Australian UFO Researcher
Keith Basterfield

A Catalogue of Australian UFO Entity and Humanoid Related Reports

Compiled by Keith Basterfield


This document integrates several previous works, and has been updated with cases reported as at 1st October 1997. The previous works are, firstly, "An Australian Catalogue of Close Encounter Type Three Reports" compiled by myself and Bill Chalker, and published by UFO Research Inc. in September 1976. Secondly, a series of 11 supplements to this 1976 catalogue, prepared by myself. Thirdly, a June 1980 document titled: "An Indepth Review of Australasian UFO Related Entity Reports" prepared by myself. Fourthly, events reported in my monthly Australian UFO Reports and Experiences listings, circulated to all Australian UFO groups.

It  utilises  the  classification  system  outlined  in  1976  by  US researcher, David Webb, in "1973-Year of the Humanoids." Webb currently maintains a computer listing of humanoid cases called HUMCAT.

Webb classified entity/humanoid sightings as follows:-

Type A - Humanoid is observed only inside the UFO (the true "occupant" report.) 
Type B - Humanoid is observed entering or leaving the UFO. 
Type C - Humanoid is observed in the immediate area of a UFO. 
Type D - Humanoid is observed during a period of general UFO activity. 
Type E - No association can be established between entity and UFOs. 
Type F - No humanoid/UFO physically involved-but information transferred by telepathy or a psychic experience. 
Type G - Abduction. (A separate catalogue of Australian abduction cases has been prepared and so these are not listed here.)


001  Ca. 1954  BANKSTOWN  NSW Early eve 
Two people were working late at the airport, just after dark, when they observed what appeared to be a flying saucer hovering over the control tower. There were "portholes" around it and shapes inside that seemed to be moving around. There was a humming sound. It appeared to change colours then shot up into the air at great speed. (UFO Research New South Wales via Mark Moravec who received written correspondence giving fourth-hand information.)

002  30 May 1954  EAST MALVERN  Vic 0024hrs  5secs   Reese, Muir + 4 
A group of five men and a woman were on the doorstep of a house when an oval shaped object appeared in the sky at what seemed to be close range.  It travelled in a downward curve initially, then pulled out of the curve going upwards. Finally it disappeared like a light being switched off. A cloud of yellow smoke was noted from its rear. Five of the people said they thought they had seen shadows inside the object, through "portholes." (1. Melbourne "Argus" May 31 1954. 2. Melbourne "Sun." May 31 1954.)

003  28 Oct 1962  SALISBURY  SA  1930hrs  Sylvester 
A school teacher and her children reported an orange glow on the ground at an estimated distance of three to four kilometres away from them. Despite this distance her son insisted he could see an oval shape with windows, legs and two "men". The teacher could only see a glow. (1. Australian Flying Saucer Research Society. (AFSRS). 2. Australian Saucer Record. (ASR). 6/1/13-14.)

004  19 Feb 1964  GUM CREEK SA  Player 
A farmerâs wife observed an unusual object approaching the house and hovering close by it. She saw a "man" standing at a "wooden railing" inside the object. It eventually departed into the sky. (Keith Basterfield, John Burford, Peter Horne, Garry Little, Paul Johnson and Tony Rundle.)

005  1966 WILLAGEE WA Dusk 
Mrs Audrey Wâs children, aged 5 and 7, were playing on the front verge with their neighbourâs children, more or less the same age. It was dusk but not dark. Suddenly their chickens created a great commotion, and their dog flew into a frenzy, its hair on end. The children came running in very excited and declared they had seen "priests" looking out of portholes at them, from a funny round thing, with a round thing on top. The children went on to describe the occupants of the craft wearing dark "shirts" with round, white collars. Apparently this saucer shaped object dipped downwards towards the children before speeding off north towards Perth. (Brian Richards/UFORUM. UFORA93029.)

006  May 1967(?)  ALBERTON SA Eve Mathews 
A movie film was shot of a light in the sky. Upon developing and playing it some frames were  sent to the US for enlargement. These enlargements were said to show an object with an illuminated window. In this window a shape moved across. (1. Keith Basterfield. 2. Reneke, D. (1981). UFO Research Australia Newsletter (UFORAN) 2(4):10-15.)

007  1968  WYNYARD  Tas Early morn   Campbell 
Early one morning a man arose and upon going outside observed what appeared to be a Zeppelin hovering over Table Cape. Through windows he saw people moving about. He went back inside. (Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre (TUFOIC) TA79109.)

008  1968  SMITHFIELD  NSW 
A twenty one year old woman walking home across a small park saw an object about 100 metres away. It was moving at low speed. Arriving home she got out a telescope and saw it as a disc with a square window on the top portion. In this window she watched a black figure with arms outstretched, silhouetted by yellow light. (UFORNSW NA72036.)

009   Ca 1969  Near PENRITH NSW  Squire 
John Squire said he and some friends noticed a huge ball of fire appear in a paddock  about 100 metres away. Suddenly the fire went out and a row of lights flickered on and they saw a huge disc. Windows were evident and through them human-shaped beings could be seen moving about. After five minutes the object rose and left. (Psychic Australian Sep 1976.)

