I’m forty now and was a senior cabin crewmember with QANTAS from 1988-95, and saw too much, and was ostracised out of the company for that. But as water under the bridge, it’s way gone now. So I will share with all, my writings.

We are not alone.

It was a quiet night sector on the QANTAS Boeing 767, a non-eventful flight on the way to Japan. All of the aircraft’s passengers were relaxing after a feed of the best airline food you could reheat and serve.

The crew was relaxing during the shift breaks, and I was on the flight deck seeing that my Captain and First Officer were properly looked after. After chatting about where a good place to eat and have a few beers in downtown Tokyo would be, I pointed out to the skipper the bright lights heading straight towards us.

This was not an unusual happening, as the highway in the sky has many jets that face each other, the usual response is to flash your landing headlights and light up the tail flag as you pass by. Well this time it was different.

The aircraft didn’t flash back, but broke up like a shower of meteors. And passed very brightly on the left-hand side of us. A truly amazing display. We filled in various observational incident forms and discussed what it may have been, meteor or satellite burn up, whatever. But the unspoken word was that a few of the bright filaments that separated went off in perpendicular directions.

After decades of flight experience the skipper commented that he had never seen any thing like that.

We sent the forms to the Sydney University but it was months before a reply was forthcoming, the explanation being that it was the due re-entry of a Russian satellite. This was an answer that was impossible as the named satellite was still in orbit at the time and didn’t burn up till months past this incident. As a constant traveller to many countries, when you seek out astronomy subjects from various nations you get various conflicting answers from the observational astronomy experts. The reported re-entry was in a totally different location. And was an awaited happening by the agency that placed the spacecraft in original orbit.

We are the safest airline in the world.

It was not too far past this time that a dear college friend of mine was operating on a 747-400 flight to Los Angeles direct, when the aircraft was ordered by the US Navy to immediately divert course or be fired upon. It was flying over the French Polynesian islands at the time. And the skipper was the second most senior check captain in the company.

Isn’t it amazing that one of those islands is a colony for the guests of the star nations. Bashar told at a channelled meeting that they... have an island in the Pacific that is available for them to reside upon, and any closer details were not allowed to be shared at this time, but will be available in the not too far future time.

I thank you for allowing me to share with all of you, the truths that happen, that change the way I view our planet.

Jason Doherty
13 January 2005


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