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Updated 28 July 2005

One of the most intriguing aspects of the UFO phenomenon is the photographic evidence which has been put forward for its existence. Here in Australia we have had a wealth of photographs, films and videos put forward over the years. This catalogue brings together all the instances which have come to my attention, and is drawn from books, magazines, the files of various Australian UFO research organisation and the Spanish Anomaly Foundation.

The format of the catalogue is:-

Date Location Time of day

I would like to acknowledge the work of the large number of Australian UFO researchers, who over the years, have investigated and published details on the reports which are summarised in this catalogue. One or more sources are cited for each report.


10 Oct 1935 Newcastle NSW 2200hrs
Mr P Terry was out fishing when he saw a mushroom shaped object hovering some distance away. He used a Kodak Brownie Box camera to take a snapshot. After 10 minutes the object left at speed. The photo showed a circular object. (UFO Investigation Centre Newsletter. (UFOIC.) No 21, Dec 1968.)

1953 Wilcannia NSW Day
John Gregory and Kevin Power noted a "saucer" about 50 feet up in the air. "It was about 20 feet in diameter, and its hull seemed to consist of a metal that looked like that 'satin finish' stainless steel that sinks are made of," said John. Kevin Power took a photograph of it, and then the object streaked away and was lost to sight in 3 seconds. Power wrote to the RAAF who sent an officer to investigate the sighting. This officer allegedly confiscated the picture leaving Power with one print. Power has been unable to locate this print. (Australian Flying Saucer Review (AFSR) Vol 5 Jul 1966, taken from the "Barrier Truth" Newspaper Broken Hill 9/6/66).

4 Apr 1953 Numurkah VIC Day
A man was shooting pictures of a wedding when he noticed a strange conical shaped object moving rapidly high in the sky. He snapped quite a clear picture of it. F 8 and t = 1/250 second. (Holledge, J. "Flying Saucers Over Australia" (FSOA) Sydney. Horowitz. 1965. p46.)

23 Aug 1953 Port Moresby PNG 1100hrs
Whilst watching and filming a peculiar cloud build up into a thick mass of cumulus, Mr Drury (the then Director of Civil Aviation in PNG) saw a metallic object like a silver dart, which shot out of the cloud in an upwards direction. It was elongated like a bullet and subtended about 1 inch at arms length. No fins or wings were visible. It had a clear cut dense white vapour trail and there was no associated sound. The entire thing was caught on 8mm movie film. The RAAF investigated the incident and analysed the film. ((1) Holledge, J. "FSOA" Sydney. Horowitz. 1965. p22. (2) Australian Flying Saucer Review Vic Vol 6 Dec 66. (3) Tambling, R. "Flying Saucers Where Do They Come From?" (FSWDTCF) Sydney. Horowitz. 1978. p94. (4) B Chalker “The Drury UFO film affair Parts 1 and 2” The Australasian UFOlogist Vols 5 no 1 and 5 no 2.

Oct 1953 North QLD
Mr W C Hall photographed a dense looking tropical hat shaped UFO of circular form with a prominent dome on top as it hovered over a herd of sheep. ( Sir magazine Feb 55.)

Summer 1954 Oyster Cove Tas 0530hrs
Whining noise and area was illuminated. Silver oval shape with dome and beam below it. Witness took photos. Reported to “authorities.” Three men in dark blue serge jackets in a Humber vehicle were reported to have come along and demanded the pictures. Took away prints. (Australasian UFOlogist Vol 7 No 5 p5.)

15 Jan 1954 Alice Springs NT
A person was taking pictures of Mount Gillen when suddenly an enormous round object appeared from behind it. It went high, then dropped low. A picture was taken, and then suddenly it gained speed and shot off at high speed to the west. (Hervey, M. “UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere.” (UFOSH) Sydney. Horowitz. 1969. p96.)

Easter 1954 Eucla WA Day
Three young men travelling by car related that they were followed by a saucer shaped object for some 50 miles. At times it was low enough that they were able to see portholes. Five cameras were used to take some 92 exposure of the object. The men reported their observations to police, and then were interviewed by the RAAF who allegedly took away the cameras. Later the cameras were returned minus the films.
(Australian Saucer Record (ASR) Vol 5 No 3 1959 p13).

3 Aug 1954 Australia
Three ufos were reportedly photographed over Central Australia by an unidentified photographer. (Stevens, W and Roberts A. 1986. "UFO photos” Archives, Tucson. Vol 2 p233.)

1954 Australia
A movie sequence of a UFO was reportedly filmed on Easter Sunday by an unidentified witness. (UFO photos 2 p238.)

7 Apr 1958 Port Kembla NSW Stefan Choravat
Anomaly Foundation listing.

1955 Near Eucla WA
Three young men saw a shiny object falling to the ground. After searching they said they saw a moving figure which looked like a frog from the back and semi-human from the front. Photos were taken of the entity. (Sydney Newspaper " Daily Telegraph" 22/8/55.)

29 Apr 1959 Blackwood Adelaide SA 1930hrs
A spinning saucer shaped object with a row of steady lights was seen for about 2 1/2 minutes, before it rose vertically and disappeared from view. A 10 second time exposure was taken by a Mr Lightfoot. (UFOSH p 135).

29 May 1961 Gundagai NSW Stephen King
Anomaly Foundation listing.

7 June 1961 Cairns Qld 1130hrs 20mins 5 wits
Photograph taken through a telescope of Venus and “The thing.” Seen through telescope and described as “an oval shaped body glowing bright red, with three shiny white triangular fins.” (Pages 140-144 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 3.Courier Mail Brisbane 9 June 1961. Townsville Daily Bulletin 8 June 1961. Townsville Daily Bulletin 12 June 1961.Copies on file. [RAAF conclusion- Temperature inversion sighting of an aircraft])

24 December 1963 Darwin NT (1635-1650hrs) 1M Nyika Photo
An unusual image appeared on a photograph of a storm and building. (Pages 229-234 on digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 4. [RAAF conclusion - Static charge on photo])

5 Jun 1964 Woomera SA
This photograph was taken at the launching of a Blue Streak rocket, and shows an oval blob of light near the rocket. A black and white print in the saucer was apparently from a colour movie. (1.Flying Saucer Review (FSR) Sep/Oct 1964 p 4. 2. In 2003, The Disclosure Australia Project combed an index of DSTO photographs, held at the Adelaide office of the National Archives of Australia but failed to find any record of this photograph.)

