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Original fly page from "Reports on Flying Saucers and Other Aerial objects "Air Force file held by the NAA. Copies of these files are being generated as discovered by AURA.

AUFORN wishes to thank:

  • Keith Basterfield and all the members of the Australian UFO Research Association in Adelaide, who undertook work on the Project to locate and examine Australian Government UAS files, between 2003 and 2008. In particular, Deb, Helen, Kathy, Alex, Bev, Colin, Dom, & Jeff.

  • Robert and Diane Frola of the Australian UFO Research Network who auspiced the Project and for publishing regular reports on its findings in their magazine.

  • Staff at various offices of the National Archives of Australia for their assistance in locating and clearing files.

    Newsletter Archive
    Three new files released; Summaries:
    New Intelligence Files Released!!
    New Stars file update (9/3/08)
    Correspondence from the Minister for Defence!!
    Individual Government Departments and UFO’s
    F.O.I. Request to S.A. Police.
    Presentation text from National conference, 2004. (Debbie Payne, presenter.)
    Update from AURA

    Mission Statement:

    “To ascertain the extent of official Australian Government
    knowledge of the UFO phenomenon; then to document both this and civilian knowledge on the subject.”

    The Project's aims are:
    1. To collect, collate, analyse and disseminate information about what the Australian Government currently knows of the UFO phenomenon.
    2. To document and make available the “best” Australian UFO cases held by both civilian and Government sources.
    3. To ascertain what knowledge of the UFO phenomenon may not currently be in the public domain, and seek to document and disseminate this information to interested parties.

    For further information concerning the establishment of this Project click the link to the Project background.
    An Archive of Unexplained Sightings is being established by members of the Australian UFO Research Association.


    We welcome input in the following ways:

    1. From Australian UFO groups and individual Australian researchers.
    Please examine your files for outstanding, well documented examples of Australian UFO reports. Once located, please delete any personal identifying information concerning witnesses, and then forward a copy to the Project Secretariat at either:

    Snail mail: PO Box 738, Jimboomba, Qld Australia 4280.
    A peer review process, will be undertaken, which will be aimed at placing as many cases as possible on our “Best Case” Archive. You will be fully consulted during this process.

    2. From members of the public.
    Have you had an encounter with the UFO phenomenon which you have not previously reported? Please consider reporting it to Disclosure Australia at either:

    Snail mail: PO Box 738, Jimboomba, Qld Australia 4280.

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