010  25 Apr 1969  GREENACRE  NSW  1930hrs  Froml 
A woman and her young daughter in a taxi, reported seeing three tall humanoids in a football shaped object which hovered over a floodlit field. The taxi driver then drove the vehicle away. (David Reneke. UFORNSW Newsletter  No 31.  Jun/Jul  1971.)

011  1970  WORTHAM PARK STATION  Qld   0300hrs 
Two men were out camping at three in the morning and watched a light moving around. They flashed a spotlight on it, and it moved and came to rest 200 metres away, only thirteen or so metres above the ground. One man approached it to within thirty metres. It was described as twenty metres wide by eight metres deep, with windows. Through the windows he said he could see a silhouette of a human form looking out. The man then retreated to his companion. (UFO Research Far North Qld. (UFORFNQ.)  QB8701.)

012 Ca Nov 1972  CAMPANIA Tas 2200hrs  5mins 
Two people sitting in a car noticed what they described as a brightly lit railway carriage. They could see six or more separate lights in which shapes or figures were visible, giving the impression of passengers, facing the front, motionless. The lights were moving silently northward. After five minutes the object was lost in the distance. (TUFOIC. TA77014.)

013  4 Feb 1973  KIMBA  SA  2150hrs Secs  Hunt/Finkler/Degnor/Inglis 
Four people, in three separate vehicles, reported seeing an orange object in a clearing on a deserted stretch of country road. A man driving alone reported seeing an orange, rectangular shape on the side of the road. A young couple said they saw a three metre high by two metre wide rectangular shape. One of them said they saw a two metre tall "man" in a white space-suit floating in the middle of the rectangular shape. The other saw an orange rectangle with a white blob on top of it. Later, a semi-trailer driver reported to police that as he passed a clearing he noted what looked like an open doorway and a figure. The police checked the clearing by going there within an hour, but found nothing to account for the observations. (1. Keith Basterfield, Peter Horne, Dean Piovesan, Ray
Brooke. 2. "Whyalla News" Feb 16 1972.)

014  Feb 1974  GRASS TREE HILL  Tas  2100hrs  Richardson 
Mr A. Richardson and his two children were travelling in a vehicle when the two children said they saw a large object "wobbling" over a house. It was complete with windows and a dark shape inside. Their father saw only a small light moving soundlessly away by the time he pulled the car up. (TUFOIC TA77041.)

015  19 Oct 1975  LLANGOTHLIN NSW  1800hrs 
Travelling home a man and his wife saw an approaching light. It became a large silver cigar-shaped object with short stubby wings and a cabin. Inside this cabin were five entities in silver coloured suits. Green, red and blue instrument panels were seen. The witness reportedly filmed the object on movie film. However when the film came back from processing this piece was missing. (Bryan Dickeson & Moira McGhee.)

016  Late Feb 1976  KETTERING Tas 
A man got up to attend a young child and saw what he took to be an aircraft coming down. Going to a nearby oval he found an object close to the ground. Through "windows" he saw motionless shapes" inside. There was a humming sound. The object then took off. (TUFOIC.)

017  3 Feb 1977  SEVEN MILE BEACH  Tas 2130hrs 
Some school aged children at a youth camp heard a noise and saw a spinning dome, with windows and flashing lights. In the centre window a figure was seen. It was thin, had a large collar, an arm to the right and moved its head. The object then moved away. (1. TUFOIC TA77036. 2. Australian Co-Ordination  Section for the Center for UFO Studies (ACOS) Bulletin. No 11.)

018  May 1982  CARLTON Tas  2100hrs 
A misty egg-shaped object was only one metre above the ground some fifteen metres away from a man. Described as two and a half metres tall by one and a half metres wide the object revealed a figure inside it. The figure seemed 175 centimetres tall, normally proportioned. The witness ran home. Looking backwards he saw the object had left. (TUFOIC TA84022.)

019  1983 FORCETT  Tas 1700hrs 
The witness reports that when she was about 15 years old she was staying at a friendâs farm, when she felt an urge to look outside and saw a bright light to the north. She and her friend went outside, and the light resolved itself into a grey squarish shape with windows and flashing lights. Visible through the window at the front were black human-like figures. The object lost height and was obscured from view. (TUFOIC TA93006.)

020  1893  CENTRAL NSW 
A farmer claimed that a saucer-shaped object landed in one of his paddocks. As the farmer approached the object, a man in strange clothing emerged from it. The farmer walked towards the man, who shone some kind of Îtorchâ at him, throwing him to the ground and stunning him. When he came to, the man and the object had gone. The hand where the "torch beam" had hit him was paralysed for life. (1. UFO Investigation Centre-Sydney (UFOIC). 2."Australian" 14-16 May 1969.)

021  1951 HALIDON SA  Morning 
Mrs A was out with her dog rounding up cattle on a property. She saw an unusual object resting on 4 legs. Three figures floated down from underneath the object. They were described as normal adult height. Normal human facial features, with very clear, blue eyes. Their skin seemed smooth. Clothing was a tight fitting, silver coloured suit with silver boots and a hood over their heads. She went willingly inside the object. Telepathic conversation ensued. She was then floated back out of the object, which left marks on the ground. (Keith Basterfield-interview with Mrs A Jan 95.)

