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Since the publication of the last Newsletter, two members of the project Secretariat have spent approximately 18 hours at RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia examining RAAF UFO files made available under our second FOI request.

As previously reported, restrictions were placed upon our examination of these files. As the RAAF would not photocopy the documents on these files for us, we were only allowed to examine the files and take written notes (minus any identifiers of names). At the end of each visit a RAAF Security Police Officer examined our hand written notes to ensure that we had not written down the names of any individuals.

These restrictions meant that we did not have the ability to summarise and catalogue each file, without spending far more time on the 2000 plus pages of documents. We therefore decided to summarise a number of the files and simply document a general description of other files. What follows are our raw notes from this work. We hope this will give you a flavour of these particular files.

File 17/26/Air Part 1 “Exercise close encounter” 90pp. Folios dated between 1 Jul 83 and 1 Aug 83

This file contains details of a situation where the RAAF was asked to have aircraft involved in determining the cause of unknown radar targets in NSW in 1983. Included on the file is a Memo dated 1 Jul 73 setting out the RAAF task.

HQ RAAF Williamtown. Op Order No 11/83. “Headquarters RAAF Williamtown has been tasked vide Reference A to provide air defence resources for the identification of unknown radar contacts reported by Department of Aviation (D of A) air traffic control agency in Sydney. The radar contacts, travelling at high speed, have appeared to the north of Sydney out to 150nm and have been assessed by Department of Aviation as almost certainly resulting from man-made objects.” Two Mirage aircraft were placed on 24 hour stand by.

A direction was given that the aircraft involved were not to be armed. Over the period of the operation, aircraft were directed to localities where radar returns were reported. However, no positive conclusions were drawn as to the cause of these radar returns.

File 5/113/Air part 10.  9755-10 “Unusual aerial sightings” File closed 23 Dec 1992. Contains folios dated 28 Aug 1991-23 Dec 1992. HQ no 82 Wing RAAF base Amberley Qld

This file contains numerous reports from Queensland and response letters from the RAAF to reporters. The response letters mention a possible explanation and that only reports with a Defence or security implication are investigated.

  • folio 2 which is a Memo. 30 Jul 1991 from Queensland Police Service Morven to RAAF Amberley. Referring video taken West of Mitchell on 27 Jul 1991
  • folio 28 UFO report 7 Apr 1992. Male witness. Object cylindrical, circular later square. 1900-2030k. White with green and red lights on. Stationary. Air Traffic control reported seeing a strange object low on the horizon between 050 and 060 radials. Glowing white with red and green lights. Visible still at 2130k.

File 5/6/2 AIR Part 1 “Prediction agencies” HQ Support Command Melbourne

27pp + masked area 1970-1986 of x pages.

This file consists of satellite prediction material.

File 5/113/Air part 5. 9755-15 “Unidentified Aerial Sightings” Folios dated 14 Apr 1982 to 21 Jan 1985. 195 pages.  HQ no 82 Wing RAAF base Amberley Qld

This file contains numerous reports from Queensland and response letters from the RAAF to reporters. The response letters mention a possible explanation and that only reports with a Defence or security implication are investigated.

File 5/113/Air part 9. 9755-20 “Unusual aerial sightings.” Opened 9 Dec 1989

Folios up to 31 Jul 1991. 244 pages. HQ no 82 Wing RAAF base Amberley Qld

This file contains numerous reports from Queensland and response letters from the RAAF to reporters. The response letters mention a possible explanation and that only reports with a Defence or security implication are investigated.

File 5/1/11/AIR Part 1 “Unusual Aerial Sightings (UAS) Administration.” Folios 21 Jan 91 to 1994 telex. 71pp. RAAF Edinburgh

  • Various SA reports
  • Includes folio 31M Sceales Bay SA 13 Jan 1992 1530hrs Clear sunny still day. 20 deg NW. Lost SE. Blue-grey object. 15-20 feet. Elongated triangle. NW to SE. Photo taken. Not seen at time just came out on photo
  • Folio 4 Letter from Edinburgh to reporter 3. “The verdict is that this is not a photograph of a real object and is probably the result of torn emulsion during processing.”
  • Folio 7 Letter 30 Apr 92. Civilian head of one of the SA UFO groups. Advising his washing machine changed colour from white to fawn in places. Also letter from Sanyo-change due to ultra-violet light. Letter 4 May 92 Edinburgh to Civilian “Thank you for sending me your report and accompanying photograph of your washing machine. This is indeed a strange case, especially for an Air Force investigation!”

