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20 Nov 1902 Adelaide SA
Witnesses, including astronomers saw a globular light.
(Chalker, B. The Oz Files.)

C.1913 Nuriootpa SA CE3
A farmer discovered a landed object and was 'zapped' by a humanoid which appeared from within it, leaving a lasting paralysis in the witness.
(Personal communication from Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004 citing source as a radio talkback show featuring Colin Norris in ca. 1984.)

Nov/Dec 1932 Mount Gambier SA 1945hrs NL
Close to the horizon a "strange orange-coloured light -- from which flashed vivid lightning."  "I was able to make out the shape of that which it emanated.  It was like a blunt-nosed torpedo and the orange light was in the 'propeller' end, and thirdly, the speed at which the shape was travelling."
(Letter from observer, dated 29/7/59 to the Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (AFSRS) - Victorian Branch)

5 Feb 1947 Port Augusta SA 0900hrs Multi wits incl 1M Ellis DO
Strange objects reported in sky.
While working in the yard at the Commonwealth Railways workshop yesterday morning Mr Ron Ellis and two workmates claim to have seen five strange objects in formation pass across the sky from north to south.  The objects were white or light pink and shaped like an egg.  Mr Ellis said that he could not give an accurate estimate of the size of the objects, but they were casting shadows and judging by his experience with aircraft in the RAAF during the war he considered they were about the size of a locomotive.  Although the objects kept on a direct course at a height of about 6000 feet they appeared to be quivering he said.  Owing to their great speed they were out of sight within a few seconds.  Any question of the phenomenon being an optical illusion was dispelled by the fact that a few minutes later both Mr Ellis and his companion gave an identical description of what they had seen.  Their description was verified by another member of the workshop who said he had also seen the objects."
(Adelaide Advertiser 7 Feb 1947 copy provided by Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide.)

A follow up article on 8 Feb 47 in the Advertiser was titled:

Objects in sky not meteorites
Commenting yesterday on a report from Port Augusta that several men working in the yard at the Commonwealth Railways Workshops at about 9am on Wednesday had seen five strange egg-shaped objects in formation pass across the sky at a height of about 6000 feet, the Government Astronomer Mr G F Dodwell said that the phenomenon did not fit in with anything astronomical and was a complete mystery to him.  Mr Dodwell discounted the probability of the objects being meteorites.  He said that meteorites being so small and travelling at such high speeds did not cast shadows whereas the report stated that the objects had cast shadows about the size of a locomotive.  The presence of falling meteorites would have been accompanied by a deafening roar.

1951 Halidon SA 1F CE3/4
A Mrs A was out rounding up cattle when she came across a landed object resting on legs.  Three male figures emerged and floated to the ground.  They were of normal human appearance, wearing silver suits, silver boots and a hood over their heads.  She was taken willingly into the object, into a room where there were, what today, would be called computer consoles.  The beings communicated with her verbally and told her things about herself they should not have known.  She was then returned to the ground.
(K. Basterfield 1995.)

28 April 1952 Woomera West SA 0345hrs 15secs 3wits NL
Three men waiting for transport, noticed at 45 degrees SE, a light in the sky.  This light was moving WNW parallel to the ground, lighting up clouds and the surrounding terrain.  It was visible through breaks in the clouds.  The bus driver remarked, "They are firing rockets early today."  One witness replied: "It was not a rocket." The light had an estimated size of one third that of the full Moon.
(1.  National Archives of Australia.  File D174, control symbol SA 5281.  Adelaide Office.  Statements of observers.
 2.  Australian International UFO Flying Saucer Research Society magazine August 1985.  Citing G. M. Newall, guard, at Woomera as the source.)

3 May 1952 Adelaide SA 1M
An engineering student saw a small white disk that vanished over the house-tops he watched.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney.  p126.)

27 September 1952 Woomera SA ca2050hrs 5 secs 5 wits NO
Five witnesses were at the Woomera West Open Air Theatre.  They sighted an object, variously described as a "cigar," an "airship," and "cylindrical" with an "exhaust" at the rear.  It travelled horizontally from west to east, possibly NW to SE.  One witness reported "two portholes with internal lighting."  It was moving quickly, with no noise noted.
(1.  National Archives of Australia.  File D174, control symbol SA 5281.  Adelaide Office.  Statements of observers.  2.  1954 "Turner report.")

8 October 1952 Woomera SA 1345hrs 44 minutes 1wit 3 Radar
While tracking an aircraft, a target was acquired by radar.  However, no visual object could be seen by the radar operator.  "The signal to noise ratio was at least 5 to 1 which is similar to that obtained from a large aircraft."  At one stage between 1345 and 1400hrs the target approached to within one mile.  Between 1405 and 1429hrs the operator tracked the invisible target at heights between 1500 and 5600 feet.  "At times during the movement of the target smaller targets seemed to detach themselves from the main target and drift away."  Weather was fine, 5/8 high cloud at 25000 feet-84 degrees F, north wind at 25-30 mph.

Comments by the Security Officer included (note it snowed briefly at 0900hrs the next day): "It was most probably that the snow cloud had some connection.  However, the possibility of a neutron cloud is not ruled out." A ground plot of the radar target was located on the file.
(1.  National Archives of Australia.  File D174, control symbol SA 5281.  Adelaide Office.  Statements of radar operator.
 2.  1954 Turner report.)

28 October 1952 Woomera SA 1400hrs 45 minutes 1 wit Radar
Moving to 120 degrees.  Speed 27 mph.  Height fluctuated between 1500 and 5600 feet.
(1954 Turner report -- appears to refer to the 8 October 1952 event above.)

1952 or 1953 Nov-Dec Calca nr Streaky Bay SA (2030-2100hrs) 2M NL
Driving they saw a large white hovering a few hundred feet above a house. They stopped the car and got out. The light approached them. It hovered over them for 30-60 seconds then took off at great speed seawards and disappeared.
(Debbie Payne AUFORN 2005.)

2 January 1953 Berri SA
A 2m long 'animal", with a scaly body, reportedly hissed from a tree, at a group of residents. The animal leapt from sight.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p126.)

5 March 1953 Quorn SA 2M
A disk-shaped, silver coloured object moved at high speed and at a high altitude over the town.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p126.)

24 July 1953 Woomera SA 0145hrs 1 wit NL
White oval light (detected by doppler) Overhead, moving NW then SE. Speed greater than 80 degrees/minute. Dimensions 10-12 feet.
(1954 Turner report)

29 July 1953 Woomera SA(1030-1530hrs) Brief intervals Many wits IFO
White round objects at high elevation. X10 binoculars used. (Thistles)
(1954 Turner report)

15 October 1953 Eyre Peninsula SA 0404hrs 2mins 2wits NL
White light. Level ahead. Moving E. TAA a/c rear light.
(1954 Turner report)

14 November 1953 Woomera SA 0145hrs 1wit NL
Sighting of a "glare" believed to be an aircraft.
(National Archives of Australia.  File D174, control symbol SA 5281.  Adelaide Office.  Statements of observer.)

