Hello my friends.

Thought I’d let you in on some information on UFO sightings I’ve had and other important footnotes.

First Sighting
1964 Santa Maria, California, USA
My friend Dennis and myself watched a silver glowing object in the sky doing 90-degree turns then stopping for a few minutes. This went on for about thirty minutes.

Second Sighting
1965 NAF El Centro Navy Base
Remote air ground targets (fifty miles from anything in desert). Three orange objects flying over eight of us for ten minutes.

Third Sighting
At 1000 elevation, thirteen people saw an oval-shaped object 100 to 150 metres across. It stayed in a stable position for one hour then left when four navy jets flew at it.

Fourth Sighting
Ten people watched an object (fifty feet diameter) exhibit rainbow colours and project a yellow light beam as if searching over the ground.

Fifth Sighting
Five people watched a glowing blue object of about 100 feet diameter. After a couple of minutes waves of light started emitting from the object in concentric circles just as a rock produces when dropped into a pond. Waves went for about thirty seconds then the UFO disappeared.

This was the changing of the vibrational level of ship. Humans are ‘3rd vibrational level’ so at ‘5th vibrational level’ ships or aliens themselves become unseeable.

Footnote - one and a half years ago people in Darwin changed from 3rd vibrational level to 4th vibrational level. First place to change on Earth!

Sixth Sighting
Still NAF El Centro (remote air to ground targets; 3 targets)
After four jets did a bombing run at 9 pm, a bright blue light (approx. fifty feet diameter) came towards the control tower. There was a wall of white smoke about the object which was 100 feet off the ground. There was a very high-pitched humming sound. Came 200 feet from seven of us then headed towards the Mexico border … for ten minutes the object was watchable …

Seventh Sighting
1992 Darwin, Australia, 11 pm YMCA
Two of us watched an alien ship about 100 feet away just over a hotel moving about 5 mph. Ship size was 100 feet long, 30 feet thick, 50 feet wide. Very strange because the ship was like a ghost outline. Aliens had made a mistake with their vibrational level as to where the object was seeable. Object ship headed in a southward direction.

Eighth Sighting
1984 Alaska, Pump Station 10 (Alaskan pipeline, 15 miles from anything), 1 am, Myself and Al Prizan.
In the distance the area started lighting up like it was daylight. Ship was about 1500 feet over us moving at 15 to 20 mph. Ship size was about a mile long, 500 to 800 feet thick, half wide. We could see big tanks with tubes going in all directions but no window. Many huge cloud doors. Ship would look very similar to the battleship Galactica which you watch on the TV. Energy was felt going through us so we were being scanned. Two days later the newspaper had an article about a remote Indian village 300 miles away seeing the same ship.

Footnote – there is an opening (gateway) where the alien ship comes through by this rainbow mountain.

Ninth Sighting
1994 Palmerston, 20 miles from Darwin, 2 January, 1.30 am.
Three orange sphere flying above Palmerston for four minutes (wife was with me).

Tenth Sighting
Norlangir Rock National Park, Kakadu, Australia, 2 am.
Sitting in a quartz rock circle in park with brother-in-law. Had two feet spheres (yellow green blue) flying above us, 30 feet away for five minutes.

Eleventh Sighting
Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, Australia, 11.30 pm
Two white glowing ships approx. 5000 feet. Using my fingers, I made a triangle and pulled the ships down. Just smiled and went to bed. At 3 am the dogs went wild. Walked about two-acre block with a flashlight and felt something strong in front area by fence. I can [feel] spirits or aliens of any vibration but couldn’t see anything. My stomach starting churning so I went back into the house. Dogs barked again at 5 am but I stayed in bed. Taking a shower at 7 am I noticed three burn marks on my cheek. Had my wife look back on the night (she is also a spiritual person who can see and hear spirits). She saw four aliens, approx. six feet tall with white glow suits (humanoid looking). They had come into the bedroom and placed an object on my face. She couldn’t see their eyes because they wore orange goggles over their eyes. Mark stayed for three days then disappeared.

Went out to area where I had been that night but didn’t feel sick. Couldn’t see the alien ship but could feel it.

(door stopper/wedge shape) 40 feet long, 12 feet high, 12 feet wide. Power source at wide end, controls at wedge end. Controls are mental or place your hands in the handprint.

Brought one of my spiritual student (Allan, an ex cop for ten years and in secret service) and we set up two chairs and backtracked where the ship came from. In astral projection we followed the trail to a mothership approx. 75 miles across (sphere). On board were 6000 two-man ships, 100 100-man ships and 300 15,000-man ships.

In the astral (spiritual bodies) I talked to the leader of the ship. Asked for knowledge to help our human brothers and sisters. He said they were surprised I had pulled down their two ships to the ground. He said he couldn’t give any knowledge without their leader’s permission. I said just a minute and closed my eyes. Thinking of his leader, I pulled him from where he was. Distance was unknown but in a flash the leader of his people was standing next to the captain of the ship. The leader was quite shocked but I just smiled. After explaining to him what I wanted he said the info I wanted would be given to me in time. He said the one ship at my block in Humpty Doo would be moved to where ever I moved. And the ship was mine to learn to fly.
Later I brought over a friend of my wife who’s a hybrid (half human and half alien).