Members of the Unmatjera tribe of Aborigines reported seeing two shiny circular objects on the ground, some nine to fifteen metres across. A very small man-like creature with a bulbous head wearing a shiny suit  is said to have transferred from one object to the other. Both objects then took off making a buzzing sound. (Edwards, F. (1966). "Flying Saucers Serious Business." London. Mayflower. p169.)

023  Oct(?)  1954(?)  North Qld  Hall 
A Mr Hall was inspecting sheep when he heard a whirring noise. He then saw six tiny white dots in the sky which landed. Close up they were ten metre tall cylinders with a rim or ramp around their bottom. About a dozen "men" got out and formed a group. They then re-entered the objects and took off. Mr Hall reportedly blacked out and had a vision of his property as a "fertile paradise." He said that this had occurred within two months. ("Sunday Telegraph" Undated quoting "Sir" magazine of Jan 23 1955.)

024 1963/64  HOBART  Tas 
A schoolboy reported seeing a UFO land on a beach and being approached by two occupants. They apparently spoke to the lad, who subsequently developed a high IQ but was difficult to control. (TUFOIC.)

025  29 Feb 1964  PLYMPTON  SA 1400hrs  Mathlin/Jensen 
A young boy reportedly saw a large oval saucer descending into a paddock, in a busy suburb in broad daylight. A tall figure emerged from it and walked around for a while before re-entering the object. The object took off, observed by the initial witness and another boy. (1. AFSRS. 2. Flying Saucer Reviwe (UK) (FSR) 16/4/32. 3. Personal investigation Keith Basterfield.)

026 Ca 1965  SYDNEY  NSW 1900hrs 
A strange pink cloud was reported by a woman who also saw a snow white flying saucer. A shiny ladder was lowered from a hatchway and  a man came down and sat on a rung of the ladder. He shone a beam of light into the sea.. The ladder and man were  retracted and the object sped off. ("Australasian Post." 1965.)

027 1967/68  CLARE  SA 
A story circulated about a disc landing and a hairy dwarf being seen to jump out and disappear into the ground. (Keith Basterfield.)

028 28 Dec 1968  GOULBURN NSW 
A craft, twelve metres in diameter and three metres high was seen by  a man. He approached the craft and saw a being about 1.67mts tall, with long hair and youngish features, wearing silver coloured clothes. The man spoke to the being for three minutes, and the being responded in English. The being indicated he came from Saturn. After a while the object left. ("Sun Herald" Jan 26 1969.)

029  14 Jan 1969  CHILDERS Qld 0430hrs  Vas 
Awoken by the frenzied barking of their dog, a migrant family heard a noise like a big swarm of wasps. Going outside their caravan they saw a twenty five to thirty metre "sombrero hat" shape giving off a violet glow. Three "men" descended in a tiny craft similar in shape to the large one. These men seemed to be three times the size of a normal human being. They gave off a violet-yellowish glow, as they collected plants and sugar cane which were sucked up into the large craft via a transparent tube. After ten minutes the men re-entered their ship which took off. As it did so the hair on the familyâs heads and arms stood up. (1. "North Qld Register" Jan 18 1969.  2.
Adelaide "News" Jan 17 1969.  3. FSR 18/1/26.)

030  Sep 1973  IVY TANKS  SA  0300hrs  Ringer 
A thirty two year old woman was a passenger in a semi-trailer travelling across to Perth. She had been asleep for about an hour when a "voice" called her name and told her to look out the window. She did so and saw an egg-shaped craft surrounded by a "force field" on the ground. The figure of  a man was walking towards the egg, while another man was sitting inside the object. The first man entered the egg, the glow died down, leaving only one white light on. The driver pulled up the truck but when asked, said he had seen nothing. They did not go back to check the spot. (Keith Basterfield & Vladimir Godic.)

031  7 Jun 1974  LAKE GEORGE AREA NSW 0300hrs 
An elderly farmer presented with an extremely complex and lengthy story of an encounter, during which he had seen a spherical object on the ground together with three or four men. The men were about three metres tall and had floated to the ground. They wore glowing silver suits which covered their whole bodies up to the neck. There were no apparent facial features, and they had small heads. A "chute" came down from the side of the object and metal cases came down it.  Cattle were then unloaded and taken away by normal looking men. Doctors diagnosed mild paranoia and schizophrenia. (UFOIC.)

032 5 Mar 1975  DECEPTION BAY  Qld 
Two men were out fishing when a UFO reportedly appeared. One of the men said the same thing had happened to him some weeks previously and that a figure had been seen on that occasion. (UFORQLD.)

033  31 May 1976  DAW PARK  SA  0200hrs  White 
A silver-suited being, 165-175cm tall, with a black visor, white boots and a box with a figure eight on its chest, was reportedly seen  in a back yard. When the single reporter approached the entity it flew off and entered a cigar-shaped object which had been sitting in the sky. Some traces were said to have been found. However, when investigators arrived there were no traces visible. (UFORSA.)

