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13 Aug 1975 (1977) 0120hrs Alamogordo New Mexico USA 1 male Moody
While watching for meteors a glowing gray disk-shaped object came down near his car. He was unable to start the vehicle. The associated humming sound stopped and a numbness came over him and he can consciously recall nothing further. Later, under meditative self-recall he remembered that the car was engulfed in a glow of light from the object. He tried to fight the beings but was rendered paralysed. He found himself on a slab inside the object but still paralysed. He described many things onbaord. After the event he found a puncture wound at the base of his spine.
Lorenzen, C. & J. 1977. Abducted. Berkely. New York. pp38-51.

1976' (1977) 0030hrs Near El Banco Columbia 1 male Quintero
A man felt compelled to leave his house and a craft landed. Several beings emerged and he found himself unable to move. He passed put and found himself inside the craft where he was examined. He had sex with one of three naked entities. He blacked out and came too on the ground.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. Case 128 citing Creighton, G. 1977. 'UFO, Occupants and Sex in Columbia.' FSR 23/1 pp14-16.

28 Jan 1976 (1988) 0000hrs Bencazon Spain 1 male (24)
As he was walking home a beam shot from an object ion the air. he started to run, however, two tall thin entities emerged and paralysed him with a beam. He awoke at his front door at 2.30am.
Randles, J. 1988. Abduction. Robert Hale. London.p175.

29 Jan 1976 (1976) 2230hrs Las Vegas Nevada USA 1 male Sands
Musician Johnny Sands was driving on Blue Diamond Road when he spotted a UFO and his car engine spluttered. He stopped to see what was wrong. A huge object hovered over him. Two beings appeared on the road and walked towards him. He couldn’t move he was paralysed. They questioned him and 10 minutes later they were gone.
Schuessler, John. The Catalogue of Medical injury Cases at http://www.scientific citing Las Vegas Sun 31/1/76. The APRO Bulletin Mar 76 and various newspapers.

Feb 1976 (1988) Night Keighley West Yorkshire England 1 male
An ambulance driver was paralysed in his bed by two beings and taken up through the ceiling into a hovering UFO. He went through a lot of medical tests including having his body scanned by a large purple eye-like device.
Randles, J. 1988. Abduction. Robert Hale. London. pp84-85

14 Jun 1976 (1976) Sao Goncalo Brazil 1 male Walker (33)
A man, Sidney Walker was located in hospital in a confused state. Going home something lifted him upward. he lost consciousness. Later he was found in a coconut grove by a couple. An independent witness said he had seen a UFO aim a beam of light at the witness. He rushed to warn Walker but met a paralysing force.
Bullard, T E 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR.Case 247 citing 'Creighton, G. 1976. 'Another Teleportation from Brazil.' FSR 22/4 Nov 1976 pp20-22.

June? 1977 (1978) Night Trienta y Tres Uruguay 1 male Denis (13)
Jose Denis saw starlike objects. He felt paralysed and a force appeared to lift him. He hung onto a post and yelled. He came too at home.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. Case 46 citing 'Uruguay:Anduction attempted'' FSR 23/5 Feb 1978 piii.

20 Jun 1977 (1977) 2355hrs Coeur d’Alene Idaho USA 1 female 'Jones'
'Rachel Jones' woke unable to move, to hear the sound of someone coming upstairs. She saw a figure in the room and felt herself lifted then an instant later she was fully awake and ran to another room The time was now 62 minutes later.

Under hypnosis she remembered the being took her to another place. She was examined and communicated telepathically with other beings. Finally she found herself sitting up in her own bed.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. case 142 citing 'Idaho Abduction Case' APRO Bulletin 26/5 Nov 1977 pp1-3.

6 Aug 1977 (1978) Pelham Georgia USA 1 male Dawson (63)
A man found himself paralysed as a circular UFO landed and five humanoids emerged from it. The witness was examined by two of the beings. He then heard a voice inside the object screaming 'I am Jimmy Hoffa.' The beings re-entered the object which left.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. Case 120 citing 'The Most Bizarre UFO Encounter of the Year.' UFO Report 5/3 Jan1978 pp12-13.

