My first experience of a UFO happened about ten years ago when I was working as assistant to the electrician in Queensland Rail, Moranbah, Central Queensland coalfields. We were on the line between Moranbah and Clermont; it was about 3.00 am. We just rectified the last of the drop tracks on the Moranbah tracks so we’re about 15 to 25 minutes from home when I noticed a moving star. I don’t know what colour it was because I’m coloured blind. I quickly tapped Damien King on the shoulders and said, “What is that?” and he said he didn’t know but “let’s get out of here”. It looked like it was watching us and when we both looked at it, it moved like you see something out of the movies, say greased lightning. Anyway me and Damien never mention that to anyone until now.

I’m 32 years old. I’ve got two beautiful girls and a wife and these strange objects still hover around our town. I don’t know what so can you give me some answers because the other morning me and a mate were looking to the north when we notice three stars one after another heading in a zigzag motion from south to west until they got below the tree line and moving quickly and you couldn’t see it no more.


Mr. Vootthichai Nongsra
29 November 2005


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