In 1952 I was an apprentice cadet officer with the P&O S.N.Co. I was on the 10,000 ton freezer ship, Paringa. We called at Sydney where a family friend, Dr McMahon, kindly visited the ship and obtained permission to take myself and one other cadet ashore for the day. Dr McMahon drove us on a short tour of the sights and we returned to his home for refreshments. As I remember, home was a substantial terrace house in a row of four or six. The weather was exceptionally sultry suggesting that thunder was not far away.

While drinking tea in his kitchen we all became aware of an unusual flashing and flickering light in the garden behind the house. We moved into the garden.

We could now hear a spluttering, fizzing and crackling and could clearly see the source; a ‘floating’ ball-shaped object, seemingly somewhat larger than a football, giving off a brilliant white (blue?) light as it moved gracefully along the roof peak from house to house. I remember that it navigated very neatly around one of the chimney stacks, possibly more than one, but I cannot remember. This ‘ball’ was sizzling with energy and appeared to give off sparks.

The ball reached the chimney stack of the last house and then moved from our sight.

Dr McMahon advised us that it was a ‘fireball’ but could tell us little more.

Finding websites on the subject, 54 years on, made me think it might be worthwhile recounting this story. On most occasions my listeners have totally disbelieved this story!

Regards to Oz,

Tony Jarman
Cornwall, United Kingdom
21 March 2006


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