22/23 November 1953 Woomera SA NL
Three groups of residents reported objects:

a. 22 Nov Moocalla to Birthday Siding 2200hrs 2wits
Shaped like an inverted saucer, green/teal in colour, travelling in a northerly direction at speed, emitting bluish coloured exhausts from rear and sides.

b. 23 Nov 90km out of Woomera 0200hrs 1M
Saw a bluish green circular object in the sky travelling northwards at high speed.

c. 23 Nov 0230hrs 1M
Bright object proceeding north at high speed.

d. 23 Nov 0315hrs 1M
What appeared to be two flares dropped vertically to a position NW of the lake 15miles from Pimba on Port Augusta road. Colour was orange turning to pale blue.
(RAAF papers located in U.S. "Project Blue Book" files.  Ref: 8/110/2/WRA)

9 January 1954 Adelaide SA 0230hrs 45mins 1 wit NL
White/yellow light. Seen bearing 310-303 degrees, elevation 10-7 degrees. Moving down and SW. Jupiter.
(1954 Turner report)

14 January 1954 Mallala SA 1120hrs 5secs 1wit DD
Silver square. 190 degrees bearing, 25 degrees elevation. Moving W. Disappeared in mid-air. Balloon with tin reflector.
(1954 Turner report)

15 January 1954 Mallala SA 2105hrs NL
"Silver object in straight flight with yellow tail disappeared in mid-air. Object in sight only momentarily. Passed overhead in Northerly flight. Sound like a/c with motors cut assumed to accompany object."
(U.S. "Project Blue Book" card entry & RAAF file)

17 January 1954 St Morris Adelaide SA 1810hrs
"Black object to East appeared to be stationary. Object flew West then flew North and finally dropped after a 15 minute observation. One object. Initial observation at 45 degree elevation. Looked like two saucers joined together by a span.
(U.S. "Project Blue Book" card entry & RAAF file)

26 January 1954 Wasley SA 0200hrs 3mins NL
Yellow light bearing 290 degree elevation 30 degree moving to 290 degree. Disappeared over the horizon.
(1954 Turner report)

20 March 1954 Murray Bridge SA 2wits Elio
"In the sky ahead of us was what looked like a blazing golden coin. It shone like a sun in the darkness. It arched upwards at tremendous speed and was gone."
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p127.)

April 1954 Kilburn Adelaide SA 1M Bean
A round object with a circle of light around it went past a window at high speed. A roaring sound was heard.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p128.)

9 April 1954 Kapunda SA Morning Multi wits
A soundless, round disk was seen travelling N.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p127.)

5 May 1954 Woomera SA app1630hrs 5 mins 3 wits Radar/visual
1.   Radar echo of misty grey disc. Bearing 355 degrees 35 mls greater than 60,000 feet.  Travelled S then E. Visual observation aided by binoculars Dimensions estd 10 feet.  Speed 3600 mph to E (measured on trace).
(1954 Turner report)

2.   "Harry Turner told me of a radar case that impressed him most in his study of the DAFI UFO files that lead to his classified 1954 report.  The case, originally classified 'secret' describes a UFO event over Woomera that was witnessed by an English Electric scientist and a radar operator.  The English Electric scientist was outside talking to the radar operator when the radar confirmed the presence of a UFO. The scientist watched the object with binoculars.  One of his functions at Woomera was to monitor rocket tests, he was experienced in observing movements in the sky.  The radar tracked the UFO until it went out of range.  However, they were unable to confirm distance and size.  Some tests were being undertaken with a Canberra bomber in flight. The UFO was moving in formation with the Canberra.  The Canberra crew could not see the UFO, but both the plane and UFO were confirmed on radar."
(Chalker, B.  (1996.)  "UFOs Sub Rosa Down Under:  The Australian Military & Government Role in the UFO controversy." )

3.   Three relevant documents were found on file D174, being statements by the two men involved and a covering letter, dated 20 May 1954, forwarding the statements, from the Superintendent Long Range Weapons Establishment Range, Woomera, to the "Chief Superintendent". This letter included the statement:

"The persons reporting were separated by a distance of approximately three hundred yards and give corroborative accounts of what each observed."

One statement, dated 6 May 1954, read:

   Post "R"


At about 1600 on 5th May, an unidentified Target was observed on radar AA Number 4 Mk. 6.

The target appeared on High Beam at a range of about 60,000 yards Brg 355degrees approaching 'R', described a Hyperbols (sic) over 'R' and went out at a bearing of approx. 90 degrees. On its way out it passed behind Spotting Tower, "S2". I timed it over 15,000 yards 10 seconds which would make its speed approximately 3600 M.P.H. Cfn. KEANE observed this occurrence with me. Since the target was followed to 70,000 yards on High Beam the height would be greater than 60,000 feet. See Diagram on next page.

The diagram referred to was not located in the file examined.

The other statement, dated 7 May 1954, which under the man's name had an entry: "Vickers-Armstrong," read:


I was at Range R1 (Post R1), the Radar Post, standing by the Security Officer's Hut, and looking towards the radar Post at approximately 1645 hours, observing one of our trials through binoculars.  This object appeared to be travelling towards me or directly across a path of the approaching Canberra.  When it got to the path of the Canberra it turned to my right and was going in the direction from which the Canberra had just come.  When it got directly over the Canberra it slowed down.  During this time I found it very hard to believe what I was seeing, so I shut my eyes and then looked again through the binoculars and the object was still stationary over the flight path of the Canberra.  Since it appeared to be the same relative size as the Canberra through the binoculars, I thought it would be possible to see it with the naked eye.  However, when I looked over the top of the binoculars the object had either gone or I could not see it with the naked eye, and when I looked again through the binoculars I could not pick it up.  The object appeared to be travelling about three times as fast as the Canberra, but of course it is impossible to estimate, since I did not know what height it was.  It was perfectly circular all the time and a dark grey colour, and gave the appearance of being translucent.  It did not glisten at all when it turned or was it shiny.
(National Archives of Australia file D174, control symbol SA 5281 covering the period 1952-1955.  Located in Adelaide Archives.)

6 October 1954 Woomera SA 1520hrs 10 mins 1M Willis
Gnr Willis is reported to have observed, and photographed with a Kine Theodelite, an aerial object. He was looked at a Jindivik aircraft when he sighted the object. It was silver white in colour, half moon shape, no details of structure and no sound. He estimated it was at 40,000 feet travelling at "medium speed" travelling NW to SW in a straight path. There was no exhaust, vapour or light seen. It was lost to view "out of view at same height." Three seconds of photography was undertaken. The sky was "very clear" at the time. A Department of Air Minute dated 28 Oct 54, records "The negative of this photograph has been handed to the Director."
(National Archives of Australia file Series A705 control symbol 114/1/197 date range 1953-1955 digital pages 71-73.  Department of Air reference 901/1511/P1 (7A))

16 October 1954 Port Pirie SA 2120hrs 15mins 2M + 1F Sykes, Egel & McHughs NL
Two policemen and a woman saw a white light at 10-15 degrees W. It faded from sight.
(Pages 93-100 of digital copy of RAAF file 114/1/197. Original reference 5/3/Air (8a) Mallala.)

21 October 1954 Woomera SA 2125hrs 6mins 3wits NL
Observations of what witnesses described as a "dancing light," from adjacent to launcher apron number 1 range. Azimuth 215 degrees T at approximately 3 degrees elevation.  The light's colour varied from deep orange to a deep yellow. Described as three times the size of Venus.  The planet Venus was at 238 degrees T 1 degree elevation at the time.  The light was seen to move around in a small area.  Weather 70F, wind NNE 10 mph.  3/8 cloud at 15,000 feet.  Scattered ice crystals at 30,000 feet.  No noise heard from light.
(National Archives of Australia.  File D174, control symbol SA 5281.  Adelaide Office.  Statements of observers.)

Mid 1950's Glenelg Adelaide SA 4wits NO
Four people standing by Jetty Road, Glenelg saw an object hovering in sky. It was oval, like the bottom of a large saucer. It slowly disappeared upwards. Vaguely aware of a high pitched sound. Recalls story on front page of Advertiser next day about car load of people seeing something.
(See 29 August 1957 Glenelg report from witnesses in the car.  Hotline call 3791 Investigator D McNamara AURA.)

1955 Adelaide SA 1F CE4
A ten year old girl, Janet X, was being treated for a slight nervous disorder. While under hypnosis she spontaneously recounted a story of her interaction with aliens and a flying saucer. Whilst in trance she spoke of being in a saucer with three "men", and of visiting a planet with an advanced society.
(1.  Chibbett, H. S. W. (1969). "UFOs and Parapsychology." Flying Saucer Review Special Issue 3. pp33-38. 2.  Interview between Pony Godic and original investigator Peter Thomas in 1989.)

22 Apr 1955 Tintinara SA 0745hrs Moyle 1M CE1
Upon glancing to his right while driving a car, a man was surprised to see a three metres diameter silvery sphere, surrounded by a flange, giving it an overall diameter of ten metres.  The object crossed the road some three metres behind the car.  It then turned and moved roughly parallel to the road, and he followed it for some twenty to twenty five kilometres before it climbed rapidly into the sky.  There were no external markings or portholes visible.
(1.  UFO Research South Australia (UFORSA).  2.  Australian Saucer Record (ASR) 1/2/8.)

