To whom it may Concern

My name is S B. I am 29 years old and ever since I was about 13 years old I have been experiencing strange phenomena in regards to ‘alien abduction’ and visitation over the years and I believe from what I have seen I may be able to advance your research in areas that you might not have thought of.

For a long time I never said anything because there was a lot of ridicule and I got harassed when I did say something on the topic, I was targeted by religious zealots telling me that I was attacked by demons and other people laughed and thought I was going around the bend. And others pretended to me my friend but all they did was make fun of me behind my back I soon found out those types that they where not as what they seemed to be. I did approach a UFO investigator that worked in radio and I did an interview with him and was on air in 1995, but his dealings I felt with me personally where not ethical, in the sense that he made unwanted advances and I felt very uncomfortable. I have suffered social isolation because of it, and I refuse to be put off in regards to it, I need to say something otherwise I feel I am going to explode with sheer frustration.

There have been a lot of rumors regarding these visitors, (Grays are the term I believe you have for them) I feel that most of the things we perceive of them are false, I could not understand for a long time nor could I work out why they are doing the things that they are and for a long time I worked on some ideas and now that I feel that I have enough to go on. I would like a professional opinion on my theories. If you are interested of course! This will be covered in the next letter I sent you.

In this letter I want to tell you of things that I saw in regards to this and some of the things I was told turned out to be correct. It could be meaningful coincidences I don’t discount that but something is going on.

My niece saw the lights as did my brother in law and sister but they didn’t think much of them as they looked like streetlights above the scrub. There was no street lights there as it was thick scrub and there where no houses as this was the edge of the Brisbane State Forest as they appeared and disappeared in no way that I have seen streetlights behave before or since I have never seen streetlights come down have you?

I went and checked for an explanation saw burnt circles of grass and covered over by leaves if someone lit a fire then they would be in jail as it was right next to an open cyclone fence in a State Forest. There was nothing or no one there. I went home and mum said I had been gone over an hour and I know that that walk was only 5 minutes at the most because I went and showed a friend of mine the circles, and it was about the same time I had looked around and in fact I felt that we had taken longer just by looking in the scrub further in Warren ran off he was freaked out and I turned back into the scrub to see what was going on, we went back home mum commented on how quick we where all I knew on the previous day I had turned around and gone home after a quick survey of the covered up circles I was thinking they are covering their tracks to me. that was. I recalled the experience in dreams days later.

I asked the Greys what cloning meant – as I did not know what was meant by cloning – they told me correctly what it was.

I was asked to join together the following stars

Star name, colour and discoveries on Star.

Lynx Vela Formalhaut - White - Planets.
Fornax? - Which star referred to?.
Cappella - Yellow.
Caster - Double Double Suns.
Pollux - Double Sun.
Denebola - Planets.
Archenar - Red.

There is a red star a white star and green star (blue white) and yellow in it as well. I am not sure if there is anything to this puzzle

I was taken to their planet or given a virtual reality vision of their planet. I was given a night sky view and I recorded it the next day as soon as I could and six months later I came across a Circumspace Program. which allows you to view the sky from different perspectives. As the Zeta Reticuli hypothesis was popular I felt after much fiddling around with the view that the sky was a good match but I realized much later in 2003 that there was something wrong with the idea, it did not account for the second sun and ZR System was not the one I saw unless there is a third sun not detected by astronomers here.

I matched the sky I drew and compared it to Circumspace to a system called Zeta Hercules after working out the following.

Sun 1 is a little bit bigger than our sun it’s so bright I have to wear sunglasses for my protection.

Sun 2 is Orange/red/pink colour.

They have a three hour night their hour is 80 minutes long and their minutes are 80 seconds long.

There is a net gain of 6.6 earth minutes per their hour. I am not certain of how many hours there are in their day.

Their planet rotates backward in relation to earths rotation the suns rise in the west and set in the east. When one of them pointed north in one incident I was able to work this out.

They eat 5 times daily.

Their working week is 10 days and a four day week end (14 days).

There is 3 weeks to a month (42 days)
8 months to a year 336 days - 29 days short of our year.

I was told that the distance from there to earth was 305 trillion k’s which divided by a light year 9.46 trillion ks equals 32 I assume that this is light years also.

What I drew in 1995 and compared it to the sky view in 2003 was a near perfect match and that I didn’t have to alter the angle of view at all.

The second sun I was told is at least closer than Neptune is to our sun.

I feel given the information given that they are from Zeta Hercules, I thought that XI Bootes was a goer for a while.

Also I was shown their alphabet 1989 and again in 1994 and I wrote it all down as soon as I could -what I could remember and the fact I have matched writing shown to a lady called Grace and her friends that where chased in 1994 near Bacchus Marsh, she and her friends where on telly and in Woman’s Day some of the symbols I was shown in 1989. also I purchased a book in 2003 called Beyond my Wildest Dreams and again I found some matches to her writing as well.

