Redcliffe North Brisbane
CE3 - 1998

Source: UFOICQ UFO Hotline
© by Diane Harrison & Robert Frola

Witness female age 44 years, name with held by request, however for report we will call her Carol. Carol is from Redcliffe just north of Brisbane she lives with her two young children a boy aged 3 years a girl aged 9 years.

Carol being a little disturbed and distressed by what had happen the night before called the UFO Investigation Centre Queensland hotline and reported to investigators Robert Frola and Diane Harrison that she had witnessed a very unusual which had distressed her. Carol asked if possible could we call over and talk about it.

Sighting Report
Date: Wednesday 10.06.1998
Location: Deception Bay, Queensland
Time: 10.15pm
Duration: 3 hours
Carol said “I went to bed around 10.15pm I was just about to nod off when I thought I could hear the TV going and I know I turned it off, I’m sure I did. I got out of bed and went to investigate I could see some kind of flashing light it was a soft light it was shining down the corridor, I thought is it the TV?”.

“As I got to the end of the corridor I turned to look right where my kitchen door was and to my surprise I saw a ‘very tall man’ standing in the doorway. He was dressed in some kind of long jacket the colour was tan almost like the colour of peanut paste. He had long arms but I couldn’t see his face due to light coming from behind him. Funny I wasn’t scared but I still wanted to scream, don’t you think that’s kind a funny”. Carol gave a little giggle! then said “but the sound wouldn’t come out”. “I felt there was something standing beside me but I couldn’t move to see what it was. Then zip, I was standing in a different position with my back to the front door”.

“My thoughts were, maybe it was a dog standing beside me! then I heard a voice and it said “come on, time to go to bed now.” That’s when I realised it wasn’t a dog, dogs don’t talk do they?. Carol at both of us with a dead straight face then grinned.

Carol continued to talk but appeared a little confused as to what what took place that night. She said, “I carn’t understand why I found myself fully awake just sitting on the side of the bed”?.

“I was fully awake just sitting on the side of the bed and I don’t remember getting from the lounge room to the bedroom. I know I was scared to death when I heard the TV turn itself off. Well when that happened that was it for me, I jumped under the covers and that’s where I stayed till the sun came up. I remember looking at the clock and it was just after 2.45p.m. so where was I for 3 hours”?.

Robert and I talked with Carol for sometime Carols her son was present as he was home from kindagarden. Ben is a 3 year old chatter boxs. Ben told us about a green dragon. “Do you know green dragons eat green jelly beans” and he started to giggle, then he said “I saw stars in the daytime have you”? then “I saw the moon come down it was a big moon out there, out there” Ben pointed to the window. Ben looked right a Robert and said “have you seen the moon, does your moon come down”. “I hear music, outside, nice music” Ben pointing to the kitchen window. I said to Ben “it might be the man next door playing music” Ben jumped up “no! no! its out there” pointing to the kitchen window again.

Carol also informed us of a strange event that occurred sometime last year when Sally her daughter then aged 8 told her that a family of little hairy monsters where living in her bedroom, and that she was the only one that could see them and not to worry, as they were her friends. Carol said “Sally had me making a bed up for them or Sally wouldn’t go to sleep”.