The Australian UFO Research Network

© by Diane Harrison

It has been a wonderful year for AUFORN, boundaries been broken down new relationships have been forged with Media, Education departments & Government departments. It has truly been a leap in the right direction and this is all due to the dedication of the AUFORN team. Well done.

So team what direction will AUFORN take in 2003 Well here are some of the projects and goals we will all be working towards.

1. The UFO Data Base: which will pin point UFO hotspots
2. More Public awareness: Public meetings, presentations
3. More Media Contact: TV , Radio, Newspapers, Magazines
4. More Investigative Training: Techniques,Evidence collection.
5. More Sponsorships, and fundraising.
6. More relationship building with other UFO groups
7. More Government department relationship building:
8. UFO Hotline message bank updated.
9. UFO Disclosure
10. A UFO Hard Evidence Case Book:

Ten “Reachable goals.

1. UFO Data Base:
The UFO data base will be up and running in 2003. We will finally be able to chart and locate UFO Hotspots within Australia with pin point accuracy. This is exciting because if hard evidence is what we need then hard evidence is what we’ll get.
2. Public awareness:
Public meetings are a must and will continue. We will again approach State Libraries, private functions informing them of our ability to do UFO presentations.

3. Media Contact:
We will forge more contacts with media outlets informing them we are here. It would appear the media are becoming increasingly more and more interested in the UFO topic as time goes by.

And in the best interest of UFO research we will try to make doubly sure they write positive articles. Gone are the days when Bad publicity is better than No publicity “Bad is Bad” and AUFORN won’t be party to it.

4. Investigative Training Techniques, Evidence collection:
AUFORN Investigators you have done a “Great Job” investigating a large majority of the 700 sightings which have come in via the hotline. In the new year we will all become more scientifically minded and expand our knowledge into forensic investigative techniques and evidence collection.

In doing this we will have a better understanding of evidence collecting and reporting. Information manuals will be sent to you in the new year along with New ID Cards and a New Code of Ethics to sign. We have to keep up with the times and been seen as professionals.

5. Sponsorships, and fundraising
We will endeavor to seek more sponsorship and I would like to thank Robert Frola Editor of The Australasian UFOLogist magazine for allowing AUFORN a 2 page spread in his magazine thank you.

Fundraising as always be hard but we will keep chipping away at different organizations. If you don’t ask you don’t receive true’

6. Relationship building with other UFO groups
This area as always been a sensitive area as the bower bird syndrome runs riot in most UFO groups. I hope in the year 2003 we can all start looking at what we all have to contribute to each others research and not continue down the infamous road of negative gearing so to speak.

AUFORN will continue to post and share information via our e-mail list and we encourage other UFO groups to do the same.

7. Government department relationship building:
This year 2002 has been a very rewarding year as AUFORN has forged many new contacts within Government departments. In 2003 we hope to forge even better relationships with many more.

I have personally found you can’t sit back and hope they know you exist you have to keep reminding them. Next year we will remind them we’re still here and growing stronger.
8. UFO Hotline message bank updated.
The UFO Hotline will be rolling over into its 5th year on the 28th of November 2002 For 4 years the UFO hotline has been servicing many a UFO groups and independent UFO investigators by passing on UFO sightings for them to investigate. It will continue to do so in 2003.

The message bank will be updated giving out more information in regards to UFO club meetings and contacts.

Total running costs for the UFO Hotline this year was $2492.35 [donation are welcomed :>)]

If anyone wish’s to become involved with investigating UFO sightings from the UFO Hotline just send an e-mail to stating so, however (conditions do apply)

9.UFO Disclosure:
AUFORN is assisting and will continue in 2003 to assist in the UFO disclosure project that involves UFO hard evidence collection. A team of researchers has already been formulated to gather hard evidence from private individuals in positions of UFO knowledge individuals being ex Military and Aviation pilots.

10. A UFO Hard Evidence Case Book
AUFORN is again assisting and will continue in 2003 to assist in the collections of hard evidence cases. Some old cases I’ve been told are being re-examined for inclusion in the hard evidence case book. Keith Basterfield is heading this project so if you wish to know more please contact Keith.

10 “Reachable goals.

The AUFORN wish list.
AUFORN members have talked about this for quite sometime and we all agree, if you don’t put it out there your never going to know if your wishes will ever come true “right” so here goes.

A millionaire to fund the AUFORN research team:>)

Equipment donation for all states:
8x Digital Camera’s
8x Video Cameras,
8xPower Point projector,
8x Small 4wheel drive for each state
8x GPS systems
8x Laptop computers
8x Spectrometers,
8x 2 way Radios,
8x Army compasses,
8x Night vision goggles,
8x Long tape measures
8x State maps: normal & topographic,
8x 2 man tents,
8x Backpacks.
Soil sample kits, DNA kits,
A laboratory willing to do any analysis for free.

Stationary printed for free PLEASE!
1000, A4 letter heads with AUFORN loggo each year.
1000 Business cards, each year.
1000 Envelopes, each year.
100 printed training manual’s every 2 years.
UFO Hotline bumper sticker as many as possible.

T shirts & Jackets

Wishes can and do come true. Right?

Awakening Available Now
You’re all aware Mary Rodwell has written a book called Awakening, How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life. The Australasian UFOlogist Magazine is now able to get you a copy. So if you would like a copy you had better [“reserve one now”] has its a limited print run and when its gone its gone.

“Awakening” along with Philip Mantle book called “Without Consent” will be advertised in The Australasian UFOlogist Magazine this coming issue. So be quick! reserve your copies!

For People in the US please contact Beyond Publications (e-mail: for your copies of the books.

Mary this is wonderful news and I was really excited when my distributor informed me they had decided to bring your book into Australia for all us OZ readers to read.

By Mary Robwell
Book review by Diane Harrison (AUFORN)

When Mary told me she was going to write her book two years ago, I was not surprised.

I meet Mary back in 1996 at an UFO conference in Brisbane. Mary had travelled all the way from Perth to be there. I remember her well, her enthusiasm for wanting to give help and support to experiencers was evident, even way back then. But the thing I remember most about Mary was how she presented herself. She was at all times “professional” which is a rare commodity in this field.

Over the years Mary, you have driven over many bumps in the road in ufology but no matter how bumpy the road got you have always shown integrity and the guts to follow through. Mary I have to give you credit were credit is due. You have done a wonderful job putting your book together and should be congratulated.

It is truly a wonderful compilation of helpful and informative information. I only wished you had written it sooner you could have saved me a lot of time in looking and money (smile).

From a personal experiencers point of view I find you have left no rock unturned, no theory passed over, no experience dismissed. It gives ideas of how the experiencer can help themselves to cope and come to terms with their encounter. It gives advise on how to find the right person for the experiencer to talk to about their experience, be it a family member, a Ufologist or a therapist. It is truly a book I could recommend to a person that has had or is having a high level of strangeness happening, ie., alien contact or an abduction.

On page 129 you have been brave enough in publishing information which examines the star children phenomenon. As a magazine editor I believe it is important to get the information out and allow people to make up their own minds and you have, well done.

I could go on but I think its best when people read this review they try to get copy. It is a must for anyones library.

See you in the next issue of the Ufologist Magazine.