5 Feb 1978 Z(1985) 0303 hrs Near Medinaceli Spain 1 male (30)
Julio F. started off on a hunting trip, changed his mind due to an irresistible impulse and ended up on a 'bar' with an unusual waiter and no other customers. Under hypnosis his car electrical system failed, and two humanoids approached. They reassured him telepathically and invited him to go with them. He entered a landed object where he was examined. he was paralysed and seemed to float. Finally they let him go back to his car.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR.Case 143 citing Ribera, A. 1965. 'The Soria Abduction.' Pts 1-3 FSR 30/3.30/4, 30/5 Feb, May, Jun 1985 pp4-11, 2-11, 2-8.

17 Aug 1978 (1979) 0300hrs Carmen de Patagones Argentina 2 men-Acevedo (38) & Moya (28)
Carlos Acavedo and Miguel Angel Moya were driving when a light was beamed into the car, as a result of which the car seemed to float 2m off the ground. Miguel felt paralysed and neither man could hear the other’s voice. After a minute the car touched the road and the light faded.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR, Case 51 citing Roncorini, G 1979. 'The Rally Incident:A teleportation'' MUFON UFO Journal 140 Oct 1979 pp8-11.

30 Aug 1978 (1979) 1630hrs San Luis Province Argentina 1 male Freitas (23)
A man saw a craft approach with a being present. This being pressed a button and paralysed the witness. He was examined onboard and then released.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. Case 122 citing 'Humanoid and Abduction Reports Widespread.' MUFON UFO Journal 130 Sep 1979 p15.

24 Sep 1978 (1978) 1930hrs Santiago Chile 2 males Hernandez
Businessman Alejandro Hernandez and his 13-year-old son encountered a luminous object flying toward their car. When it stopped above the car, the car began to vibrate and they were paralysed until the car was inside the UFO. The boy was taken from the car by several large beings. He immediately lost consciousness. Later the father was also taken from the car.
Schuessler, John. The Catalogue of Medical injury Cases at http://www.scientific citing La Razon Beunos Aires Argentina 28/9/78.

3 Oct 1978 (1988) Sayama City Japan 1M/1F-Amano (29)
Hideichi Amano and his 2-year-old daughter went to the top of the mountain so he could use his CB radio without interference. The car began to glow from a bright light and the motor and radio failed. His daughter was bathed in an orange light. A small being pressed something against his temple and he was paralysed. He believes he was given an implant.
Randles, J. 1988. Abduction. Robert Hale. London.pp159-160.

8 Dec 1978 (1988) 2300hrs Milanere Torino Italy 2 males
Two young men walking on a mountain slope saw a blue-white light in the trees. One of the men got closer to the light and disappeared. The other went for help. They found the one who had disappeared, unconscious, cold, and weak and could not bear light. He had a strange scar on one leg. He remembered seeing a pear-shaped craft with three or four beings. He remembered being paralysed. Both witnesses suffered from conjunctivitis for several days.
Schuessler, John. The Catalogue of Medical injury Cases at http://www.scientific citing Italian UFO Report No 7 July 1988.

4 Dec 1978 (1987) 0100hrs Maine USA 1 male
John drove in a daze to a desert area. His vehicle engine dies and saw an elongated dark object 10m off the ground. A light shone on his car and he felt paralysed. A voice told him not to fear. The object departed, and he found himself cold.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. Case 67 citing Fowler, R E Casebook of a UFO Investigator pp149-153.

1979 (1981) Middle of the night New York 1 male 'Osborne'
'Philip Osborne' awoke in his apartment totally paralysed.
Hopkins, B. 1981. Missing Time. Richard Marek. New York. pp154-183.

4 Jan 1979 (1995) 0630-0700hrs Rowley Regis, West Midlands, England 1 female
A woman saw an orange sphere hovering over her carport. The dog threw a fit. Three beings rushed passed her into the house. She felt herself float away from floor, and she drifted down to living room. She saw two entities there in room. They were 1m tall and wore hoods. No hands or feet at ends of limbs. The woman now found she was paralysed. However she found she could speak to them orally. From time to time the entities shot beams at her which paralysed her. UFO returned and entities left. The woman collapsed in a heap.
Budden, A. UFOs: Psychic Close Encounters. Blandford. London. 1995 pp230-234.