034  Aug 1976  HEATHCOTE ROAD  NSW 0340hrs 
Claims were made by a motorist  that he/she had seen a UFO land and disgorge a figure down a ramp. The figure then re-entered the object which took off vertically. (Bill Chalker on open line radio Dec 1977.)

035  22 Jun 1977  BULLOO RIVER Qld 2300hrs 
Several beings were said to have descended from the sky in three slim cylinders, being seen by a prospector. The figures, both male and female, played games with lightning balls, dematerialised and materialised and told him they came from Begua. Both sexes appeared human though their skin was of a bluish colour. They stopped with him for two days before leaving in their vehicles. ("Psychic Australian" 3/2/4.)

036  1919  CENTRAL NSW 
Whilst travelling down a country road, a man came across an artefact resting near the roadside. He saw that a "man" was apparently working on it, and went over to offer assistance. The stranger turned as if surprised and pointed something at the witness, who was knocked senseless. When he came to, the object and the man had gone. Subsequently, he found that his memory was never the same again. (ACOSB. No 9. p11.)

037  1948  BERRIEDALE  Tas 
A woman and her sister were putting out the dog when they became aware of a very bright light. As it moved away they could see "little green men: sitting on a ledge on the side. The men were singing in what appeared to be unintelligible words to the tune of "Three blind mice." The disc shaped object was visible for a few moments, then moved off to the west.  (TUFOIC).

038 1955  Near EUCLA  WA/SA border 
Three young men returned to Melbourne with what they said was the picture of an entity. They said they saw a shiny object fall to the ground. After searching they found jagged pieces of shining metal and saw a moving figure fifty metres away. It was said to resemble a frog from the back and semi-human from the front. It had a green cloak hanging to just below the knees. Its feet and hands were armour plated.  After  photos were taken the entity  just disintegrated before their eyes. ("Daily Telegraph" Aug 2 1955.)

039  26 Jun 1959  BOIANAI  Papua  1845hrs  Gill et al 
This well documented sighting had thirty-eight witnesses. A brilliant light was seen to approach a mission station. It appeared to be hovering some 100m up and was solid and circular, with a wide base and a narrower upper deck. At a number of intervals a shaft of light came from the object and shone into the sky on a forty five degree angle. As the group watched, "men" came out onto the deck. There were four "men" in all. Eventually the spotlight and the men disappeared, the object moved through cloud and was lost to view. (FSR Special issue no 4. Aug 71.)

040  27 Jun 1959  BOIANAI  Papua  1800hrs  Gill et al 
Another disc was seen with two smaller objects also present. Four figures appeared on top as per the previous night, although this time they were observed to respond to waves from the priest and natives. The disc also seemed to respond to torch signals by wavering like a pendulum. (FSR Special issue no 4. Aug 71.)

041  Aug 1960  BELMONT  NSW   0130hrs  Aldridge 
Awoken by a buzzing noise, a woman looked outside her house and saw a bright light coming from a round object. She then noted an entity, 1 to 1.2 metres tall, of average build, and normal humanoid appearance, wearing a dull olive-green skin tight suit with a helmet and white/grey footwear, approaching the house, looking at the ground. When he was some three metres away from her, she went to get her son. However, when they both returned nothing unusual was to be found.("Australian UFO Review"(NSW) (AUFOR). No 10. Dec 69. p31.)

042  15 Mar 1961  BOWNA  NSW  2045hrs  Reynolds 
Mr. F. Reynolds and his son were camping and saw an unusual sight by a river. It appeared to be a large "caravan" with four windows and a red light nearby. About four "persons" were moving between a "fire" and "van." Looking through binoculars they noted the whole van and fire seemed to move sideways in a jerking manner. He looked out again later but there was nothing visible. An inspection of the area revealed a mud flat without any traces. (1.Peter Thomas. 2. AFSR. No 5. Jul 1961.)

043  1966  FORSTER  NSW  2130hrs  Bishenden 
A Mr Bishenden reported that he and a friend went for a drive on a hot night. At one stage they saw a circular shaped object in a clearing in a paddock. A red, pulsing light came from rectangular windows. A 240 centimetre tall luminous entity was seen. This had a conical head and had its right hand on its hip. When this entity approached, the witnesses then left. (Perth UFO Research Group Newsletter. Dec 1982)

044  24 Aug 1967  WODONGA  Vic 1700hrs  Hyde 
Ron Hyde was motorcycling between Melbourne and Sydney when he was suddenly engulfed in a blue/white flash. He stopped his bike, and when his eyes cleared he saw about thirty metres away in a clearing, a metallic object hovering a metre off the ground. It resembled two saucers, one inverted on top of the other, separated by a three metre band of metal. On top of the object was a small dome two metres tall. Yet again on top of this was a flat topped ball, about twenty five centimetres deep. Mr Hyde turned away for a second and upon looking back two silver clad figures, 152 centimetres tall, were present. Helmets resembling opaque fish-balls hid their faces. The witness took a step in their direction and the figures did the same. Then one figure beckoned him. He panicked, jumped on his bike and raced off, only to be followed by the object, before it finally shot off into the air. (1. Victorian UFO Research Society. (VUFORS.)  2. AFSR(Vic), No 8. pp44-45.)