1956 or 1957 12 miles from Streaky Bay SA 0000hrs 2wits Noel & Melva
Driving home when sighted what appeared to be a red tail light of a car in front of him. When he sped up so did the light; when he slowed it did. The light eventually took off at speed out to sea.
(AURA Debbie Payne 2005)

3 June 1957 Glenelg Adelaide SA NL
"Police received reports of a bright flashing white light in St Vincent Gulf, about 20 degrees north-west of Glenelg…commercial aircraft in the vicinity were asked to look out for the light.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p129.)

4 June 1957 Clare SA 1F NL
Green ball, with green tail travelling E to W at high speed.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p129.)

29 August 1957 Glenelg Adelaide SA (2015-2030hrs) 3mins 3wits Mr/Mrs Cranwell & Mrs Eustice NO
Soundless object circular and like a quarter Moon reported following a car.  The object's bottom half was yellow.  It initially approached the car.  The witnesses got out to look at it, and during this phase it was stationary.  It then veered off to the W.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p130.)

Object like quarter Moon reported following a car.  It had an illuminated bottom half was yellow.  It approached.  They stopped car. It stopped and veered off. RAAF conclusion: Aircraft.
(Pages 63-64 on digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 1.  Original file reference 13/2/air (22a) Edinburgh RAAF)

Sep/Oct 1957 Maralinga SA Dusk 15 mins Murray + others DD
RAAF Corporal Derek Murray and colleagues observed a hovering object.  Described as silver/blue in colour and having a metallic lustre.  It had a line of 'windows" or "portholes" along the edge.  The duty Air Traffic Controller reportedly checked with Alice Springs and Edinburgh Air ports but they reported no sightings.  The object left quickly without noise.
(Chalker, B.  (1996.) "UFOs Sub Rosa Down Under: The Australian Military & Government Role in the UFO Controversy." )

6 November 1957 Torrensville & Kensington Park Adelaide SA 2110hrs Several wits NL
A bright object, with tail, travelled at high altitude from the W in a SW to NE direction.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p130.)

13 November 1957 SA
a. Port Broughton 1400hrs 15mins 6M
Bright object seen drifting slowly to the NW.

b. Strathalbyn 1400hrs 1M Elliot
Object sighted "almost directly overhead."

c. Williamstown 2215hrs 3-4 secs 2M
Cigar shape trailing sparks travelling towards the western horizon
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p130.)

1 December 1957 SA
a. Overland Corner 1850hrs 1M
Object which left a "curling trail" visible till 2003hrs.

b. Kadina 1945hrs
Object left a trail in the NW sky.

c. Loxton
Bright star left a trail.

d. Port Pirie
Two bright lights leaving a red trail.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p131.)

6 December 1957 Various parts SA 2130hrs NL Multi wits NL-IFO
30 people contacted the newspaper to report a "fiery rocket like object" which was seen. Reports from Yankalilla, Gladstone, Bordertown. Initially blue bursting to bright orange. Probably meteor.
(1.  Adelaide Advertiser 9/12/57.  2.  Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p131.)

19 December 1957 Adelaide SA 2wits Fiddaman NL
"Golden coloured object turning over and over, travelling slowly from the south-east to north."   Also Torrensville man sighted a "white star."

5 January 1958 Adelaide SA 2035hrs 7secs NL
Bright light in N sky disintegrated in brilliant flash at 20 degrees N.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p132.)

7 January 1958 Pine Point SA 1400hrs 3M Alderman/Julian/? DD
Loud explosion then "star" travelling across the NE sky with a long stream of "smoke."
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p132.)

13 January 1958 Belair Adelaide SA 2030hrs 30mins 3wits Holderness NL
Slow moving object seen drifting SW. Dull yellow in colour. Lost to sight in W sky.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p132.)

24 January 1958 Brooklyn Park Adelaide SA multi wits
Watching Sputnik satellite when one minute later a second light was seen following the satellite.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p132.)

2 February 1958 Secombe Gardnes Adelaide SA 2015hrs 1M Taylor
CSIRO physicist reported seeing an object "with a cone-shaped, orange flame at its tail and making a low-pitched droning noise like a motor" tavelling SW to NE.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p133.)

26 March 1958 Adelaide SA 2111hrs 3secs Hundreds NL
Brilliant light seen by many. Mr Reid-travelling W, changing colour from blue/green to red. Disappeared in shower of sparks. Mr Polkinghorne-blue/grey at first then red fireball with golden tail. Mr Forbes-travelling NE to NW with tail. Mr Whitehorn - N sky, red glare, many times size of Moon.
(1.  Adelaide Advertiser 27/3/58.  2.  Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p133.)

19 April 1958 Gumeracha SA 2040hrs 1 wit NL
Object like a meteor with flashing blue tail travelling NE to W. Exploded.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p133.)

26 April 1958 Adelaide SA 2105hrs 1M Combs NL
Object "like a red hot coal" made a hissing sound as it travelled quickly across the sky.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p133.)

July 1958 Cooper's Creek SA 1800hrs Multi-wits NL
Party of geologists reported seeing a "brilliant blue-green light with a long white tail."  Disappeared on bearing of 272 degrees, about 15 degrees above horizon, near Sun.
(Adelaide Advertiser 29/7/58.  See two reports below)

15 July 1958 Cowell SA 3wits
Blue ball with white tail seen.  Moving quickly to NW.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p133. See reports above and below)

August 1958 Lake Gairdner SA
Fierce rushing noise then double explosion heard Kangaroo Well Station near Lake Gairdner.  Occurred soon after blue ball with white tail seen near Cowell at 0915hrs.  Area of earth 7feet in diameter found disturbed. Possibility of meteorite landing.
(Adelaide Advertiser 24/8/58. See two reports above)

20 October 1958 Oodnadatta SA (2210-2220hrs) Multi-wits NL
Sky was lit by a blue flash and object appeared travelling S to N, quickly across the sky.  Yellow flame from head and a red tail.  Roaring noise heard.
(Adelaide Advertiser 21/10/58.)

January 1959 Beach south of Port Gawler SA Later than 1700hrs 3 wits incl 1M Peter NO
A dome shape was seen emerging from the water, spherical with a curtain of white underneath it.  Object shone like glass.  It moved towards them and they felt like it stopped and observed them.  Rose and went out to sea.  Another came in from the south and they stopped next to each other.  Second one moved south ast speed.
(D McNamara AURA.)

3 January 1959 Adelaide SA (1330-1400hrs) 2M Jones/Bennett
Two objects swiftly crossing sky.  One was a 2m long shining cigar seen for 3 minutes; the other a 2m square, spinning and shining.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p134.)

7 January 1959 Port Pirie SA 1530hrs 2wits
Silver, sausage shape seen in W.  Estimated height 500m speed 160km/hr.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p134.)

13 Mar 1959 Purnong Landing SA 0210hrs Towill/Briggs 2M CE1
Two men in a truck crested a hill and came upon a "dome" illuminated by coloured lights.  They stopped the truck and watched the ten metre diameter object as it went through a regular sequence of colour changes.  The lights all then went out and the men approached from their position of a hundred metres distance.  As they did so the object took off silently at a forty-five degree angle and was lost to sight after twenty minutes, in the southern sky.  Briggs recalled, in an interview with this author on 26 Dec 1972, that on the evening of 13 March 1959 some nurses had seen a similar object near to Purnong Landing.
(1. Personal investigation by Keith Basterfield and Garry Little 26 Dec 1972.  2. ASR 5/2.  3. Adelaide Advertiser 24/3/59.  4. Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p127 cites the date as 13 March 1954.)

23 March 1959 Adelaide 10mins SA 2M
"They saw a strange object, at first apparently on the ground and afterwards in the sky."
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p134.)

31 March 1959 Adelaide SA
a.   1805hrs 3wits Abercrombie
"..elongated circle with indistinct edges" flying quite high.
(Adelaide Advertiser 1/4/59)

b.   1950hrs
Round object with red flashing lights from W to E in southern sky, circled and lost in W.

c.   2000hrs
Met Bureau received report.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p135.)

