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by Diane Harrison


Hi everyone

Another 8 weeks has passed and we have all been really busy investigating and answering all the UFO hotline callins todate. UFO sightings have increased at an alarming rate “I guess summer is on its way”.

What has happen in the pass eight weeks, the sudden death of Graham Birdsall editor of UFO magazine in the England has been a shock to all of us, no one expect someone some young to pass so suddenly, Graham will be missed by many here are a few comment from our Australian UFO investigators who got to know Graham over the years.

Robert Frola Editor
My sincere condolances to Graham’s wife Christine and daughters for his shock passing from Diane and I of The Australasian Ufologist Magazine and all the UFO researchers from ‘Down Under’.

It is often said that it is not the destination but the journey that one should note. And Graham, who led by example, has done just that. His accomplishments will stay with us for some time to come. And now, in death, hes got the last laugh over all of us. He knows the truth of what UFOs are all about! He will be sorely missed by us all. Cheers
Robert Frola

Mary Rodwell ACERN
Hello Everyone. There will be many tributes coming from all over the world for Graham and I would like to add mine. For me Graham was not just a outstanding researcher and editor of one of The Worlds leading Ufological magazines, he was a charismatic speaker who had the ability to make even the media stand up and listen which was a true gift. I believe Graham had theunique ability to convey information in such a way that made the subject of Ufology more acceptable to the general public. He will certainly be recognised as one of the leading men in Ufology especially for his enormous and inestimatible contribution to this subject in the UK.

For me he epitomises all that great researchers offer the enthusiasm, dedication and passion for informing the public, and courage to stand by his convictions with absolute integrity.

On a personal note I feel I have lost a colleage and true friend. When I first met Graham in Perth, West Australia I was struck by his warm, and welcoming personality, his sense of humour and his friendliness. I feel honoured to believe we struck a friendship on that time and it has continued.

No matter how busy Graham had time for a chat and time to share what has always been dear to his heart, his wonderful family, his love and passion for Ufology.

I know he was a dedicated husband, father and Grandfather and I cannot imagine how hard this enormous loss will be for them. And the many thousands who met and liked and respected Graham. Personally I am devastated I feel I too have lost a dear friend and colleague, and the world will be a little less bright! We so need men of Grahams calibre, but I know that he has left a wonderful legacy through the amazing work he has done and the people he has helped by being here.

And we all know that behind a great man is a very special woman and Christine Birdsall is all of that. My heartfelt condolences to this wonderful lady who I know was the closest to Graham’s heart. I have seen her dedication and support of Graham and she too deserves to be recognised as the anchor to Graham, as he told me he could not have done any this without her.

My condolences to his family and grandchildren and all those people who loved him. I hope that in your sadness that you can also be proud to know that he was not just a great man a leader in his field, but greatly loved by so many. In deep respect, Graham, you will be sadly missed.
Mary Rodwell

Charmaine AUFORN SA
Hi list, I think these words express what most of us thought about Graham Birdsall. Even those of us who at times had a different view or thought to what Graham was saying, he still was a person who was ‘out there’ telling the world to open its eyes and mind to the FACT that UFO’s and Ex terrestrial Life DOES exist. Sympathies to his family and friends,


UFO research NSW
Our thoughts and feelings are with Graham’s family and friends. If Graham made an impact here on earth, just imagine what he can do from “up there”! Soar through the heavens, Graham! From the President, Committee and members of UFO research NSW, AUSTRALIA.
Elizabeth Budek

Ambilac team
Hello We were saddened to hear of the recent passing of Graham, as you may know we have worked in related research for some time, and often referenced Graham’s material. I would be grateful if you would pass on our condolences and thoughts to Graham’s wife and family.
Best wishes
Howard M -J James Wilkie

Debbie Payne AURA
Having purchased UFO Magazine for several years and being spellbound by the quality of the articles, I for one will miss Graham very much. He was a much respected icon in UFOlogy and a ground breaker for so many alternative theorists. The amount of sheer hard work and effort put into this field by Graham and his team to raise the credibility profile of researchers, alternative scientists, authors and experiences will be a hard act to follow. In fact I don’t think anyone can replace a person of Graham’s calibre. Gone to the next level far too soon. Deepest sympathy to Christine and family,
Debbie Payne

Glennys & George Mackay QUFON
Graham’s passing will be a very sad loss to the UFO community, his hard work and dedication to his magazine and organisingthe Leeds conferences etc will be sadly missed. I had the pleasure of Graham staying with us in 1997 when hecame as one of our guest speakers at the International UFO Symposium here in Brisbane, later on I spent time with him and his family along with Ademar at Lachlan, USA, had a great time,and will hold on to those happy memories of a very forthright, and decent human being. God Bless you Graham, may the wings of light speed you on your journey, to those who wait for you on your never ending journey. I pray for peace love and guidance to Christine and the girls at this time.

Glennys & George Mackay

Bill Chalker
I’d like to add my own comments to the AUFORN tribute. While I had never met Graham in person, and at times may have not agreed with some of the stuff in his “UFO magazine” there is no doubt he made a great contribution to popularise the subject and raising its profile through his magazine, conferences and many other efforts. To take what started out as a local group publication in England to a monthly glossy newstand publication that went around the world is a fine achievement In anyone’s language.

While I’m personally saddened by his passing at such a young age and I offer my sincerest condolences to his family and friends, his legacy, particularly with his magazine, was very significant and will remain. His many efforts to open up the subject all around the world will be missed, but they have certainly had their impact. Graham - a fine job!
Bill Chalker

George Simpson AUFORN Victoria
On behalf of all of the members of the Victorian branch of the Australian UFO Research Network I would like to send our Deepest Sympathies and Condolences to Graham’s family and friends. Graham has set a fine example for UFO Researchers the world over to aspire to, and if we could end up one half as good natured and professional as he was, then we would have achieved plenty.

Unfortunately Graham, we never had the pleasure of meeting you in person. We hope your work and your organisation will be successfully carried on into the future as you would have wished. Thank you for inspiring us all and for setting the standards of UFO research and publications by your example.
George Simpson

See you in the next issue of the Ufologist Magazine.


Police are often the first point of contact for members of the public wishing to report unusual phenomena such as UFO sightings. Doug Moffett, State Director of the Australian UFO Research Network, said his organisation runs a freecall hotline specifi-cally for those who wish to report UFOs or UAPs (unusual aerial phenomena). “Our role is to identify the object as terrestrial, if indeed it is, and to collate information on genuine unknowns. There have been occa-sions where members of the public have become upset by something as simple as Venus. It is clear that police do not have the manpower or resources to investigate such reports. “

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