The Vine Man ? and Power Outage
The Vine man is nothing more than imagination, the same affects can happen if you look up at the clouds and imagine faces in them.

The Vine man consists of a rather healthy creeping vine growing over a dead tree and is situated at the back end of the Gowen property as seen in the above photo. The imaginary image was only noticed by a channel 10 TV news reporter who is said to have pointed it out to Noel the farm hand, "the rest is history".
The power outage and sound was due to the mains merging back into the transformer box. The green flash was due to the transformer short circuiting. The transformer in question is situated down by the Matlida petrol station on the Glass House Mountain road. The Gowens pets, two very large German shepherds, would have reacted to the sounds of the power surging and dogs being dogs they can ear a lot higher frequencies than we humans.

I would like to thank Kel and Sandra Gowen for being great sports. When Kel and Sandra were approached with the investigators findings, they were happy with the results and the explanations. Kel said being a man of the land AUFORNs findings and explanations sits well with him and his wife.