UFO Sighting Rosewood, Queensland February 2006
Nicole has been contacted by Auforn. We will post a full report on the investigation shortly after our meeting with her re: the footage on film.

Nicole said she her husband and her sister saw a strange bright light in the sky.

Nicole said she filmed the object for around 20 minutes..

AUFORNQLD are presently waiting the safe return of the video footage from Channel 10.

Please call back for a more detailed report .

Source: 1800 UFO Hotline Callin 5387

Transcribe of Interview Channel 10 TV:
by Vivian Jensen & Diane Harrison AUFORN

camera on full zoom

UFO Footage Link

Daytime image of location - taken by Channel 10 TV.
Nightime image of UFO taken by Nicole Compton.
Image analysis Diane Frola - 2 image overlay