17 Mar 1965 Margaret Brock Lighthouse SA 2200hrs
Several photographs were said to have been taken of an unusual oval shaped blob, by an assistant steward on the BHP ore freighter, "Iron Duke." However, a personal investigation revealed that at the time nothing unusual was visually seen. The object in the photos only came out on the prints. It appears to be nothing more than a lens reflection of the Moon, which is the brighter object shown in each photo.
((1) "Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners Advocate" 23/3/65. (2) Personal interview with the radio operator on board the ship at the time. (3) Australian Flying Saucer Digest (AFSD)Apr/Jun 65. Aust (4) FSR Vol 8 Jun 65 p2(pics). (5) AFS Review No 9 UFOIC inside back cover (pic)).

28 May 1965 Bouganville, Off Qld 0325hrs
An Ansett-ANA DC flight was reported to have observed an oblate object pacing the plane, on a flight to Papua New Guinea. The pilot was said to have taken some pictures of it. Later the pilot was said to have been instructed not to talk about the incident and the present whereabouts of the prints is unclear. ((1)UFORQLD. (2)Aust FSR Vol 3 No 5 Dec 72 p 3 & 7.)

13 Jun 1965 Modbury SA
A Mr and Mrs Helyard reported seeing a dark disc, metallic coloured which hovered and circled for 15 minutes at an estimated 3000 feet up. Their one photo shows a nebulous, elliptical shaped, object against what appear to be points of light, together with what looks like clouds. It is hard to understand quite what the picture shows, as it looks far more like an unusual cloud than a defined metallic object. (AFS Review UFOIC No 9 Nov 1966.)

16 Aug 1965 Manly NSW 1900hrs
A professional photographer Mr F Burke of the "Sun-Herald" newspaper took 2 shots of an object that hovered briefly over Manly, Sydney. Using 35mm black and white Tri x film, f = 1.4 and t = 1/2 sec. The shot reproduced in source 1 shows the lights of Sydney and a blob in the top left hand side which could be anything at all.
((1)FSOA p 14. (2)UFOSH p50. (3)Aust FS Review No 9 UFOIC p43 (pic).)

24 Jan 1966 Perth WA 2230hrs
A Mr L Benedek said he was taking colour photographs during the evening when he saw a bluish green light. "It was oval shaped with an antenna on the front and dropped towards the river at terrific speed" he said. Two shots were taken. The RAAF examined them and later received requests for information from the US Pentagon. The pictures in source 3 show the lights of Perth and a ball of light with an attached tail.
((1) Aust FSR No 5 Vic Jul 66. (2) UFOSH p 58. (3)Aust FSR Review No 9 UFOIC inside cover (pic) and story p 42. (4) "Sun Herald" Sydney. 5/6/66).

Apr 1966 Balwyn VIC 1402hrs
Noticing his garden was lit up by an unusual light, the witness looked up to see a metallic mushroom like object some 120 feet up, floating towards the ground. As he watched it made a 180 degree turn through its vertical axis. He managed to take one Polaroid shot at this point. The object then shot off northwards at terrific speed. Seconds later a "boom" was heard. The single colour Polaroid shot shows a chimney stack and an apparent three dimensional mushroom with a small stalk. There has however, been some debate in the UFO literature that the picture is a hoax.
((1) Aust FSR No 5 Viv Jul 66 (pic). (2) Aust FSR No 6 Vic Dec 66 (pic).)

22 Apr 1966 Sydney NSW Night
A Kings Cross pianist, Mr P Eotvos, took several time exposures of 14 moving “stars”. They were silver circles with a darker tinge in the centre. they disappeared to the north over the horizon. (Aust FS Review No 9 p 42 (pic).)

1967 Wilcannia NSW
Anomaly Foundation listing.

5 Mar 1967 Hallam VIC 1730hrs
Master John Coyle and sister Miriam took 6 photos of a silver object below clouds which circled around. Initially seen at 15 degrees east, it approached in a straight line before circling, then disappeared out of sight on the horizon still below the clouds.
((1) VUFORS. (2) Aust UFOR No 10 UFOIC Dec 69 p 72. (3) FSR 14/1/32 (pics).)

May 1967 Pearce WA G J Saunders
Anomaly Foundation listing.

4 Nov 1967 Brisbane Qld
A Mr J Wallace was taking pictures of his girlfriend in a garden when an object appeared. He claimed he took 8 pictures. Investigation by UFOR(Qld) cast doubt on the authenticity of the photographs and it is believed they were a hoax. ((1)UFORQLD. (2) UFOSH p 120.)

10 May 1968 Coogee Beach NSW 1700hrs
A rocket like object is reported to have risen up out of the water, rotated 360 degrees, inclined and then shot off towards the north according to the photographer. One shot was taken with panchromatic film at 1/250th second. It shows a blurred rocket like shape with no surrounding ground or sky features. (APIC Bulletin No 4).

Jul/Aug 1968 Cairns Qld
"North Queensland radio station 4K2 announced that an airliner flying from Cairns to Iron Range had been paced by a UFO. It was photographed by means of a movie camera." (UFOSH p121.)

11 Aug 68 Taree NSW 1415hrs 1 wit Solomon Photo
Saw silver, silent, 30 foot diameter circular object and took a photo.
(pp1-2 of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 11. RAAF conclusion-falsified picture)

Sep 1968 Caulfield Vic Arthur Rosenthal
Anomaly Foundation listing.

7 Sep 1968 Hove SA Day
A black and white picture was taken and shows a "coat hanger" shaped, small angular sized, black "saucer". Taken by a student who later admitted it was a hoax. (UFO Research South Australia.)

2 & 4 Mar 1969 Tully Qld
A movie film was linked to a UFO detector and was triggered thus exposing the movie film. Subsequently the film was forwarded to Kodak for developing but was never seen again. ((1)Stan Seers. (2) UFORQLD.)

21 Mar 69 Kalgoorlie WA 8mins 1M Rich
Object high up in sky. Seemed like big orange. Sharp white flickering lights in middle. From E to S then N then to W. then disappeared. On 25 May saw same object.
52 is a letter Flt Martin HQ RAAF Butterworth 7 Jul 6. Your letter, diagram, photo and slide sent to DOA. 53 is a memo Flt Martin to DOA 7 Jul 69 re 52. (pp48-53 of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 12.)

May 1969 Alberton Adelaide SA
A Mr E Matthew took some movie footage of a light in the sky. When the film was returned he noted an unusual object instead of the light. This image was enlarged by micro-photography and it has been said that it shows an elliptical object with apparent "window" and "entity." ((1)"Pix-People" magazine 1/12/71 (pics). (2)UFO Research Australia Newsletter 2/4.)

17 May 69 Steven’s Weir NSW 0400hrs 10mins 6 wits including Dillon, Hine, Hocking NO
Farmer sighted object size of car, glowing red to green descended from sky to 1000 feet and approached. Stopped over his car 400m from his tractor. Remained there 2-3mins then moved 500m to N and disappeared. Reappeared a further 500m to N. Soundless. 0410hrs second witness Hocking arrived. At 0530hrs 19 May Mr H saw a bright object in sky. Through telescope appeared as a crescent shape in N sky. Remained in sight till 0930hrs. A Mr Allan photographer took pictures between 0400-0700hrs on 19 May. (p7 of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 12.)