31 Mar 1959 Port Elliott SA 2330hrs Neale 1M CE1
Barry Neale was driving home from Goolwa when he saw on the ground about one hundred metres off the road, a glowing reddish-orange object with a row of portholes.  It illuminated the trees and was about two metres wide.  He got to within three hundred metres of it, and drove around a wooded area in time to see it take off at high speed.  No radioactivity was found. 
(1. Adelaide News 2 Apr 1959 p15.  2. ASR 6/4/14.  3. Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p135 cites date as 12 April 1959.)

29 Apr 1959 Blackwood Adelaide SA 1930hrs 2.5 mins Lightfoot 1M Photo
A spinning saucer shaped-object with a row of steady lights was seen before it rose vertically and disappeared from view.  A ten second time exposure was taken by a Mr Lightfoot.  Newspaper article has a photo.
(1. Adelaide News 30/4/59. 2. Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p135.)

Late April 1959 Various parts of SA NL-IFO
Brilliant object seen travelling SW to SE in the southern sky. Disintegrated in "shower of sparks." Believed to be nose cone of Sputnik 3.
(Adelaide Advertiser 1/5/59)

1 May 1959 Adelaide SA (1930-2000hrs) 10mins multi wits
Light in NE sky "changed colour from red to the colour of an ordinary bright star several times."
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p135.)

29 May 1959 Port Elliot 10secs 2M
"They reported seeing four yellow lights travelling parallel to the horizon" out to sea.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p136.)

31 May 1959 Adelaide SA 1813hrs 1M Priest
"A bright red/orange object with a tapering tail, moving from west to east at an elevation of about 25 degrees in the southern sky."
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p136.)

20 June 1959 SA 2200hrs Multi wits NL
"A cluster of three lights with an illuminated tail." (Frank)
"It was flying very high and very fast and glowed with an orange light." (Ashton).
"The objects were an orange colour and were travelling very fast." (Brooks).
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p136.)

22 June 1959 Moonta SA 2045hrs 45mins Mitchell NL
NW sky changed from bright white light to orange colour.
(1. Adelaide Advertiser 23/6/59.  2. Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p136.)

22 June 1959 Paruna SA 2100hrs Smith/Daucey NL
"A bright orange ball."  Appeared to approach them.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p136.)

20 July 1959
a. Woomera SA 2215hrs 15 secs NL
"A bright orange-coloured flying object was observed at the Woomera rocket range.  It was not associated with any range firing, the authorities admitted.  A forecaster at the Woomera meteorological station stated that the object was sighted at 10.15pm and remained visible for 15 seconds. 'It was travelling almost horizontally. It was moving very fast, and looked like a bright shuttlecock, then appeared to break into three parts, which burnt out.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. P137.)

b. Evening
An object was widely reported from various parts of the state.  One report stated it was a "cluster of three lights." Another report said it was flying high and fast and was orange.  From Renmark it was seen to the NE, was orange and travelling fast.
(Adelaide Advertiser 21/7/59.)

25 July 1959 Glossop to Barmera SA 2100hrs (7-10mins) 3M McKerlie & Thompson & Gerschwitz NL
Driving W when saw bright orange crescent in sky to the W.  "They said it was shaped like a football cut in two and made no noise."
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p137.)

17 October 1959 Lower Mitcham Adelaide SA 1935hrs 1F NL
Red ball in NW sky "falling towards the earth."
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p137.)

20 October 1959 SA (2210-2220hrs) Multi wits
a.   Oodnadatta 30 secs multi wits
Sky lit by blue flash.  Object appeared travelling from S/SE to N. Red tail, and long yellow trail.  Explosion heard.  And seen.

b.   Coober Pedy
Also seen.

c.   Mt Clarence Station NE SA
Also seen.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. pp137-138.)

22 October 1959 Adelaide SA multi wits NL
Object covered with red and green flashing lights travelling at speed.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p138.)

23 October 1959 Adelaide SA 2F + 1M Slate NL
Large white light with smaller red light on top.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p138.)

28 October 1959 Parndana SA 0410hrs 30mins M & 1F Taylor NL
Brilliant white light size of Moon watched before it faded, slowly moving E.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p138)

29 October 1959 Elizabeth Vale Adelaide SA 1F Sheldon
"Looking out of my car, I saw an orange oblong tube about two feet long moving slowly in front of my car.  Then it picked up speed and disappeared into the clouds."
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p138.)

9 November 1959 Adelaide and country towns SA 220hhrs multi wits NL
Brilliant object in sky.  "It was falling towards the horizon in the north-east.  It was a bright yellow-green colour."
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p138.)

20 November 1959 Blackwood Adelaide SA 0415hrs 2M Collins & Snowden NL
Two Police officers on patrol saw initially a "cluster of stars" low down near the W horizon.  "The cluster reflected moonlight and appeared to skim above sea level in a northerly direction.  Then it disappeared."   A few moments later they saw a "bright, long, flat shape with a bubble design on top travelling across the face of the moon.  It took about thirty seconds to complete this course, then disappeared again."  It was well defined and about 1/8th Moon diameter in size.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p139.)

25 November 1959 Adelaide SA 2305hrs 30secs 6M NL
Dozen white lights seen above clouds.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p139.)

Late 1950s Woomera SA Dalton-Morgan + others
Group Captain Tom Dalton-Morgan was Officer-in-Charge of Range Operations.  Firing of a Black Night missile.  Received call from Recovery Officer Percy Hawkins about an unusual, bright light in sky at 80-90 miles NW of missile site.  Bright light at 5000 feet travelling directly towards the range head at high speed. Captain viewed the incoming light.  It flew from NW then orbited the range buildings 5 miles to the S. When E it climbed away to the NE at a steep angle.  It was a bright white-green light.  No noise.
(Llewelyn, K. (1991). Flight Into the Ages. Felspin. Warriewood NSW . pp143-146))

17 March 1960 Kangaroo Island SA 1900hrs 2wits Cooper
Orange flare like object seen.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p139.)

14 May 1960 Mount Gambier SA 1850hrs 5wits Lewis CE1
A man reported that a 3m diameter red light had paced his car. The object "appeared and stayed in front of his vehicle for fifteen miles."  Two Police constables searched the area but found nothing.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p139.)

20 May 1960 SA 2030hrs NL
A rocket-like object with a yellow tail travelled soundlessly across the sky.  Was brighter and larger than any star in the sky.  Seen as well from Mt Gambier.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p140.)

13 June 1960 Prospect Adelaide SA 2000hrs 30secs 1M Adams
Yellow-red object trailing light travelled from SE to NW.
(1.  Adelaide Advertiser 14/6/60.  2.  Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p140.)

28 June 1960 Adelaide Night multi-wits incl. 1M Shepley
Bright object moved NE to SW until it went out.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p140.)

24 July 1960
a.   Mount Drummond SA Dusk 1M Ashman
Object glowing like the Sun was sighted travelling at speed from NE to SW, trailing a brilliant white light.  He believed it crashed into the sea as he heard the then calm sea "roar" for 30 seconds.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p140.  Wrong date.  Adelaide Advertiser of 26/7/63 has this story as a recent event)

b.   Para Hills Adelaide SA 2100hrs NL
A red light was seen going W, gaining altitude.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p140.)

21 December 1960 Adelaide SA NL
Mystery object reported travelling NW to NE.
(Adelaide Advertiser 22/12/60)

21 November 1961 Adelaide SA 1M Page
Amateur astronomer reported a cluster of 6-8 object due E of Somerton.  "They were crescent-shaped and travelling at high speed".  They disappeared into cloud.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p141.)

16 January 1962 Adelaide SA 2300hrs 2M McIntosh & KInnear NL
Vivid blue-green ball of light seen at 30 degrees falling down.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p141.)

23 July 1962
a.   Northfield & Yatala Adelaide SA 1835hrs 5mins 1wit
Object with square lighted windows "revolving and hovering just under a layer of cloud."  No noise.

b.   Joslin SA 1F
Police received a report about a similar object hovering to the NE.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p141.)