045 1968 or 1969  WALCHA  NSW 
Two girls went out to see why the family dog was barking. They rushed into the house in a frightened state saying they had seen a small man walking out the side gate. The whole family went outside and then saw a large red circular object hovering over the front gate. After five minutes it moved away. (Bill Chalker.)

046  17 Feb 1969  FLINDERS PARK SA  0250hrs  Ballestrina 
A noise which sounded like a "whirr" woke up a woman, who then looked out of a window to see an unusual object in an adjacent area. It appeared about 100 metres away, and was some ten metres across. A "man" emerged from the shadows and walked around the object. This figure was about 1.8 metres tall, lean, had light coloured hair and wore white overalls. He walked around the object several times before the woman ran to get neighbours. When they all returned the object had gone. (1. AFSRS. 2. UFORSA.)

047  Ca 1970  MIDLANDS  Tas 
A group of people in a car were returning home after a late party. They were reportedly followed by a disc shaped object, which extended a ladder below it. A man-like figure was seen. (TUFOIC.)

048  1971  Near WARRAGAMBA DAM  NSW 
A hiker was woken from sleep by a loud humming. In a clearing he saw an egg-shaped structure, glowing with white light. Dark, man-like figures were moving about the object. The figures disappeared into the object, the glow died down and the object left. (Rex Gilroy.)

049 14 Dec 1971  WAIKERIE  SA 2300hrs Yates/Schiller 
Two young men saw an animate object of humanoid appearance floating through trees in a sort of mist, only some twenty metres away. It had a dog-like head, pointed ears and a long nose. It was some two meters tall with a lumpy body. The men moved to another point where they saw a large object, the size of a truck, resting on the ground. It was shaped like a half sphere and had windows. The object just dissolved away. (John Burford.)

050  4 Jun 1972  BENTâS BASIN  NSW 1800hrs 
Six young people encountered an object on a hill near their vehicle, and after driving along for a while they heard thumping noises on the roof. Following this the carâs engine caught fire. Later a huge "shadow" of  a human-like form approached them. It appeared to be a three metre tall "robot", which then vanished. Walking back past the hill where the object had been, they noted nothing unusual this time. (1. Bill Chalker. 2. UFORNSW Newsletter 45. Sep-Oct 1975.)

051  19 Jul 1972  KURABY  Qld 0200hrs 
A man out driving became aware of six objects on the side of the road, ahead of the car, which turned out to be six figures. They were a soft grey colour. One held up a hand, and its face was seen to be obscured by a sort of "affected" covering. After seeing the figure, and a large silvery object on the opposite side of the road, the man accelerated away. During the encounter he said he heard a noise like "p-doing, p-doing". (1.UFORQLD. 2. "Australian" Jul 22 1972.  3. Aerial Phenomenon Research Organisation. (APRO.) Bulletin Jul/Aug 1972.)

052  1974 CANBERRA  ACT 
Two young women felt compelled to drive to a certain location, escorted by a bright light source. Vague human forms were seen during the event. (Bill Chalker.)

053   25 Feb 1974  YORK PLAINS  Tas  0000hrs 
A builder was amazed to see three figures standing on the rim of an approaching dome shaped object. The figures were one and a half metres in height, of normal human proportion and covered in a one piece garment. He said they remained motionless as the object travelled past him some thirty metres distance, at a speed of fifty km/h. Two to three minutes later it was lost to view over hills. (TUFOIC TA84048.)

054  June 1975 TAILEM BEND  SA  Night 
A group of people were camping. During the night, one family who were sleeping as a group in a station wagon noted an unusual light in the sky. The next morning one girl mentioned she had seen a "face" at the window during the night. (Told to Keith Basterfield during a lecture mid 75.)

055  1975 Near COFFS HARBOUR NSW 
A woman, her daughter and a child in a car came across a lighted object on the road ahead. They slowed down and a group of some  creatures, surrounded the car. A beam of light shone on the car. They drove away at speed. It is said that the woman received permanent damage to one of her eyes. (Bill Chalker.)

056 10 Oct 1976 BATEAU BAY NSW 2015hrs 
Two young couples were parked in a car. Unusual noises were heard and a "thing" was seen. The figure, appearing to be that of a man approached. Seeming to be about 240-170cm tall, with no hair, and "flyâs eyesâ it also had a round mouth, and huge legs. The group left the area. A rectangular burnt orange coloured light had been seen out to sea just before the figure approached. (UFOIC.)

057  17 Oct 1977  MT MAGNET WA 2100hrs 
A group of eight people went out to look for some lights which had reportedly landed near the townâs rubbish dump. Upon arrival they saw round, pulsating, green and red lights. Around them appeared to be misty and something which appeared to be of human size was observed. ("Daily News" Perth Oct 17-20 1977.)

058  15 Mar 1985  CHERRYBROOK  NSW  2330hrs
Two teenagers stated that a large object rose over trees, then descended. Their car was illuminated by torch beams. Beings with long arms started to walk towards them. The teenagers left at speed. (1. UFORNSW NA85002. 2. "Daily Telegraph" Mar 20  1985.)