13 Apr 1979 (1987) 2330hrs Maringa Brazil 2 men-de mattos (21) & de Mattos (13)
Two men were walking when and object approached and their legs grew weak They lost consciousness. Under hypnosis they were taken onboard and examined. Finally they were returned paralysed to the ground. They walked home and then fell over paralysed until the starlike object departed.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. Case 130 citing Gevaerd, A J 'The Abduction at Jardim Alvorada.' FSR 30/2 Dec pp17-25.

18 Jun 1979 (1984) 0300hrs Mirasol Brazil 1 male Ferreira
An oval craft landed outside his house. Three humanoid beings entered and paralysed him with red lights from boxes carried on their chests. He was taken onboard. He had sex with a female entity. Further events occurred at later dates.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. Case 131 citing Granchi, I 'Abduction at Mirassol.' FSR 30/1 Oct 84 pp14-22.

Aug 1979 (1995) 0400hrs Gateshead Strathclyde UK Carol
Amidst a number of occurrences, one morning Carol woke to feel a tingling sensation, then found herself completely paralysed. A 'saucer' was seen. Still paralysed she found she could turn her head and saw a group of small beings beside the bed. Less than 1m tall. Heads disproportionately large. After a while the beings vanished and the paralysis went.
Budden, A. UFOs:Psychic Close Encounters. Blandford. London. 1995 p237

6 Oct 1979 (1981) 2330hrs Toms River New Jersey USA 1 male 'Rich'
Watching TV he felt apprehensive and a blue light started to fill the room then faded after three seconds. Under hypnosis he recalls going outside he encountered shadowy humanoids. After something touched his neck, he stood (or fell to the ground) and was unable to move. he has vague recall of being in a room after being floated toward a black cloud. In the room beings touched him. He returned out of the cloud.
Hopkins, B. 1981. Missing Time. Richard Marek. New York. pp89-106.

Jun 1980 (1988) Night Sproston Green Cheshire England 1 female
Jenny, under hypnosis told of being in a car with her boyfriend. An object with lights on was ahead on the road. She stopped. Two figures, 2m tall, approached the car. Jenny was paralysed.
Randles, J. 1988. Abduction. Robert Hale. London.pp74-75.

Aug 1980 (1980) Rocha Uruguay 1 male Pereira
Two beings hit Julio Pereira with a small object like a cigarette box. He felt an electric shock, which paralysed him. He could move only when this object was directed at him and a white beam touched him. He was under its control. This caused bruises and burns on his body.
Schuessler, John. The Catalogue of Medical injury Cases at http://www.scientific citing La Vanguardia Espanola 7/8/80.

21 Aug 1980 (1982) 0000hrs Eastern Texas USA 2 female Elliott
A young woman Meagan Elliott and her 18 month old daughter were travelling by car when the lights and radio failed and a loud electrical noise was heard. The car lifted off the road and entered a UFO. She seemed to be onboard for two weeks during which they were medically examined and fed, and slept. They were returned to her car still onboard and then the car was sent back to the ground. She felt paralysed for a moment while the car drove itself. She found herself home at 0500hrs.
Willis, L 'Mother and Child Texas Abduction Case.' MUFON UFO Journal 167 Jan 1982 pp3-7.

25 Sep 1980 (1982) 2228hrs Conceicao de Araguaia Brazil Three men-de Matos (38), de Sousa (47), Vierra (23)
Three men were in a truck when the headlights began to blink. The driver heard a voice in his head summoning him to a meeting. On arrival at their destination 90 minutes was missing. Under hypnosis one man recalled being taken into an object and that his arms had been paralysed.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. Case 72 citing '1980 Brazilian Abduction.' APRO Bulletin 30/3 Apr 82 pp1-3.

