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The format for case headings is:
[Date] [Location (including Adelaide if location is a suburb of Adelaide)] [Time] [Duration] [Name of witness if in the public domain] [Number of witness(es)][Gender of witness(es)] [Age of witness(es)] [Type of event-Hynek classification] Some elements will be missing in some cases.

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1992 Adelaide SA 1M NL
Reported sighting a large, orange fireball as big as a "double storey building."
(UFORSA In 1997)

5 July 1992 Hectorville Adelaide SA 1830hrs 1.5 minutes 23yr M NO
Initially the reporter saw a very bright, white, almost blinding light of an apparent angular size half that of the full Moon.  The light then dimmed down, and he saw a long, oblong shape with windows present.  There were lots (30 or so) bright, flickering lights around it.  There was no sound, and it moved behind trees then went behind the hills.
(UFORSA SA92009)

31 July 1992 Port Pirie SA 0310hrs 2-3mins 51yr M NO
"He turned round to see the object, which was behind him." A milkman was making a delivery in a residential area, and was standing on a footpath when he turned round to see the object, which was behind him.  When first seen it was to his south at an estimated height of 60-100m.  It was described as "huge", with an estimated angular size of 20 degrees.  It was cigar shaped, and a blue-green colour.  It had three amber lights at the left hand side, plus pulsating lights on it.  There was no noise.  There was no wind at the time, and there was full cloud cover.  It was lost to view over a house.
(UFORSA. SA92029)

August 1992 Heathfield Adelaide SA 2200hrs M NL
After finishing work, he looked into the sky and saw a fast moving white light with no noise.  It was not a plane due to the speed it travelled.  The object then began to circle in the sky.  He became aware of two other lights that seemed to be circling the white light in its centre.  These lights were yellow and green and extremely bright.  All the lights then simply disappeared.
(UFORSA SA92013)

2 August 1992 North Plympton Adelaide SA 1105hrs 1.5mins 31 M DD
While mowing his lawn a man's attention was drawn to 30 degrees south, when he saw an unusual object.  It was round, star sized, and of a matt silver colour.  It slowly rotated as it travelled in a straight line until it disappeared, into clear blue sky, at 40 degrees north. Weather conditions were a fine day with some cirro-stratus clouds present.  He took a photograph of the blue line left by the object.  When developed the film turned out to be damaged.
(UFORSA SA92014)

September 1992 Spalding SA M CE3
While he was asleep he thought he had the following experience in the backyard of his property.  At 70 degrees West he saw a tear-drop-shaped object with lines hanging down.  With figures hanging from them.  Then a bright light and an entity appeared and spoke to him.  He then found himself in Jamestown and talking to an entity.  Suddenly he was back at home and the entity told him they would return.  For 4-5 days after this episode he felt unusually tired.
(UFORSA SA92020)

7 September 1992 Marleston Adelaide SA 1912hrs 18 mins 35yr 1M +1F NL
Out walking they saw a very bright white star like object at 35 degrees SE.  For 4 minutes it moved around in the same general area slowly.  Then it became stationary.  After arriving home they saw it in a different part of the sky.  It was eventually lost to view by reduction of apparent size and intensity.
(UFORSA SA92018)

13 September 1992 Glenelg Adelaide SA 0330hrs NL
Two lights, of an oval shape were seen and moved close to each other.
(UFORSA SA82017)

22 September 1992 Redwood Park Adelaide SA 2130hrs4-5secs F NO
Reported hearing a noise and seeing a submarine-shaped object which went behind clouds.
(UFORSA SA92019)

1 October 1992
a.   Broken Hill NSW (1930-2030hrs) 10-20secs 32 M NL
Two lights, travelling from W to E in formation.  Low on the horizon.  There was no noise.  One or both could have had a slight tail on them.
(UFORSA SA92025)

b.   Clare SA 1900hrs Secs 3M NL
In the backyard when they saw low down in the NW sky two lights travelling to the NE Lost behind trees.  Cigar shaped, thicker in the middle with a hazy glow around it.
(UFORSA SA92024)

c.   Burra SA 1905hrs 1min F NL
First saw three objects, then only two. Brighter at the rear. Seen in the N travelling E.

d.   Between Port Augusta and Whyalla SA 1908hrs 5-10secs M DD
Three objects were seen, each looking like a B-52 aircraft.  Each had 5-8 illuminated windows.  Disappeared behind hill.  Hazy around objects.
(UFORSA SA92022)

e.   Broken Hill NSW 1907hrs 2F NL
Saw four lights drop out of the sky in formation.  No noise.  To the North.  Low down.
(UFORSA SA92026)

4 October 1992 Mildura VIC 1930hrs 47yr M & F NL
Travelling West Mildura to Yambi.  Cloudy and windy night.  Watching bright star.  Then it dropped straight down out of the sky and disappeared.  After stopping to refuel they saw it again in the W sky, but this time it looked smaller and higher in the sky.
(UFORSA SA92028)

5 October 1992 Marleston Adelaide SA 2330hrs 15 mins 1M 59yr NL
Two star-sized orange lights appeared at about 40 degrees NE flying slowly southwards.  They became stationary for about 8 minutes at 80 degrees E and then moved parallel and E for 5 minutes, and then faded out of sight.

14 October 1992 Edwardstown Adelaide SA 2045hrs CE3
Home in bed when noticed a flash of light in the lounge.  Three humanoids appeared.  145 cm tall, grey/silver. Long thin arms and three fingers and a thumb on the hand.  There was a period of missing time.

19 October 1992 Bridgewater Adelaide SA (1930-1940hrs) 10 mins 1F & 1M NL
Driving along, saw a big orange ball of flame 70 degrees W.  It stopped and hovered for a while then pulsated.  After 10 minutes of this, it went out.
(UFORSA SA92030)

22 October 1992 Glenelg Adelaide SA (1430-1545hrs) 1F
A trail looking like a jet vapour trail was seen for 30 seconds, although no object was seen leaving the trail.  This disappeared, then re-appeared and disappeared twice more.   Aircraft in area seemed to be "investigating."

15 November 1992 Goodwood Adelaide SA 2045hrs 1M NL
Saw large orange light heading W.  Disappeared behind houses.  Saw second light which accelerated and caught up with first.  Wobbly trajectory.  No flickering.  Much brighter than Venus.
(UFORSA SA92034)

30 November 1992 Valley View Adelaide SA 0705hrs 2 mins 1M 62yrsDD
Heard noise like rushing wind.  Looked to E and saw at tree top level, a half oval shape of considerable size.  It was orange or coppery in colour with a black underneath.  It approached him.  It seemed to stop only 100m away and 60m up.  There were three flashing exhaust underneath going in an anti-clockwise direction.  There were 5-6 exhausts at the rear for thrust and two rudders airglows at the rear.  It started to climb away and he could see a cabin on top of it.  There was a roar like a train and it climbed away and was lost to sight.
(UFORSA SA92035)

10 December 1992 Wynn Vale Adelaide SA 2235hrs 30secs 1M 40yrs NL
Sitting having a cigarette he saw a bright star sized orange light on the horizon to the E.  It started moving quickly and erratically in a NW direction.  It disappeared suddenly in full view.
(UFORSA SA 93007)

1992/93 Adelaide SA Trace-IFO
An Italian man phoned in 1997 to advise that he had previously found a marking on his back lawn.  It was 8m in diameter with a 30cm width band.  Grass inside and outside the circle was green, inside the band it was dead.  After a month, the ring simply went.  Almost certainly a fungus ring.

1993 Nildottie SA Night 1M NL
While camping a child reported seeing a line of coloured lights on an island in a body of water.  Green, yellow and red lights were seen with one always brighter than the others.  In the morning, nothing could be seen to explain the observation.
(AURA 2003.)

5 January 1993 Marlston Adelaide SA 0145hrs 10mins 1m 59yrs NL
While walking he noted a large orange soundless glowing object in the partly cloudy W sky, travelling N.  The light seemed to decrease in brightness and size every seven seconds and then return to original size.  Lost sight at 15 degrees N.

10 March 1993 Maslins Beach SA 1M Photo
A man was out taking photographs of the Sunrise when he sighted a grey object on the sea surface.  The object rose out of the sea, and approached him.  He then saw a second, smaller object approaching the first, and "dock" with it.  He took four 35mm colour pictures.  The photographs show a clearly defined, metallic looking "craft."
(1. Undated detailed report by the witness.  2. PRA Journal No 17 March 1995 pp43-50)

2 September 1993 Medindie Gardens Adelaide SA 1950hrs (1.5-2 mins) NL
A cluster of five objects travelled from 20-25 degrees SW to 20-25 degrees NE.  Circular in shape but not point sources.  Yellow orange in colour.  4 objects moving about fifth centre object.

1994 Prospect Adelaide SA 1M Day Photo
A man reported seeing a "huge" UFO while walking along a road.  A small light came out of the UFO and circled a house.  Two photos were taken of this light.  Probably lens flares.
(UFORSA 94001)

1994 Tailem Bend SA 1F
A loud whistling sound was heard, and 3-4 seconds later an "electric blue" object passed overhead.  Later a tree on the property was found to have exploded.  Event occurred during an electrical storm.  Possible ball lightning.
(UFORSA 94002)

12 June 1994 Victor Harbor SA 2040hrs NL
Two orange lights in the sky.
(UFORSA 94003, 94004, 94005)

24 June 1994
a.   Port Augusta SA 2000hrs NL-IFO
Bright light hanging in the sky. Slowly "landed." Probable star.
(UFORSA 94006)

b.   Hallet Cove Adelaide SA 1945hrs 1M NL
Saw a very bright stationary light in the Eastern sky.  After parking his car he looked again but it had gone.
(UFORSA 94013)

28 June 1994 Mount Torrens SA 2300hrs 1F NL
Driving home sighted an object with a bright white "beam" coming from the front, and "red-white-blue" flashing lights at the rear.  No sound.
(UFORSA 94011)

29 June 1994 Edithburgh SA 2015hrs NL
White lights in the sky, doing "amazing" manoeuvres.
(UFORSA 94007)

2 July 1994 Truro SA 2040hrs NL-IFO
Bright green light, dropped, exploded.  Meteor
(UFORSA 94008)

3 July 1994 Bedford Park Adelaide SA 2030hrs NL
Bright light in the SW sky.  Flashing red/green/blue.  Star Canopus.
(UFORSA 94009)

4 July 1994 Sturt Adelaide SA 2230hrs NL
Single orange light approaching from the E.  Slowly turned to the S, eventually lost to sight in the distance.
(UFORSA 94010)

6 July 1994 Croydon Park Adelaide SA 1820hrs NL
White light travelling in a N direction, "turning on and off" at five second intervals.
(UFORSA 94012)

13 July 1994
a.   St Marys Adelaide SA 1850hrs NL
Bright green light in the E.  Light was like a green "line."  Like a laser.

b.   Flagstaff Hill Adelaide SA 1850hrs NL
Green light in N sky.
(UFORSA 94015)