29 August 1962 Adelaide SA 2025hrs 15mins 2wits 1M 1F Macpherson NL
Bright light moving W to E.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p141.)

28 Oct 1962 Salisbury Adelaide SA 1930hrs Sylvester CE3
A school teacher and her children reported an orange glow on the ground at an estimated distance of three to four kilometres away from them.  Despite this distance her son insisted he could see an oval shape with windows, legs and two "men".  The teacher could see only a glow.
(1.  Australian Flying Saucer Research Society. (AFSRS).  2.  ASR 6/1/13-14.)

30 Jan 1963 Adelaide SA 6wits NL
Six people rang the Advertiser late last night to report a glowing object changing colour as it moved low across the horizon in the north-eastern sky.  The object is believed to be similar to one which had police mystified several months ago.
(Adelaide Advertiser 31 Jan 1963 copy provided by Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide.)

May 1963 Glenburnie SA Night Multiple-wits NL
Police received a report of a bright light.  Colour changed from red to white.  Car was followed for several miles.  Light last seen hovering over a paddock.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p142.)

18 May 1963 Beachport SA 0700hrs 1M DD
A man, a carrier by occupation, was driving along a road when a soundless, red and blue, round to oval shape was seen directly above the vehicle.  He watched it for about two minutes as it travelled from east to west.  He noted that the sound from his radio cut out.

19 May 1963 Mount Gambier SA 2130hrs Bushbridge CE1
The event was reported to Police by the youth's father, and is said to have taken place on the old Glencoe road, between Glencoe and Mount Gambier, one mile south of the Piggery.  A seventeen year old apprentice mechanic encountered an object on one side of the road on which he was driving.  When his car was six metres away from it, a bright light came on on the object and dazzled him.  He pulled the car up, the object moved across the road, and he drove his vehicle under it.  It was oval in shape, five metres wide and three high, with the lights on it being as bright as "the arc lights in electric welding."  It disappeared but was seen again at the six mile post from the Mount.  He was travelling at 50-60mph and the light followed him, then disappeared soon after.
(1.  Undated Adelaide Advertiser newspaper datelined May 20.  2.  AFSRS.  3.  Queensland UFO magazine. (QUFO) 1/2/6.  4.  Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p142.)

Was 1-1.5 miles from Piggery on the old Glencoe Road when he saw an object on the side of the road.  It was bright red/white and shaped like a bulldozer.  No sound.  "It came across the road and then it went straight up."  Lost in mid-air.  The object is said to have followed the route of the car for three miles then disappeared as an on-coming car approached the witness.
(Pages 305-307 on digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 4.  Original reference 5/6/Air (31) Victoria Barracks.  [RAAF: Meteor])

26 May 1963 Macclesfield SA 1850hrs1m Pfeiffer NL
Large, bright object in NW twice size of Moon.  Approached him, then was stationary for 1.5 seconds before leaving at speed.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p142.)

7 June 1963 Hove Adelaide SA (0100-0300hrs) 1F Peake
Heard a rushing noise with a brilliant flash of light.  Going from N to S and ended "with a loud thud."
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p143.)

28 Jun 1963 Sandy Creek SA 2130hrs 1M CE1
He was travelling on the Lyndoch-Gawler road going to Gawler, when upon rounding a corner in his vehicle, an anonymous Willaston man came upon a blood-red coloured object extending across the roadway. This was near the Sandy Creek Hotel.  He applied the brakes and was within three metres of it when it rose suddenly from the road.  After rising one hundred metres or so, it turned on its side and sped off, streaming vapour.  Described as eight metres across and four high, with a concave top and a flat base, it glowed blood-red when close to the ground and appeared to change to a light-red yellow as it gathered speed and flew off towards Two Wells.  Hervey states that the sighting was reported to police and that a CIB Special Branch officer interviewed the witness.  The Advertiser reports "He later reported the incident to the Weapons Research Establishment which arranged for him to be interviewed by a member of the CIB Special Branch."
(1.  Adelaide Advertiser 10/7/63.  2.  AFSRS.  3.  QUFO 1/3/26.  4.  Hervey, M.  (19 69.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p128 cites the date as during the period 1955-1958)

July 1963 Mount Drummond SA Sunset 2secs 1M Ashman IFO
Glowing white object travelling very quickly NE to SW seen descending in the sky.  Five minutes later head a loud noise and heard previously quiet surf on beach 12 miles away was heard.  Possibly meteorite landing.
(Adelaide Advertiser 26/7/63.  Hervey has date as 24/7/60).

Late Nov 1963 20miles north of Pinnaroo SA Night 1M Ross CE1
Traveling across open country, almost dark, when he saw an object. 100 feet in diameter less than 400 yards away.
(UFO Hotline call 3795 27 Dec 04. Interview by D McNamara AURA 2005)

1964. Yorke Peninsula SA. 1730hrs.
Object falling SW to NE with smoke haze around it and with a fiery trail.
(Department of Supply file SA5644/2/1)

February 1964 Para Hills Adelaide SA 2M
Police constables Payne and McMillan reported seeing a "bright globular object zig-zagged rapidly, slowed down and then accelerated at fantastic speed.  The object came from the west then swiftly turned towards the north and vanished."
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p143.)

February 1964 Tilley Swamp SE SA 1817hrs secs 1M CE1
A grazier telephoned the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper from the Salt Creek post office to report that "a 200 foot flying saucer had followed his car along a quiet stretch of highway near Tilley Swamp, 30 miles north of Kingston. It was at least three chains long (200ft) and it made a noise similar to a high-pitched generator whine.  At 6.17 exactly I was driving along and I heard this sound.  I looked out to the right hand side of the road and I saw this great big shadow.  It seemed to be going along with me.  It seemed to be hanging there like it was on a cord.  It seemed to be a silvery kind of colour.  I only saw it for a couple of seconds and then it moved off and then took off at an incredible speed."
(Adelaide Advertiser 22/2/64)

19 Feb 1964 Gum Creek SA Player 1F CE3
A farmer's wife observed an unusual object approaching the house and hovering close by it. She saw a "man" standing at a "wooden railing" inside the object. It eventually departed into the sky.
(Keith Basterfield, John Burford, Peter Horne, Garry Little, Paul Johnson and Tony Rundle.)

21 February 1964 Croydon Adelaide SA 2000hrs NL
"A reddish-brown, football shaped object" reported in the sky.  Then a teacher reported a "dull glowing object hovering the sky."
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p143.)

29 Feb 1964 Plympton SA 1400hrs Mathlin/Jensen 2M CE3
A young boy reportedly saw a large oval saucer descending into a paddock, in a busy suburb in broad daylight.  A tall figure emerged from it and walked around for a while before re-entering the object.  The object took off, observed by the initial witness and another boy.
(1.  AFSRS. 2.  Flying Saucer Review (FSR) U.K. 16/4/32.  3.  Personal investigation Keith Basterfield.)

5 Jun 1964 Woomera SA Photo
This photograph was taken at the launching of a Blue Streak rocket, and shows an oval blob of light near the rocket.  A black and white print in the Flying Saucer Review was apparently from a colour movie.
(FSR Sep/Oct 1964 p 4.)

Late Nov 1964 Pinnaroo SA Daylight 2M Gordon & Alfred
Large, circular object sighted, which hovered above them and tracked them for 1/2 mile.  They accelerated to 60mph.  Suddenly the object shot upwards.  Advertiser or radio report mentioned that on a Sunday night, policeman and Council man out walking East of Penong before dark, had sighted a large circular object seen hovering over an open paddock.  They walked towards it and it shot off at speed.
(UFO Hotline call 3795 27 Dec 04. Interview by D McNamara AURA 2005)

17 Mar 1965 Margaret Brock Lighthouse SA 2200hrs Photo 1M
Several photographs were said to have been taken of an unusual oval shaped blob, by an assistant steward on the BHP ore freighter, "Iron Duke."  However, a personal investigation revealed that at the time nothing unusual was visually seen.  The object in the photos only came out on the prints.  It appears to be nothing more than a lens reflection of the Moon, which is the brighter object shown in each photo.
(1.  Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners Advocate 23 Mar 1965.  2.  Personal interview by Keith Basterfield with the radio operator on board at the time.  3.  AFS Digest Apr/Jun 65.  4.  Aust FSR Vol 8 Jun 65 p2 (pics).  5.  AFS Review No 9 UFO Investigation Centre (UFOIC) inside back cover (pic)).