Jun 1969 Devon Park Adelaide SA Early morning
A butcher took four black and white photos of a "mass of spinning lights" close to his house. The shots are clear and seem to show a solid disc shape. However, although a copy of all four shots are held on file the negatives appear to have been mislaid by the photographer. Blow-ups of these shots show light and shade although there has been some criticism of the shots, they remain of an unidentified nature. (UFORSA.)

Jun 1969 Perth WA Day
Three men claim to have photographed an object over the Perth suburb of Maddington. They later admitted it was a hoax. (Undated Perth newspaper of about June 1969.)

4 Jun 1969 Ballarat Vic
An amateur astronomer was taking a picture of the Moon through a 6 inch reflector telescope. Upon developing the picture a large white boomerang shape object appeared, casting a shadow on the Moon's surface. Several opinions have existed ranging from a hoax to a developing faulty. No positive identification has been made.
(Aust UFO Report Aug 71.)

16 Jun 69 Burnwood Melbourne Vic 2030hrs (5-8mins) 2M Bowler and 2 other wits Photo
Bright amber light in sky seen to SE. Took one photo frame 9 with 35mm Nikon camera. Soundless. Level flight-descent in an arc then sped to W 15-20 deg el. RAAF-Prob light aircraft. (pp72-77 of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 12.)

5 July 69 Roleystone WA 1640hrs 40mins 2wits Spackman DO/Photo
Silver metallic object several times larger than Moon 20-25 deg el. Object turned and banked frequently. Disappeared into cloud in W. (see 45-47). Polaroid 180 camera used to take photo. RAAF-“May have been a hoax…two enlarged prints are included…” (Pages 95-99 of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 12.)

24 Aug 1969 Moonah-Chigwell TAS
During the small hours of the night whilst driving, a Mr Lodge spotted a round bright object moving towards him. A still photo was taken but the object moved behind a ridge at the same instant. Colour slide. (Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre Newsletter reports for 1969.)

10 June 1972 Ryde NSW
Anomaly Foundation listing.

20 Jun 1971 Clare SA 2100hrs
One photo was taken of a red light, through a small telescope, using a Polaroid camera. The print merely shows two blobs of light and is almost worthless.

Jun 1972 Perth WA Day
A professional photographer took a single picture of an object which was observed rising from the ground, nearby him. The photo shows a small-undefined blob. (Perth Newsletter "Sunday Times" 25/6/72 (pic).)

July 1972 Katoomba NSW
An unusual UFO was seen at some distance north east of Katoomba. The shape of the illumination was only realised when the photo was enlarged during processing. Only a dim white “light” was observed at the time of the sighting, and no detailed attention was shown towards this UFO, thinking at the time that it was insignificant.
(UFO researcher Barry Taylor.)

15 July 1972 NSW
An orange illumination was seen moving to the north. Two images were taken of the same object only seconds apart. The original negatives were enlarged then exposed onto raw film so as to produce a second negative from which the images were printed.
(UFO researcher Barry Taylor.)

14 Sep 1972 Bateau Bay NSW 1557hrs (10-12mins) 1M Owen
A red arrow shaped light was seen moving across the sky to the SW by a man who decided to take a picture of it with a small instamatic camera with Pacific colour film. Photo was last on reel negative number 12. Time was 1607hrs at end of sighting. First seen 30 deg el finally 50 deg el NW. Owen three years Army 2.5 years SA. 12 months in Vietnam.When the photo returned a dark object could be seen behind the red arrow. Upon enlargement, a domed shaped object was revealed with a central raised portion. The RAAF investigated the case and in their annual report of 1972 an analysis said that it was a "possible hoax." (1. pp248-251 of digital image of RAAF file A703 580/1/1 part 20. 2) RAAF annual report summary 1972.)

19 Sep 1972 Broadmeadows Vic 2210hrs
A press photographer said he saw an object doing loop the loops in the sky at an altitude of 500-1000 feet at night. He took several shots. The pictures show a time exposure of a light source and could be anything including Venus, stars or an aircraft's landing lights. (Melbourne Newspaper "The Age" 21/9/72 (pic).)

Mar 1973 Whyalla SA
A movie film was taken by a Mr W Nankervis, who had been filming a glider, when he saw a brilliant object beaming rays from one end, to a mass of "boiling stuff" at the other end. The clip of film was 20 seconds long and was examined by Prof J Allen Hynek on his Australian visit. This author knows of no analysis. (Adelaide Newspaper "The Advertiser" 7/9/73.)

23 Apr 1973 Slack’s Creek QLD
Anomaly Foundation listing.

Apr/May 1973 Katoomba NSW
A couple reported seeing lights in the sky. UFOIC members visited them and photographed the lights with a 1200mm telephoto lens. Four yellow white lights appeared to be suspended above the ground. The shots merely show blobs of light.
The UFOIC member who took these photographs was UFO researcher Barry Taylor. Several colour 35mm slides were taken. They were taken from near the California Guest House, looking East. (UFOIC Apr/May 73 Newsletter.)

31 May 1973 Tyringham NSW
Anomaly Foundation listing.

15 Jun 1973 Avondale Heights Vic 1832Hrs
A 12-year-old boy took a picture of what he said was a fast moving object in the sky. He said it changed colour from red to white. It didn't have a tail. It travelled south before making a sharp turn and then hovered for 5 minutes. the photograph shows what appears to be a time exposure of something that looks remarkably like the Moon.
(RAAF summary 1973, which says that they believe it was a "camera fault on unobserved light source.")

13 July 1973 Tyringham NSW
Anomaly Foundation listing. Indicates astronomical.

28 Oct 1973 Karoonda SA 2330hrs
A photograph was taken of a stationary intense orange object in the sky, using an instamatic camera. Investigations into similar reports of an orange object in the sky showed the causes of these were the planet Mars and flares. It is believed that the print came out black. (UFORSA.)

1973/74 Kangaroo Island SA Afternoon
Rita H was taking photos when a light source appeared through the viewfinder. She had the impression of a close approach, she fell to the ground and the sky changed causing her extensive disorientation. Two photos were taken with a special camera and a very high ASA rated film. Prints have a light green coloured, elliptical shaped mass present on them. Woman subsequently developed lupus but this might be unrelated. (UFOIC.)

16 Mar 1974 Adelaide SA 0630hrs
It is reported that a man had taken some colour movie film from the Hilton motel, of an unusual object in the early hours of the morning. Efforts made were not able to trace either the man or the film. (UFORSA.)

