What are UFOs - Unidentified Flying Objects - For all viewing these images how hard do you think it is for a researchers to analyse a digital image or a photo? could you tell the difference if the image is fuzzy from it being a bird a spider a plane or a bug.?

Please if you find something unusual appear on your image and you didn't see it, try to think of all the possible scenarios and terrestrial origins that could have possible caused this object to appear. The below images are to help you to identify with a terrestrial origin first before your mind wanders of onto an extraterrestrial origin, which is much harder to prove.

T1. This a photo image is of a Quantas plane at approximately 25,000 feet . The plane is distorted due a pixel manipulation. Photo taken 22 Nov. 2003.
T2: This photo image is of a natural phenomena , a small money spider dangling from its thread blowing in the wind. (identified)
T3: This object in the picture as the shape of a flying disc but it is not . The object in the photo is a spider from the same photo set as T2. The digital camera was not able to focus on the spider as it was to close to the lens. Photographer did not see the spider until a closer inspection of the area was done. (identified) (identified)
T4: This photo was taken near Whittlesea and has created a great debate. The fuzing /blur on the image as yet to be identified until then it is ( an unidentified flying object ) An independant review of this image by Amy Herbert can be found by following this link.
T5: A UFO, unidentified flying object
T6 NZ: This picture was sent in from New Zealand it has all the characteristics of the T2 image, is it a bug a spider or a bird. The photographer did not see the object when taking the picture which leads us to think it could be of a natural terrestrial origin, but it will remain ( an unidentified flying object ) until identified.
T7F: The photo image was taken in Finland the image was identified as a bird.
T8:This image is also from Finland it was identified as a bird (identified)
T9: This image is of a rock passing in front of the lens. However it looks like a bird stooping. The object has been automatically digitally manipulated by the camera while trying focus. (identified)
T10: This photo was taken by man in NSW he saw the object at a distance. On closer inspection of his picture he was able to say it was an ultra light with the sun shining on it. Quite an impressive picture and almost dome shape. (identified)
T11. A UFO, unidentified flying object.
T12:This is a very impressive photo it looks like a flotilla of UFOs but after a little investigation they were found to be parachuters on a night jump with lares. (identified)
T13: A UFO, unidentified flying object.
T14: This is a great photo of an F15 in flight at the Amberley Airforce Base 1988. The object in the photo is nothing more than a photographic flaw only seen when the photo was developed. (indentified)
T15: A UFO, unidentified flying object.
TAZ16: This image was taken 3rd Jan 04 near the Franklin & Alam Rivers Tasmania. The object in the picture was not seen until the photographer down loaded the image to his laptop. This picture is under investigation and results will be posted to this web page. Until then the object will remain an unknown ( an unidentified flying object ) until identified.
T18: Railway worker in outback Australia photographed this object while working on the new railway line in the Northern Territory.
T19: A UFO unidentified flying object. Photo taken in Queensland, Redland Bay area. (not digital)
T20: South Eastern area of Melbourne. The time it was taken was at 6.00pm on the 15/04/04 ( an unidentified flying object )
T21: Bendigo on the 13th June 2003 ( an unidentified flying object) St Marys Cathedral
Not one of these images has been identified as a flying saucer/disc however some do appear to have the classic flying disc/saucer shape.

Some images are just simple digital manipulations caused by a camera defect and some are created by a simple smug or spec of dust on a negative only to be seen when film has been developed.

AUFORNs object is to try and identify any and all photos sent in to us however there will a certian number of photos which will remain unsolved.

Images are numbered 1 to 16 - 13 are Australian images which were said to be UFOs but some of them have now been identified.

Please e-mail Diane Harrison if you would like AUFORN to look at any photos you may have taken which you can't identify .

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