May 1965 Elizabeth Park Adelaide SA 1830hrs 1F Swiderczuk NL
A "dark-coloured oval thing overhead.  It was about 18-20 feet wide and had seven or more orange lights around the edge with a red light in the centre.  Suddenly it took off like a flash towards Adelaide.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p154.)

13 Jun 1965 Modbury SA Helyard 2wits 1M+1F Photo
A Mr and Mrs Helyard reported seeing a dark disc, metallic coloured which hovered and circled for fifteen minutes at an estimated one thousand metres up.  Their one photo shows a nebulous, elliptical shaped, object against what appear to be points of light, together with what looks like clouds.  It is hard to understand quite what the picture shows, as it looks far more like an unusual cloud than a defined metallic object.
(AFS Review UFOIC No 9 Nov 1966.)

30 July 1965 Cook, South Australia 0835hrs 10mins 5M DO
The Establishment Security Officer, Woomera advised: "ROGAN Commonwealth railways Port Augusta reports that gang working at 639 miles (approximately 70 miles west of Cook) saw UFO between 0835 and 0845 30 July 65. to south of railway link.  Appeared hovering silver colour reflecting Sun's rays.  Watched for ten minutes by five men.  Disappeared with a flash ESO MARA may be able to obtain more information from roadmaster Cook."
(Digital copy of National Archives of Australia. File 580/1/1 part 4 page 76.)

23 November 1965 Adelaide SA 2130hrs 1M Quigley NL
An object with a flashing light stopped and silently hovered.  He shone a torch at it, and a vertical, grey shaft became visible under it.  He shone his torch once more and the dark column had come closer.  He went inside his house.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p143.)

Jul 1966. Victor Harbor SA. 2025hrs NL
A "star-like" object moved across the sky.
(Department of Supply file SA5644/2/1)

27 Feb 1966 Keith SA 2200hrs Kirby CE1
Hovering several metres above a road, 5 miles north of Keith, a saucer shape inverted over another saucer shape, was observed for a while, before it left at great speed.  The witness stopped and noted a smell like ozone.  The object was described as five metres in diameter and as having six bluish lights on one side.
(1.  UFORSA files.  2.  Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p143.)

29 March 1966 Adelaide SA 1830hrs 2secs NL 1F
An oval object, silver-grey in colour with a thick, dark outline was seen low over North Terrace buildings.
(Sunday Mail 2/4/66.)

8 June 1966
a.   Woomera SA 1939hrs 2 wits 2M
Mr R Sharp, one of the men said :"We saw the object from Woomera village at 7.39pm.  It had a light equivalent in intensity to a 200 watt bulb at 200 yards, and it appeared to leave a blue-green trail."
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. Pp 145-146.)

b.   Clearview Adelaide SA 0800hrs 2M
Two boys reported seeing an object in the sky which hovered for a few seconds then left at speed towards the W.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p143.)

c.   Kingston & Naracoorte Early morning 20mins 2M Armstrong & Polomka
Two ice-cream truck drivers saw a white spotlight with a red light on top.  The white light was "interlaced with smaller coloured lights."  At times it seemed to hover and at other time move erratically across the sky.
(Adelaide News 8/6/66)

9 June 1966
a.   Woomera SA 3 secs 1M
There was a jet-like sound, but no aircraft were in the area.  An object was then seen, white in colour, trailing a bluish-green colour.  In size, it was smaller than the full Moon.  It travelled from azimuth 110 degrees to azimuth 90 degrees in 3 seconds.
(Report from AIUFOFSR citing D. A. Needleham, Engineer/ELDO employee.)

b.   Adelaide SA 1935hrs 5 secs multi wits
Greenish-yellow object moving at speed, travelling E to W and descending at a 45 degree angle.

9 August 1966 Klemzig SA Morning 4 wits NL
Travelling by car they sighted two objects hovering to the NE. "Two round, very bright shiny metal objects, one being larger than the other, hanging in the sky.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p155.)

September 1966 Hilton Adelaide SA 0650hrs
"I saw this dark grey torpedo shape with green lights pass overhead from east to west."  No noise.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p154.)

23 October 1966
a.   Adelaide SA 0230hrs 2-3 mins 3wits Kulman
A bright oval with a cone beneath was stationary at 20 degrees. It was a bright orange-yellow.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p146.)

b.   Burnside Adelaide SA 2025hrs 10mins1M NL
At a bearing of 305 degrees and elevation 35 degrees, was a sodium yellow object travelling NE.  It slowed, then turned N, descended, gained speed and disappeared.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p143.)

4 November 1966 Adelaide SA 1915hrs 3 wits Russell DD
Two, circular silver objects due E. Both stationary.  One went up the other went E.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p147.)

Late 1966 Eyre Peninsula SA Trace
An Adelaide resident and partner, driving in a remote area, came across a group of circles on a flat stretch of earth.  There were eight in total, all identical in shape and size.  Some overlapped. Said to be six metres in diameter, perfectly round.  It appeared two had been burnt into the earth.
(Hervey, M.  (1969) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. p146.)

1966/1967 Woomera SA 1730hrs 1M DD
Looked up into sky and saw at least three lots of UFOs, 40 in all.  One broke away and hovered low over him.  Big as a football field.  Mother told him he walked home in shock and took him to Woomera hospital.

23 February 1967 Glenelg Adelaide SA 2215hrs NL
"A red-orange, triangular shaped object rose out of the sea and then sank in again, taking about five minutes to do so."
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p147.)

18 March 1967 Dawson SA 2045hrs 1M Dunn NL
In a car, small Moon in shape and colour seen due E moving W.
(p148 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 7)

30 Mar 1967 Peterborough SA 2030hrs Smith CE2
Two men were in a vehicle when the engine and lights stopped/went off.  They got out to investigate when they noticed a disc rapidly ascending at thirty degrees south-west.  It was emitting blue to purple glows and flashes from underneath it.  It was lost to view in the night sky.  Upon returning to their car they found it started normally.  An hour later a stationary purple glow was observed in a creek bed, followed another hour later by a six metres diameter disc which was seen to take off from the ground.
(1.  AFSR (NSW). No 10. p31.  2.  UFORSA.  3.  pp142-143 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 7)

1 April 1967 Para Hills Adelaide SA Early hours 1M Wilson NL
Large, stationary, orange, round object in W. Small object left the larger one at speed.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p148.)

3 April 1967 Peterborough SA 2015hrs 1M Pratt NL
10-15 degrees elevation in W. Size and colour of Mars.  Hovered.  Witness drove to hill to get a better look.
(pp150-151 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 7)

15 April 1967 Adelaide SA 2120hrs 2 wits 1M +1F NL
Circular, crimson coloured object, half size of Moon.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p148.)

