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Observation: I was standing in my back lawn looking at the stars, the Southern Cross etc.

My dog(German Shepherd) standing beside me started growling. I then looked north in the sky and with the glow from streetlights etc I nearly fell back. I actually said "What the

hell is that!" What I saw appeared (to me) to be just above the treetops travelling from

north to south in a slow steady movement. This thing was 'V-shaped (triangle) with at
least 4 round lights down each side of the 'V' yet they weren't lit however I could clearly

see what I was seeing thanks to the lights from the ground illuminating up. The thing
was huge and what I could see was to me the underneath of it. I watched it for about
10 or so seconds until it disappeared further south over line of view was

then blocked. My dog then stopped growling!
Listen to the most recent Police report from the Dandenong Mt Victoria report via 29th August 2008 "Air Services Australia"
JULY 1969 CAIRNS (QLD) 0130hrs (CE1)
Report taken by Diane Frola AUFORN

Les said: I was a Police sergeant in Cairns in July 1969. I was out on patrol in the early hours of the morning, this was about 1.30 am in the morning with Sergeant Stan Gees. We had just started patrol of Cairns we had to go out to Edmonton & Gordonvale because they weren't 24hrs police stations
at the time.

Now on our way back we got a call to nature we got out of the car along a very quiet road going up to west Cairns and the sky was clear you could see for miles. While we were relieving ourselves all of a sudden there was well Stan called out to me, hey Les what's that up there and I could see a big silver streak coming through the sky.

After about a couple of seconds this sorta streak stopped then there appeared to be this big silver ball up in the air. If I describe it as a ball you know what a soccer ball or a basket ball is. If you're looking about 20 feet away that'show big it was. Now while we were watching a couple of minutes later a littleround object came out, it came down and stopped, followed by a second one
followed by a third one.

Now the one on the right went out to the right and stopped the one on theleft went out and stopped the one in the middle came down and stopped.

Then they came back to where they where, then they moved across to the right hand side and stopped, they went up through the center the up ove to the left hand side, they came back to the center and then after a fewminutes one went inside this thing the next one appeared to go inside then the third one went in. A couple of minutes passed then there was this silve streak in the sky and away it went.

Stan said to me what do you think of that, well Einstein said space is endless. Maybe there's more people way out in space sorta coming to have a look at us that are a lot more advanced. We were flabbergasted.

We were thinking of putting a report in but Stan said no that they would laugh at us and so forth so we didn't we just kept it to ourselves. Anywa we did find out that someone on the Atherton Tablelands had seen this thing up near Atherton. And then there was 2 fella's out fishing and they reckon they saw it too. Then there was a milkman and he spotted it.

Stan told me, when he went down the RSL a few days later when he overheard people talking about space things and they started talking about what we saw.