Tewantin, Teewah sands Queensland

UFO picture April 4th 2004

Images © Margaret Griffin

Photos of the sun rising over the beach at Tewantin April 2004.
Photo 1 taken as the sun was rising from the ocean.
Photo 1 inverted image
Camera: Concord 2040
2 mega pixel
Camera digital Zoom 4 times
6 - 40 / 4 - 80 zoom
Marggie said she never paid that much attention to the object in the picture as she was more interested in the testing out her new camera and trying to capture the beautiful colours of the sun rising over the ocean.
Photo 2 same position only a few minutes apart
<---- Equalised image process
Inverted image process------ >
Cooloola National Park (Teewah Beach and the Coloured Sands)

Map of the area

Access Teewah Beach by taking the ferry at Tewantin across the Noosa River and following Maximillian Road. The Park's are famous for their coloured sands. Erosion has exposed a palette of as many as 72 different coloured sands which have been produced by combinations of iron oxide and leached vegetable dyes. It is likely that the sands have been forming since the last ice age. More poetically, an Aboriginal legend tells of a spirit which took the form of a rainbow. Entering into a fight over a young woman the spirit fell onto the cliffs infusing the sands with its polychromatic splendour.

Teewah Beach is between the boundary of the Noosa Shire in the south and Freshwater Creek.