15 Apr 1974 Roseworthy SA 2015hrs
A series of lights was seen in the sky near the crest of a hill. The photographer stopped the car he was driving and took a photo using a Polaroid camera. He says that he thought there were only two bright lights but the print shows three. He and his wife watched them for about half a minute but they did not move or make any sound. The print shows three blobs of light. (Adelaide "Advertiser" 17/4/74.)

29 Dec 1974 Alice Springs NT Early Morning
A single colour photograph was taken using an instamatic camera, of a bush scene. Upon developing, two objects were noted on the film which were not seen by the photographer. Ground Saucer Watch Inc in the USA using computer enhancement techniques concluded that the objects were in facts birds.

4 Feb 1975 Balaklava SA 0540hrs
A Mr Ben Hall took a movie film, showing an unusual object in the eastern sky. A silver cloud-like object was noted and Mr Hall decided to take some colour 8mm movie film of it. They watched it altogether for a period of some 25 minutes of which 1 1/2/ minutes was captured on film. The film shows a "condensation" trail type object moving very, very slowly, close to the horizon. (UFORSA.)

12 May 1975 Howrah Tas 1600hrs
A couple were watching a rainbow when they observed a peculiar object, grey brown in colour moving around close to the rainbow. Some 8mm movie film was taken. The film when magnified indicates a vague something moving around. The film was of very poor quality, possibly because of an apparently faulty zoom mechanism. No real details can be gathered from the movie. ((1)Investigation by TUFOIC and UFORNSW. (2) UFORNSW Newsletter no 46 p2.)

15 Jun 1975 Benalla Vic Day
Two "condensation trails" were seen by a group of people who took some 8mm colour movie of them. After an examination of the film it appears that the consensus of opinion is that they were in fact aircraft trails. ((1) VUFORS and UFORSA investigation. (2)VUFORS Newsletter May 76 p 3.)

21 Jul 1975 Kempsey NSW 2000hrs
Mr and Mrs W. were travelling across a bridge when they noted a large bright white light directly overhead, travelling in a westerly direction. It then appeared to stop in the distance. Mr W took some photos of it. The light changed colour yellow to red and then manoeuvred around before dropping directly downwards over the horizon. The photos verify the presence of a brilliant light source over the western horizon. Later analysis suggested the light photographed was in fact the planet Venus. ((1) UFORNSW Newsletter 46. (2) FSR 21/6/2(pics). (3)UFORAN2/5.)

Late July 1975 Condoblin NSW 1730hrs
A contract roofing crew noted a peculiar thick "black smoke " ring at 20 degrees south-east. It seemed that there was a black cylindrical shaped object moving around the circle in an anti-clockwise direction. Three colour prints were taken. A study of these suggested that the ring was slowly moving to the right. After having observed it for 20 minutes the black cylinder suddenly shot upwards and disappeared leaving the cloud behind, which itself rapidly disappeared. (UFOIC.)

Sep/Oct 1975 Eltham Vic Noon
Two colour prints were taken by two young boys, of a dark shape in the sky. The photos show a disc with an upper central dome with the long axis inclined to the horizontal. Both images appear as a black silhouette with no other details visible. Unfortunately the negatives could not be located; however the prints were seen by VUFORS. (VUFORS Newsletter May 76 p 2.)

1 Feb 1976 Highland Farm Tas 0330hrs
Two exposures were taken of a light moving in an erratic way in the north-eastern sky. They were taken with an Ashai Pentax with a 135mm, lens and 400 ASA film. The exposures show only a light track, and the negatives were apparently lost, but two prints secured by TUFOIC. (TUFOIC.)

14 Aug 1976 Croydon Vic 2215hrs
Two shots were taken of a street scene. An object appeared in the photos when developed, although nothing was seen when the photos were taken. (VUFORS.)

23 Oct 1976 Benboyd NSW 1600hrs
Three young men were on a cliff top, preparing cameras to photograph a solar eclipse. They then saw a group of strange objects hovering above the ocean. A movie camera was used to film. A still camera was used to photo the closest object, which appeared "bell shaped". All three then stopped filming as the eclipse started. Looking back to the area where the objects had been nothing was seen. The still photos were examined by computer enhancement. No conventional explanation has ever been uncovered for the objects. (UFOIC.)

1977 Coomba Park NSW
Anomaly Foundation listing.

2 May 1977 Melbourne Vic
A movie film was taken by a Melbourne man and viewed by VUFORS. Examination of the film showed an image, the appearance and movement of which shows nothing to rule it out being a balloon. ((1)Melbourne "Sun" 3/5/77. (2)VUFORS Newsletter Aug 77 p 1.)

Aug 1977 Orange NSW
Anomaly Foundation listing. Indicates mirage.

10 Jan 1978 Bakers Creek Falls NSW
Garry P. had been driving alone in the early hours of the morning when he found himself unaccountably stationary on the side of the road at 0500hrs. He was unable to clearly remember the previous 160km. While stationary he noted a really bright light hovering some distance away. Although he tried to get closer to it he could not. Photographs were taken but incorrect settings and lighting problems meant they were of little value. (UFOIC.)

26 Aug 1978 Bathurst NSW
Anomaly Foundation listing. Indicates Sun set.

7 Mar 1979 Box Hill Melbourne Vic 1650hrs
A commercial pilot tendered a number of photographs which were said to show a large object in the sky, plus some 40 silver specks. Examination of the pictures, including computer enhancement indicate the object was in fact at close range, possibly a bird, and that the white specks were dust and fibres on the film.

20 Oct 1979 Cairns Qld 0805hrs
One photograph was taken showing what is apparently a long thin object with tail, flying above a harbour. The object was not seen at the time and appears to be a film fault. (UFORFNQ.)

Jul 1980 Warrnambool Vic 1750hrs
Many people watched an object travelling across the sky, west of the city. A newspaper photographer took a picture of it which shows a dot and a trail behind it. ("Standard" Warrnambool 24/7/80. Pic held on file.)

22 Jul 1980 Reynella SA 1620hrs
A woman photographed a moving object during daylight hours. Three colour shots were taken with an Instamatic camera, and show merely a small dot which could not be identified. (UFORSA.)

11 Oct 1980 Cairns Qld 0520hrs
A woman took two photos of a light which had been seen for several mornings. It is believed to have been Venus. (UFORFNQ.)

4 Mar 1981 Butchers Hill Qld 2040hrs
Four clearly defined lights were seen, each moving independently over 30 degrees of arc, and were photographed. (UFORFNQ.)

18 Dec 1981 Sydney to Tokyo 0415hrs
A man took a photo from an aircraft at 35000 feet, possibly over Queensland. The black and white photo shows a point source wandering all over the print. It is believed to shown interior cabin lights. (UFORSA.)