Various SA reports

  • 7 Jul 92. Police officer. 1815hrs Bedford Park. 1 white light S to N. Very fast
  • 20 Mar 93. 0020hrs. St Agnes. 1M. Four yellow/white lights pinpoint. 060 to 070 deg mag. 15-20secs. Gradually faded
  • 28 Mar 93. 1950hrs. 10-15secs. Adelaide. 20-30 objects. Boomerang shape. Like medium bright stars. Straight line to NNW fast
  • 17 May 93. 2030hrs. 5mins. Modbury. 1M. 1 white round light travelled NE to NW
  • 12 Nov 92. Mildura. 1400hrs 1M Photo taken-2 UFOs- not seen at time of taking photo
  • 7 Nov 93. Burton SA. 2105hrs 1M Six red lights 15 deg NW to 45 deg SW
  • 7 Nov 93. Paralowie SA. 2130hrs 1F Six orange-red lights 60 deg elevation
  • Folio 33 Telex-revised UFO policy 10 Jan 94.

File 6/44/Air Part 1. 9755-6 “Unusual Aerial Sightings” RAAF Williamtown

81pp. Folios from 2 Jul 84 to 11 Dec 86

Various pro formas and letters of response from RAAF

File 5/6/Air Part 3. 9755 -3  Unidentified Aerial Sightings” Chief of Air Staff   HQ Support Command. File raised 5 Feb 1987. File held CINTO. 18 pp.






Annex B to HQSC ASI 3/A/3. Standard letter of reply to civilian

enquiries with list of UFO groups




Annex A to HQSC ASI 3/A/3. Report of unusual aerial sightings. Initial

Unusual Aerial Sightings Report-part 1




Draft Support Command Air Staff Instruction no 3/A/3. Ref AF 84/3508 part 1 (4) of 12 April 1984.

RAAF is the first point of contact. Most UAS from the public are found to be natural or man-made. “The RAAF accepts reports on UAS and attempts an  allocation of reliability. However, few reports are of any direct interest to the RAAF.”

Piece about the Condon report conclusions then:

“”Experience in the RAAF since the early 1950s supports the Condon report conclusion.”

“The RAAF is responsible for the acceptance and evaluation of UAS reports. Those which suggest a defence or national security implication are further investigated and a probable cause determined…” DAFIS is to assess such reports.

Reports considered not to have defence or national security implications are not investigated further and are filed at Command HQ’s.

Para 9

“On return of part 2, the report is to be examined in terms of defence or national security implications, to assess whether further investigation is warranted. In general terms, further investigation is to be confined to sightings of a terrestrial, rather than an extra-terrestrial nature. Sightings of interest to the RAAF would involve incursions into Australian airspace by man-made objects, and particularly include sightings near defence to other sensitive establishments. The trad ional “lights in the sky” are no longer cause for RAAF investigation.”

Para 10

“Command intelligence staff are to be made aware immediately of any report warranting further investigation. On receipt of such a  report, CINTO is to:

a. Inform DAFIS and the Chief of Staff (COFS)

b. commence an immediate investigation and instruct the UAS investigator at the reporting unit to complete Annex A part 3 (Unit report).

c. complete Annex A part 4 on receipt of completed parts 1-3 and report the findings of his investigation to COFS and DAFIS.”




Letter. 9 Sep 87. HQSC to VUFORS. Attached is a list of civilian UFO groups.



Letter. 30 Sep 87. VUFORS to HQSC-amending list of civilian UFO groups.



File note. “File OPS 5/6/Air part 3 was checked and found to be complete.” 15 Jul 1994.

File simply labelled 11 ie 9755-11. “Information relating to Unexplained Aerial Sightings (UFOs) and photographs”

This file contained items relating to the 1983 Bendigo Vic flap.

File 5/40/Air part 7. 9755-21 “Unusual Aerial Sightings. “ July 1992-June 1996. 151pp.