14 July 1994 Adelaide SA 2300hrs NL-IFO
Large orange crescent lying on its side with "points up" in W.  Identified as the Moon.
(UFORSA 94016)

17 July 1994 Beaumont Adelaide SA 2047hrs NL-IFO
Bright light slowly descending in W sky.  Venus.
(UFORSA 94018)

2 August 1994 Angle Vale SA 2100hrs 5 mins NL
Two bright lights on "dark triangle", hovering, humming, "not a helicopter", green and red lights.  Travelling NW to SW.
(UFORSA 94019)

8 August 1994
a.   Glenelg North Adelaide SA 1930hrs
A dark object with a random pattern of steady white lights moved silently across the sky from S to N.  Hand size at arms length.
(UFORSA 94020)

b.   Regency Park Adelaide SA 2145hrs NL-IFO
Travelling in a car, saw a bright orange light in W sky.  Changed brightness and colour slightly.  Probably Jupiter.
(UFORSA 94021)

c.   Port Elliot SA 2044hrs (10-15mins) NL-IFO
Very bright light in NW sky.  "Shone onto clouds."  "Saw beam from object."  Probably Venus
(UFORSA 94022)

9 August 1994 Virginia SA 2008hrs 30 mins NL-IFO
Large orange, semicircular object slowly descend in the NW sky.  Probably Moon.
(UFORSA 94023)

10 August 1994 Richmond Adelaide SA 1835hrs 1M NL-IFO
Saw an object "like a star" travelling from W to E.  Probably a satellite.
(UFORSA 94024)

16 August 1994
a.   Gawler SA 1820hrs 1F NL-IFO
Object travelled overhead from N to E.  "Lots of lights flickering on and off."  NO sound.  Seemed to be in the shape of a plane.  Probably aircraft.
(UFORSA 94025)

b.   Sellicks Hill SA 2120hrs 1M NL-IFO
"Flaming" object in E sky travelling NNW.  Described as a "cylinder on its side" the object was the same orange as a street light.  (Possibly hot air balloon.)
(UFORSA 94026)

26 September 1994 Renmark SA 0300hrs NL
Renmark Police reported a green light at low level.
(Radio 5DN 1323 at 1230hrs)

5 December 1994 Morphett Vale Adelaide SA 0350hrs several secs 2F NO
Sleeping outside they saw a disc crossing the sky from E to W.  No lights and no sound.  Object appeared to be spinning.
(UFORSA 94027)

9 December 1994
a.   Unley Adelaide SA 1120hrs 1F DD
A "silvery metallic bubble" in the sky.  Travelled from S to N, then appeared to stop.  A "military jet" approached and flew nearby.  The object emitted brilliant pulses of light and had an "aura."  Witness left area.  Aircraft later identified as a QANTAS 767.
(UFORSA 94028)

b.   Northfield Adelaide SA Trace (34:56, 138:36)
A fifteen point three (15.3) metres diameter, flattened, swirled crop circle was detected in a wheat paddock in suburban Adelaide.  The stalks were flattened anti-clockwise and there were side-bars to the formation.  Suggestions were made that it was a hoax.
(1. M & K Maros.  2. K. Basterfield personal investigation.  3. Adelaide Advertiser 15Dec , 17 Dec, 22 Dec 1994.)

12 December 1994 Welland Adelaide SA 0300hrs 20mins 1M NL
Bright light in the E sky.  Reported to be moving around, changing colours red/green/blue and spinning.  Probably the star Spica.
(UFORSA 94030)

1 February 1995 Torrens Park Adelaide SA 1M NL
Saw a brilliant intense yellow light travelling S towards Glenelg.  Got binoculars.  Three UFOs, 4th suddenly appeared at low altitude.  No shape.  Disappeared behind a house then left three in a loose formation.
(Colin Paule)

16 March 1995 Prospect Adelaide SA 1830hrs NL
Orange coloured light with blue outer ring seen.  Oval ins shape and disappeared to the S at great speed.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

15 April 1995 Adelaide SA 0245hrs CE3
Awoke to see two figures near the bed.  One was at the end of the bed, the other near the window.  Tried to move but could not-was paralysed.  They seemed to read his thoughts.  The entity near the window seemed to be transparent.&nbps; They both disappeared through the wall-window area, the windows were locked.  1-1.3m tall.  Dark brown skin.  Strange markings like wrinkles on them.  They had blue to grey metallic suits with large dark eyes and heads.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

27 April 1995 Brompton Adelaide SA 1920hrs NL
Object like aircraft on fire seen moving SE to SW.  Stopped then moved off.  Ball of fire.  Light yellow colour with smoke surrounding it.  Nil cloud.  Lost to sight over rooftops.

4 May 1995 Hawthorn Adelaide SA 3wits NL
Three objects reported travelling SW.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

8 May 1995 Adelaide Hills SA 0615hrs 1M NL
Orange light sighted in the W moving right to left.  No sound.  Then saw it was a saucer shape with a dozen or so windows on it.  He walked towards it.  At this stage it stopped and rotated.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

9 May 1995 Nuriootpa SA 2125hrs (5-10mins)1F NL
Five orange lights seen in a row.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

19 May 1995 Adelaide Airport SA 2045hrs 15 mins 3wits NL
One white star-like object seen with red/orange irregular flashes, moving E to W.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

20 May 1995 Penola SA 1845hrs 5mins 1M NL
Saw two white lights which looked like a star heading SE then appeared to disappear as if to change direction away.  Another star seen heading on same course later.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

4 June 1995 Modbury Adelaide SA 1735hrs 20 mins NL
Was looking towards Torrens island when saw what thought to be a plane.  Cigar shape rotating.  Then a round object also appeared above it, stationary.  Cigar shaped headed N.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

19 June 1995 Greenacres Adelaide SA 1531hrs 2mins NL
Object seen 10-15 degrees above Adelaide Hills.  Saucer-shaped and moving very smoothly.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

July 1995 Whyalla SA Evening 1800hrs 4hrs 100+wits NL
Six Police officers, Fire crew and 100 residents intermittently watched a series of "very, very large red stars" hovering in the air and then rising in the sky.
(Adelaide Advertiser 21/7/95)

17 August 1995 Wellington SA 2200hrs 20mins NO
Several people reported seeing a bright, blood red object with a red light and a small white light on it.  No noise.  Started as a "star-like" object and flew 3-4 m over a house which fronts the River Murray.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

24 August 1995 Mannum to Murray Bridge SA 0555hrs 5mins 2wits 1M +1F DD
Two lights were sighted in the NW sky rising from the ground.  The witnesses stopped the car they were in and turned off the lights.  The lights by now were stationary.  The Sun was reflecting off a metallic greyish coloured shape.  After a minute or so, the object to his right disappeared.  There was no noise nor vapour trail.  About a minute later the other object disappeared.

28 August 1995 Elizabeth Adelaide SA 0100hrs 30mins NL
Bright light seen in clear sky.  "Dancing" in the sky.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

12 September 1995
a.   Maylands Adelaide SA (0015-0030hrs) 5mins 1F NL
Looking E and saw an orange coloured light bigger than the brightest star.  No noise.
(Colin Paule)

b.   Rostrevor Adelaide SA 2035hrs 5mins 1M NL
Saw object coming from the NW.  It was silent.  It shot from nowhere and dropped out of the sky.  Dark silver in colour and revolved.  All the TV channels went off at 2035hrs.
(Colin Paule)

c.   Felixstowe Adelaide SA 5mins 1F NL
Saw a reddish/purple/yellow "blob" in the sky, quite low.  Silent. Smaller than the Moon.  Lights underneath.  Got binoculars.  Strong lights going towards Glenelg.
(Colin Paule)

1 November 1995 Paradise Adelaide SA 200hrs 2mins 1F NL
Looking towards Adelaide Hills.  Saw object and thought it was a star.  No noise.  No flashing lights.  White colour.  Moving up and down slowly.  Round shape.  Smaller than the Moon.
(Colin Paule)

5 December 1995 Prospect SA 1620hrsd 3secs 1F DD
Standing in her driveway she saw what she took to be a meteor.  It was in fact two objects which seemed to be racing each other.  When they met at a point they just vanished.  They were blue with a tinge of either yellow or green.

4 January 1996 Streaky Bay SA 2145hrs 75mins NO
A silent, triangular shaped light was seen to the W.  Over time it descended lower in the sky.  It was orange/yellow/white/silver/blue in colour.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 96)

5 January 1996 Mannum SA 2115hrs NL
Two bright, white lights seen at 45 degrees in the NE.  They seemed to move away and return.  Watched through binoculars.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996)

12 January 1996 Freeling SA 1230hrs 2mins M DD
Sighted a white, circular, silver or transparent object on a hot, clear day.  After rolling sideways then stopping for a few seconds, it went straight up into the sky.  Lost to sight as a dot.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.)

14 January 1996 Colonel Light Gardens Adelaide SA 0030hrs Few mins NL
Two people saw a "twinkling" orange light at 25-30 degrees elevation, moving silently NE to NW.  A smaller object dropped down from the larger object.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.)

16 January 1996 Peterhead Adelaide SA 2040hrs 20 secs 23 yrs M NL
Bright, white, triangular object stationary at 35 degrees SE.  Clear sky.  Simply disappeared.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.)

20 January 1996 Kapunda-Angaston SA 2025hrs 5mins 1M +1F NL
Travelling by car, watched a brilliant white coloured rectangular-shaped light, stationary.  It had suddenly appeared, then faded.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.)

13 February 1996 Valley View Adelaide SA 2200hrs 15min M NL
Five, "gold to yellow" coloured, pin point sized, oval objects seen at 15-45 degrees elevation in the N to SW sky.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.

10 March 1996 Coober Pedy SA
Teacher reported a vertical light in the sky.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.)

11 March 1996 Mt Freeling Station (700km Nth of Adelaide) SA 2030hrs NL
Group of shearers reported a bright, vertical light travel across the sky.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.)

15 March 1996 Mt Torrens SA 2115hrs M NL
A dark shape with three lights attached was seen.  There was wind and lightning that night, as the object approached from the NE.  Initially seen as a red and white light at 30 degrees elevation to his right, the object got in front of him and crossed over to a 45 degrees elevation.  At this time it seemed to be only 150m up, and he saw two orange "orbs" some 6m apart and a red light behind him.  It was lost to view in the NW.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.)

24 March 1996 Rosewater Adelaide SA 2030hrs F NL
Four, very bright, red stationary, round lights.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.)

31 March 1996 Sellicks Beach SA 1930hrs F NL
Semi circular set of lights, which looked like a huge headlight.  White/blue in colour, they were stationary.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.)

April 1996 (Approx) Adelaide SA 1F CE3
Woman feeling tired during day lay down in bedroom.  A "person" with blue eyes, blonde shoulder length hair and wearing a white robe visited her in the room.  He said hello to her by name.  She later couldn't remember the conversation.  She came too when her husband arrived home.  She said that she then had a scoop mark on her leg.