20 Apr 1981 (1981) 1800hrs Linhares Brazil 1 male Ramos
Driving a bright light was seen and he was paralysed. 5days later he regained consciousness 980km away.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. Case 251 citing Creighton, G. 1981. 'Was this a new teleportation in Brazil'' FSR 27/2 Aug 1981 pp19-20.

1981 (1990) South Australia 1 female
Ms G was asleep but woke up paralysed, lying on her back, after hearing a strange 'bird call.' There was a sense of presence in the room. There was a force like a wind coming out of her back. The bed clothes seemed to be vibrating. She had a feeling of being out of her body in a semi-conscious state. She came back into her body and felt rested/relaxed.
Personal interview by Keith Basterfield-1990.

31 July 1981 (1982) 2040hrs Near Lieksa Finland 2 males
A black object approached their boat. One man was paralysed until the object departed. They found themselves in different parts of the boat from when the event commenced and the time was 0410hrs.
Bullard, T. E. 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. Case 55 citing 'Possible abduction in Finland.' APRO Bulletin 30/1 Feb 1982 1,2.

31 Oct 1981 (1981) Near Parnarama Brazil 1 person
A UFO emitted an intense glare that caused the witness to feel an electric shock, increased body heat, loss of speech, paralysis and weight loss.
Schuessler, John. The Catalogue of Medical injury Cases at http://www.scientific citing El Comercia Quito Equador 4/11/81.

7 Dec 1981 (1981) Rosario Argentina 1 male Buchark
Richard Buchark was outside when a craft came down and hovered just above the ground. Four little beings came out. He was paralysed until the craft flew away.
Schuessler, John. The Catalogue of Medical injury Cases at http://www.scientific citing Cronica. Buenos Airies 9/12/81.

Late Nov 1983 (1989) Indianapoulis Indiana USA 1 male Robbie (4)
Debbie (Kitley Woods) Davis’s 4 year old son told her a little man had been in his room and spoke to him. The son indicated he was paralysed by the being who left via the closet.
Hopkins, B 1984 'The Haunting of Kitley Woods.' MUFON 1984 UFO Symposium Proceedings. pp168-184.

1983 (1992) Queensland Australia 1 female
Ms S was sleeping on the sofa in a darkened room and thought she got up to turn on the lights but none worked. She then saw flashing lights at the window. Going to touch the door handle to her son’s room she couldn’t move a muscle. She woke to find herself on the sofa, totally wide-awake and scared.
Personal investigation by Keith Basterfield. 1992.

1984 (1995) South Australia 1 female (21)
Ms B went to bed one night. Lying on her back, she heard sounds. She was about to drop off to sleep when she felt she could fall through the wall. The bedroom door sounded like it burst open and something skittled across the floor. Suddenly she heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall. She found she was paralysed. She felt something behind her. Her whole body filled with an energy.
Personal interview by Keith Basterfield & Alan Jones. 1995.

1984 (1999) NSW Australia 1 female
Ms A was in bed when she saw a 'shadow in the window' then a caped figure appeared at the end of the bed. There were security bars on the bedroom window so the figure could not have climbed in through that window. She felt that her body was paralysed except for her tongue. Even though it was not physically possible due to the window bars, the figure was 'sucked out' through the window.
Keith Basterfield 1999.

1987 (1990) South Australia 1 male
Nigel reported a number of odd experiences, of which the following two were provided at interview:

He was in bed and nodding off to sleep. Then he was wide-awake but couldn’t move anything. He felt something being pushed into his arm. He tried very hard to move a muscle but found he was not able to. He was terrified. He then woke up and calmed down. Two hours later went back to sleep. Same thing happened again, he woke but couldn’t move. He finally succeeded in waking up and with heart racing saw the bedroom door closing. He checked the house but nothing was out of place.

On another occasion in 1987 he was in bed, when he woke paralysed. It felt as if someone was lifting the bedclothes off him. He felt like a vacuum cleaner was sucking thoughts out of his head. There were vibrations in his body.
Personal interview by Keith Basterfield & Julia Elsbeth. 1990.