  • Folio 17 Report 15 Sep 90 2150hrs 10mins Mooroobool Qld 1F Age 34yrs and 2 others. 30 deg S to 45 deg S. Pink ball. Car lights went off and on (continuously) and flickered. RAAF comment: “Interesting sighting but no clear defence implication.”
  • Folio 71 15 Sep -0012hrs One other witness. Glowing cigar with windows. Flew parallel to Bruce Highway
  • Folio 75. Excellent report. 24 Aug 89. Maloweeva Camp site. Electromagnetic response. Compass now back to front
  • 2 Dec 87. Lights up the whole sky. Skin colour even differs from the light. Whole street saw this light
  • 20 Apr 86. Triangular object with lit rear thrust area, no sound. Whole rear area was lit up
  • 19 Dec 85. 2230-2300hrs. 2 mins. Car travelled towards a set of “semi” headlights with a red lit underside. But when it passed there was no sound or wind or buffeting. Immediately it was no longer visible in the rear view mirror as something the driver had just passes. Sop driver stopped and got out to see said “semi” climbing at angle of 45 degrees
  • Rest low level interest reports
  • When file checked on 28 Jul 94, multiple folios noted as “unlocated.”

File AF 529/1/4/AIR Part 5 “UFOs-enquiries from members of the public and civilian research organisations.” 223 pp.  Folios dated 23 Jan 84 to 31 March 94.

This file consists of correspondence between civilians and UFO researchers and the RAAF. Many are requests under FOI for material.

  • folio 84

From:  Coast watch Canberra

To:       Foreign Liaison Officer


            DOD AF Office

Coast watch call from 1M Newcastle

7 Mar 94 0100k Off coast. Stationary. Large disc with red bottom and yellow op. Inside dome looked like structures. Object faded.

File 5/113/Air part 11. 9755-13 “Unidentified Aerial Sightings.” Folios 15 Apr 1993 to 20 Jan 1994. 125pp.  HQ no 82 Wing RAAF base Amberley Qld

This file contains numerous reports from Queensland and response letters from the RAAF to reporters. The response letters mention a possible explanation and that only reports with a Defence or security implication are investigated.

  • folio 28 Telex from DEFAIR DGPP

Unidentified Aerial Sightings. Revised policy.

“Consideration of the scientific record suggests that, whilst not all UAS have a ready explanation, there is no compelling reason for the RAAF to continue to devote resources to recording, investigating and attempting to explain UAS. The RAAF no longer accepts reports on UAS…” Refers them to civilian UFO groups.

“Some UAS may relate to events that could have a defence, security or public safety implications, such as man-made debris falling from space, a burning aircraft or an aircraft making an unauthorised incursion into Australian air space. Where members of the community may have witnessed an  event of this type they are encouraged to contact the police, civilian aviation authorities or coast watch.”

“2. The change in policy will not be publicised by press release. Known UFO groups will be contacted individually by mail and provided with a copy of the new policy together with a brief explanations of the implications for them”

Contact officer is Wing Commander…………..”

File 5/6/Air part 1. 9755-13  Unidentified flying objects.” File raised 10 Aug 1990. RAAF Pearce. 24 pages

This file consists of a copy of WA reports 25 Jul 1992 Waikiki and 16 Dec 93 Waikiki, and a copy of the telex re the new policy.

File 6/16/Air part 1. 9755-12. “Unusual Aerial Sightings.” 92WG INTEL RAAD Edinburgh. 183pp.






Handwritten note. Report 1850hrs. Mypolonga SA. Large mass of bright white light. Round. 10000 feet high. Sighted above Murray bridge. Moved ESE. Disappeared behind cloud.



Letter. Jul 87. Ed to Mypolonga reporter. Please complete pro forma.



Pro forma Mypolonga. “Assessed as having no military significance.”



Letter. 31 Jul 87. Ed to OIC Police Jamestown.

“Chief Inspector… advises that you have recently received a report on the occurrence of an unexplained phenomenon suggestive of a UFO sighting from a local farmer…” details please.