1 April 1996 Morphett Vale Adelaide SA NL
Two people were watching a white light to the E, just below the height of trees on the main road a block away. It passed right across the road north of them and away to the W.

10 April 1996
a.   Morphett Vale SA 1901hrs NL
A woman saw two very large, orange lights pulsing on and off.

b.   Morphett Vale SA1900hrs NL 1F
Two identical, orange coloured, oval shaped lights were seen.  They travelled NNW to ENE at approximately 30 degrees elevation.  They were under cloud cover.  The lights pulsed on and off.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.)

18 April 1996 Maitland SA 2000hrs 90 mins NL
UFORSA members, alerted to a light in the NE sky attempted an identification.  Appeared to be a scintillating star.

22 April 1996 Oaklands Park Adelaide SA 0545hrs 10 secs NL
A bright orange light passed directly overhead travelling south, emitting a "crackling" noise.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Aug1996.)

26 April 1996 Henley Beach Adelaide SA 2140hrs 4secs F NL
Dull brown coloured, dome shape, 30 degrees above the W horizon.  Moved quickly to the SW.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine May 1996.)

1 May 1996 Meadows SA 1910hrs F NL
Two, bright, stationary lights, which went on and off.  A third light appeared, then a fourth and a fifth.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Nov 1996.)

2 May 1996 Mt Lofty Adelaide SA 2310hrs 2F NL
Large, round, white light coming through clouds.  It gradually turned to a pale blue colour.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Aug 1996.)

3 May 1996 Stockport SA (2200-0030hrs) (3-5mins) NL
A white, oval light was seen to the S.  It slowly moved then reverted to where it had been.  Overall, seemed to move slowly upwards.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Issue 74 Feb 1997.)

5 May 1996 Adelaide SA Eve NL
Caller reported light in the sky changing colour red/green/blue low down in SE sky.  Appears to be a star.
(Keith Basterfield)

24 May 1996 Athelstone Adelaide SA 2240hrs 10mins 4 wits NL
Three pulsating lights in a horizontal line, white in colour.  Lost to view by fading.
(Keith Basterfield.)

8 June 1996
a.   Magill Adelaide SA 2140hrs 7mins 2wits NL
Seven, very bright, red/orange lights seen moving slowly W.  The lights finally disappeared to the NE.

b.   Tranmere Adelaide SA 2150hrs (20-25mins) 2 wits NL
Six to eight red/orange lights moving to the E.  Slow vertical and horizontal movements noted.

8 June 1996 Magill Adelaide 2205hrs 7mins F NL
Seven bright, yellow lights seen to the E.  The intensity of the lights decreased as they travelled across the E sky.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Aug 1996.)

12 June 1996 SA NO
An oil rig worker saw a dark shape with orange lights buzzing round it like bees.  The lights eventually went into the shape and disappeared.  On the following night another oil worker, not knowing of the first incident, saw a dark shape with one orange light buzzing round it.  This single light also went into the shape which disappeared.

14 June 1996 Henley Beach Adelaide SA F NL/CE3?
A woman had a very real "dream" of an orange light in/around her bedroom.  She woke terrified, convinced there was a presence in her room.  On the 14 June there were many sightings of orange lights over Adelaide.  However, the woman maintained she had no knowledge of this until the morning of 15 June.

15 June 1996 Crystal Brook SA 2020hrs NL
A bullet shaped, blinking, orange light was seen heading South.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Aug 1996.)

17 June 1996
a.   Seaton Adelaide SA 2110hrs 6mins M NL
An orange coloured, cigar shaped light, moved silently West.  He saw five balls come down.  Three were white, one blue the other red.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Aug 1996.)

b.   Kimba SA 0530hrs F NL
A woman woke to see a large light in her bedroom window.  It was round, purple on the outside and orange in the centre.  The light disappeared from this western window and shone through her northern window.  Her dog, asleep at the end of the bed, was undisturbed.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Aug 1996.)

19 June 1996
a.   Kimba SA 1745hrs 10mins NL
Six people saw a red light on ane evening where there had been several short duration local power failures.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Nov 1996.)

b.   Meadows SA 1910hrs 6 mins NL
A family saw two white lights with a dark oval shape, fly over them.

20 June 1996 Noarlunga Adelaide SA 0630hrs F NL
A woman saw three lights in a triangular formation.  A white light appeared to shine up from the formation to the clouds.  Her husband also saw an object at Aldinga at 0545hrs.

21 June 1996 Bolivar Adelaide SA 2210hrs NL
A triangular shaped object was seen.  It had two red lights on the ends and a group of white lights on the underside near the middle.  It was stationary for 5 minutes then banked and when nearly at ground level, it disappeared.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Aug 1996.)

24 June 1996 Vale Park Adelaide SA 2010hrs 5 mins NL
An object which hovered, and seemed to move slowly up and down was visible.  Two bright, white lights were flashing on the back and front, while other dimmer lights flashed in a line between the bright lights.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Aug 1996.)

27 June 1996 Adelaide SA 10 wits NL
A large, orange light flared green and dropped two fire balls before disappearing to the S.

1 July 1996 Happy Valley Adelaide SA 0404hrs CE1
A rectangular object was reportedly hovering 2-3m above a house.  Red/green/blue./yellow lights were noted.  It then moved slowly away.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Nov 1996.)

8 July 1996 Kensington Adelaide SA 1630hrs (10-15mins) DD
A golden/silver cigar/circular object which moved slowly across the sky, then made a sharp turn and moved SE.  It flashed every four seconds.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Nov 1996.)

13 July 1996 Seaford Adelaide SA 2035hrs 10mins 8wits NL
Two large orange lights, silently travelled, at high altitude, moving close together.

14 July 1996
a.   Craigmore Adelaide SA 2035hrs (2-3mins) NL
Two golden/white lights moved to the SE and simply disappeared.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Nov 1996.)

b.   Adelaide SA M NL
An orange light in the sky was reported.

20 July 1996 Plympton Park Adelaide SA 2 wits 1M+1F 2335hrs NL
Three silent, bright, slightly oval shaped, orange lights moving from the NE to the E below cloud level.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Aug 1996.)

21 July 1996
a.   Park Holme Adelaide SA 0000hrs (3-4secs) NL
A yellow/orange light was seen and disappeared into clouds.

b.   Elizabeth Adelaide SA NL
A light was reported and turned out to be a star.

24 July 1996 Greewith Adelaide SA 2300hrs Mins 6F NL
A set of unusual lights were seen in a gully on the ground.  A set of four red/orange lights in a square, surrounded by smaller lights.  These smaller lights were alternatively navy blue and white.  Stationary.  No associated sound.  In daylight, the lights were estimated at 1km away.  An inspection by the women found a set of small holes in the ground at the site.  However, investigators believed these were due to spiders.

28 July 1996 Clearview Adelaide SA 0110hrs 5mins 2 wits NL
Three orange lights.  Two lights were travelling slowly, but the third was moving quickly.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Nov 1996.)

2 August 1996 Freeling SA 2000hrs 10mins 1F NL-IFO
A white light was reported in the direction of Gawler at 20-30 degrees elevation.  This light was ill defined and was moving backwards and forward in the sky.  TV Channel 7 News carried an item and the next light carried another item that it was a searchlight.

6 August 1996 Port Augusta SA 2330hrs (45-50secs) 1M NL
A white light travelling to the SE.  Brighter than anything else in the sky and turned to white/blue as it moved down to the horizon.  Lost sight behind trees.  No sound.  Clear sky.

9 August Bordertown SA 2145hrs 5 secs 1F CE1
Travelling by car when an intense light seen and a sound heard. It seemed only 50m up and then disappeared.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Nov 1996.)

10 August 1996 Naracoorte SA 2130hrs 1F NL
Travelling by car when a blue light sighted, ahead to the left of the vehicle.  It was large, round and of a constant brightness.

11 August Wallaroo SA 2330hrs 1M 17 yrs NO
Strange object in the sky described as bullet shaped with a flame coming from it.  It was zig-zagging around.  There was an unusual sound coming from it which was not described.

12 August 1996
a.   Hope Valley Adelaide SA 1811hrs 1F NL
Driving, looked up through windscreen to see three lights in the sky.  The centre one was pulsing while the other two were not.  Looked back and the lights had gone.

b.   Hackham West Adelaide SA 2105hrs (1-2mins) 1F NL
Inside a house looking E.  She saw two red lights, oval in shape in the E.  They travelled in a straight line one behind the other.  There was no sound.

14 August 1996
a.   Kadina SA 0600hrs 30mins 3 wits NL
Bright light in N sky.  A red light on it flashed from time to time.  It was stationary.  Probably an astronomical source.

b.   Naracoorte SA 2130hrs secs 1F NL
Travelling by car when spotted a blue light to the left front of the vehicle.  Size of a star.

20 August 1996 Minlaton SA 1830hrs 1M NL
Two lights in the ENE sky.  Radiated red and blue colours.  Travelling by car, 3 km later stopped vehicle to look again.  Lights still in same place.  Viewed through binoculars.  One minute later, the bottom light took off into the SSE and vanished over the horizon in 30 secs.  The other light remained stationary.

24 August 1996
a. Torrensville Adelaide SA (0410-0415hrs) 5 mins 2 wits NL
Circular object, sized between a star and the full Moon.  Was orange and slowly pulsing. It travelled in a straight line from SE to NE at 45 degree angle.  It then reversed direction.

b. Gulnare SA 0445hrs 1M NL
Man rose to see why dogs barking.  Saw red light low down to the NE.  There was no sound and it appeared to be two to three times as long as it was wide.

25 August 1996 Snowtown SA 1915hrs NL
Bright orange light reported, travelling from N to S.  Half an hour later more orange lights seen.  Two in front and four behind, flying in a rough diamond shaped formation.  One light departed from the rest and hit the ground.  Police investigations indicate the source was a number of garbage bags.
(The Plains Producer Newspaper 28/8/96)

27 August 1996 North Adelaide SA 1M
On two occasions a man woke to recall voices had been talking to him during the night.
(K Basterfield)

28 August 1996 Prospect Adelaide SA 0240hrs 45 mins 1F NL
While looking at the night sky a woman saw a white, pulsating light in the E over the Adelaide Hills.  She lined it up with the side of a wall and noted it was moving soundlessly up and to the left.  Most likely an astronomical; source.

31 August 1996 Hackham West Adelaide SA NL
A "Burning object" was reported in the sky.

4 September 1996 Burnside Adelaide SA 2245hrs 2 mins 4 wits NL
A bright yellow light with a tail like a comet travelled W to E with a lateral shaking movement.  There was no noise.  It disappeared over hills.

5 September 1996
a.   Golden Grove Adelaide SA 0130hrs Mins NL
A white, triangular shaped mass of light was viewed in the NW sky.
(K Basterfield)

b.   Prospect Adelaide SA 2120hrs 10mins NL
Three white lights were observed in the NW sky by a student. After zig-zagging around there was a flash of light and they disappeared.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Nov 1996.)

