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Hi everyone I hope this column finds you well.

Let’s look at what’s coming up on the TV. A new series to look out for is the mini-series, Medium.

Most people will remember Patricia Arquette for her part in the movie Stigmata where she plays Frankie Page, a bold free spirit with no worries and absolutely no faith in God. All that changed when she began to suffer the stigmata. In this new series Patricia plays real-life medium, Allison DuBois, a housewife who finds herself ‘gifted’ with the ability to see and hear dead people. Allison’s rocket scientist husband goes from being a sceptic to a bemused believer as he sees his wife embark on solving crimes across the USA.

A little about Allison
Hi, my name is Allison DuBois. I belong to a new generation of mediums who are out to break old stereotypes that put a negative spin on people with mediumship abilities. I call things like I see them and I am not afraid to push the boundaries of my abilities under university research conditions. I pride myself on accuracy, consistency and easing the pain of those who have lost loved ones. It is the experience with both those passed and living that gives me the strength to stand up in a world that is not always ready to meet me.

passed and living that gives me the strength to stand up in a world that is not always ready to meet me. My first memorable mediumship experience occurred when I was 6-years-old. My great-grandpa had intestinal cancer and he was in a great deal of pain. My mother went to see him often. She loved him very much. Eventually he succumbed to his cancer. The night of my great-grandfather’s funeral I saw my great-grandpa standing at the foot of my bed as I was getting ready to go to sleep. He told me to tell my mom that he was OK now and not to worry. I thought that grandpa was back and I didn’t understand what had actually transpired. I did tell my mom, she didn’t know what to say. How could she know? This was my inspiration for writing the chapter in my book .
“Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye”.

If you believe there is life after death then this mini-series will convince you that you should never kiss your loved ones goodbye.

Rest In Peace, Victoria Wellard, 2004

It is with sadness I must inform you of the death of our investigator in far north Queensland, Victoria Wellard.

After many many months of treatment, Victoria lost her battle with cancer.

Victoria Wellard will be remembered by me as an inspiration to UFO research as she had the drive and will to keep going even when her own going got really tough. Through sick from treatment Victoria still managed to call me just to ‘reassure me’ she was still okay to continue doing UFO investigations. What a lady!

Victoria told me months before she died: “Diane, for 40 odd years I’ve been searching for the truth, the evidence that they are here, so while I have breath in my body I want to keep looking” and she did.

Readers, even though the going appears to get tough, it can’t measure to how tough Victoria had it and how brave she was. So when the going gets tough, think of people like Victoria and let them be an inspiration to keep you looking, and keep you going.

May Victoria find what she’s been looking for

ABC Radio interview 18 November 2004
”The Morning Show” with Jodie Gunders

You might not take UFOs very seriously, but it seems that at one time, the Australian Government took them very seriously indeed, as Debbie Payne from the UFO Research Association explains.
Great job, Debbie.

Dominic McNamara SA AUFORN State director
ABC Radio interview 27 December 2004
on ABC 892 Ad and ABC SA with Spence Denny Collingwood SA
AURA Group & National Hotline

This was the first time Dom had been on radio and he did the subject proud. Dom’s interview generated many more UFO reports for him to follow up. "Well done Dom
Keith Basterfield SA AURA
ABC Radio interview 24 January 2005
AURA and the Australian Disclosure Project
A twenty minutes interview on the Australian Disclosure Project. If you have information which you would like to contribute to the project contact the Secretariat at:
Australian UFO Research Association
PO Box 786, North Adelaide,
South Australia 5006
Web Page
Dominic McNamara SA AUFORN State director
ABC Radio interview 24 Jaunary 2005 with Ian Rogerson
AURA Group & National Hotline
Readers keep an eye on this page for more information on this book. Hair of the Alien : DNA and Other Forensic Evidence for Alien Abductions by Bill Chalker. Release date 19 July 2005.

By time you read this Robert Frola and I will be in Egypt starting our holiday/honeymoon because while on holidays, Robert and I will marry.

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