13 Oct 1984 Perth WA 1130hrs
A man watched as a black, cigar shaped object appeared over some trees, and climbed vertically into the sky. He stopped his car and photographed it. (PUFORG.)

26 Jan 1988 Woree Qld 0610hrs
A series of six photographs were taken of the rising Sun. A bright object present is almost certainly a cloud. (UFORFNQ. Pic held on file.)

17 Feb 1990 Canberra ACT 0515hrs
Mr Zoran Ivanisevic went outside into his backyard and noted an unusual, soundless object in the morning sky. It was at a low elevation in the east. He fetched his video camera and took some video. The video, which appeared on national television, shows a bright, white light. Then follows a second segment showing it as an almost round object with a hole in the centre and two "bites" out of the top and bottom. Investigations revealed it to be Venus. (John Jensen, Keith Basterfield and Ray Brooke.)

28 Mar 1990 Ferryden Park Adelaide SA Night
While replaying a videotape of a laser display a man noted an unusual bright light on the film, which he had not noticed when filming. Investigation by Ray Brooke determined that the most probable cause was that he had filmed a street light.
(Ray Brooke.)

25 Aug 1991 Waddamana Tas 2100hrs
Several minutes of video footage was taken of a bright, white, round light seen to the east-north-east of two witnesses out camping. The light moved left and assumed a more elongated shape, then more one of points of light in an irregular pattern. The lights went out and the video camera failed. A radio on at the time also went fuzzy. It appears they may have seen the rising Moon through trees. (TUFOIC.)

21 Nov 1991 Holgate NSW 2145hrs
Two adults noted two yellow/white lights, 30 degrees elevation in the north-west sky, travelling south. A third light was seen to rise above the northern horizon to 20 degrees elevation, then set again. This was repeated once more, to 15 degrees. The man fetched his binoculars and looked at the soundless, travelling lights. He then took two time exposure photos which confirmed a moving light source. The lights disappeared out of sight behind trees. (Harry Griesberg.)

Dec 1991 Qld Early evening
A couple observed, and filmed on video for a number of minutes, a bright white light moving near a storm front. Bill Chalker has examined the video in detail. Aircraft and helicopters appear to be an unlikely explanation, but investigations are continuing. Another family nearby, witnesses classic ball lightning, inside a house, apparently on the same evening. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC.)

29 Dec 1991 Scamander Tas 2130hrs
A round, multi coloured object was seen for five minutes, and photographed by two witnesses. (TUFOIC. Case 93046.)

Mid Dec 1991 Manila Philippines
An Australian tourist took a photograph of city lights from their hotel window. A UFO-like artefact appeared on the film. It looked like a chandelier. Nothing was visible when the photo was taken. (Bill Chalker/UFOIC.)

Jan 1992 Grampians Vic
A radio news item told how a 16 year old girl claimed to have seen and photographed an "alien" in the Grampians (Peter Jones.) Later, another news item reported that the photographs were of a plastic mannequin. (Ray Brooke.)

13 May 1992 Perth WA 1650hrs
While driving alone, a man saw a black, rectangular shape head of his vehicle. As he got nearer it was seen to be an upright cylinder, about the size of a 44 gallon drum. Travelling slowly, in a north to south direction, there appeared to be a blue glow beneath but attached to the object. The man took a photograph of it. (Brian Richards/UFORUM.)

10 Mar 1993 Maslin Beach SA
A man reported seeing a disturbance on the sea surface and then an object rising from underneath the water. It moved towards the shore and approached the witness. He took a photo. A second, smaller object approached the first and merged with it. Four photos were taken in all. They are very clear and show structured objects with features on them. ((1) Copy of sighting report and photos by witness. (2) PRA Journal no 17, March 1995 pp43-50.)

8 Nov 1993 Port Pirie SA 1522hrs
A builder took two colour frames of a distant, black object over flat wet lands to the W of Port Pirie. The object appeared to be 20-30 degrees to his right, in the north-west. After the photos were taken the object disappeared in to the tree line.
(PRA Journal 13 Mar 1994 pp 17-20.)

1994 Prospect Adelaide SA Day
A man stated that he had seen a “huge” UFO that was “too big to take a photo of.” A small light is said to have come out of the UFO and circled a house, which he did photograph. Two photos were taken and show obvious lens flares. (UFORSA Case 94001)

9 Mar 1994 Perth WA 1200hrs
A man, Ross D. of Bibra Lake, WA, was photographing heavy plant and buildings at his workplace in Welshpool. When the film was developed he was surprised to see a faint, triangular object in the sky, in three different positions on three of the photos. He had not seen the object with his own eyes. (UFORUM summary of sightings Jan-May 1994. Case no. 94139.)

17 Dec 1994 Broome WA
A professional photographer, Beverley had gone to photograph rocks and the sunset. She noticed a silver, disc shaped cloud and took 3 photos of it. This showed up on the prints as a flat, silvery disc. (UFORUM summary of reports Sept-Dec 1994.)

15 Jul 1995 Brisbane Qld Night
Reports of orange lights in the sky over the City suburbs. Video taken. (UFORQ)

6 Sep 1995 Victor Harbor SA 2023hrs
Mr John Ross saw four round, white lights in the sky and caught them on video. The scenes are very hazy owing to the auto camera focus. (AIUFOFSR)

19 Sep 1995 Kilsyth Melbourne Vic (1300-1330hrs)
Mr Ray K. and his son Ralph reported taking two UFO photos from their backyard.
(BUFORA website 2/5/97.)

1996-1999 Grafton NSW
Grafton based UFO researcher Barry Taylor video taped numerous daytime and night time UFOs. In 2000 Barry compiled a selection of his video footage into a 50 minute video titled “UFOs Down-Under.” This video contains examples of low altitude brightly illuminated UFOs flying over Grafton City. The most interesting footage shows a “Jellyfish” orange Orb UFO with a “Black eye” slowly flying over Grafton. This object featured a long dangling appendage hanging from the object. This “tail” moved in a manner as if used to propel the object in a jerky motion. This was an 8 minute sighting with a witness (UFO researcher Barry Taylor)

1996 Perth WA
A woman reported that in 1996 her husband attended an air show and took pictures of the “Roulettes” performing. Upon development, the pictures showed an unusual disk shaped object. Examination of the photos indicated that the shadow patterns of both planes and object were consistent. (UFO Research Queensland sightings reports 1998 18/10/2002)

Jan 1996 Port Macquarie NSW
Several witnesses saw two bright orange lights side by side. Seen three times. Mr B noticed a “porthole” from which light seemed to come. Then a fast moving light was seen travelling towards the coast. Also seen and videotaped on another night.
(UFO researchers Barry Taylor)

31 Mar 1996 Sellicks Beach SA 1930hrs
Mrs Verna Martin sighted a semi-circular set of lights, which looked like huge headlights. They were white/blue in colour and stationary. Photos were taken.
(AIUFOFSR Newsletter May 1996.)