7 September 1996
a.   Morgan SA 2000hrs NL
Bright orange light travelled NW to E.  It dulled in colour, changed direction and went S, then shot off becoming very bright.  At (2100-1230hrs) another bright orange light was seen going W to E.  It changed to bright orange and shot off to the E.  There was no sound.

b.   Allenby Gardens Adelaide SA 2335hrs (3-4mins) 5wits NL
In the NW sky, an orange circular object was seen.  After moving, it stopped for 30-60 seconds before moving off again.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Nov 1996.)

8 September 1996
a.   Kadina SA 1F NL
One kilometre out of Kadina on road to Wallaroo a collection of lights was seen.  One big white light with a bluish tinge.  There was a light on either side.

b.   Lochiel to Port Wakefield SA 2115hrs 45mins 3wits NL
A "large star" was observed which grew bigger in size.  It became a huge, white light which split into two.  There was no effect on the car.  The two lights then merged into one.  Later, it repeated this splitting and reunion.

9 September 1996 Kadina SA 2115hrs 30 secs NL
Light seen in the sky from a car.  It looked like one big light with two or three smaller lights on either side.  The light was very bright white, with a bluish tinge.  They no sooner saw it than it disappeared.

14 September 1996 Unley Park Adelaide SA 2000hrs Secs NL
Driving a car when saw a round light between trees.  This light was flashing red/blue and white.  There was no associated sound.  Suggest probable astronomical.

15 September 1996 Victor Harbour SA 0120hrs (2-3secs) NL
High overhead, travelling S to SE was a pin point of light.  Orange/yellow/red in colour, which moved in a straight line then curved off to the right.

17 September 1996 Kadina SA 2115hrs Secs 1F NL
Three orange lights were sighted travelling in a line.  This line then took on a triangular formation shape.  Seen through a bedroom window.
(K Basterfield)

25 September 1996 Adelaide SA 2000hrs NL
A red ball of light with a tail was seen travelling N in the E sky.
(J Burford)

4 October 1996 Seaton Adelaide SA 2030hrs 4mins 2M NL
A large bright white light seemed to release three smaller red/white/amber coloured light.  These lights manoeuvred in the sky.  The whole formation moved without noise to the N and was lost in the distance.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine No 75 p19).

5 October 1996
a.   Glenunga Adelaide SA 0035hrs 10 mins NL
An orange, oval shape was reported travelling E to W.  It changed direction, then it moved into clouds.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Feb 1997.)

b.   Payneham, Adelaide SA 2015hrs 5 mina 2 wits NL
Triangular shaped object with a white light near each apex.  It left behind clouds.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Feb 1997.)

8 October 1996 Adelaide SA Early hours NL
Three orange, bobbing lights were reported.

13 October 1996 Hawthorndene Adelaide SA 2145hrs (5-6secs) 1F+1M CE1
Loud rumbling noise like thunder was heard.  Lady went to backyard and saw a glittering or glowing green light some 50m away and only 10m above ground.  The light was stationary.  Seemed 30-45cm in diameter.  She watched it for a short time and then called her brother.  However, before he arrived the light had departed.

20 October 1996
a.   Henley Beach Adelaide SA 2050hrs Secs NL
A round shaped, dark red coloured object seen in the SE, sparked as it travelled across the sky.  It moved overhead then to the NW and was lost behind trees.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Feb 1997.)

b.   Adelaide SA 2210hrs NL
Lights were seen above Mt Lofty to the E of the City.  They were red/green and white.  Suspected astronomical source.

24 October 1996 Adelaide SA 1M NL
A man reported constantly seeing UFOs in the skies.  Moving and flashing.  One was blue, others white/yellow.  Seen to the N with naked eye.

25 October 1996 Adelaide SA
An unknown male telephoned claiming to have a photograph of a UFO which had crashed last night.  Left no name or contact number.

27 October 1996 Adelaide SA 0620hrs
Rang to report sighting a "comet" like object in the eastern sky.

26 November 1996 Renown Park Adelaide SA 1820hrs (5-6 mins) 1F NL
Moving light, with a pink tail from WSW to ENE.  When it was almost overhead she noted a second and similar light travelling ENE to WSW.  Both were lost in haze. 
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Feb 1997.)

December 1996 Kangaroo Island SA 2300hrs 1min 2 wits NL
A round, noiseless, yellow object was seen.  Travelled from E to W.  Changed to a northerly direction at one point.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine No 75 p18)

1 December 1996 Royston Park Adelaide SA 2245hrs 2mins NL
Two objects reported moving SE to NW.  Each had 5-6 red/white/purple lights around them. 
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine Feb 1997.)

January 1997 Mount Gambier SA Photo
A colour photograph was taken which simply shows a "blob."

4 January 1997 Mt Gambier SA 2040hrs NL
Reports of an object with a tail passing over. Also apparently sighted in Victoria.

9 January 1997 Windsor Gardens SA 0100hrs (5-6mins) NL
An orange glow was sighted travelling steadily along at constant speed.  Its brightness changed, it turned red and became dimmer.  There was no sound as it moved in the direction of Yatala.  No shape seen.

9 February 1997 Reynella Adelaide SA 2105hrs 10 secs 2F NL
Dogs barking alerted them to an object which swooped past some 3m off the ground.  Shaped like an "old fashioned milk bottle" the object came in from the NE.  It emitted red, yellow and blue colours and left a bright glowing trail.  It left at speed to the W.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine no 75 p5)

12 February 1997 Kilburn Adelaide SA 2130hrs 1M NL
Three white lights were noted in the sky.  They moved to the S and faded away in the distance.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine no 75 p5)

13 February 1997 Modbury Adelaide SA 0515hrs 15mins 2 mins NL
Five white and red pulsating lights were observed moving at high speed.  Coming from the NW and travelling to the SE, they were lost to view in the distance.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine no 75 p18)

3 March 1997 Adelaide SA 0620hrs 2secs 1M NL
Bright white light to the SW.  "I saw it do half a circle, then go down at an angle as if it was going to land."  It disappeared behind trees.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine no 75 p19)

23 March 1997 Adelaide SA 0055hrs NL
Two yellow/white lights seen to the S.  Another two lights then became visible.  Then more until there were at least 15.  No noise.  The lights by now were to the E.  At home by the end of the observation he saw the last three lights rise into cloud.  Air Traffic Control picked nothing up.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine no 75 p7)

11 April 1997 Banksia Park Adelaide SA 0300hrs 1M NL
Woken by his dog a man saw lots of flashing lights coming through the window.  Went back to bed.  Possibility it was neighbour's blue burglar alarm.

17 April 1997 Collingswood Adelaide SA 2100hrs 1F NL
Playing tennis a woman saw a sparkling orange/red light in or below clouds.  Initially stationary it then moved S.

18 April 1997
a.   Port Lincoln SA 0000hrs NO
A security guard watched a "large soap bubble" shape a quarter the size of the full Moon travelling past him.

b.   Ridgehaven Adelaide SA 1900hrs 1min NL/IFO
A point sized source of light, orange in colour moved constantly in a straight line to the E.  It was close to the Moon.  It then went out.  Analysis suggests it was a Cosmos satellite.

c.   Largs Bay Adelaide SA 2140hrs 1M NL/IFO
Looking to the NE at 35-40 degrees a point source sized object changed colours.  Possibly star.

d.   Adelaide SA 2300hrs 3 hrs NL/IFO
A "matchbox" sized circular object was observed.  It was in the western sky, spinning and moving right to left.  It then reverse and spun left to right.  Believed to be star.

19 April 1997
a.   Banksia Park Adelaide SA 0400hrs 1F NL
Looking out the window she watched a large, red coloured full Moon shape to the West.  The brightness was such that it hurt her eyes to look at it.

b.   Salisbury Downs Adelaide SA 2245hrs 1F NL/IFO
Two "stars" were seen close together.  One moved to the right then curved off to the W.  Possible light aircraft.

22 April 1997 Fort Glanville Adelaide SA 1245hrs 2secs 1M NL
A white, circular object was observed moving in a straight line heading SE.

27 April 1997 Victor Harbor SA 10mins 1F NL
Six circular orange/yellow lights in three pairs were seen about 100m apart travelling from N to S.  Lost to view over the sea.

May 1997 Western suburbs Adelaide SA 2000hrs 1F NL
Two orange lights in the sky approaching from the E.  The higher object was heading W the lower one going NNW.  They seemed to be going behind clouds.  Variation in speeds noted.  Lost sight behind buildings.

5 May 1997 Hazelwood Park Adelaide SA 2030hrs 1F NL
An object was reported travelling NW to S, where it hovered for 5-6 seconds before it moved off and was lost to view.  It looked like two shallow saucers, lip to lip.  The body was like the tail of a comet in its consistency.

10 May 1997 Modbury Adelaide SA 1930hrs 1M NL
Travelling S in a car he saw two orange lights, moving N and turning back towards the hills.

11 May 1997 Pennington Adelaide SA 1900hrs 5mins 1F NL
Two objects, star sized and orange/red in colour were reported near the Cheltenham race course.  W sky.

13 May 1997 Mount Barker SA 1715hrs 4-5mins 1F NL
A black shape in the sky described as "black 44 gallon drum" vertical with a dim flame underneath and a small amount of black smoke was seen.  Travelling SE to NW at slow speed.  Disappeared behind trees.  No noise.  High scattered clouds.  The next day she saw another object much clearer this time and it was a black garbage bag.  There was an article in the local paper in which Police warned about the dangers of sending up garbage balloons.

17 May 1997 Modbury North Adelaide SA 2020hrs 1M NL
Two objects, orange in colour, were seen as they travelled SE to E.

28 May 1997 West Lakes Adelaide SA 0220hrs 1F NL
Woken by noise and light.  Very bright, blue/white in colour.  Went out after few seconds.  Sound like roar of a jet starting up.  Faded after 4-5 seconds.  She did not look out the window.

1 June 1997
a.   Craigmore Adelaide SA 0015hrs 1M NL
An odd arrangement of eight to nine reddish lights, similar in colour to the planet Mars, was seen in the E sky.

b.   Salisbury Adelaide SA 0020hrs 4wits NL
12 bright orange lights were seen.

c.   Salisbury Adelaide SA 0020hrs 4wits NL
12 bright orange lights were seen.

d.   Elizabeth Adelaide SA 0030hrs 2wits NL
Six orange lights were seen by a couple.

e.   Craigmore Adelaide SA NL
Report of orange lights being sighted.
(K. Basterfield)

f.   Craigmore/Salisbury Adelaide SA NL
Reports of "red fireballs"
(The Age Newspaper Melbourne 2/6/97)

g.   Elizabeth Adelaide SA (1900-1930hrs) 1 min 1M NL
Looking at the Hale-Bopp Comet, a blue coloured, point source of light was seen three degrees above and to the N of the Comet.  Watched it then it disappeared.  Seen only through binoculars.

h.   Morphettvale SA 2340hrs 80mins 24 wits NL
A really bright, star-sized, white coloured object went to the left in circles.  Believed to be a laser light from the Planet night club in the City.