Pro forma Witness A. Aged 51. Farmer near Jamestown. 25 Jul 87. 1815hrs to 1945hrs. Clear weather at time.  First seen 6o feet from ground to the north. “Craft sighted whilst it parked on ground.” Craft approx 20 yards wide.

Colour- light-iridescent bright red. Craft-bright aluminium appearance. Size-light-cone shape travelling to ground. Craft-12 feet wide 8-9 feet high. Portholes approximately 4 feet above ground. No sound from craft. “Sound of shuffling type of walk treading on plastic heard outside while I was inside house…” “Don’t know how craft left. The light just went off like they had been switched off. Light appeared to be sued for directional purposes only.” “Ground was marked by flattened grass and dried ground and slight indentation.” There was a witness to part of the event-son in law aged 28 was there ion the appearance of the first light only he then left to go home. Form signed by witness on 4 Aug 87.





Copy of Pol9ice report on Jamestown case. Police officer visited site and reported trace faintly visible.


Ref: SAPOL H2 88 U2. Letter from SAPOL to RAAD Ed dated 5 Aug 87.





Record of conversation. Broken Hill newspaper. Report UAS. Bus driver 2000hrs 11 Aug 87 near Peterborough SA. A bright green light travelled parallel to bus. Affected bus electrics. RAAF have not heard of this report.






Record of conversation. ABC Broken Hill. Inquiry re sightings around BH. No specific reports received by RAAF.



Letter. 14 Aug 87. Ed to witness A at Jamestown.

“Thank you for your well documented report of the inexplicable phenomenon which you recently witnessed. Reports of unusual aerial sightings (or UFOs) on the ground are infrequently received by thus office. Your report has seen investigated, but I cannot provide an explanation as to what you saw.


Notwithstanding, the sighting is assessed as having no defence or security implications, and in accordance with Departmental policy will not be investigated further.” However, I’d like your consent to pass your report on to Mr Brunt.



A T Brunt. Article titled “Understanding UFOs”



Pro forma. Copy. Jamestown.



Original of SAPOL report on Jamestown.



Letter. Aug 87. Squadron Leader at Ed to A Brunt. Herewith report from Jamestown.



Letter. 31 Aug 87. From A T Brunt to witness at Jamestown. Some suggestions as to possible cause of the light portion of the sighting.



Letter 17 Aug 87. Re civilian sighting at Broken Hill.



Minute. 3 Oct 87. Flt Lt O/O Big white blob over City



News paper clipping. “UFO buzzed me, farmer claims.” Jamestown case.



Letter. 6 Oct 87. Ed to witness to sighting at Wentworth.



Letter. 6 Oct 87. Pro forma please from witness in 3 Oct 87 case.



O/O log. 1945hrs. From witness at Virginia. Jet flying over house plus a white light.



Record of conversation. 8 Oct 87. Dakota and Mirage were in area of Virginia.



O/o log. 2030hrs. Civilian at Morphett Vale. Stationary blue/green light.



Letter. 13 Oct 87. To witness 61 pro forma please.



O/o log. 2200hrs UFO flew over Parafield. 2145hrs. Bright ball. No noise. 9 Oct 87.



Minute. Witness to 63 contacted.



News paper clipping. Advertiser 21 Jan 88. Mundrabilla.



Letter. 21 Jan 88. Ed to witness-pro  forma please.



Newspaper clipping. Advertiser. Mundrabilla }Probably a meteorite.”






Letter. 9 Feb 88. Ed to Police station Port Augusta. Please fill in a pro forma re two Police Officers re sighting 8 Feb 88.



Pro forma. 8 Feb 88. 2340hrs. Police officer. 12.4km NNW from Highway 87 on Carieweerloo Homestead Road. Clear sky to N. Cloud to S. Fine/mild. Very bright white light seen. Police were responding to civilian report of UFO but saw nothing at first. Then 2 Police Officers saw very bright white light-increased in intensity and appeared to rise by 2-3 degrees then disappeared. 6 witnesses altogether.



o/o log. 0700hrs. Elizabeth North man saw green light going very fast E to N trailing orange.



Letter. Pro forma to witness 17 Mar 88.



Pro forma. Witness aged 61. 7 Mar 88. 0653HRS. 8SECS. 10 DEG EL. 045 DEG Mag az. Lost at 10 deg el 355deg Mag az. Bright green light.



