Australian UFO Researcher
Bill Chalker

- A personal encounter with "angel hair"?

Bill Chalker

Another curious physical phenomenon occurred on August 30th, 1969, at Grafton which directly involved him. He describes it this way:

Mid afternoon found me relaxing on a surfboard in the middle of the Clarence River. I noticed streams of fine white filament coming down (out of the sky) over the river. I was immediately fascinated as this was a great opportunity to directly sample what I took to be a good example of a natural phenomenon. I took the streams to be the floating web of migratory balloon spiders. I also knew that in UFO lore material of a similar appearance was occassionally linked to UFOs - namely "angel hair" - thought by some researchers to be a by product of whatever strange processes powered flying saucers.

So that afternoon I paddled over to the riverbank where large amounts of this "spider web" were coming down. I felt that getting a good look at this stuff and keeping samples would be a handy resource or a calibration for the unlikely prospect of coming across alleged UFO related "angel hair" - an exotic item of UFO physical evidence. What I was not prepared for was the improbable. There in my hands was material that did not quite fit into the migratory spider web category.

There were no tell tale baby spiders. As the baby spiders can quickly detach themselves from the web, the absence of spiders did not in itself intrigue me. What followed did. I began rolling up a copious amount of the material in my hands. The filaments diminished in size (not too unusual given the viscous changes that can occur in those conditions, particularly with the possible addition of water from my hands), and then the material eventually dissipated into nothing visible and leaving no trace. It gave the impression of rapid sublimation from solid to gas, but no vapours or odour were noticed.

The properties of spiders web are well known, and apparently disappearing to touch is not one of them! With the realisation that that I may be dealing with something exotic I raced to a nearby residence to get some sample jars. The fall of filaments had been quite profuse and much of it had come down along the riverbank. When I returned a few minutes later there was none in evidence. While only a very light breeze was apparent, the topography was such that spiders web should have been still in great profusion.

I even entered the water and investigated the riverbank for a considerable distance in the direction of apparent travel. There was no trace of the filament fall. The material did not seem to be spiders web. So called "angel hair" had the reported characteristic of quickly disappearing. Was this the apocryphal "angel hair" - the "manna" of the saucers! Imagine my chagrin when I subsequently found out that at the same time, a number of Grafton people, including my own parents, had seen a UFO, described by some as an elongated white mass", travelling in a trajectory that would have passed over my river position but in a direction at right angles to the aerial flow of material I had witnessed.

Perhaps the "UFO" may have been a more compacted mass of the filaments I had seen travelling in a different direction? While tantalising the experience was ultimately frustrating. I had it right there in my own hands."


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