3 June 1997 Adelaide SA 3 wits NL/IFO
A very bright light was seen by three people.  It was in the WSW sky and changed colours.  Probably astronomical.

8 June 1997
a.   One Tree Hill SA Evening 1M NL
A yellow light in the sky, bigger than a star and perhaps half a degree across.  Seen "dropping down" and was lost to view.
(K Basterfield)

b.   Seaford Adelaide SA 1900hrs 20mins NL
An "orange spherical fireball" was seen travelling NE to SW.  There was a glowing red light under it.  Travelled slowly.  Elevation 50-60 degrees
(South Australian UFO Research Institute.)

c.   Para Hills Adelaide SA 2030hrs 5mins NL
A yellow/orange light, slightly larger than a star was reported moving slowly.  It then descended and headed NW in a bit of an arc.

9 June 1997
Strathalbyn SA 1930hrs 2M CE1?
Travelling in a ute (utility vehicle) when saw to the right front, just inside a paddock, an unusual object low down near the ground.  They followed it for 2Km when all of a sudden it simply vanished.  Described as triangular shape, with the shape outlined by series of red lights.  It seemed to be 22m in length and about 10m in height.  Each red light seemed as big as a basketball.  Adjoining and merging into the main triangle was another triangular shape.  They heard no noise from it at all.  Looking for surrounding witnesses, one farmer telephoned his wife on his mobile (cell phone) to ask if she could see a "red Christmas tree" shape up in the sky.  She went outside but was unable to see it.  He was three km away from the original witnesses.
(K. Basterfield)

St Marys Adelaide SA 0550hrs 1M NL
A very bright yellow light just above the Hills near Eagle on the Hill.  Light moved up and down and then left to right a couple of times.

14 June 1997 Willaston SA 2115hrs NL-IFO
Three orange lights reported.

15 June 1997 Victor Harbor SA 2330hrs 1min 1F NL
Woman reported a football-shaped, Moon coloured light, low down near trees, as she travelled along a road.

19 June 1997
a.   Hillcrest Adelaide SA 0430hrs (5-10mins) 2wits NL
A green/red/white light, point source sized was reported.

b.   Various location in SA (1800-1830hrs) secs NL
Moomba -   A group of people reported seeing five point source lights, yellow/white in colour travelling SE to NW.  Seen for 6-7 seconds. 

Willaston -   At 1810hrs a woman saw six objects, of a white colour travelling rapidly S to N. 5-6 seconds.

Cheltenham, Adelaide -   A woman saw four objects, yellow/white in colour travelling quickly from S to N.  Time 1810hrs.  Duration 5 secs.

Strathalbyn SA -   1810hrs. 3secs.  Woman reported six lights in a straight line travelling S to N in the W sky.  Four bright ones and two dimmer ones.  After 1 second they all dimmed.  Then they brightened again.  After another second they faded again and disappeared from view.  No wind.  Cloudy -- a few stars visible.

c.   Victor Harbor SA 1830hrs (5-6mins) 1M
Looking NW he saw "a glint in the clear, dark sky."  He got out a 150x telescope and looked at the glint where he saw an object 20 degrees NW.  It was triangular in shape and had attached to it what he took to be "two big boosters" like the space shuttle has.  He and his family watched it climb upwards towards the zenith in the NW sky.  It decreased in angular size until it was lost to view.  Colour black.

d.   Gawler SA 2100hrs 1F NL
A beam of light in the sky was reported to the E by an Evanston park woman.
(K Basterfield)

e.   Victor Harbor SA 2130hrs 120mins 1M NL
A man was looking S from the Bluff when at 20-25 degrees above the horizon he saw a bright, white light with a small flashing light around its perimeter.

20 June 1997 Willaston SA 2100hrs 3mins 2wits 1M+1F NL
Looking NW they saw a cluster of three to four orange/red lights.  The lights were in a horizontal alignment and soundless.  The cluster seemed to approach them and travelled to the NE.

21 June 1997 Woomera to Roxby Road SA 2345hrs 1M NL
A green object moving N to S, fairly fast, in a straight line at 15 degrees elevation.  It finally went out.

23 June 1997 Salisbury SA 2057hrs 1min1M NL
A man thought he saw a meteor and then watched an oval/circle shape moving around at 75 degrees E.

24 June 1997 Port Wakefield Rd SA 1750hrs 0.5secs 1M NL
While travelling S he saw a bright ball of yellow light at 2o degrees S.   HUH?

25 June 1997
a.   Novar Gardens Adelaide SA 2040hrs NL
A pale yellow light moved erratically from the N to the NW at 40 degrees elevation, in a straight line.  Its colour changed from yellow to red to white.  At one point it stopped then continued moving.

b.   Woodford Adelaide SA 2100hrs 1F NL-IFO
25 degrees SW was the location of a light.  Through a telescope she saw a circular planet or star that had craters on it.  Suspected telescope out of focus.

26 June 1997
a.   Willunga SA 1700hrs DD-IFO
A bright orange object was seen in the W travelling E.  Identified as an aircraft.

b.   Glenelg Adelaide SA 1925hrs 20 secs NL
Object travelling W to E then turned due S at about 30 degrees, some 3.5km off Glenelg.  Size of a 747 jet, disc shaped with flat bottom and top.  Round, bright white lights around circumference.  Gave impression object was rotating.  Object lost behind trees.
(South Australian UFO Research Institute.)

c.   Lewiston SA 2100hrs 2wits NL
Two bright lights rotating and dimming then bright again.  Copper coloured and circular, at 30 degrees SE.

3 July 1997
a.   Port Elliot SA 0715hrs 2 wits NL
Three objects sighted, greyish in colour and bigger than a star.  Lights approached them.  The middle one disappeared.  They then saw a round object go straight up.

b.   Unley Adelaide SA Eve 1F NL
A football-sized orange object with sparklers coming out of it at 30-40 degrees E.

4 July 1997
a.   Unley Adelaide SA 0843hrs (5-7secs) 1M DD
Saw a "gleaming silver saucer-shaped" object at 50-55 degrees E.  There was no movement and no sound.

b.   Port Elliot SA 0700hrs 2 wits Nl-Photo
Three flat discs in the E sky close to the rising Sun.  They took one photo, then one disc disappeared.  They took another shot and a second disc departed.  A third shot, after which the third disc left.  All had been in a straight line, equi-distance apart.  The photos show a sunrise scene, with extremely small angular white lines present.

5 July 1997 Oakden Adelaide SA (2030-2045hrs) (25-40 secs) NL
A light was seen crossing a motorist's line of sight.  It was a bright orange colour and travelling E to W.  Lost behind trees.  Witness got out of car and saw it take off straight up, like a "laser beam."

10 July 1997
a.   Christie Downs Adelaide SA (1820-1920hrs) (2-3secs) 1F NL
Three circular, white objects, each half size of full Moon at 45 degrees N.  The lights were in a triangular pattern, two at the base and one at the apex.  From the apex light shone a beam up into the sky.  Upon turning away then looking back the lights had gone.  (Possible searchlight)

b.   Christie Downs Adelaide SA 1830hrs (3-4secs) 1F NL
A bright white light.  It was three circles of light in a triangular formation.  From the top was a beam of light going up into the sky.

12 July 1997
a.   Various SA Evening NL-IFO
An orange/red glow was reported by about a dozen people, scattered from Andamooka to Adelaide.  At Andamooka, resident Heather Toufexis noted an orange/red glow to the SE.  From the City, residents Kathy and Joshua Rodriguez of Woodville saw a bright orange light travelling in a N to S direction.  At Mitchell Park, Bruce Kissock also sighted it.  No sound was reported by anyone.  Air Traffic Control reported no radar returns.
(Channel 7 news TV 6pm 13/7/97)

b.   Holden Hill Adelaide SA 2300hrs (4-5mins) NL- IFO
An orange light travelled from 45 degrees W to 45 degrees E.  Flickered.

13 July 1997
a.   Craigmore Adelaide SA 1820hrs 1wit NL
Three huge bright lights seen coming straight towards a witness.  Travelling WE to W.

b.   Craigmore Adelaide SA 1825hrs 1min NL
Bright light seen at 45 degrees E.  The a second light to the E, then a third one to the E of these other two.  No sound.  Moved E to W then started to climb upwards in formation till lost to view in glow of street light.

c.   Adelaide SA 1915hrs 1F NL
10-15 bright star-like objects reported together, large than an aircraft's landing lights.  Bright white in colour.  Seen at 30-40 degrees W to NW

d.   Morphett Vale Adelaide SA (1950-2000hrs) 2M NL
White light travelling fast from S to N in the E sky.

e.   Christie Downs Adelaide SA 2115hrs (5-10secs) NL
Round orange light-point source, seen initially in the WNW and travelling swiftly to the SSW.  No sound.

f.   Christie Downs Adelaide SA 2120hrs NL-IFO
Round orange light seen at 45 degrees S travelling in a straight line towards Seaford, i.e. S.

e.   Yorktown SA Eve NL-IFO
Light flashing from a very bright white light.  Close to horizon.  Changed from round to oval then went green and red, then faded to orange colour.  Moved to the left.  Faded out, then reappeared in its original position.  Suspected astronomical.

17 July 1997
a.   Christie Downs Adelaide SA 2320hrs (3-4mins) 3 wits NL-IFO
Three objects, egg yolk yellow in colour, flickering low down in the E sky.  No noise.  Point source.

b.   Adelaide SA Eve 1F NL-IFO
Glowing, amber-coloured light travelling slowly.  Doubled back on itself, hovered, ascended, descended.  Movements described as "floating."

19 July 1997
a.   Yorke Peninsula SA (1845-1910hrs) NL- IFO?
Extremely bright light seen changing to other colours.  Cloud cover.  Light went into clouds, then dropped below clouds.  Neighbours 3km away also saw it.  Azimuth 10 degrees W of N.

b.   Goolwa Eve 1M NL-IFO
Large orange light went up from the ground, then hovered.  When next he looked it had gone.

c.   Darlington Adelaide SA 2230hrs 20mins NL-IFO
RAAF technician saw three orange lights travelling soundlessly across the sky, going S.  One went downwards, the others passed over it.