Pro forma. Witness 67 yrs. Findon. 17 mar 88. 0050hrs. 7mins. Object near civilian aircraft.



Occurrence log. Barmera. Big bright blue/silver and gold light over Lake Bonney. 17 Aug 88. 2330hrs.



Letter. Ed 26 Aug 88 to witness 82.



Letter. 12 Sep 88. Ed to Strathalbyn witness. Pro forma please.



Pro forma. Strathalbyn SA 8 Sep 88. 1850hrrs to 2115hrs. 45 deg NE. Very fast light in sky.



Occurrence log. UFO report. 312250k. At 2000hrs Golden Grove. Falling large red and white light.



File note. 11 Nov 88. 2248hrs. W Hindmarsh. Long shape-oval. Pro forma mailed.



Occurrence report. 2205hrs. Hope Valley-light.



Letter. 7 Mar 88. Ed to Hope Valley reporter. Pro forma please.



Occurrence log. 1845hrs. Medindie. Bright light.



Letter. 22 May 89. Ed to witness 92.



Letter. 21 jul 89. Ed to witness Aberfoyle Park 21 Jul 89. Complete pro forma.



Message form. Meadows via Stirling Police. 2300hrs. SW sky. Blue light. 4-5secs.



Message form. From 92QWG to HQAMB. Please interview Qld reporter re complex story.



News clipping. Advertiser 11 Sep 89. “’Space junk’ trail in sky.”



Hand written note. Names and phone numbers.



Hand written note. 9 Sep 89. 1045hrs. Whyalla. Witness at Williams Creek hotel. 20 aircraft travelling at 2500-3000 km/hr.



Record of conversation. Checked re-entry of USA-42 at 09115Z



Minute. 28 Sep 89. Paralowie. 2115 and 2145hrs. 27 Sep 89. Bright white/yellow/orange light in W.



Letter. Ed to witness 101.



Pages from Allen Hendry’s UFO guide book



Letter. 22 Nov 89. Ed to witness-complete pro forma.






File note. Hand written. Report 2230hrs Smithfield. Very bright star.



Occurrence log. Group of lights 0940hrs in N sky. Moving around.



Letter. Ed to witness 22 Nov 89. pro forma please.



Hand written note. “thought associated with sky show.”



Letter. Ed 31 Jan 90. To witness re 30 Jan 89 report. Pro forma please.



Pro forma. Darlington. 25 Jan 90. 25mins 45 deg NNE.



Letter. Ed 20 Feb 90. to witness 20 Feb 90. Pro forma please.



Occurrence log. 012025 Report SW to NE. Very bright light.



Letter. Ed 4 Apr 90. To witness re 2 Apr 90. Pro forma please.



Letter. 21 Aug 90. To witness Paralowie sighting.



Letter. 15 Oct 90. To civilian witness Dulwich. Pro forma please.



Pro forma. Male 62 yrs. 9 Oct 90. Near Auburn SA. Driving south on highway 83. 2230hrs ¼ sec. Clear sky. First seen 20 deg W. Blue/orange ball with sparks.



Handwritten note. 30 Oct 80. Terowie SA. “A UFOI may have landed in his wheat crop. 30 foot diameter circle. Wheat within circle flattened in anti-clockwise direction. Area at about 4 feet from circle where wheat upright and another circle at about ten feet where wheat flattened anticlockwise. Wheat greater than two feet high. Witness ex-army. Photos taken.



Occurrence log. 18 Jan 91. 2200hrs. UFO sighting. Francis SA. 30 deg NE. Bright yellow stationary light.



UFO sighting 6. Male. At Clare/Burra turn off. Travelling SW. Bright green light. 2030hrs. 20 may 91.



UFO sighting 5. Vale Park. Blue light surrounded by white. 2020hrs.



UFO sighting 4. 20 May 91. Blue light white tail. Glandore.



UFO sighting 3. 20 May 91. 2020hrs. Advertiser called re “giant meteorite.”



UFO sighting 2. 2020hrs. 20 May 91. Seacliff. NW sky. Green flash very fast. Smoke trail to W.



UFO sighting 1. 20 May 91. Paralowie. 1M. 2020hrs. Very bright. SE to NW. Left trail.



