at the time. The video clip, which appeared on national television, initially shows a bright, white light. Then follows a second segment showing it as an almost round object with a hole in the centre and two bites out of the top and bottom. The witnesses did not report seeing both the UFO and the planet Venus which was brightness magnitude - 4.6 at that time low down in the Eastern sky. (John Jensen).

UFORA90017 25 Dec 1988 Quairading WA 2100hrs Med Level C S3/P4
A 12 year old girl relates that her attention was drawn to an unusual object high in the sky to the north. It was described as an orange disc about Moon sized, clearly outlined. It travelled across the sky at high speed, and was lost in the southern sky. There was no noise from it. (UFORA).

UFORA90022 1987 Kellerberin WA 2300hrs Med Level C S3/P4
A bright light was noted hovering in the Western sky, by a 44 year old man travelling by car. He stopped his car at the side of the road under trees and switched off the motor. It was a clear night and the object was described as circular, larger than a star, silver in colour, with red, orange, blue and green lights about it, which were pulsating. Whilst he watched it he had left the car radio on and he noted this was crackling. After sitting there for some 15 minutes he drove off and it took off in a southerly direction and was lost to view behind hills. He arrived home 20 minutes later shaking like a leaf. (UFORA).

UFORA90023 QA89016 29 Apr 1989 Deception Bay QLD 1830hrs Med
Level ? SP?
Two people witnessed a transparent cylindrical object with a red glow on the bottom, travel over their house towards the Samford Valley area. Duration 30 seconds. Weather was partly cloudy. (UFOR(Qld) “UFO Encounter” No 133 p10.)

UFORA90024 QA89017 Ca 18 Jul 1984 Esk QLD (1930-2000)hrs CE1
Level? SP?
Two people were watching television in their mobile home when all the lights went out. A light was seen in the distance moving erratically. The next door neighbour s lights were also fading out. One witness, male, decided they should go to the neighbour s house. The light seemed to be in a nearby paddock. When they were 10-12 metres from their door the light moved at speed, and stopped hovering above them. The two witnesses ran under the object to get to their neighbours. The investigators comment “...there is a very good chance that this will turn out to be an abduction case...”. (UFOR(QlD) “UFO Encounter” No 133 p1O).


1. UFO reports classification system

In order to work towards a better international exchange of data and in conjunction with the initiation of the new UFORA data base, we will be altering the classification system we use in the Digest from this month. Appendix 1 describes the systems which will be utilised. It is drawn from the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA in the United Kingdom), and PARANET users. Where we are unable to assign details a ? will indicate this. We welcome feedback on the use of these systems.

2. Department of Defence files

Following our successful Freedom of Information Act request to the RAAF and subsequent release of their UFO reports received since 1984, we are now conducting a follow up. Through the Director-General of Australian Archives I have submitted a request to view RAAF UFO reports and policy files. I have now been advised that the 30 year rule on government documents means that anyone should be permitted access to RAAF files up to and including the year 1959. I have therefore requested access to these. Archives advise the files concerned are currently being identified, located, security cleared and should then be released for viewing. More on this in due course.


1. Devereux, Paul. (1989). “Earth lights Revelation: UFOs and mystery lightform phenomena”. Blandford. London.

In 1982 Devereux first published a book outlining his viewpoint on the UFO phenomenon and its link with geophysical events. His hypothesis is refined in this current work. Although a broad brush approach, the idea certainly seems to provide an explanation for some UFO cases.

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