Steve is from the USA and has lived in Oz for 25 years he experienced a UFO a few decades ago in the States. While driving in the desert a fluro oval shaped object which came down and crossed the road infront of him then it buzzed off.

Steve and Mary went to Ravenbourne lookout, they had heard of local UFO activity being seen in the area and hoped to see something. It had been stormy that evening but was settling down Mary and I had a clear view across to the Lockyer Valley.

When low and behold, a BRIGHT green light happened in the valley down below us, it wasn't lightning, it was a large domed shape light that was flat on the earth and domed up, it was BIG and lasted for approximately 3-4 secs.

We both went "WOW" and couldn't figure out what it could possibly be !!!! Still stumped.

The Rune Master
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