16 April 1967 Wattle Park SA 2145hrs 5mins 1 wit Sant NL
Bright orange light in the sky.  Eastward then stationary.  Turned W out to sea.
(pp146 & 152-153 of Digital copy of file 580/1/1 part 7)

16 April 1967 Albert Park SA 2200hrs 1M Matthews NL
One orange object going West.
(p145 of Digital copy of file 580/1/1 part 7)

Late April 1967 Seacliff Adelaide SA 1M Johnson
Pulsating, elliptical, bright blue-white object hovering three hundred metres above sea.  It accelerated away to the W changed colour to orange.  Low frequency hum heard.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p148)

Late April 1967 Port Pirie SA Evening 2M Roeters
Driving home when sighted large, round, metallic object on road to their front.  Swerving around.  As they gained on it, it rose into the air and soundlessly vanished.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p148)

27 April 1967 Colonel Light Gardens SA 0345hrs 1M Wormold NL
(1)   White "smoke" seen at 50-55 degrees elevation NNE.
(p149 of Digital copy of file 580/1/1 part 7)

(2)   Several staff reported an object close to a Skylark missile.
(Department of Supply file SA5644/2/1)

1 May 1967 Mannum SA 0820hrs 1F Thiele DL
White, balloon size light in East
(p135 of Digital copy of file 580/1/1 part 7)

1 May 1967 Adelaide SA (0830-0900hrs) 1 wit Harris DL
25 degrees elevation in the W to N.  Huge stationary shafts of light around it.
(p134 of Digital copy of file 580/1/1 part 7)

1 May 1967 Seacombe Gardens SA 0650hrs 2mins 1M Gregson DO
Saw a white light in the eastern sky.
(p133 of Digital copy of file 580/1/1 part 7)

2 May 1967 Tranmere SA 0650hrs (4-5mins) 3 wits Chester DO
Due E saw a white cigar at 20-30 degrees elevation.  Moving slowly down.
(p130-132 of Digital copy of file 580/1/1 part 7)

8 May 1967 Reynella SA 1M Fisher NL
a.   0450hrs star coloured light in the sky

b.   0550hrs bright white light in sky

c.  0546hrs silver to red light in sky.
(pp124-125 of Digital copy of file 580/1/1 part 7)

9 May 1967 Reynella Adelaide SA 0450hrs 10mins 1 M Fisher NL
Light went past.  And then hovered.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p149.)

11 May 1967 Purnong Landing SA 2330hrs 1 wit Carson NO
Saw an object across the other side of the River Murray.  So went across and searched.  It had been a stationary, red glowing light.  Found nothing.
(p129 of Digital copy of file 580/1/1 part 7)

16 May 1967 River Murray SA 1M Carson NL
Red light observed across river.  He crossed the river and searched but found nothing.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p149.)

28 May 1967 Murray Bridge & Mannum SA 0200hrs 2wits Hopton +1
Three objects seen.  Two were moving and the third stationary.  All very bright.  They passed them, and the two which were moving descended towards the ground and stopped.
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p149.)

Driving when he saw a bright light to the right of the road.  Two objects moved across the road behind him.  Stopped car.  Third object remained in same spot.  Went W over crest of hill and they could only see a glow.
(pp127-128 of Digital copy of file 580/1/1 part 7)

21 June 1967 Adelaide SA 2018hrs 1M Hutton NL
Travelling SW were two large green lights which "dipped towards the horizon."
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p149)

30 Jun 1967. Woomera SA
Numerous staff reported seeing a variety of objects through instruments.
(Department of Supply file SA5644/2/1)

5 July 1967 Murray Bridge SA 1M Langsford CE2
Five miles NNE of Murray Bridge on the Murray bridge to Karoonda Road.  It was a clear night with thick ground fog. Witness was driving a motor vehicle when he experienced interference on the car radio, which became a high pitched whine.  He turned the radio off.  Within 100-150 yards the motor of the vehicle stopped by itself.  The ignition was on but the warning lights on the dash came on.  The ignition key was still in the 'On' position.  Looking up he saw a distinct break in the fog with stars visible.  A "large dark shadow" was seen at a height of 20 feet.  The shadow seemed 120 feet thick. Above this shadow was a greyish-blue glow.  The top of the shadow appeared convex.  He stoped the vehicle and got out to look but the shadow and light had gone.  There was no sound.  The object had vanished.  The two banks of fog came together.  The witness returned to the vehicle, tried the ignition and the motor worked.  He switched on the radio and there was no interference.
(pp178-184 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 8.  Reported through DCA.)

20 Jul 1967. Karoonda SA. 1537hrs. DO
Silver object travelling at high speed.
(Department of Supply file SA5644/2/1)

14 August 1967 Adelaide SA 2230hrs 1F Cole NL
"Observed a large bright red round object approaching from the east.  The object seemed to hang over Adelaide for a while, then vanished.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p149.)

Sep 1967 Clare SA 1800hrs Collins CE1
A really bright light was observed at a height of one metre some forty to sixty metres distance, by a Mrs Collins.  She ran to get her husband, but on coming back, the object lifted off the ground vertically, then shot off very fast over hills.  It had appeared only as a white oval shape.
(1.  UFORFNQ.  2.  UFORSA)

27 or 28 December 1967 Adelaide SA (2100-2200hrs) 1 wit Washington NL
Various manoeuvres made by a star-like object.
(Page 171 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9)

1967/68 Clare SA CE3
A story circulated about a disc landing and a hairy dwarf being seen to jump out and disappear into the ground.
(Keith Basterfield.)

7 January 1968 Prospect Adelaide SA 2100hrs 1M NL
Object moved W to E at 45 degrees in a straight line.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p149.)

17 January 1968 Adelaide SA 2130hrs 1m Meyers NL
One red light in the sky lost over horizon.
(Page 168 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9)

20 January 1968 Adelaide SA 0257hrs 1m Goodwin NL
White and red light in sky.  Round ball of light.  Vapour trail.  Lost over horizon.
(Page 170 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9)

24 January 1968 Adelaide SA 0300hrs 1M NL
Stationary, oval shaped yellow/white light.
(Page 169 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9)

24 January 1968 Henley Beach Adelaide SA 0300hrs 60mins 2 wits 1M+1F NL
A glowing object was seen over the Adelaide Hils to the East.  "A shaft of light, four inches wide and a lighter yellow colour than the object, shot intermittently down from the craft.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p150.)

4 February 1968 Mannum SA 2030hrs 1 wit Chandler NL
A white soundless light seen to the S.  Lost over horizon.
(Page 165 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9)

13 February 1968 Barmera SA (0005-0130hrs) 2wits Hules NL
Red and green flashing light at 30 degrees E.  Last seen heading N.
(Pages 176-180 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part (missing). [RAAF: Satellite]

18 February 1968 Port Pirie SA 0515hrs 20mins 1M Young DO
One disc-shaped object changing colours lost in light of rising Sun.  Bright red light in W changed to blue, green and white.
(Page 166 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9)

23 February 1968 Adelaide SA 1945hrs 1M Dent NL
A round, red glow on top, with a blue trail travelled E to W, turned to the SW and remained stationary for some time.  It "then appeared to be joined with four other craft."
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p150.)

24 February 1968 Adelaide SA 2010hrs NL
Small pulsating red light.  Stopped, grew fainter and disappeared.
(Page 175 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9)

8 April 1968 Magill Adelaide SA (Between 0900-1700hrs) Multi wits
Children at a school reported objects on four occasions during the day.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p150.)

19 April 1968 Adelaide SA 0520hrs 15mins 1wit Matthews NL
Stationary yellow light, then rose slowly into overcast sky.
(Page 167 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9)

9 May 68 Parkside Adelaide SA 1850hrs 5mins 1F Gottschall. NL
Line of lights-red.  10 degrees SW.  Slow speed.  Travelled W to S.  Lost over rooftops.
(Pages 104-108 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9. [RAAF: Aircraft])

10 May 68 Cheltenham Adelaide SA 1855hrs (2-3secs) NL
Five pale yellow lights in SW. Straight path. Lost over horizon.
(Pages 109-113 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9. [RAAF: Aircraft])

11 May 68 Clapham Adelaide SA 0510hrs 30 secs 1F Alexander(?) NL
Stationary bright orange lights in W. Straight path.  Lost over horizon.
(Pages 114-118 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9. [RAAF: Aircraft])

17 May 1968 O'Halloran Hill Adelaide SA 0700hrs 7mins 1 wit Roberman (?) DO
Dark grey object circled, then went NW.  Lost behind hill.
(Pages 124-128 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 Part 9. [RAAF: Optical illusion from car lights in overcast])

6 June 1968 Para Hills West Adelaide SA 1840hrs 1M Copland NL
"..pear shaped light moving from NW to NE, darting up and down, before disappearing…"
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p151.)

11 June 1968 Ingle Farm Adelaide SA 2247hrs 1M Podeu NL
"Golden-orange UFO trailing sparks as it moved west to north-east." Halo round the edges.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere Horwitz. Sydney. p151.)

15 June 1968 Blair Athol Adelaide SA 0540hrs 1F Mueller NL
Dark red object with trail, and a noise " tearing paper…"
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere" Horwitz. Sydney. p151.)