059  1988  PERTH WA 
Two children reported hearing a knocking on the French windows of their house, one morning. They told their parents they saw 2-3 little people, about 3 inches tall, tapping on the window. On the brick paved courtyard were 2 black, triangular craft, also very diminutive. The parents went to investigate but found nothing. Both children independently drew what they had seen and their drawings matched.  (1. UFORUM Summary of reports Jan-May 1994.)

060  1994  NW Qld  0445hrs 
Andy, who works on the drag line of an open cut mine, felt someone was watching him. He noted two average sized people dressed in silver body suits. They turned away, and about 5 minutes later, a UFO took off at great speed and disappeared. (Queensland UFO Network.)

061  10 Feb 1996  HUON VALLEY Tas 
Witness woke in early hours to find room lit up by light. She had a feeling she must go outside. From there she saw that the source of light was a brilliant, long, elliptical shape 50m away in a paddock. Standing in the garden was a tall, thin figure estimated to be over 2m tall. The figure beckoned the witness with its left hand. The witness approached and then, becoming afraid retreated. She threw some furniture from the verandah, at which point everything went dark as her companion came out to see what was going on. (TUFOIC.)

About a week later, she awoke again and felt compelled to go outside. There was the figure, but no object. The same metallic smell was present. The 2m tall, thin figure seemed surrounded by a bright mist. It looked to be wearing a one piece, silver suit with a band around the waist. It had long, wrap around eyes that sloped at the outside, and flat, pointed ears. Also present were two smaller rounded figures to either side. They were less than a metre tall, fat in the body with small arms and legs. They moved in a jerky fashion. The witness retreated into the house, despite a feeling she should follow the figure. (TUFOIC.)

062  12 Mar 1959  PURNONG LANDING SA  Night 
Kim Marks (6) was preparing for bed when he claimed he saw a "man" in a red jacket and trousers, with white trimmings inside his bedroom. About 150cm tall, the man was crimson faced. The boy said he watched for a minute and a half while the dog which was present did  not react. (Keith Basterfield.)

063  2 Apr 1971  GREENHILL, NSW  2200hrs 
Whilst getting a drink a man saw a small face pressed against the window. It had no hair and was the shape of a small saucer. The man was drawn towards the face. His wife ran in to see her husband disappearing horizontally through the now broken window. He landed outside. (FSR Vol 17 no 4.)

064  15 Sep 1972  MOUNT BUTLER  NSW  0300hrs 
One of three university students living on a farm saw a "monk in a shroud with a void for a face" some 5m from the house. All three men then saw the monk disappear in to a "flash" which then entered one of them causing them to become ill. Later the flash re-emerged from the man. (Bill Chalker.)

065  3 Oct 1973 NORTH MELBOURNE  Vic  Early morn  Shaw 
Waking up, with his brother still asleep in the same room, a man saw two figures in the room with him. The two "men", suspended off the floor were swaying from side to side. They had large, bald heads, slit-like eyes, lipless mouths and small flat noses. Finally, one let out a high pitched whine and both faded to nothingness. (FSR 1979. 25(1):4-5.)

Two men were driving when they saw a "min min" light. Later that night their camp was buzzed by lights and they went after them. In a wooded area they came across red glowing eyes, with no form at a height of 6m. They left the area after being besieged by strange sounds and footsteps. (Second hand anecdote via Ralph Molnar.)

067  22 Apr 1975  LAKE SORELL  Tas 
Referenced by HUMCAT. No further details known.

068  Jan 1982  KANGAROO VALLEY  NSW 
Referenced by HUMCAT. No further details known.

069   Sep 1992  YORKEYS KNOB  Qld 
A retired woman, not certain whether she was dreaming or not, saw a creature on the balcony of her apartment. She described it as being  size of a man but looking like a giant bee. In the background was a little white bubble shaped object. Telepathic communication occurred over quite a lengthy period. This all finished; she then felt as if she awoke up, got out of bed and went to the window where she was a she saw an object present for a few seconds. (Vlad Godic. UFORA 92200.)

070  22 May 1996  IPSWICH Qld 
A woman was out with her dog when she noticed two, short, glowing beings with no apparent clothes, and dark eyes. During the event the beings "seemed to reassure her mentally." The entities then faded and were no longer present. The event seemed to occupy one and a quarter hours, but to her lasted only 5 minutes. The next day, the same woman saw three similar beings, in bushland. (UFORQLD.)

071  1930 MANDURAH WA 
A sixty-seven year old woman recounted how at age fifteen she had seen a sixty centimetre tall , pink creature. It had large ears, a slit mouth, big bulbous eyes and small hands. It was bald and shiny. She said her father wrapped the creature in a net and put it outside. (PUFORG)

072  Feb 1941 WEARYAN RIVER  NT 
A nurse attended an injured man in a remote area. "Two men appeared" and performed an operation on the man. (ASR 1(2):3.)