28 July 1997
a.   Ceduna SA CE4?
An elderly water diviner "Alan" set up a "psychic" style alphabet ouija board.  Via this he was told to go to a particular location in the bush near Ceduna, which he did.  At this location he was told that an alien would meet him and take him away in his flying saucer.  He travelled to the location, but the alien told him "he was too good a man" and decided not to take him.  Alan believed the alien's intentions were "not good."

b.   Modbury Heights Adelaide SA 1900hrs 1F NL
Light travelling S to NE at 15-20 degrees above the Adelaide Hills.  Red light with two smaller white lights.  Passed behind trees, slowed down then hovered.  Darted up and down a few times then moved on again.  No sound.

c.   Modbury heights Adelaide SA 1920hrs (2-3mins) 1F NL
Red light going S to NE at an angle 10-15 degrees.  Slowed down and hovered.  Moved up and down a few times.  Lost behind trees.

d.   Parafield Gardens Adelaide SA (5-10mins) NL
A round, red light was seen at 45-60 degrees moving E to W.  Eventually faded from view.

30 July 1997 Salisbury Adelaide SA 2000hrs 5mins 1m NL-IFO
Sitting outside on a calm, clear night, he saw an orange light approaching him.  It seemed to zig zag across the sky.  Its brightness varied.  Colour was a "flame" orange/red.  Travelled soundlessly E to W.  Witness believed it was a hot air balloon.

31 July 1997 Modbury Heights Adelaide SA 1820hrs NL
Looked to E and saw red object with flashing white lights.  Another red light came into view following the first one.  Both lost to view as they travelled NE.

4 August 1997
a.   North Haven Adelaide SA Early morn 1F NL
Large, bright object, red-green, flashing and surrounded by haze.  Stationary 20 degrees elevation then dropped to 5 degrees.  Finally it went up again and then went away as the dawn brightened.

b.   Glenelg Adelaide SA 2200hrs (5-6mins) 2wits NL
Thought saw aircraft to W.  It went red then orange then white.  Fairly low over sea.  Ascended overhead and zig zagged.  Finally just became fainter and fainter and disappeared.

8 August 1997 Parafield Gardens Adelaide SA 1947hrs 80 sec 4wits NL
Orange/pink coloured light at 40 degrees SW.  It travelled to 70 degrees NE then did a 45 degree turn to the E.  A second light became visible, dropped behind light one and made a turn 5-8 seconds after light one did.  Various manoeuvres observed before number one disappeared at 15-20 degrees and number two at 30 degrees

14 August 1997
a.   Swan Reach SA 2200hrs 1M NL
Formation of lights in a horizontal arc shape.  A further light then came over his left shoulder and went behind the formation which then dissolved.

b.   Paralowie Adelaide SA 1900hrs NL
Three ornate lights seen within 40 minutes.

c.   O'Sullivans Beach SA 1910hrs 5mins NL
A pink/orange light seen.  A small piece, resembling a piece of cloth, fell off.

21 August 1997
a.   Christies Beach Adelaide SA 2030hrs 3mins NL
Large light went smaller, then large etc., again in sequence.  Was white/yellow at 45 degrees W.  Lost to view when witnesses were travelling.

b.   Adelaide SA 2030hrs 1F NL-IFO
Saw light beams moving around in the Northern sky.  Identified as lasers from a night club.

25 August 1997 North Haven Adelaide SA 1945hrs 10mins NL
Strange light seen hovering out to sea.  Kept changing colour.  Shape through binoculars was clearly triangular.  Around the shape was a haze of light.  Object dropped quickly a couple of times.  Eventually disappeared.

27 August 1997 Craigmore Adelaide SA 1935hrs (4-5mins) 1M NL
Orange light seen travelling W to E.

2 September 1997 Salisbury Adelaide SA 1950hrs NL-IFO
Three orange lights were identified as garbage bags.

5 September 1997 NL-IFO
a.   Salisbury Adelaide SA 2145hrs
One orange light travelling E to SE was identified as a garbage bag.

b.   Elizabeth Adelaide SA 2135hrs 5 mins.
Three golden/orange flashing lights were seen in the E sky.

c.   Salisbury Adelaide SA 2145hrs 10mins.
Three, then five orange coloured lights travelling NW to SE.

d.   Paralowie Adelaide SA 2200hrs.
Three orange lights were seen, then 20 minutes later six more were seen.  Going downwards.

7 September 1997 Mylor SA 0045hrs (2-3secs) NL
A white circle/ball, half the size of the full Moon was seen travelling to W about 15 degrees elevation.

11 September 1997 20km N of Adelaide on Port Wakefield Rd SA 2000hrs NL
A bright, pulsating white light was observed.

22 September 1997 Craigmore Adelaide SA 2010hrs 10secs 1F NL
Sighted a pink, oval shape at 40 degrees E travelling to the W.  It looked 3-4 times the size of the brightest start in the sky.

24 September 1997 Clovelly Park Adelaide SA 2130hrs 30mins NL-IFO
Looking 50 degrees E a woman saw a stationary, green object about as big as two stars.  Identified as a star.

25 September 1997 Craigmore Adelaide SA 1945hrs 5mins 1F NL
An orange light seen which came from the N with a bobbing motion.  No sound.

27 September 1997 Maningham Adelaide SA 2127hrs 1M NL
An orange, point source light moved up from 45 degrees in a slightly wiggly line.
(Undated Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

2 October 1997 Mt Barker SA (0000-0030hrs) NL
Lights were seen high in the sky.  Top of the light was bright white with the bottom being red.
(Undated Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

3 October 1997 Ingle Farm Adelaide SA 2150hrs NL
A group of people saw two objects overhead.  They were very bright, round and orange in colour.

26 October 1997 Port Lincoln SA 2040hrs 15 mins NL
Several people watched an orange, egg shaped light.
(Undated Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

5 November 1997
a.   Aberfoyle Park Adelaide SA 1930hrs 30mins NL
Below an aircraft they saw a "line" shape which went to the SW to W.

b.   Glenelg North Adelaide SA 2045hrs 1F NL
A white, flashing light going really fast from W to E.  Lost to view in distance.  A second orange/white light then ravelled E to W.  It zig zagged and flashed on and off.

1 December 1997
a.   Adelaide SA Angel hair
Reports of sightings of "angel's hair" floating in the sky.  Believed to be spider's web.
(Radio station 5AD)

b.   Kangaroo Island SA 2330hrs 2M Koch & Schindler NL
Mr Kym Koch an aircraft pilot reported seeing an object low on the horizon while flying between Adelaide and Kingscote.  He was at 4000 feet when he sighted a very bright, round orange object about 20 degrees elevation.  Shortly after this he was contacted by Adelaide approach radar who told him they had received a report from a Kangaroo Island police officer and asked Koch if he had seen anything.  Koch says they told him they had a radar sighting.  Koch watched it for 15 minutes.  When he landed he spoke to Constable Schindler who reported the light to Adelaide.  Schindler reported having seen it for 9 minutes as it travelled Westwards.
(Channel 7 news & The Sunday Mail 7 Dec 1997.)

24 December 1997 Athelstone Adelaide SA 0225hrs (3-4mins) 1F 46yrs NO
Awoken by their dog, she saw an object travelling in a NE direction.  It was shaped like a cake tin with the air beating around it like the blades of a fan.  It was the colour of a pearl fluorescent globe.  It disappeared into the clouds.
(UFORSA 78001)

December 1998 Salisbury Adelaide SA (0430-0500hrs) (60-90 secs) 1M CE1
On a clear and cloudlessly night, a man was watching Pitman Park.  He saw a "bullet-shaped" UFO hovering silently above powerlines.  The object's nose was pointing W.  The height was estimated to be 80-120m off the ground.  He estimated the length of it to be 40m by 6m diameter.  The surface was like dull aluminium.  The end of the object was flat and featureless.  He saw a retractable arm extending from the object to the powerlines.  After a few seconds the probe retracted.  After a few more moments the bullet-shaped nose and the canister-like body begin to turn relative to each other.  The object tilted and after reaching a vertical orientation it continued until it lay horizontally, this time pointing E.  Then a misty glow emanated from the object.  It moved slowly in the direction it was pointing, rose into the sky and accelerated away, became the size of a star.
(Kerry Helman July 1999)

25 December 1998 Salisbury East Adelaide SA 2345hrs (5-8mins) 20yrs M+4 NO
Three orange/red objects seen moving slowly.  Stopping and starting, disappearing for a few seconds.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

1999 Mount Gambier SA multi-wits
On the Mount Gambier to Port McDonnell road, in clear sky, witnesses reported observing a noiseless, hovering disc with white lights on it from a car.  They pulled up and watched for a while, then suddenly the disk started to move slowly for 2 seconds, then sped off at great speed.
(Australian UFO Research Association)

5 February 1999 27km N of Port Augusta SA 2225hrs 2M CE1
Two men saw a group of many red, and one blue light on the road, ahead of their car.  The lights were moving along the road at a speed similar to their own vehicle, and seemed to be swaying.  Trees and bushes on one side of the road only appeared to be being blown about.  Then at about 300m distance the lights spread out and disappeared.
(Phillip Satchell Radio 5AN Feb 1999.)

23 February 1999
a.   Marden Adelaide SA 0200hrs 43yrs F NL
Sighted 60-90 lights.nbsp; White, circular to egg-shaped and about size of aircraft.  The sighting left her nervous and numb, with fever for 72 hours afterwards.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

b.   Angle Vale Adelaide SA 2030hrs 2hrs M NO
Two, circular white objects were seen.  Seen same objects two nights earlier.  One smaller than the other.  Took 9 shots using Kodak 400 ASA speed film.  Shots came out blank.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

1 March 1999 Tranmere Adelaide SA 90 secs 69yrs
One silver/grey star shaped object seen 50 degrees SW.  Disappeared behind clouds.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

3 March 1999 Cambrai SA 0705hrs (10-15mins) 62yrs DD
Thin plate-looking, metallic, object seen 45 degrees E.  Disappeared without moving.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

17 March 1999 North Brighton Adelaide SA 2140hrs 2 mins F+2 NL
A series of fuzzy white lights.  Rectangular, almost cylindrical formation.  Travelling fast.  Lost in the W.  No noise.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

3 May 1999 Various locations SA 1930hrs NL
Reports of a UFO seen in the north western sky from witnesses in Sefton Park, Gawler and Lobethal.
(Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

3 May 1999 Myponga SA 1930hrs 25yrs F NL
Six lights travelled across the sky, horizontally.  Then just disappeared.  Looked like a row of 4-6 big windows, lit by a white light.
(AUFORN Hotline call in code 0114 Peter Johnson)

6 May 1999 Elizabeth Adelaide SA 0445hrs 45mins M NL
Sighted a bright light size of a large strawberry at arms length, moving from side to side and up and down.  It then disappeared.  N to NW sky.  30 degrees elevation.
(AUFORN Hotline call in code 018 Peter Johnson)

17 May 1999 Holden Hill Adelaide SA 0244hrs 15mins F+2 NL
Five white lights seen in a line came through clouds, did a loop and then back into clouds.  The lights did this four more times.  NE sky.
(AUFORN Hotline 0136 Peter Johnson.)

