II’m not sure really where to start as a lot of odd things have happened to me over the last seven years. I have seen lights in the sky that could not have come from stars on two separate occasions. I have had two experiences where time loss has occurred, once with a friend and the other with my girlfriend. The time loss experiences have scared … me, the second one especially after which my girlfriend and I suffered a loss of balance and other effects.

During this second experience we both suffered the same delusion or hallucination in which a whole town seemed to be part of, or, our memories were somehow used to create the delusion, I’m still not really sure what happened, but we lost about an hour of time, it just seemed to vanish.

During the first time loss experience the ‘before memories’ and ‘after memories’ seem to meet at a point where they join, but not correctly. The ‘join’ seemed to be the end of the ‘before memories’ and the start of the ‘after memories’ but join in such a fashion that both memories are superimposed over each other for a very short period of time, maybe one or two seconds. My memory for this period does not match the point before the incident or after the incident but if both are run together this fits my memory exactly. The reason why I’m not sure.

All I can remember is driving along with my friend in the passenger seat, then there is a period of paralysis which lasts around one and a half or three seconds of which my brain seemed to turn off. I could not move, think or do anything. I could only observe what I was looking at as I could not move my eyes and it was as though time was slowing or stopping. The next thing I remember is again being paralysed for the same amount of time as before. I’m still in the car, but in a different place, then as my brain gets switched back on, I stopped the vehicle, instantly looked around and wondered where the hell I was. The next thing I did was look at the clock and it appeared that at the very least ten minutes could not be accounted for. I started saying to my friend in a rather anxious manner, “What the hell just happened, where the hell are we and how the hell did we get here and where did the last ten minutes go?” My friend, who was still staring straight ahead, said, “Dunno, we must have just driven here”. He didn’t blink and he spoke much slower than he usually did and it was like he was in some sort of trance. I asked him if he was all right. “Yes,” he said slowly and still in a trance-like state. He did not talk after this and I didn’t really want to pump him for answers. This experience scared me but I was wondering if it even happened. We had ended up in a park about five hundred or eight hundred metres from where we initially left the road, but I distinctly remember driving past the park and heading away from the park before the incident occurred. I dropped my friend off at his mother’s house and continued on to where I was staying. I was supposed to see my friend the next weekend, but he wasn’t anywhere to be found and nobody knew where he was, which was unusual.

I called him every week for the next three months and by the time I got in contact with him again he sounded like a completely different person. By this time I was interstate and could not see him, but I was still wondering what the hell happened that night. I couldn’t figure him out. He seemed different and uncaring and I lost contact with him for two years. Next thing I knew about my friend, to cut a long story short, he turned completely insane, attacked his mother, was locked up in a mental home for six months and is now on so much medication he can’t think straight. Before [the incident] he was an intelligent person but now he is a complete moron. He used to be my best friend but I’m not sure if it is really him, he even looks different.

This incident in particular has scared me. There are other things that I have observed which also scare me, such as inanimate objects moving of their own accord, switches being turned off by themselves, and shadows that have the ability to move physical objects and to also pass right through them seemingly at will. I have also witnessed a car appearing on the road after two flashes of light that were so bright they illuminated the effected area for I estimate up to a five or six kilometre diameter. This scared me so much that I do not drive on the highways at night anymore. I don’t like leaving cities and I don’t go anywhere at night. I used to drive trucks interstate but I do not feel I can risk being caught out at night time in the middle of nowhere.

I would like to talk to someone who has had some similar experiences or maybe I can help with research or something. This is a very brief description of what has happened to me. I will be happy to supply details, names, times as well as a much more detailed description of these and more incidents only once I know who I am talking to. There are other things that have happened such as phone calls from an unknown source spanning a three-year period. Basically, I don’t trust anyone, I don’t know what the hell is going on on this planet but I do know there are obviously more than three dimensions ... This is as much as I feel I can give you without actually physically talking to someone. I only feel I can say so much over the phone or Internet, whether I am being overly cautious or paranoid, I don’t know. All I do know is all is not as it would appear, or not appear as the case may be.

Mr. T
Canberra, ACT


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