073  Late 50âs WARRANDYTE  Vic 
A section of road sports a tradition of unusual activity including a "white, glowing man-like creature, so tall its head snapped off branches." Other accounts include ghosts and spheres of light. (The Independent, Perth 23 Oct 1977)

074  Early Spring 1951  EAST PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2200hrs 
Three teenagers were riding bikes when a figure was seen 20m away. It had the outline of a hazy human shape, 180 cm tall, dressed in a robe and floating above the ground. One boy felt a vague sense of communication, but all three fled the area. (UFOIC.)

075   1953 WARRAGAMBA NSW 
Following several UFO sightings a hiker came across several man-sized figures in "space-suits." They appeared to be searching the ground with strange metal devices. Later three soldiers were reported to have disappeared in the area. (Rex Gilroy.)

076  23 Oct 1954  BERRI SA
(Date could be 2 Jan 1953). A ghastly animal, 2m in length with a peculiar head and eyes, and a long scaly body was reportedly seen. It hissed at residents from the top of a tree, leapt and disappeared. (Hervey, M. UFOs over the Southern Hemisphere p 126. Searches in newspapers have failed to reveal any data.) 

077  1956  ALICE SPRINGS NT 
Referenced in HUMCAT. No further details known.

A second hand story about two school boys  who told their parents they had seen two little men. These men were wearing very unusual clothes, and had something dangling from their belts on both sides that were not revolvers. (Light magazine Vol 3 No 2 Dec 1958.)

079  1962 BRISBANE Qld 
A sixty five year old barmaid recounted an event. On a hot night a man walked in wearing a raincoat and scarf. Once in the bar he asked for a rum. Later he seemed drunk and he was being shown to the door by a male attendant when he disappeared. The man was of average size, had a smooth face and smooth grey hands. (UFORQLD.)

080  3 Feb 1964 GUM CREEK SA Player 0200hrs 
A woman in a rural setting awoke to notice her bedroom illuminated. Suddenly appeared a 160cm tall being, wearing blue-green overalls,  a brown balaclava, and an open brown jacket. He wore elbow length black gloves, with a cord from his helmet to left shoulder. He had a red face and a big nose. He held a black box which buzzed and clicked as he pointed it. She sank back into bed and fell asleep. (Keith Basterfield,  John Burford,  Peter Horne,  Garry Little,  Paul Johnson  and  Tony Rundle.)

081   1967  WA 
On the night of seeing an unusual object, Mr Campbell felt an invisible presence with him. Eventually he spoke to it and it became visible. Blue and yellow shimmering striations began to take on a humanoid form and then reverted into nothing. (ABC radio "Investigations" 24/3/75.)

082  Late Dec 1967  BILOELA Qld  2000hrs Milno 
A number of reported sightings of three "men" in silver uniforms were made. (Gladstone UFO group.)

083  1968/69 LOWANNA NSW 
Between 1974 and 1972 a dozen observations of a brilliant white light were made near an abandoned railway crossing. About the same time a couple saw a ghost - a transparent man. The man had suddenly appeared, wearing a flannel shirt and dungarees, with a broad hat. (Bill Chalker.)

084  3 Apr 1968  NARRABEEN LAKES  NSW  1315hrs Walsh 
Two people in a car saw a strange creature standing in shallows. 120cm tall, with dark grey, tough leathery skin. It had small front legs and walked on its hind legs.  It went into scrub. (UFOIC. The Sun newspaper 5 Apr 1968)

085  25 Aug 1968 TOWNSVILLE Qld 
Referenced in HUMCAT. No further details known. (Source given as Herbison-Evans, D. Special Report for CUFOS July 1969.)

086  1971  BROOME WA   Night 
Three people in a car saw  a "man" bathed in a luminous glow. One hand was outstretched and from it a ball of light bounced up and down. Then the three were surrounded by thousands of small lights arranged in rows. The three then left the area. (Bill Chalker.)

087  May 1972  GRAFTON NSW  Morning Ferret 
Three "dwarfs", 105cm tall, in very baggy clothes, were seen at close range walking along looking in shop windows. They were very thin, their skin was deep brown and wrinkled. Pointed ears and short hair completed the description. (QUFORB.)

088  Easter 1973  HIGHLAND FARM   Tas  Early hours 
A woman lying in a caravan bed saw the figure of a woman enter the caravan head first through the roof hatch. After 3 minutes of floating around the figure floated slowly upward and out of the hatch. (TUFOIC.)

Three youths claimed they were attacked by a 2m furry creature after seeing two shining eyes in bush. They left the area. (Adelaide "News" 7 Aug 1973)

090   1974  LAUNCESTON Tas 
It was claimed that a school teacher had met the occupants of a UFO and that afterwards he had gained ESP powers. (TUFOIC.)

091  1974  Northern Qld 
Stories circulated about a crashed object and a female entity. Upon personal investigation it is believed the story was a hoax. (Keith Basterfield.)

092  Mar 1975  HIGHLAND FARM Tas  Night 
An outline of a woman in dress from the last century was seen by a man. It went away as he called others to see it. One other man said he saw only an oval area of light. This pulsed until fading to nothing. (TUFOIC.)