Letter. Ed to Lobethal witness.



Pro forma. Lobethal. 1F 3 Jul 91. 0525hrs. 45 deg NW Green glow. Downward. Rapid. Vanished.



Minute. 12 Jul 91. UFO report. One Tree Hill. 1M. Bright green light. White. SW. Travelling NE to SW. 80-10secs. 2155hrs.



Occurrence log. 12 Jul 91. 1530hrs. St Peters. 1M. Bright light in NW sky.



Letter. 27 Sep 91. Letter. 1M. Campbelltown. Pro forma please.



Pro forma. 1M 26 Sep 91. 15mins. 45 deg ENE. Two lights. Yellow. Campbelltown.



Letter 21 Jan 92. Port Pirie. Pro forma please.



“This file was checked and found to be complete 15 Jul 94.”

File 5/3/1/AIR Part 11. 9755-16  Reporting on Unusual Aerial Sightings.”

Folios from between 11 Jan 89 and Jan 91 plus telex 1994 policy change

RAAF Base Pearce. 90pp.

  • Various WA reports
  • Folio 18 Department of Defence Ref AF84/3508 Part 1 (4)

12 Apr 84. Change of policy document

  • Letter from “The Canberra Times” FOI “I hereby request copies of all documents relating to the sighting and investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects held in Department of Defence files”
  • Folio 22 “This HQ holds four closed and one current file on Unusual Aerial Sightings.” 200pp in all
  • Folio 23 Hand written notes re Police Bunbury call 0550hrs. Witness A. Lake Clifton WA. Car smell (hot?) Orange light., Few feet above ground.
  • Folio 24 WA Police 19 Jun 85 to Pearce including two page statement from Lake Clifton case witness. Abstract is as follows:

Report from 43 year old self employed farmer with property at Manjimup WA. Started off driving at 0430hrs 13 Jun 85. Driving in car. Between 0500 and 0515hrs near Lake Clifton saw a bright orange light in the middle of the orad travelling south like the witness. It appeared 300-400 yards away. Speed same as him 100-110km/hr. He travelled around a bend and the light disappeared. 6-7kms later it reappeared. “My back became extremely hot and my stomach became chewed up.” Shadow came over the car-smell-smouldering. Shadow accompanied by light like Moon-light. He continued on at the same speed. Light stayed behind him. It faded every now and then. The light above his head was gone by then. Other traffic was passing in the  opposite direction. No traffic behind him travelling his way. He came to another bend and the light disappeared. 6-7kms later it re-appeared behind him and above him. Back became hot and stomach upset again. Smouldering smell. Light then disappeared at a bend. Re-=appeared without warning near Binninup on a straight part of the road.  This time there were two lights. Then for a few minutes he slowed down expecting two lights to pass him but they disappeared. He then travelled on to Bunbury. “My car was not affected in any way.”

Note on file that there was a note in the Police log Bunbury that a person called at  0550hrs 13 Jun 85 to report being followed by a UFO.

  • Copy of Learmouth SA report on this file
  • Copy of 1994 policy change telex
  • Note on inside cover of file that when dealing with UFO reporters “6. be polite.”

File 5/6/1/AIR Part 8. 9755-4 “UFO-reports  HQ Support Command. Folios 10 Jan 78 to 10 Feb 89

  • Various Victorian reports and letters of response from RAAF
  • Includes folio 50

Minute from Lt Col SOI (Int) 12 Oct 78. SOI (Int) to Sqd Leader …… RAAF Security Officer Vic Barracks N Block. “Herewith is a note containing utter drivel. The author is not known but, apparently, is unemployed. The tone of his/her letter indicates some connection with the RAAF.

“2. We have quite enough cranks of our own thanks. Kindly instruct your cranks to address their tales of woe correctly.”