7 June 1999 Elizabeth Downs Adelaide SA F
Bright star like object at 20 degrees S. Changing colours. Green/red/blue.
(AUFORN Hotline 0154 Peter Johnson)

11 July 1999
a.   Woodville West Adelaide SA 2208hrs (7-8mins) 28yrs M NL
A brilliant orange light was observed through binoculars and with the naked eye.  The object moved from N to NNW at 50 degrees elevation.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

b.   Woodville West Adelaide SA 2208hrs (7-8mins) 28yrs M NL
A brilliant orange light was observed through binoculars and with the naked eye.  The object moved from N to NNW at 50 degrees elevation.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

15 July 1999 Nangwarry SA 0215hrs 1M CE2
Travelling by car when car radio cut out.  Saw three lights in sky in a triangular formation with black shape inside lights, to the left of his vehicle.  Slowed vehicle down and noted object's lights shining onto the top of pine trees.  Witness stopped vehicle and saw object was moving.  Accelerated his vehicle, with the object now front left of the vehicle and noted that the object gained height.  Object entered a cloud which lit up, and then the object disappeared and radio came back on.  No effect noted on car engine, lights etc.  No sound.
1. AUFORN.  2. AURA.)

16 July 1999 Clare SA (2015-2100hrs) 2F + 10 NL
Three bright orange/yellow circular objects travelling fast to very fast from N to S.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

21 July 1999 Renmark SA 1950hrs M NL
Low down in the NW sky he saw a stationary, noiseless, brilliant white light.  Identified as Venus.
(AUFORN Hotline 0246 Keith Basterfield)

27 July 1999 O'Halloran Hill Adelaide SA 2130hrs15mins F NL
Driving North and saw brilliant red/orange light in W at a low angular elevation.  Moved around in a small area of sky.  Arriving home saw two orange/red lights in W.  No noise from any of three.
(AUFORN Hotline 00253 Keith Basterfield)

15 August 1999 Salisbury-Elizabeth Adelaide SA 1835hrs 26yrs M + 1 NL
One orange light was sighted to the W. It was moving slowly.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

21 August 1999 Paralowie Adelaide SA1900hrs 1 min 2m +1F NO
A single, orange, pumpkin-shaped object travelling as fast as a plane from N to S.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

30 August 1999 Banksia Park Adelaide SA 0435hrs 10mins 29yrs M NO
A single white object moved NE to SE in a zig zag fashion.  It flashed on for 5secs and then off for 5 secs.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

31 August 1999 Payneham Adelaide SA (2000-2030hrs) 5mins M NL
Red light started off near the sea to the S, moved, hovered, dropped down.  Lost sight over trees.  No noise.
(AUFORN Hotline 0291 Keith Basterfield)

13 September 1999 Parafield Gardens Adelaide SA 1940hrs 34yrs M NL
Four, red/white lights were observed in the eastern sky.  Initially they were stationary.  Then one flew away to the East while two others passed directly overhead and were lost to view as they became smaller and dimmer.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

13 September 1999 Parafield gardens Adelaide SA 1930hrs F + 3 NO
Two yellowish objects were seen in a NE direction.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

14 September 1999 Parafield Gardens Adelaide SA 1F+3M
Two bright, glowing, yellow balls moving across the night sky directly above the house.  No noise.  Smaller light moved off from one light at right angles at one time.
(AUFORN Hotline 0309 Peter Johnson)

19 September 1999 Adelaide SA 2350hrs 5mins 1M NL
Star like orange light in the S, brighter than Venus.  Drifted Northwards.  Got dimmer.  Below clouds.  No noise.
(AUFORN Hotline 0313 Keith Basterfield)

22 September 1999 Woodcroft Adelaide SA 0455 5 mins 53yrs M NL
Two star-like objects were seen in the NNE travelling across the sky.  At one point they caught up and there was a bright flash.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

26 September 1999 North Plympton Adelaide SA 2100hrs 5mins 1M+1F NL
SW sky light going round in circles.  White or orange in colour.  Went inside, came back to find object gone.
(AUFORN Hotline 0321 Keith Basterfield)

8 October 1999 Torrensville Adelaide SA 1730hrs 1min 37yrs M +3
A cabinet-maker reported one white object above the Adelaide Hills.
(Australian International Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine)

24 Oct 1999 Clearview Adelaide SA
Bright reddish orange object reported.
(Sunday Mail 18 Mar 2000, copy from Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

3 Nov 1999 Strzlecki Crossing SA
Three men saw a huge object, one man suffered bleeding from nose.
(Sunday Mail 18 Mar 2000, copy from Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

4 November 1999 Para Hills Adelaide SA 2100hrs 30mins F NL - IFO
Very cloudy night and a white light circled the clouds.  Identified as searchlight.
(Keith Basterfield)

6 November 1999 Wynn Vale Adelaide SA 2014hrs F NL-IFO
Almost total cloud cover.  7-8 circular lights darting back and forward on the clouds.  No noise.  Identified as searchlights.
(AUFORN Hotline 0371 Keith Basterfield)

12 Nov 1999 Wool Bay SA
Dentist sees three orange spheres.
(Sunday Mail 18 Mar 2000, copy from Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

1 December 1999 Adelaide 0346hrs F NL-IFO
Circle of lights over the City.  Identified as laser lights.
(Keith Basterfield)

10 December 1999 Adelaide SA 2006hrs 5mins M NL
Reported an orange light seen towards Glenelg.  Moving downwards.  No noise.
(Keith Basterfield)

13 December 1999
a.   Northfield Adelaide SA 2111hrs 4M NL
Bright light appeared from behind a tree.  As it got closer seemed large, and a blue colour.  Travelled W to E.  Emitted a bright, fluro-coloured blue tail.  It seemed to spit out a flame, then move, flame then move.  Disappeared from view.
(AUFORN Hotline 0431 Keith Basterfield)

b.   Lockleys Adelaide SA 2115hrs 10 secs F NL
Saw a large, orange ball, travelling noiselessly W to E.  There were two vapour trails coming from the sides of the orange ball.  Just disappeared.  Numerous other calls all reporting the observation of a brilliant object crossing the night sky.  UFO Hotline received 10 calls in all.  Seen from Adelaide and from places between Kangaroo Island and Peterborough.  Probable meteorite.
(AUFORN Hotline 0427 Keith Basterfield)

15 December 1999 20km south of Berri SA 0015hrs (30-45mins) 2M NL
While out spotlighting they saw an unusual object 200-300m above the ground.  It looked like "a mechanical stingray with round blue and red lights along its wings and white lights down its tail."  It made a deep humming sound and was travelling "about 15-25kph."  It passeddirectly over their heads and left in the direction of Adelaide.
(Reported to UFORNSW in July 2004 who referred it to AURA.)

25 Dec 1999 Para Hills Adelaide SA
Five white round objects seen.
(Sunday Mail 18 Mar 2000, copy from Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

20 February 2001 Port Lincoln SA (2130-2212hrs) (8-30secs) NL
A number of observations were made of a small, circular, white ball of light moving across the sky near Port Lincoln.
(Alan Jones.)

9 September 2001 Mount Gambier SA 215hrs 3mins 1M + 1F NO
At a point 10km SE of Mount Gambier, on a clear night, two people saw a bright light moving across the City and approaching them.  It changed colour from a bright light to a subdued orange glow.  It passed soundlessly overhead at an estimated 300m and was visible as a cylindrical object.  Estimated speed was 600km/hr.  It was lost to distance in the SW sky.  On reaching home the son of one of the observers related seeing a fast, silent light when they were on their way from Millicent to Mount Gambier at about the same time as the father's observation.

October 2001 Wellington SA 2200hrs 2M NL
The 18 Oct 1988 report dairy farmer was travelling with his son by car.  All of a sudden the car was totally enveloped by a brilliant white light.  They couldn't see anything outside the vehicle.  Then all of a sudden, all returned to normal.
(Personal interview K. Basterfield 15 Dec 2003.)

December 2001 Beachport SA 0200hrs 1M NL
Was on a tractor in the middle of a paddock when out of the blue, a silver object came past and went away at speed.  It had lights on it.  It was only 4-5m off the ground.  Told others who laughed.
(ABC radio Mt Gambier 3/6/03)

2/3/7 April 2002 Parafield Gardens, Salisbury Heights, Salisbury Plains and Wynn Vale Adelaide suburbs SA (1915-2130hrs) NL
Various numbers of orange lights were reported across several suburbs on several nights.  Clear sky. 
(Charmaine Ballam for UFO Hotline 1978, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1992)

3 Nov 1999 Strzlecki Crossing SA
Three men saw a huge object, one man suffered bleeding from nose.
(Sunday Mail 18 Mar 2000, copy from Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

June 2002 Lucindale SA Evening Mins 1M IFO
Witness Ray saw a light in the sky which he believed to be headlights on an aircraft.
(ABC Radio Mt Gambier 3/6/03)

19 June 2002 Eastern suburb Adelaide SA 0050hrs 1M NL
An orange/red light was over his house at an estimated 60m.  The object was bigger then the Moon.  It was moving slowly over houses.  It moved off towards North Adelaide.  No sound.  Object moving at a slow but steady pace.
(Colin Paule AUFORN Hotline 2548)

15 August 2002 North Adelaide SA 1615hrs 3wits 1M+2F DD
Clear sky when man saw unusual object travel from 020 degrees elevation WNW.  Travelling North.  It moved in a very unusual corkscrew motion.  Multi-edge object.  Metallic and silver in colour.  Six bright yellow lights on it in two sets of three.  Suddenly a bright red light appeared on it.  Stationary for a while then moved off to the N.  No noise.  Bigger than full Moon in angular size.
(Keith Basterfield AUFORN Hotline 2629)

5 September 2002 Wide area of South Australia 1800hrs NL
A brilliant sky object was seen from diverse places such as Woomera to Bordertown-700kms apart.  Seen initially as a flash in the sky it became a green/yellow ball which travelled overhead near Victor Harbor, left a trail, with noises being heard at several locations.  Probably meteor or satellite re-entry.
(Keith Basterfield AUFORN Hotline calls 2059, 2064, 2065, 2060, 2058,)

24 September 2002 Morphetville Adelaide SA 2030hrs 2M NL
Driving around when a purple coloured flash of light happened for 4-5 seconds.  Pulled car to side of road.  Driver felt ill.  Two minutes later another flash of light.  Loss of surrounding noises.
(Charmaine Ballam AUFORN Hotline 2092.)