22 May 1996 Gladstone Qld 2055hrs
Residents reported seeing a light in the sky which was star shaped. Police officers also saw it and said it was silent and moving too fast to be a star. Joan Mann took a video of it, which appeared, on TV. (Undated Adelaide TV Channel 10 news item.)

10 Jun 1996 Launceston Tas (1400-1500hrs)
Driving past Symmons Plains heading north on the Midland Highway, two men sighted a bright white but narrow horseshoe shape hovering in the clear blue sky to the north in front of them. Later, it changed into a solid white object, and lost elevation until it appeared in front of trees. It appeared 500m away. At this point one of the men took a photograph of it which was blurred due to car motion. The object then took off . Later, heading home they saw the same or a similar object. (TUFOIC Annual report 1997.)

29 Jul 1996 Grafton NSW 2045hrs
Barry Taylor and another person saw a bright, orange/red light in the sky moving slowly towards them. An identical light followed on a smooth trajectory. There was no sound. 8 minutes of video were taken. Lost to sight over Mt Tucobia. (UFO researcher Barry Taylor.)

12 Oct 1996 Bridgewater Tas
A man was driving along and sighted a glowing oval to the south east. Together with another man they both moving about in the sky. A noise came from the object and it shone a beam of light down towards a hillside. Finally it just shot off. One man took a video of it but when played back, although the Moon and stars could be seen, the object was not there. (TUFOIC Annual Report 1997.)

25 Nov 1996 Alice Springs NT 2315hrs
Many people saw at least four bright orange “fireball” type lights in the sky. They headed off to the West. 10 photos were taken. One police officer got one object on video. Two nights later police found two men filling plastic bags with gas and releasing them. (National UFO Reporting Centre. 6/4/97.)

Jan 1997 Mt Gambier SA
A colour photograph was taken by a man, which simply shows a “blob.”(UFORSA.)

5 Feb 1997 Grafton NSW 1110hrs
A light was seen moving SW to NE with an unusual movement. This was described as “accelerating” and “slowing” as it moved across the sky. Near Orion’s Belt it momentarily brightened, then assumed its former brightness. Shortly after this it faded and was lost to view. 1000ASA film was used to take four pictures. A man from Coffs Harbour rang to report observing the same light, with the same unusual movements described. (Barry Taylor.)

15 Feb 1997 Lonsdale Adelaide SA 2025hrs
A photo was taken of a “cigar shaped” object travelling West to East. No sound.
(National UFO Hotline 7/11/97.)

22 Feb 1997 Cronulla Sydney NSW 0600hrs
Witness reported an object in the West to South-West sky. Photos taken. Possibly a star. (National UFO Hotline 7/11/97.)

May to Aug1997 Barrington Tops Mountain Range NSW
Over 100 photographs were reportedly taken by a farmer of strange and moving lights on his property. (Source: Undated issue of the UK UFO Magazine.)

3 Jun 1997 Algester Brisbane Qld 1845hrs
A couple were in their backyard. The male witness looked up to the sky and observed a “weird” looking light. It was heading towards them. When it came nearer he described it as circular in shape, orange in colour and making no sound. He asked his partner to get a camera. The witness was able to take three photographs. The object departed, staying at tree top level. (“Australian sightings register” in “The UFOlogist” Vol 1 No 3 Jul/Sep 1997.)

30 Jun 1997 Perth WA (1845-1915hrs)
A video was taken of a number of objects crossing the southern sky travelling East to West. (National UFO Hotline 7/11/97.)

18 Mar 1998 Sydney NSW Kelly Kahill.
Anomaly Foundation listing.

Apr 1998 Northern Rivers region NSW
During a UFO “flap” 34 colour pictures were taken of several white lights flying overhead at an estimated height of 150 metres. (Barry Taylor.)

May-Oct 1998 Northern NSW
UFO researcher Barry Taylor photographed a variety of unusual lights in the sky. He compiled the images into a video available from himself. (UFO researcher Barry Taylor)

8 Jun 1998 Devenport Tas 220hrs
Mr B of Devonport presented the Centre with a video he took on June 8th just after 10pm. The video, which lasts several minutes, shows two white lights slowly crossing the northern sky and moving away to the north-west. Mr B says he and a friend first spotted a single light at high elevation moving from south-east towards the north-west. B went inside to get his Sony Video camera with night vision. He located the light and commenced filming until it was fading away into the north-west. At no time did they see two lights. Upon playing the video they were surprised to see two lights in the field of view. One light appears below the other, moves beneath and up to the left, pulsing on and off as it moves. The two lights are then visible in the remaining shots as they move off well apart and changing position relative to each other. Mr B called Launceston Airport that evening and they in turn checked with Melbourne for air traffic in the area; there was none. There did not appear to be any satellite or astronomical explanations to account for the two lights. (Source: Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre)

20 Jun 1998 Granton Tas 1930hrs
A set of four large and three small red lights appeared to the rear of Mrs Cís car soon after she left the Granton road junction. The lights did not flash they just seemed to vary in brightness and were arranged in a horizontal line with the smaller lights in between. Mrs C though at first it could have been a police car, but she had seen no police cars on the road and none overtook her. The lights were obscured when the witness rounded a bend and nothing more was seen on the trip home. Mrs C reported witnessing a variety of lights action on subsequent evenings. A number of photographs were taken and some of these show lights in the night time skies. None of the photographs appear to be due to flaws or reflections. (Source: Bill Kelly TUFOIC)

26 Jun 1998 Brisbane Qld 2245-2330hrs
A professional video cameraman had just returned home at the Bay side when he was called outside by his next door neighbour. To his surprise he saw a group of lights high in the sky. He grabbed his camera and started filming a light formation. The footage was shown on the Channel 7 News that night. The cameraman stated it was like nothing that he had ever seen before. During the episode, an inbound aircraft was seen passing near one of the objects. Diane has at present spoken to Gordon at Channel 7 News and he as given us the guys phone number. UFOICQ has since located more witnesses, and these people will be interviewed shortly. (UFOICQ)

10 Aug 1998 Calamvale Qld 1930hrs
Three sets of witnesses observed orange lights from Calamvale, some taking photographs. The description given could be interpreted as illegal hot air balloons launched in their vicinity, and publication of the details of these sightings will be deferred pending further investigation. (UFO Research Queensland sightings reports 1998 18/10/2002)

11 Sep 1998 Surfers Paradise Qld 1030hrs
Oswald Raeder took two photos of a building. Upon development, the first shot also showed two puffs of smoke and the second showed a “black saucer.” (UFO Roundup. Vol 3 No 4 5/10/98.)