I have been tested for mental illness in the past in 1996 via an EEG and again in 2001 as I was severely depressed and suicidal at one point over a mystery illness that was causing me to have blackouts. The doctor felt that what the real problem was that the Cardiologists where not listening and he said that from what he knew of me in that two hours that I was not mentally ill in any shape or form and I asked him how he knew that and he said from my answers to questions and he was thorough in them and my actions, and he knew I wasn’t t putting on an act and all that I really needed was a true friend.

The blackouts where confirmed in 2003 to be of cardiac origin due to an abnormal rhythm called Ventricular Tachycardia this is a dangerous one if it goes sustained and the only way to get out of it alive is to receive a electric shock from a defibrillator. The visitations where tied up in that as well I had fainted four times during separate experiences as well as some that they helped me. I was also fainting for want of a better expression in my ordinary life.

The Grays told me in 1989 that in one experience that there was something wrong with my heart this was where I was so freaked out (I was screaming for over an hour) they told me when they returned me to bed that they had to resuscitate me with their version of a defibrillator, (and they messed up my room pulled the curtain down and left the front door open and I got the rap for it and I didn’t do it! I had a blood nose and they told me I was going to crossbreed with them I thought they where joking and I laughed at them when they said it to me I said Your aliens you cant do that, it would a phenomenon if we crossed a human with a fish the sister of the Leader – now both my friends said that they where not fish they where like us)

I didn’t believe them about them saving my life at first until it happened again in 1998 and again they helped me, and again at another time only doing CPR and I know I woke up and I screamed Ouch! This is not including other four other faints I had whilst I had with them. One that I had befriended after a very long time and I had come to trust and share my life with him just like and ordinary couple, one day I went to the doctors and I had an ECG, I thought that the nurse said I had Pericarditis and that, I said I didn’t and I got really mad at her but later on she told me she had said Prolonged QT, she said it when I had my right ear toward her and often when I face people on the right side as I don’t hear well on that side I misunderstand people and its happened a lot of times before and since so now I try and listen on my left side or look at them directly. (I was corrected by this nurse over 4 months ago at present) as to what she said in 1999 she remembered me because Long QT isn’t common.

Later that night in July 1999 I was visited by my Gray friend he looked at the ECG and though his Jeduk (light that I believe you investigators call scout lights) he helped and me told me that I had Long QT Syndrome. I asked a cardiac nurse over six weeks later on it because I thought that he was mistaken as he had been mistaken on an idea that I might have had Cardiomyopathy, she said I had it a (long QT) and that proved how good I was in reading ECG’s! When I went and saw a doctor he just laughed at talked me out of it and I thought alright we was wrong then in 2001 which according to all the medical standards with world experts I actually do have it but the doctors over here are being pig headed over it and won’t help me. I had asked them over it as a suggestion and they are being pig headed over it - because I know of someone who is not as bad as me, my QTc was higher than hers and symptomatically I have 4 generation of symptoms my Great Grandmother and her son my Grandfather died suddenly and my father almost died of ventricular fibrillation when I was seven we thought it was a heart attack, I didn’t know until I was 26 what that was after I contacted my biological parents, it transpired he had faints like me and that the VF cause could not be determined. And with the history I have had, don’t worry I’m fuming on this whole situation. The person I know her QTc is a lot lower than mine by at least 10-15 points and she got diagnosed officially and she is being treated for it and she hasn’t fainted for years.

I was told in 1995 to obtain the Gene Map, I did that and I was told the discovery was not on there I was told about chromosome 12 and that years later in 2003 I was found to have Stickler Syndrome and that is a fault on chromosome 12 and I am certain he said about chromosome 6 as well.

My experiences began on October 21st 1988 when I was living in Ferny Hills. This night I thought that the UFO was the moon, and I remember saying to myself that I couldn’t study the stars because of a full moon, then the ‘moon’ acted weird coming down into my backyard from next doors and then all these little blue lights came around me, I have written three books each over 400 pages long (A5) Some events I can recall are really good others are partial others I believe I am too scared to face. I have recorded everything I remember and there are things I did that that not every one will like, but I think the end justified the means in terms of discovery.

I believe that I have seen other people on the spaceship, I do not know if these people are real, or if they remember it and have reported it to anyone or if the scenario was like a virtual reality psychological test. I will tell you what I know of these people that I saw because I would be very interested to see if there have been any reports of these people that you know of that might have a record of them having such an experience.

I told them I liked astronomy and I liked other things to do with it and I liked Art and Social Science and that I was having trouble convincing my mum and dad to like my friends at school....

....If you are interested at any stage I would like to discuss this in some context. I found you on the website and this one is a good one, the best I have seen anyway. There is a lot of rubbish going on here in regard to this topic. I hope, by my experiences, that I will change this and at last have some kind of strategy to help on both sides. They are not aliens, they can’t be, but that will be addressed in the next letter I look forward to your reply,


Anomynous Female
Brisbane, QLD
21 January 2005


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