12 January 2003 Campbelltown Adelaide SA (04150 0515hrs) 60mins 1M 35yrs NL
Very bright white light seen in the E.  Larger and brighter than Venus.
(Debbie Payne AUFORN Hotline 2809)

5 March 2003 O'Sullivan Beach SA (2230-2300hrs) 15secs 2F NL
Bright flash of white light out to sea to the W.  Few seconds later another flash.  Silent.  Travelling NNW to SSW.  Clear warm night.
(Debbie Payne AUFORN Hotline 2873)

11 April 2003 NW suburbs Adelaide 200hrs NL
Six calls came in from Semaphore, Largs Bay, West Lakes, Port Adelaide all reporting a number of orange lights.  Analysis showed they were all located in a geographically small area and moving slowly.
(Keith Basterfield AUFORN Hotline 2911-2916)

28 April 2003 Aldinga Beach SA 2300hrs 1M NL-IFO
Star-like object at 10 degrees SW in clear sky.  No sound.  White colour.  Identified as Canopus.
(Keith Basterfield. AUFORN Hotline 2926)

May 2003 Beachport SA 4wits DD
Three disc-shaped objects with lights on them, were reported flying in a group, at an angle.  They seemed quite large in size.  Not far off the road.  Moving slowly along in broad daylight.
(Australian UFO Research Association)

3 May 2003
a.   Burton Adelaide SA 2230hrs 1F NL
Four to five orange coloured lights travelling slowly in a loose formation to the W.
(Keith Basterfield AUFORN Hotline 2981)

b.   Paralowie Adelaide SA 2215hrs 1M NL
Six orange lights seen travelling East to West one by one.  No sound.
(Keith Basterfield AUFORN Hotline 2939)

c.   Paralowie Adelaide SA (2200-2230hrs) 5mins NL
Four bright orange lights travelling East to W.  No sound.
(Keith Basterfield AUFORN Hotline 2914)

6 May 2003 Fulham Gardens Adelaide SA 1F NL
Seven round star-like objects to the W.  Purple in colour, neighbour thought they were yellow.  No sound.
(Keith Basterfield AUFORN Hotline 2955)

Ca. 20 May 2003 Nangwarry SA Evening 1F NL
Caller reported her sister had been travelling home by car when the car was buzzed and followed by a blue light. 
(Australian UFO Research Association)

20 May 2003 Tarpeena & Nangwarry SA (2000-2030hrs) 2M CE1
Travelling by car when sighted lights in the tops of trees ahead of their vehicle.  Closing in they saw it was a disc shaped object just above tree top height.  There were a series of ten or so oval-shaped lights around the edge of the underneath of it.  They estimated its size as 10-20m across and only 50-60m above the ground.  The disc was white/grey colour and clearly defined.  No sound, and no effects to their vehicle.  They left it in situ.
(Keith Basterfield AUFORN Hotline 2977)

21 May 2003 NW suburbs Adelaide SA(2020-2030hrs) & (2050-2100hrs) NL
Multiple calls about two clusters of orange lights seen in NW suburbs in a small geographic area.  Silent.  Limited flight path.  Slow moving.
(Keith Basterfield AUFORN Hotline 2986 to 2974 & 2976)

23 May 2003 Happy Valley Adelaide SA 0500hrs 2mins1M NL
Was up early one morning and saw a revolving light in the sky.  Stationary.  It was lost to sight after it faded away.
(Keith Basterfield AUFORN Hotline)

28 May 2003 Beachport SA 2115hrs 10-15 mins 3wits NL
Travelling between Beachport and Southend in a vehicle, saw a light to the W out at sea which seemed to be "coming down."  It moved erratically up and down and from left to right.  It was red, blue and orange in colour.  No sound.  Last sighted travelling out to sea.
(Personal interview of witness by Keith Basterfield.)

1 August 2003 Ardrossan & Gawler SA 2205hrs 2M NL
Witnesses described an object "coming down" in the sky and exploding.
(5AA Ray Fewings talkback radio show 2210hrs 1/8/03.)

7 August 2003 Blakeview, Adelaide SA 2100hrs 1M NL
Amber-coloured, point source light came from west travelling eastward; ejected an amber object downwards then turned northwards and went out of sight.

8 August 2003 Blakeview, Adelaide SA 2100hrs 11mins 2wits 1M+1F NL
Amber-coloured, silent light travelled from west, turned north.  Also seen to the south from Gawler.

14 August 2003 Davoren Park Adelaide SA (2030-2110)hrs multi wits NL
Saw a number of silent, orange lights travelling in a straight line in the sky.  Some moved towards the Port Wakefield Road, i.e. west wards.  Others (2) moved northwards towards Gawler.  All were lost to view in the distance as they grew smaller in angular size.  Sky was cloudy at the time.

6 October 2003 Port Noarlunga SA 0515hrs (mins) 1M NL
Two silent, orange lights were noted, one following the other.

9 October 2003 Moonta SA 2300hrs 5wits NL
Two, silent, oval-shaped, orange lights were seen, approaching from the direction of Port Hughes.  One was following the other, slightly lower down than the first.  They travelled on a steady trajectory until they just disappeared, one ascending the other descending.  Julie took a picture using her mobile phone but the lights were too tiny to make out any shape.

14 November 2003 Mount Barker SA 2330hrs (270mins) 2 wits 1M +1F NL
A red/orange light was seen moving up and down and from side to side, in a direction towards Adelaide.  It seemed to have a faint thread like tail.  Still there in same spot at 3am.

3 December 2003 Kapunda SA 2049hrs multi wits NL
One white light travelling in a straight line.  Blinking on and off as it went.  This is one of a series of numerous reports by the same Kapunda family.  Laurie Pearce of PRISM visited the family and observed that the sources of the observations appeared to be mundane objects such as satellites etc.

29 December 2003 Smithfield Adelaide SA (either 2200 or 2300hrs) (4-5mins) 2 wits 1M +1F NL
Moving noiseless, orange light, very large (almost as big as the Moon), came from North.  Travelled NE to SW.  Travelled steadily then made a turn at constant speed until it disappeared over the hills.

4 January 2004 Parafield Adelaide SA 0030hrs 1M + 1F NL
Four dull, glowing orange lights were observed.  The witnesses stopped their car as the lights moved backwards and forwards, then formed a line and moved off before fading from view.
(1.  AURA.  2.  102.3FM radio news 7am bulletin.  Reports of five lights in sky from Northern suburbs.)

15 Jan 2004 Maslin Beach SA 2115hrs 3wits NL
A white light later changed colours to orange and yellow and started to move slightly to their left.  By 2230hrs seen as a redish glow very close to the horizon.  Became almost dull grey as it moved further out to the ocean.
(Australian UFO Research Association.)

27 Mar 2004 Templers nr Gawler SA 2015hrs
A witness reported that an object flashed across intersection at the top of a small rise from east to west.  It lit up the top of the trees, but the glow from it did not reach the road.  Object appeared to be about 20m of the ground, judging by the height of the trees. There was no sound from the object.  It seemed to be round like a ball, glowing white like phosphorescence.  There was a crescent moon in the sky, and the object seemed to be about the size of a fully risen full moon.
(Australian UFO Research Association.)

25 Apr 2004 Salisbury SA 2030hrs 2wits NL/IFO
A female pharmacy assistant was at home on the phone top a friend when her husband came into the kitchen and asked if she would like to see a UFO?  They went out into their back yard.  The sky was very cloudy and by this time of night it was dark.  There were no stars or Moon visible.

Then she saw a cluster of white lights in a circle which appeared just above the clouds at tree top height.  Then there was a second larger circle of white lights flashing around the cluster and finally a larger circle of white lights around the other two, this was also flashing and rotating.  The angular size was quite large.  Seen for 2-3 minutes.  There was no sound.

A check with the Australian UFO Research Association revealed that there had been at least one other call about a very similar sighting.  An AURA investigator living at Elizabeth South went outside at the time of this other call from a member of the public.  The investigator reported seeing revolving circles of white lights in the night sky.  It was later ascertained that the cause of the sighting was a man made light display as part of some event around the City.  It is therefore highly likely that Mr and Mrs M's observation was caused by a man made light display.

27 April 2004 2000hrs Yakka near Clare SA 4 wits NL
While driving home Russell saw four very intense round orange (amber) lights in a row approx.  300 ft off the ground.  He said they looked about 2 feet in diameter at that height.  The lights were spaced equidistantly in a straight line and were travelling at a fair speed from the left hand side field of vision towards the right.

When he reached town some minutes later he pulled over and the lights were now directly overhead.  They proceeded to change formation in unison to form a lop-sided square (diamond shape).  This was all done at a constant speed and altitude.  The movement seemed regulated according to Russell.  As the objects moved further away they formed back into a straight line.  Then the last one in the formation broke away and headed off at a rapid speed towards the coast.  The remaining 3 objects banked right at a constant speed but gained altitude.  The two either side of the centre one then took off at a greatly accelerated rate of knots and disappeared.  There was no sound at all.
(Australian UFO Research Association)

Late July 2004 Near Murray Bridge SA Ca (0400-0500hrs) Multi wits Photo
Several young people saw and videtaped a number of objects during the early hours of the morning from a house boat on the River Murray.

• At 0400hrs first sighted an orange/silver light to the South.  This light was not Venus and was about 4 times the size of an average star.  It moved around more than scintillation or autokinesis effects would make a star do

• The there was the video sequence of the lights across the river at ground level.  This witness thought these lights were in fact associated with a building and not a UFO

• Lastly, and this was not on the video, a light similar to a satellite travelled across the whole sky in 30 seconds at about 0435hrs

23 September & 14 October 2004 Highbury Adelaide SA 0030hrs 1F Melissa W. NL
On the first occasion she was walking her dog when she noticed a black object above her which changed to blue, did a U-turn and left at speed.
(Debbie Payne AURA.)

14 October 2004 Highbury Adelaide SA 0230hrs 1F Melissa W. NL
A fuzzy glowing, crescent shaped noiseless object passed silently overhead.  It seemed 3-4 metres across.
(Debbie Payne AURA.)

14 October 2004 Highbury Adelaide SA 0330hrs 1F Melissa W. NL
An object was seen moving very erratically flashing a strobe light as it moved.  Object fell from high up towards ground.  Looked again and it was very low over City now orange/yellow.
(Debbie Payne AURA.)

10 December 2004 Reynella Adelaide SA 0130hrs 1F Sarah NL
Triangular formation of bright yellow lights seen in the sky. Stationary for two minutes then moved to SSW.  Seen again on later mornings at this time.  AURA members attended and determined that it wan in fact an aircraft -- possibly a late night cargo plane.
(Debbie Payne AURA.)

27 December 2004 Lamberts Beach, Eimio, Mackay Qld Mulit wits NL
A man's clothes were glowing with reflected light.  Looking out of the restaurant in which he was in he saw a dome-shaped object floating on the water.  Suddenly, it took off like a rocket.  Huge, had two levels, green portals, slow along the inlet.
(D McNamara AURA Hotline 3792.)

31 December 2004 Ingle Farm Adelaide SA 2140hrs multi wits NL
Saw five lights in sky.  Red, round lights.  One of them took off slowly to the West, another joined it afterwards.  The other three went in different directions.
(D McNamara AURA Hotline 3806.)

10 January 2005 Price SA 0445hrs (8-10secs) 1M Theo NL
Looking in an Easterly direction witness reported seeing bright white light, which moved slowly at first then rapidly decreased in size.  Several other workmates told of seeing lights in the early hours of the morning.
(Debbie Payne AURA.)



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