6 Nov 1998 Toowong Qld
Madelenine Patterson, aged 63, had a feeling that there was something unusual to photograph in the sky so aimed her camera and took a shot. When the film was developed an elongated “something” was revealed. (Sunday Mail Newspaper 3 Jan 1999.)

23 Feb 1999 Angle Vale SA 2030hrs
Paul McCormac saw two white, circular objects in the sky. He had seen the same two objects two nights earlier. He took 12 shots including 9 of the UFOs. The 9 UFO shots did not turn out. (AIUFOFSR)

17 Apr 1999 Altunga NT (1300-1400hrs)
Two photos were taken of a plaque and when they were developed, an object appeared on the photos. (Keith Douglass.)

May 1999 Coffs Harbour NSW
Six fisherman videoed an orange object. (Australasian UFOlogist No 4 No 4 2000 p52.)

29 May 1999 Armadale WA 2100hrs
Sian and her partner were driving towards Armadale. They witnessed two orange lights one above the other to the south ahead of them. They followed the lights for some distance as they headed home. On reaching their house, Sian's partner raced indoors and grabbed the video camera. As he started filming the objects, the tape got chewed up, something that has never happened before. The lights, which had been more or less over their house at this time continued south and were lost to view by distance. (Source: ASPR/UFORUM)

5 June 1999 Sydney NSW 2100hrs
Laszlo Novak sighted three bright star-like objects hovering in a vertical formation just below clouds. He was able to capture 5 minutes of video. Later at 2220hrs he again sighted three disc like objects travelling silently to the south. One large object was closer, and looked like two saucers placed together. It hovered for 5-10mins but he could not get his video camera to work. Hypnotherapist Frank Wilks worked with Laszlo who recalled being taken on board and examined by up to four almond shaped eyed grey beings. While on board he saw a second human present. ( July 2005.)

26 June 1999 Sydney NSW 0400hrs
Laszlo Novak reported sighting a large object hovering to the SE near the horizon and videoed it. ( July 2005.)

12 Jun 1999 Sydney NSW 1935hrs
During a sighting involving eight people, 5 minutes of video was recorded, which showed a strange shaped object with red lights flashing over it, to their North West at a low angular elevation. (Bill Chalker.)

26 June 1999 Grafton NSW
Barry Taylor and another witness had a 50 minute extended daytime sighting captured on video. (UFO research Barry Taylor)

30 Aug 1999 Mt Newman WA 2045hrs
A man spotted an oval object travelling east to west over ten minutes. He took photos but the images were too small to analyse. (UFORUM

7 Nov 1999 6NM off Coffs Harbour NSW
Tony Bell and others reported a dome shaped object which just appeaerd in the sky. 30-45m above the water it was bright orange on colour. Video taken. (UFO Roundup 31, 25 Nov 1999.)

Feb 2000 Yarraman Qld 2000hrs
A man reported seeing a flashing light travelling south to north across the sky in a straight line. He took a video, and when he viewed the video it appeared to have a trail behind it. It was star sized and he observed it for about 5 minutes before it slashed very briefly and disappeared. (UFORQ website

23 Jul 2000 Booval Qld 1942hrs
An orange/yellow/red oval with lights around it, was observed travelling slowly across the sky. The witness got a video camera and filmed the object as it did a 90 degree turn, went some distance, then returned to its original course before disappearing. Duration was 10 minutes. There was no associated sound. When they viewed the video and slowed it down they said they could see something solid present.
(UFO Research Queensland sightings reports 2000 18/10/2002)

13 Aug 2000 Sydney NSW 1855hrs
A man saw a round yellow/orange glow with no tail travelling in the sky, heading south. He videoed it for about 60 seconds before the object disappeared. There was a white ring inside the outer glow. Duration of sighting 2 minutes. (Doug Moffett, UFORNSW)

1 Jan 2001 Deception Bay Qld
An orange light was seen travelling from the south east to the north west. It was silent and moving very fast. A video image was obtained which appeared to show a dozen windows on the object. (UFORQ website

18 Apr 2001 Stanage Bay Qld 0730hrs
A 14 year old boy saw and videoed white and re/orange vapour soundlessly going through the sky at speed. It vanished over the horizon. When examined on video there was a dark object in front of the vapour trail. (Doug Moffett AUFORN NSW.)

19 Apr 2001 Rockhampton Qld 0700hrs
A woman observed and obtained video of a black object well out to sea and travelling straight. It was white on top and red underneath. UFORQ looked at the vide and it showed a pencil shaped object and a contrail about 10 times longer than the object. It is understood that military exercises were being conducted in the area and it is likely that this was an unusual but conventional aircraft. (UFORQ website

18 May 2001 Sydney NSW 0400hrs
Sue saw a bright star like object in the eastern sky 25-30 degrees above the horizon. It was taped for 10 minutes on video. On the digital video it appears as round and that it expands and contracts like a flower opening up. Also seen on a following morning at 5 am 45-50 degrees above the horizon. (Karen Burden UFOR NSW.)

19 May 2001 Marsden Qld 0400hrs
A woman was up tending her sick daughter when she saw an orange light to the WNW. She woke her husband and they went outside to look. They went in to get a video camera and when they came out they saw a row of 5 evenly spaced lights in a horizontal line in the southern sky over the tops of nearby houses. They were orange in colour and looked several times bigger than a star. They were visible for 5 to 6 minutes before fading from view. (UFO Research Queensland sightings reports 2001 18/10/2002)

25 May 2001 Lilsyth Vic B Chatham
Anomaly Foundation listing.

30 May 2001 Collaroy NSW 2030hrs
An orange orb was seen in the NE which stopped and hovered for a minute. It then travelled out to sea and merged with the ocean. ( July 2005.)

10 Jul 2001 Launceston Tas 0015hrs
Strange pulsating lights in the sky were seen and videod. ( July 2005.)

14 Sep 2001 Kempsey NSW 1900hrs
A man saw a bright white light. He obtained about 8 seconds of video of it. It travelled from south to north going away from home but seemed to get bigger as it went. Suddenly it disappeared. Viewing the footage he said he could see that the light was rotating with all different coloured lights. (Larraine UFOSWS.)

31 Oct 2001 Bangalley Head NSW 2230hrs
A bright light was seen emerging from the sea. It gained altitude, then performed a series of erratic manoeuvres before suddenly disappearing. ( July 2005.)

11 Nov 2001 WA
“I was with a Four Wheel Drive Club trek on the Western Australian coastline around 10.28am on the 11th November 2001. It was only when I saw the photo on the screen that I noticed the UFO. It was not in the previous photo (that was taken from another direction) and it is not on the next photo (that was taken from the same spot about 20 seconds later, but using the zoom.)” (Australasian UFOlogist Vol 8 No 1 p 24.)