1988 (1999) South Australia 1 male
On one occasion he was coming out of sleep when with eyes closed he became very frightened. He convinced himself there were three entities in the room, then felt himself losing consciousness. On another occasion coming out of sleep he felt as if his entire side wanted to float upwards.
Personal investigation by Keith Basterfield. 1999.

1988 (1991) South Australia 1 male
In the early hours of the morning Mr L awoke in his bed to find himself flat on his back and paralysed. He couldn’t move an arm, a muscle or his body in general. He lay there for quite a while, finding it hard to breathe, then 'blanked out.' When he came to he found he could move an arm. He put this arm up to his face and felt a 'tube' there. He 'blanked out' again. Wakening once more, he had a funny feeling of floating. Throughout all this his wife was in the same bed asleep.
Interview by Tom Coote Feb 1991.

1988 NSW (1996) Australia 1 male
Lying in bed something seemed to grab Mr K’s ankles. At the same time numbness, tingling and churning sensation crawled up his body and up to his head. He was paralysed except for his eyes. He tried to call out to family members but was not able to. He started to panic. Looking to his right side he became aware of 3-4 figures wearing dark robes with hoods. A message came into his mind not to worry and to relax. Two different beings were noted to his left side. A being pointed a long tube at him and inserted it in him. Mr K blanked out. Next he came too, and found he could get out of bed. In the nearby TV room had been his father and brother who were asleep. The next day he found a puncture mark at the spot where the being had touched.
Personal interview Keith Basterfield. 1996.

1989 (1991) Night Melbourne Victoria Australia 1 male (6)
A boy reported that five or six little men entered his bedroom and shone a torch at him. He felt paralysed. Telepathically they told him they would not hurt him. They examined him. They pushed something up his nose. They had grey skin, big heads and big black eyes.
Personal interview Keith Basterfield 1991.

Jul 1989 (1989) 2330hrs Adelaide SA 1M/1F
A man, a woman and their two children felt they were being watched as they drove home. In bed they heard a high pitched noise. A short gray being with a large head came into the room. The man heard his wife saying 'do as they say.' He found himself paralysed, as the humming noise outside the house became more intense. He found himself in a dark place still paralysed. Cold and lying on a hard table. Three beings were staring at his head. The next morning he felt giddy and disoriented.
Personal investigation Keith Basterfield. 1989.

10 Aug 1989 (1996) USA 1 Female
'In Sedona, Arizona on August 10, 1989, I was taking a nap alone in the house at about 3.00pm. I woke up to a loud, cracking sound. I realised I was paralysed and felt a strong tingling sensation over my entire body. I became aware that a small being was standing by the head of my bed'the being was gone and so was the paralysis''
Boylan, R. J. & Boylan, L. K. (1996). Close Extraterrestrial Encounters' Wild Flower Press. Tigard. p120.

1991 (1991) Perth Australia 1 male (18)
While watching television late one night a young man was overcome by fear, a tingling sensation and a feeling of a presence watching him. He lay on his right side facing the wall, too frightened to move or look around. He was convinced that someone or something was in his room as he could hear footsteps and shuffling sounds.
Personal interview Brian Richards UFORUM. 1991.

1993 (1994) Victoria Australia 1 Female
(a) During sleep she dreamed of a presence in the room. There was a telepathic message not to be afraid, then she felt as if a suction device on her chest was draining some kind of energy from her. She became frightened. She felt terrified and woke up and opened her eyes. Very close to her she saw a tall, black figure-black face and big red eyes. She was paralysed with fear. She could sense and see this figure was solid. Suddenly it vanished.

(b) She woke from sleep to feel something pulling on her ankles. She felt as if something was turning her over slowly so that her legs were hanging off the bed. She was terrified and couldn’t open her eyes. Her body was paralysed and she couldn’t move the lower half. The upper body felt like lead. The presence pulling her ceased. She opened her eyes and noted her body in its normal position. However, she then saw a tall, black figure to the side of the bed and noted its eyes.
Personal interview-Keith Basterfield. 1994.