  • 12 Nov 78. 1442hrs 1M 50 yrs. Master Mariner-sea pilot. Weather fine, clear. Wind s/ly 15-20kts. 70 deg el 280deg az to 20 deg el 280 deg az. 2000 feet up. One object dark grey on top. Dark brown bands. 22 feet diameter. Covered 40mins of arc. 90kts. Inverted saucer with dome on top
  • List of UAS sightings 18-23 Oct 78. Twenty one reports from these dates. Various people
  • Memo. 27 Nov 78 from Department of Transport Melbourne file ref V116/783/1047 to Command Intelligence officer HQ Support Command. Re missing aircraft Cessna 182 VH-DSJ on 21.10.78. “A recent letter to you…concerning missing aircraft VH-DSJ and other matters, was despatched without the mentioned attachments. These attachments are included with these letters for your attention.” Attachments are RASAF proforma mentioned in the list above. Sightings around the time of Valentich’s disappearance
  • Some press clippings re Valentich
  • File note: “SNCIO I/C General Registry” on with compliments slip.

From SOI HQSC “Please file these UAS reports on 5/6/1/Air Part 8 (closed). They were kept apart from the file during the inquiry into the Valentich incident and never replaced. Folio number is unimportant.” Flt Lt Int 1

  • File note: “Note for further Intelos lumbered with questions about F…. V….

“In 1983 all paper work on V…..’s disappearance was photocopied by the UFO Research Society in Victoria and all enquiries should be directed to them.” CINTO.  10 Feb 1989.

File 5/6/1/Air part 15. 9755-5 “UFO-reports.” Chief of Air Staff, HQ Supply Command. Raised 25 Sep 1985. Closed 6 Aug 1992. 77pp.

  • folio 3 Memo 9 Oct 1985 from Group Captain for CAS to Commanding officer Base RAAF East Sale

For information CAS HQSC

Unusual radar contact 25 Sep 1985-RAAF East Sale

Ref A HQESL245/COBS of 260016Z Sep 85

1. Reference A gives details of an unusual radar contact on the TPN-802 radar at ESL. ”The investigation by DAFIS has found no conclusive explanation for the contact.” Tracked 155 at 120kts.

1. 2-3 sweeps 050/60 from ESL at 250007Z

2. 2-3 sweeps 060/60 at 250012Z

3. 2-3 sweeps 065/58 at 250015Z

Weather, fine, warm.

  • folio 4 –copy on Hessdalen IUR Nov/Dec 1983 article sent to RAAF by VUFORS
  • Includes report 1967 June from civilian in HIGHTIN p/c 3216-0530hrs No moon. No wind. Dark. Paddock adjacent to Princes Highway. Mount Morial(?) at the 91km post-3-5 chains North of road. Craft stationary for several minutes. Dairy lit up brighter than day and cows very agitated. Went to see what was up. Saw craft in paddock. Lighting up paddock.  There was no visible source of light, no port holes, windows or antenna only a large door open. Door closed and object took off. Revved up to a high pitch. Took off fast. Laster that morning went to site. Circle of ground dry as a bone. Grass was still wet at the inner and outer of the circle. Witness stated that they were a former member of the RAAF. Sketch of object on file 96 feet diameter. Power at dairy was reduces in voltage. Trace was 90- ft diameter with a 3 foot doughnut shaped ring.
  • folio 7 (15 pages long.)

Memo 12 Aug 1987 RAAF Pearce to Airlift Group HQ RAAF Richmond (INTELO)

“1. Attached is documentation of an unusual aerial sighting made bt two members of SAS during recent exercises at RAAF Learmouth. Of interest, and these are points that INTELO RIC ,ay decide to follow-up are:

a. air-ground VHF comms on the night of the sighting (and on that night alone) were not achieved and

b. that at least some of the crew of the 36SQN aircraft also observed the light but decided not to report their sightings.

2. This headquarters has no explanation for the phenomenon observed…”

Letter from Australian Army-The Special Air Services Regiment Campbell Barracks Swanbourne WA 6010. 7 Aug 87. Ref R459-1-1 to Senior Ops Officer, No 3 Telecommunications Unit RAAF Base Pearce from Major….. Intelligence Officer.

UAS report

Report form 1 -2SASSQN SASR Age 36 Witness A

At RAAF airstrip Learmouth. North/south runway. 9 Jun 1987. 1900-1910hrs. Wispy thin cloud at 10,000 feet. Nil ground wind. Visibility good. First observed East at 1600mils 45 deg el. Last seen NE at 800mils 45 deg el. Initially object at 5000 feet then moved up into cloud at 10,000 feet. Used naked eye and binoculars. One white light changing/pulsating to amber. About 5m in diameter. Round. Like a bright star. Zig zag movement from E to W. Nil sound. Approx speed 200km plus slowed to 80knm. Disappeared with great speed.