093  May/June 1975  GOOLMA NSW 
Reports of a hairy gorilla-shaped animal were made by several people, together with mutilated animals and UFOs. (Letter by T Bishop to Canadian UFO Report 3(7):22. 1976.)

094  Nov 1975  POATINA HILLS Tas  1900hrs 
Two shooters heard something in the bush. They then saw a black figure, like a human being, running. It looked 220cm tall, at a distance of 50m, running faster than human. (TUFOIC.)

095  1976 COLLINSVALE Tas  2030hrs 
A milkman saw a figure 150cm tall by 75cm wide at the back of his ute. The white shape floated away from him. The milkman left the area. (TUFOIC.)

096   1976  BRIDGEWATER  Tas  (2200-2230)hrs 
Just after going to bed a woman saw a figure in the house. She called out the name of her young son thinking it might be him but it wasnât. The figure transformed into an intense white light which streaked out through the window of their daughterâs room. (TUFOIC TA84001.)

097  2 Aug 1976  TEN MILE HILL Tas  0400hrs Wood 
A Mr Wood on returning from a party heard a sound like electronic music. A second later his field of vision was lit up and he saw a large figure in profile, as if on a movie screen. The figure was facing to the right and slowly turned towards Mr Wood. It appeared to be male, with fairly closely cropped hair. A tight fitting jacket and light coloured trousers were also visible. It seemed three metres tall and perhaps as wide as three people. Mr Wood braked the vehicle and seemed to go through the screen. (TUFOIC.)

098  7 Apr 1978  DAYBOROUGH Qld  1730hrs 
After bogging his car, a hunter saw two figures walking 100m away from him. Wearing white jumpsuits, they were 120cm tall, and human in appearance. After the figures stared at him, the hunter left the area. (UFORQLD Newsletter Apr/May 78.)

099  25 Jun 1978  FAIRVIEW PARK  SA  2240hrs 
Driving on a round about a man swerved to avoid a collision with a 135-150cm tall figure of a dark complexion. Upon looking back there was no one there. (UFORSA.)

100  9 Nov 1978  RISDON VALE Tas 0315hrs Wright 
A taxi driver travelling along at 30-40Km/hr saw a green shape stop in the centre of the road. There was a high pitched squeal, static on the two way radio and then the shape disappeared. The incident was reported to police but upon inspecting the spot nothing unusual was found. (TUFOIC.)

101  28 Nov 1978  HOBART  Tas  0200hrs 
While outside, a woman saw two figures 15m away. Human shaped, 75cm tall. The front figure had on its upper half what looked like a light coloured T shirt effect. No hands nor feet were visible. She left the figures there and went to bed.  (TUFOIC.)

102 12 Apr 1989 PERTH WA  0025hrs 
Whilst awake in bed, a German woman became aware of a high pitched sound. An entity was suddenly seen, estimated as 60-70cm tall. It was semi-transparent and wore a bright green neon belt and a green ring. The woman moved, the entity touched its belt and simply vanished. (UFORAN 7(1):22)

103  Jan 1992  GRAMPIANS AREA  Vic 
A radio news item told how a 16 year old girl had seen and photographed an "alien." Later, another news item reported that the photographs were of a plastic mannequin. (Peter Jones and Ray Brook.)

104  19 Sep 1992 JARRADALE  WA 1200hrs 
A man and his son out searching firewood, saw a jet-black object close by. The "thing" had no arms and on either side of the head were two white patches where eyes might have been. It was estimated to be some 3 1/2m tall. (UFORUM.)

105  Undated  Kalgoorlie WA 
A 32 year old man rang to talk about a series of experiences. Between ages 8-15 he slept in an old bus on his parentsâ property. At night on several occasions he found entities sitting on the end of his bed. They were greyish blue in skin colour. (UFORA hotline. UFORA92202.)

106   1982 Paddington NSW 
During the night a woman saw 5 Îmen in blackâ outside her unit, after dogs woke her up. She heard a high pitched chattering apparently coming from the men. They were wearing what she described as all over wet suits, like divers, and they were of normal human height. One of them turned round and she received a telepathic message to go back to sleep which she did. (UFORA hotline. UFORA 92205.)

107   25 July 1972   FRANKSTON Vic 2115hrs Puddy 
Driving home alone a large blue disc was seen near a womanâs car. The carâs engine switched off, and she found she had no control over the carâs movements as it stopped itself by the side of the road. All sound drained out of the air and she heard a voice in "perfect English" say: "All your tests will be negative," "Tell the media, do not panic, we mean no harm, " then "You now have control." At this point the engine started itself and the UFO left. (Garry Little and Bill Stapleton.)

108 1980  SYDNEY NSW 0000hrs 
Ms M was watching television when a voice in her head told her to go to Centennial Park where she would see a UFO. A craft approached her to within 6m. A womanâs voice from the craft told her to sit under a tree. She then saw a human male figure, dressed in T shirt and shorts looking at her. She then blacked out. Several days later, she saw a circle burnt into the grass in the park. (UFORNSW NA920039.)

109  27 Aug 1997  NORTH ADELAIDE, SA 
On two occasions a man awoke to recall "voices" had been talking to him during the night. (K Basterfield.) 


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