30 Jan 2002 Sorell Tas 2050hrs
Witness was taking photographs of the sunset on clouds in the Western sky. When the prints were viewed a bright light was visible beneath the clouds to the south-west. Nothing unusual was seen at the time the photographs were being taken. (TUFOIC.)

15 Feb 2002 Perth WA 2150hrs
Two orange balls of light, travelling SW to NE were filmed. (Journal of Alternative Realities Vol 10 Issue 1 2002.)

Apr 2002 Avalon Beach Sydney Chris Beacham
Anomaly Foundation listing. Indicates jet trail.

19 Jul 2002 Taralgon Vic
Two women saw a round light, low and very big. It then went towards Melbourne, changing from white to yellow to green then went out of view. Two photographs were taken. Nearby were hundreds of small flashing things-like camera flashes. (George Simpson. AUFORN. VIC.)

5 Sep 2002 Broadmeadows Melbourne VIC 2130hrs
A bright orange light was observed, silently travelling across the sky before instantly vanishing. It reappeared, lower down, passing an aircraft, and left quickly. A hand held video was taken, with the auto focus on. (George Simpson. Australasian UFOlogist (6(6):6.)

10 Dec 2002 Perth WA 1330hrs
Jo was out taking photographs and upon developing the film found that she had captured an image which she had not seen when taking the picture. It was a triangular metallicobject. (

13 Jun 2003 Bendigo Vic
A person was photographing St Marys Cathedral in Bendigo, and did not see anything unusual at the time. After loading the pictures on to a PC they noted an object in the sky. Photos taken 15-20 seconds either side of the UFO photo did not show the object. (Australasian UFOlogist Vol 8 No 2 p48.)

22 Aug 2003 Penrith Sydney NSW 2104hrs
Object seen size of a 50 cent coin at arms length visible to the south-west. At first the witness thought it was a helicopter. A few minutes of video was taken. On viewing the video the minimal light sensitivity and instability showed only a white circular ‘blob’ on a dark background. (Attila Kaldy UFOSWS.)

3 Jan 2004 Near Cradle Mtn Tas 1400hrs
Two people took a series of digital photos between the Franklin and Alma rivers. Upon downloading them. One image shows an elongated metallic looking object in the sky. (Australasian UFOlogist Vol 7 No 6 p41.)

15 Jan 2004 Whittlesea Vic 1400hrs
Mr Rozario, traffic Engineer for Whittlesea Council and another Council employee were taking photographs of a railway level crossing. Nothing unusual was seen or heard at the time. When the digital images were viewed there was an object in one photo. An enhancement appears to show a domed disc shape. Analysis was undertaken by a number of people, but no firm conclusion was reached as to the cause of the image. (1. Australasian UFOlogist Vol 7 No 6 p40. 2. Australasian UFOlogist Vol 8 No 1 pp 12-16)

20 Jan 2004 East St Kilda Melbourne Vic Evening
Witness heard about a brilliant white light in the Western sky on the radio. Went outside and took video and three digital photographs. (AUFORN compiled sightings issue 40 March 2004.)

25 Jan 2004 Carnarvon Gorge Qld 1930hrs
Witness reported having seen spheres for three weeks and took video of some. On this occasion an object flew slowly west until lost over mountains. 30 minutes later saw similar object. (AUFORN Compiled sighting reports issue 40 Mar 2004 citing Peter Davenport

29 Jan 2004 Adelaide SA
A person was taking photographs from the SANTOS Building in the CBD. Nothing unusual was seen at the time. The object was stationary. Clear, warm day. Small whitish object above buildings. (Australasian UFOlogist Vol 8 No 1 p25.)

22 Mar 2004 Shepparton Vic
Nikki phoned the UFO hotline to say she had some video footage of UFOs from the local area. Previous footage was of both day and night sightings, normally small spherical objects crossing the sky. (AUFORN compiled sightings listing issue 41 May 2004 citing George Simpson.)

Late July 2004 Near Murray Bridge SA
Two witnesses to a video taped episode advised that it was taken on the River Murray from a houseboat approximately late July in the early hours (circa 4-5am). No precise location of the filming was available. There was evidence of many out-of-focus segments. There were two segments which showed at 0400hrs orange/silver light to the South. This light was not Venus and was about 4 times the size of an average star. It moved around more than scintillation or autokinesis effects would make a star do. There was then a sequence of lights across the river at ground level, which finally suddenly went out like a “light being switched off.” Given the data provided, the first light videoed appears not to have been Venus, but the second cluster of lights at ground level appear to be associated with a building and therefore not anomalous. (AURA)

Dec 2004 Gunning/Yass NSW
Took digital pictures of trees on a farm for documentation purposes and only look later at the images. On one image appeared two objects in the sky; one in the left hand corner of the photo and one in the middle. Not seen at the time. (AUFORN Oz Files May 2005.)

January 2005 Morwell Vic
A 58 second video clip was given to Channel 7 Adelaide for review. It shows several white dots against a dark background in various formations. (AUFORN Hotline call in. Keith Basterfield.)

2 Jan 2005 St Clair Sydney NSW 1000hrs
David was taking photos of a dragonfly with his digital camera. He didn’t notice anything unusual at the time, but as he was checking his photos he noticed an oval-shaped silver ball in the background. (1800 Freecall National Hotline Number - Callin Code 3807)Peter Khoury AUFORN/UFOESA)

15 April 2005 Coober Pedy SA
At about 2230hrs a man went outside and noticed an orange light and a white light near the NW horizon near the Moon. The orange light appeared to move and the man fetched his camcorder and his wife. While he filmed, the light came closer. Another white light was just below the orange light. The orange light approached and he could see a glowing dome on the top. The object finally shot off. Duration 30 minutes. (AUFORN web site 14 May 2005.)

18 April 2005 Fishwick Canberra ACT
A man was filming a kite festival with a digital handcam. While manually winding the tape frame by frame, a silver disk shaped object with a domed top was visible on only three frames. Not seen with the naked eye. (AUFORN Hotline call 3741)

13 May 2005 Eastern suburbs Melbourne Vic 2230hrs
A dozen orange lights were captured on a phone camera by Tim Webster. Stuart Wilson caught a dozen on a video camera. They were visible for 10 minutes, forming different shapes in the sky after which they flew off in different directions and vanished.

21 July 2005 Lobethal SA (1930-2000hrs) (10-15mins) Multi wits NL
One witness saw a light in the sky which they believed to be Venus, then another witness noted seven lights moving in the sky. They changed colours white to red to green. One light separated into two and gave off a blue-green flame. This latter action taped. (Debbie Payne AURA.)



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