Approached from E towards the strip. Strip lights were on. It zigzagged to left and right of its axis at 5000 feet. Arrived over the strip (northern end) and went into hover and remained stationary for 6-7 minutes. Light changed colour from white to amber, then it moved upwards into light cloud. Moved NE slowly, then at great speed.

Part 3 of the pro forma is investigating officer’s evaluation.

14 Jul 87 at SASR RHQ. Witness has stable personality and is reliable. “Cause is unknown.” “It would not appear to have been an aircraft.”

Witness A was setting up a DZ for a night free-fall descent. At 1855K was at the W side of the strip opposite civilian terminal. At 1900K the light came from the East. The C130 aircraft involved in the exercise was still on the ground. It became airborne at 1915hrs. Once aircraft airborne tried to establish VHF comms. Two VHF radios used-could not communicate. Fresh batteries in radios. When activity finished witness spoke to pilot of C130. Aircraft had tried to communicate with no success. This was the first time 3-9 June 1987 that comms ground to air failed.

Report form 2 Witness B age 26

Same details as witness A. Witness B is a medic. No connection with any UFO        organisation. Stable and well balanced.

  • copies of VUFORS Bulletin on file
  • Copy of Richard Haines’s dust analysis from Mundrabilla sent in by VUFORS.

File 5/113/Air part 7. 9755-18 “Unidentified Aerial Sightings.” Opened 23 Apr 1987. Last folio 8 Mar 1988.  HQ no 82 Wing RAAF base Amberley Qld. 174 pp.

This file contains numerous reports from Queensland and response letters from the RAAF to reporters. The response letters mention a possible explanation and that only reports with a Defence or security implication are investigated.

File 5/113/Air Part 8.  9755-19  Unusual Aerial Sightings.” Opened 13 May 1988

Closed 19 Dec 1989.159 pp. HQ no 82 Wing RAAF base Amberley Qld

This file contains numerous reports from Queensland and response letters from the RAAF to reporters. The response letters mention a possible explanation and that only reports with a Defence or security implication are investigated.

  • folio 28 Report from civilian 25 Apr 89 with names of aliens. “Observer claims he knows too much and wishes to turn himself in. Wants to report personally.” Handwritten note on file “Special Branch/CI Brisbane checked out Mr….. Apparently he suffered an industrial accident some years ago that affected his reasoning; also he has a (minor) alcoholism problem. RAAFPol advice is that his mother (who was aware of his UFO activity) may have him treated/committed.

File 6/9/AIR Part 2.  “Unusual Aerial Sightings.” RAAF Williamtown. Folios start 7 Mar 90. 93pp.

  • Folio 22 Minute paper 1 Sep 91. Phone call from Mussell Creek. Musselbrook. Farmer found two rings  3.5-4m diameter of dead grass in paddock. Not first time rings have been found
  • Various NSW reports
  • Folios 65 confidential

From:  2CRU

To:      AHQAUST


            Coastwatch Canberra











SUBJ: ACREP  2CRU/001/94

A.     050232Z

B.     0837S 1293SE

C.     080/NIL/350kts

D.    Travelled along FIR boundary for four minutes

E.     Notified XO

F.      Extant Peace Time

G.    Nil means of identification.



MI RAYBUY 0013 125065Z.

  • File cover says-changed to 6/9 from 6/5 on 22 Feb 93.

File 5/9/Air Part 7. 9755-17  Unusual Aerial Sightings.” Held by 86 Wing Richmond. 113pp. Folios from 30 Apr 84 to 23 May 91

Various proforma and letters of response from RAAF, plus copy of the Aug 87 Learmouth SA report.

File 5/6/4/AIR Part 1.  9755-1 “UAS Policy-Hessdalen. ”CAS HQ Support Command. File raised 5 Feb 87

  • Lots of coloured photographs on file
  • Copies of some pages from Hendy’s UFO guidebook.

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