Six UFOs pass over Victoria
Six Unidentified Flying Objects sighted by numerous witnesses around Victoria.

Report © by Diane Frola source the UFO Hotline 23rd August 2004

Monday 23rd August 2004 - Time 8.15 pm

There were two clear formations of triangles, 6 lights altogether moved along in close formation, but not fixed, i.e. spaces apart kept varying as they moved south towards the glow of the city, they appeared to form into a straight perpendicular formation then faded into some mist above the city looked to be about 300 metres above ground moving from north to south too fast to be hot air balloons, about helicopter height and speed I thought gyro-planes but no motor sounds at all on a very clear quiet night lights were yellow-orange and round, all the way around, i.e. no front or back.

Six objects some distance apart. This is the original image. images has been enlarged to 300 dpi, original colour, no colour enhancement

This sighting is still under investigation so please call back to view any updates - AUFORN the team keeping you informed.