Footnote - there are 530 hybrids living in Australia right now. On the planet Earth there’s over 150,000!

The hybrid Julie was taken to the ship on the block and confirmed these alien people are related to her father’s alien people.

My wife Veronica also took out a transplant in my chest that had been put there during the night the two ships were pulled down. Most transplants (99%) are invisible to the human eye.

(Box shaped, 3.5 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide, half inch deep. Object would transmit pictures and listen to people talking)
This ship is now in Tiwi, a subdivision of Darwin. My own yard. 60 bases throughout Australia and some in ocean too.

During my Native American Indian spiritual classes I teach, each student gets an alien guide who comes from the League of the White Light. The League is made up of 142 alien nations. There also is a Black League (the greys are from the Black League. Also the Lizard people too).

The League of the White Light made us human beings. Thirteen alien nations jointly made us humans. First batch had a massive war and destroyed themselves. Only ten time capsules do remain. One was found in Tibet but the monk closed the entrance. The true United Nations will be built up here in Darwin after the great war (WWIII). All the star peoples will come to help us rebuild.

About 25 to 26 years ago a three-man alien ship landed in the desert country out of Alice Springs. The alien ship was taken to Pine Gap. Right now the two aliens are in Pine Gap and one was taken to US and killed by the Greys.

… the hybrid named Julie who was involved with the two alien ships earlier … is related to the locked up aliens in Pine Gap.

One and a half years ago we were receiving and transmitting with them. We were told to stop because the Greys were trying to find out who the aliens were talking to. Two weeks later Julie had two strange visitors at 3 am. They drove a truck but didn’t walk like humans. Walked from side-to-side like an ape. They had a box … with blinking lights. Coming within twenty feet from her house in the remote Darwin River area they stopped. One said, “This is not the place”. They went back to the truck and left her property.

Pine Gap
Even our leader John Howard can’t go inside Pine Gap. Sixty stories drop with tunnels going to bases through out the desert about Alice Springs. These tunnels also go throughout our planet. Their power source is greenish glowing crystals.

Pine Gap also had a merman! Yes there are also mermaids too.

To go to the underground area of Pine Gap your vibrational level has to go to 20 vibrational rate. Even the Greys will not be able to see you. I am talking about going there in your astral body.

Religious Aspect
The egg in Jesus’ mother was an alien egg. The sperm was from an alien. The star the three wise men followed to Jesus as a baby was an alien ship. Jesus was 100% alien makeup.

In Rome the church has what I call the ‘Gold Room’. This room has 100s of alien objects and even a 2 mm alien ship.

What really is the force that controls human beings on this planet? The answer is religion.

The dark forces use religion to keep people in a controllable mode.

We could use alien knowledge to cure all sickness, unlimited power sources and much, much more.

Sadly the dark ones use the knowledge to control the people. It will take WWIII for this change …

The majority of the people on our planet have been created 100s of times and some 1000s. Seventy per cent of humans have been created as aliens and all the knowledge is still within. We sadly are taught through religions and educational institutions all things have limitations. In truthful reality there are no boundaries. You can throw out 99% of what you know and begin afresh. “Something is nothing but nothing is indeed something. You yourself make something out of nothing.”

Have another ten UFO sightings but will sign off for now.

Greys Ship
(Wedge shaped) 300-500 feet wide, 600 feet long side, 100-150 feet thick, 1500 greys per ship, underside light pattern

Greys planet is dying so race looking for another planet to live upon. Earth was a choice but that plan has been changed. League of the White Light has given them another planet similar to Earth, approx. 25 light years from Earth.

Of women abducted and never returned, these female human are breeders. These women are impregnated, put into a non-gravity area and the children are delivered.

*The main factor for breeding is to obtain the six senses we humans have that they have lost.

Right now there are only about 800 Greys (three sizes) upon Earth. This group still wants to take over our planet. Their leader, who has four eyes, has ordered all grey to leave earth but this small group has stayed anyway.

Staying here they’re working with the few whom control this planet. In Switzerland there is a small town with a group of eighteen men. They control everything on our planet. They control banking, oil, social ideals, wars and who becomes elected as leaders in all countries.

Most of your world leaders are controlled by the Grey or the Lizard people.

Most leaders have controlling walkin alien. Example is Mr Greenspan, head of the US Federal Reserve Bank. Even though he quite old, you’ll notice he gets about like a man 25 years old. The key to know if someone has a walkin alien living inside is their eyes. Next chance you get, make an observation of Mr Greenspan’s eyes. These eyes are not of an old man.

Travel Vortexes
Making a travel vortex is somewhat similar to creating a quartz rock circle.
There is a relationship of an above ground travel vortex with the gravitational pull of the Earth and Moon in our case.

Human beings’ present thoughts on travelling faster than the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) [is that they] believe the human body will be a physical mess when stopping. This ideal is false!

In very similar terms, aliens vary this basic concept.

Outer hull of ship is stable.

Inner part of ship turns, either in the physical or energy, so the beings are not affected by travelling faster than light.
This can be a free-floating part of the ship.

Can use magnets or controlled energy (negative or positive).

Sometimes anti-matter is used.

Mick ‘Keenusit’ McClintic


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