UFO Sighting Rosewood, Queensland February 2006 page 2
AUFORN - Callin Code 5387 - Time reported 9.29 am. - Date: 22.02.06

Transcribed from Channel 10s TV interview: by Vivian Jensen & Diane Harrison AUFORN

UFO Sighting Rosewood Queensland Australia

"A Rosewood woman believes she has proof that there really is life out of this world"

Story by:
Andrew Leahy Channel 10 TV
& Channel 10 News reporter
Marie-Louise Theile

Date: 22nd February 2006

Marie-Louise Theile: A Rosewood woman believes she has proof that there really is life out of this world. Nicole Compton captured images with her video camera that she says are of a UFO hovering near her house.

Andrew Leahy: Its a view thats out of this world, but early this morning Nicole Compton saw something through her bedroom window that sent shivers down her spine.

Nicole Compton: In the sky there was just a really awesome bright white light, like just really blindingly like white.

Andrew Leahy: Eerily it was the crying of her two year old that woke her, the Rosewood mother of two grabbed her video camera and captured these images just after three this morning.

Nicole Compton: I'm not one to believe in that kind of thing but I reckon it might have been a UFO .

Andrew Leahy: She woke her husband Matt who was pessimistic at first but he couldn't explain the light either.

Matt Kanofski: Obviously it was something different, there was no noise you know like a plane or a chopper.

Andrew Leahy: She even woke her sister who lives twenty minutes away and made her look out her window to verify it was really there. Ironically enough where Nicole lives is called 'The Bluff', and with Amberly Airbase just 15 km away the skeptic's would say the lights had to be an aircraft, but the RAAF have assured us that they had nothing in the air at that time.

While it could be a weather balloon the Bureau of Meteorology says thats highly unlikely. While astronomers from Brisbane Planetarium believe it could have been Venus rising .

Nicole Compton: I've never seen anything like that it was pretty frightening really.

Andrew Leahy: No matter the theories Nicole says she knows what she saw and says she'll never forget it.

Andrew Leahy Ten News.