The poem is about my abduction experiences, and the way I dealt with them via writing them down. I’m sure a lot of help can be given to folks who also go through this stuff.

When I was a little boy
At night time they would come
Over my bed they starred at me
Big black eyes so scared to see
I pulled my blankets over my head
And then had dreams of fear and dread

Come and go the early late
The room dissolve no need for gate
A hum my body Shurly knew
And fear would ripple through and through
With no memory of event
My pillow soaked in blood, my family
How could they know I dearly needed love

And things I’d see fantastic
Cities underground, frozen people trapped in time
Queued along the terror line
And spinning tops of large house size
Lay stretched along before my eyes
My Nordic teacher lead

To awaken in my room
With a strange shaped bruise on my leg
A trickle from my nose
The buzzing sound deep in my head
A reminder of last nights dread

And years would pass and fine I’d seem
Except the nights of their machine
Somehow I’d know their pulse to find
Fear it rippled through my mind
And soon the light would
Findeth me to float me out
On their journey, not a word was said

I thought it normal growing up
To be belted for doing wrong
But now I know it was their song
My puppet strings were pulled
To see what humans really are
And seal us up into their jar
In liquid green to cleanse deep me
And have me last for them to see

All the while deep in my mind
A simple reason I could not find
That how oh how can this just be
And why oh why can’t my parents see
Late at night my sister
My mother once did find
Peeing in the bath tub to ease her worried mind
“What are you doing” Mum did say
“Use the toilet out yonder way”
“Oh no I’m scared of what they’ll do,
They may take me like my brother too”
“Well then to bed” my mother said
Sister Dearest Sister truly knew my dread

In early teens aged just past twelve
An excursion hunting bunnies
With traps and friends newly found
We camped us boys no parents around
For two weeks under a shed
In a caravan out in the bush
We stayed a wonderful time
Us boys did share catching rabbits in our snare
And skinning, cleaning, dressing them
All for pocket money

Then it came a morning
I was the first to wake
With my arms around the largest boy
As if they’d tried to take
Thank goodness I’d awoken first
I’d never live that down
I tried to tell them about it
But only got a frown

And when at home bathing
A hole in my left leg I’d find
I plucked a Crystal stuck inside
And held it right before my eyes
Amazed as to what it was, then it vanished
Because, because, it was there special in touch devise
I had removed, Not very nice

Infinity was in my dreams
My pillows speech did come
It spoke on nights of hums outside
So I took it to the fireside
And burnt it half out in the yard
This Haunted life was very hard

Still the nights of dread did see
Across the fields they’d carry me
Into the top, the splendid craft
And whoosh non stop the sky would pass
And ships so large like cities dwarfed
I’d see inside the gardens made
Not long the time my group would stay
Around the moon we were to hide
Aboard Huge craft Deep inside

And things I’d learn
Machines to use and be taught a new world’s views
And then began the journey home
With many friends not on my own

Now I’ve been laughed at
And I’ll say that I await the very day
When man and woman stand as one
Not divided by state or Gun
When love joins all and so shall see
When woken from the galaxy

So doubt you can of what you’ve read
Were offered life or else its dead
The lights that fly for some to see
Are beings from the star-filled sea
Some come to know why we don’t change
And see our ruler’s lies as strange

We kill ourselves which is not right
And some require that delight
But not all who come are damned in deed
But all they say it’s we they need.

The way it was for now it is:

With age there comes maturity
Or such I’d hope it so
To lie awake in my warm bed
Remember times of my child dread
For quiet it has seemed to come
Not haunted by the light or hum

Kid myself yes this I do
Wonder if this all was true
And people say that I am mad
They laugh behind my back, that’s sad

Have the visits and the pain
Been only deep inside my brain?
I wish it was just simple view
For then I’d know just what to do

This world of ours likes to be blind
And fights to keep it in our mind
Try telling folks of what you’ve seen
And soon you’ll know just what I mean

Cockpits I have stood inside
Behind the pilots eyes bright wide
When objects people say aren’t there
Go streaking brightly through high air

And welcomed to this secret club
Of sights of things seen up above
For on the ground the lips are closed
Back to the world where no one knows

So now I live upon the ground
And live the life that’s all around
Blind people tread this very earth
A life controlled in banks and worth
TV and flu, colds as well
Money investments global corporation hell
Live-to-air sports, fashion news mad dear
Wars they seem so far away
But close they are this very day
Upon the satellite is aimed
A flash remove what all is gained

And all behind this is to know
Where general publics not to go
For though it seams is hard to tell
The rebel has declared his Hell
And still the Hum in mind I find
Has never gone, left me behind

Tonight as I do lie awake
The dogs howling, I know they’ll take
Onboard the craft the Instruments
Insert remove there own contents
And me in stillness suffer great
For questions they can’t contemplate

But deep inside I know the truth
Were helpless to run that is the proof
And so it seams on this dear earth
Our walkabout of ancient turf

And still they come, awaken us
Who know the hum, The dog’s dear sound
That howls and barks that there around
And if your quick to what to see
You’ll spy the ship that’s taken me

Then you’ll awaken on your own
with cold body right to the bone
A mark or pain new you may find
And They will say it’s in your mind.

©Jason Doherty 2000
Jason Doherty
13 January 2005


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