Whittlesea UFO? January 15th 2004
The above photo was said to be taken before the train went by
The train leaving Melbourne heading north
WH 1
WH 2
WH 3
One thing that is different in this image is, the contrast of the sky appears to be darker than the two above images. For the record, I have not changed a thing this is how the reporter from the Whittlesea Leader sent them to me and he states this is how he received them.

So you're able to understand how I came to this conclusion I put each photo through Adobe Photoshop Lab mode, to evaluate lightness value (L) from 0 to 100, and axis (green to magenta) and b axis (blue to yellow) values, plus I have checked the value of CMYK. C = Cyan - M = Magenta - Y = Yellow - K = Black.

Position of Adobe photoshop Tool Eyedropper for sample colour = 1cm from the power pole in all photos.

Results are below

WH1:.....Lab mode brightness = [L 77] [A -11] [B -28]

value of CMYK = [C 49%] - [M 9%] - [Y 0%] - [K 0%]

WH2:.....Lab mode brightness = [L 78] [A -11] [B -26]

value of CMYK = [C 47%] - [M 7%] - [Y 0%] - [K 0%]

Whittlesea image brightness corrected to equal WH1 & WH2 ...Lab mode brightness = [L 76] [A -10] [B -26]

value of CMYK = [C 50%] - [M 9%] - [Y 0%] - [K 0%]

WH3:.....Lab mode brightness = [L 68] [A -10] [B -26]

value of CMYK = [C 64%] - [M 21%] - [Y 7%] - [K 4%]

As you can see there is a slight (L) CMYK variation with WH1 to WH2 but not the degree of variation in WH3. WH3 is clearly darker than WH1 & WH2.

Question: why should we bother looking at the photos brightness and colour values simple AUFORN was informed the photos were all taken within minutes of each other however there is a clear indication WH1 and WH2 have very similar values of brightness and colour. However with WH3 there appears to be a 10% drop in brightness a 14% rise in Cyan 12% rise in Magenta 7% rise in Yellow and a 4% rise in K black. This clearly indicates WH3 is definitely darker in value.

If the photo was taken at the time as WH1 and WH2 one would have to wonder why WH3 is darker .? Did the camera automatically darken the image or did the camera operator.?

Image WH1 & WH2 imposed over each other to show the photographer moved slightly more to the left of the centre white line and further back to take this image.
Image WH1 the photographer standing slightly to the left of the centre white line marked on the road
Image WH1 - WH2 - WH3 all imposed over each other to show the photographer moved to the right of the centre white line to snap the above photo of the crossing where the alleged UFO was captured in the image [ top right corner ].

Shadows on the ground indicate the sun was in a north westerly direction

More information about the shadows at this address Amy Herbert