7 Jan 1993 (1993) Night Seattle Washington USA 1male/1 female
A man and a woman woke during the night because of a very bright light shining through their bedroom window. The man remembers the light and feeling paralysed before falling asleep again. The woman felt the paralysis but through it off because of fear. She went to her baby daughter’s room and picked her up. Then she saw a domes craft hovering outside. Various other medical symptoms were noted the next day.
Schuessler, John. The Catalogue of Medical injury Cases at http://www.scientific citing Private communication. 1993.

12 July 1993 (1999) USA 1 Female
Settled into bed at 11pm. Felt relaxed and sleepy. Voice said go to bathroom so she did. Went back to bed. Suddenly saw image of alien standing beside the bed. Appeared to be a projected image. Stationary. Unreal quality. She was terrified. Was completely paralysed. Image disappeared and experience was over. Husband was present in the bed and awake the whole time. Saw nothing.
Clear, C. Reaching for Reality. Conscious Now. San Antonio Tx 1999 pp74-75

1994 (1999) USA 1 Female
In middle of the night woke to see four 'people' trying to get into her bedroom. All 1.3m tall, all same build with same faces. Long black stringy oily hair partly covered their faces. Black poncho type coverings. Mentally she was wide awake but paralysed. Felt very surrealistic. Can recall a 'dream' after this.
Clear, C. Reaching for Reality. Conscious Now. San Antonio Tx 1999 pp79-80.

1995 (1995) Adelaide Australia 1 Fmale
A young woman reported waking paralysed on several occasions to see small, grey beings taking her boyfriend away. He had no recollections of any abductions.
Personal interview by Keith Basterfield. 1995.

1995 (1995) South Australia 1 Male
A young man woke during the night to find himself paralysed, lying on his back. He could only describe what happened as a 'shift in consciousness.' It terrified him. He did have control over his eyes. The next thing was a feeling of a movement into a dark place. There were vague shaped present. He tried to yell and scream, then lost consciousness. When he came to he felt he was in a fairly well lit environment. The next time he woke he was in his own bed and it was 4am. He merely went back to sleep.
Personal interview by Keith Basterfield. 1995.

17 May 1996 (1998) 2230hrs Western Australia 1 Female-Sanders (46)
A woman was falling asleep when she found herself paralysed. She saw a blinding white light and there was a throbbing noise in her ears. She lay in fear as her body rose off the bed almost touching the ceiling. Suddenly she went blank and woke up hours later, exhausted to detect and unusual odour in the room. She found bruises and puncture marks and believed she had been raped.
(Website UFOICQ 1998 dated 21/2/99.)

17 May 1996 (1999) USA 1 Male Andrew
Went to sleep early. During the night felt a presence in the room. Alien entity. He was paralysed. Entity communicated to him. He was then taken onboard.
Clear, C. Reaching for Reality. Conscious Now. San Antonio Tx 1999 p 96.

Undated (1999) USA 1 Female Maggie
Awoke with fear and opened eyes. Saw a man-a figure. He walked into the bedroom. She felt terrified and paralysed. The figure touched her and there was a flash of electricity which ran through her body. Next thing she knew it was morning.
Clear, C. Reaching for Reality. Conscious Now. San Antonio Tx 1999 p 187.

Undated (1994) USA 1 Male Brian
'For me, a common symptom of a close encounter has been paralysis, usually preceding a bluish-white shaft of light. When the light goes, so does the paralysis. Another symptom had been an illogical fear of someone or something trying to get in the door or window, even in second story window with no ledge.'
Boylan, R J & Boylan, L K Close Extraterrestrial Encounters' Wild Flower Press. Tigard, OR. 1994 p 131.

Undated (1981) Cleveland Ohio USA 1 Male Frantz
A 14 year old male entered a craft and was taken to a tropical planet. A number of other encounters ensued each began with paralysis and an urge to flee.
Bullard, T E 1987. UFO Abductions:The Measure of a mystery. Maryland. FUFOR. Case 175 citing Sprinkle L 1981. Proceedings of the Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigations. 1981 pp71-72.

Source: The Australasian Ufologist Magazine Vol.6 No.4 Pgs 26-30


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