24 June 1968 Murray Bridge & Tailem Bend SA 2025hrs 5mins multi wits NL
Moving in an undulating fashion, then hovering before speeding away, a solid object was described, which had "several lights in a circle" around it.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p151.)

25 June 1968 Mt Barker SA 1455hrs 1wit Heinrich DO
Buzzing noise heard.  Then green oval seen in sky going S to N in a straight path.  Lost behind hill. 
(Pages 45-50 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

11 July 1968 Ingle Farm Adelaide SA 2247hrs 1wit Podeu NL
Golden/orange light travelling NE to W in a straight line. Lost in mid-air.
(Pages 56-60 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

15 July 1968 Blair Athol Adelaide SA 0540hrs 30secs 1wit Mueller NL
Round red light moving E to W in a straight line.
(Pages 61-65 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

24 July 1968 Murray Bridge SA 2025hrs 5 mins 1M Bormann NL
White light 45 degrees travelled SE to W.
(Pages 66-70 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

24 July 1968 Tailem Bend SA 10mins 1 wit Glenic (?) NL
White light going from overhead to NW.
(Pages 71-75 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

26 July 1968 Adelaide SA 0725hrs 15mins 1M Barry DO
Steel grey object 25 degrees W to W, then W.   Circular path.
(Pages 76-80 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

2 September 1968 Lockleys Adelaide SA 0540hrs 1F Stanbridge NL
"A brilliant royal blue ball of fire with a whitish-yellow outer ring, hover in the north-west for a while, then drop like a stone, veering to the left.  There was no smoke trail, or sound."
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere Horwitz. Sydney. p151.)

7 Sep 1968 Hove SA Day Photo-IFO
A black and white picture was taken and shows a "coat hanger" shaped, small angular-sized, black "saucer".   Taken by a student, who later admitted it was a hoax.

24 September 1968 Adelaide SA 1830hrs (2-3mins) 1F Valkeith NL
One white light hovered then moved.  Travelled NW to SE.
(Pages 81-85 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

27 September 1968 Adelaide SA 1140hrs 5mins 1wit Weyte DO
One yellow triangular light went from N to S.  Lost over horizon.
(Pages 86-90 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

27 September 1968 Adelaide SA 1215hrs 8secs 1wit Hoffrichter DL
One very fast red light seen 60 degrees N going S.
(Pages 91-95 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

27 September 1968 Minlaton SA 2130hrs 1wit Carter NL
One red light seen going W to E in a straight line.  Lost behind a hill.
(Pages 96-100 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

27 September 1968 Minlaton SA 2140hrs 1.5mins 1F Butler NL
Red light seen going S to N.  Lost behind trees.
(Pages 101-105 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

29 September 1968 Adelaide SA 1000hrs 1M Wilson DO
A metallic-looking, grey coloured, elliptical object was seen going E to W then S to N.  Lost in mid-air.
(Pages 106-110 of Digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10.)

28 October 1968 Murray Bridge SA wits
People in a car saw "a cluster of five bright orange-coloured, oval shaped lights…and self luminous.  It came from the south with its lights flickering.  After circling for a while, it landed in the scrub some miles away.  Two more lights were observed a few miles further east fifty minutes later."
(Hervey, M.  (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere Horwitz. Sydney. p152.)

11 November 1968 Ardrossan Beach SA 1500hrs 3 wits 1M Forrester
"Three circular white objects travelling in formation and at tremendous speed they travelled in a southerly direction before disappearing in the distance.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p152.)

17 Nov 1968 Grey SA 2110hrs 50mins 3wits incl 2x Harvey & 1M Hale NL
Driving home she saw a light in the western sky, but lost it behind trees.  As she approached Rendelsham cutting it reappeared until she got to grey.  At home with her husband she watched the light for 30mins.  The light appeared a reddish/white colour attached to something.
(South Eastern Times Newspaper 18 Nov 68, copy from Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

18 Nov 1968 Hill River SA CE1/Trace
Two children watched a sixty centimetres long by twenty five centimetres thick football shaped light, golden in colour pass within fifty metres of them and appear to land in a paddock.  A spot was later found flattened in a one point five metre oval.  It was "tangled in a corkscrew fashion as if a giant top had been spinning on the spot."
(1. Personal investigation Keith Basterfield.  2. Pix-People 1(4), 1972.)

25 November 1968 Maitland SA 2140hrs 2 wits incl 1M Wyatt NL
A bright white light was noticed in the sky which appeared to pace their vehicle.  At one point it approached them rapidly, changing colour to orange-red.  As the vehicle took a bend, the object went straight on.
(Hervey, M (1969). UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. p 152.)

30 November 1968 Woomera SA Afternoon 30mins 2wits DD
"Miss Heather Potter, and a friend, watched for about 30 minutes two lights, one brighter than the other, about the size of peas, moving slowly acrioss the sky against the wind.  One of the UFOs took the lead after a while, but the other one soon caught up with it.  They then stopped and hovered for some time, after which the brighter of the two sped off to a new location.  It again started to hover, whereupon a small black object left the parent craft and sped off at terrific speed.  The smaller light faded, while the other moved slowly across the sky and finally disappeared.  The matter was reported to the meteorological office at Woomera, but no explanation was forthcoming.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. pp 152-153.)

Dec 1968 Millicent SA 2140hrs 10mins 3 wits 1M Sargent, Police officers G R Baker & R Goldman Photo
A light was seen at 35 deg NW from Millicent and 45 deg from Grey.  It was stationary and white but its intensity varied.  The police took a 10sec time exposure using a Polaroid instant camera.
(The South Eastern Times Newspaper 2 Dec 1968 copy from Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

15 December 1968 Coorong SA 0000hrs 5 wits NL
One of a number of objects sighted, came down towards the vehicle of a group of five young people out spotlighting.  It approached several times before eventually leaving at speed, but then came back for another approach before vanishing.
(Hervey, M. (1969.) UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere. Horwitz. Sydney. pp 152.)

14 Jan 1969 Brooklyn Park SA Trace
A man found a five metres, partial diamond shaped marking on his lawn after rain.  The marking consisted of an oily substance which later turned to a powder.  Believed to be slime mould.

27 Jan 1969 Wasleys SA Trace
Two days after hearing unusual footsteps walking around a concrete path on his farm and after seven point five centimetres of rain fell, a man found a five point nine metres (inside) diameter ring with a thirty centimetres bare band of soil on its perimeter. Suspected fungus ring.

Feb 1969 Elizabeth Park SA Trace
Patches of a black, oily substance were found on a lawn in the early morning.  Later it had changed to a light grey crystallised material.  Suspected slime mould.

5 Feb 1969 Parkholme SA Trace
A deposit was noticed on a lawn which appeared like ash from a fire.  On the 9th the colour was a bluish grey and when the grass was shaken a "black dust" was dislodged profusely.  The following day the deposit had turned to a yellowish jelly.  However, by the 11th it had returned to its original state.

10 Feb 1969 Parkholme SA Trace
A nearly complete doughnut shaped circle of a substance was noted on a lawn about 6.45 a.m.  The deposit was ten to thirteen centimetres wide and about three to three point six metres in diameter.
(Personal investigation Keith Basterfield.)

17 Feb 1969 Flinders Park SA 0250hrs Ballestrina 1F CE3
A noise which sounded like a "whirr" woke up a woman, who then looked out of a window to see an unusual object in an adjacent area.  It appeared about one hundred metres away, and was some ten metres across.  A "man" emerged from the shadows and walked around the object.  This figure was about one point eight metres tall, lean, had light coloured hair and wore white overalls.  He walked around the object several times before the woman ran to get neighbours.  When they all returned the object had gone.
(1. AFSRS.  2. UFORSA.)

22 Feb 1969 Renown Park SA 0300hrs Daniel 1F CE1
A woman was awoken by what she took to be a strong gust of wind, but saw that her curtains were not moving.  A pyramid shape, sixty metres away, and six metres in diameter, dirty white in colour, was seen hovering close to the ground.  Her daughter also saw it.  They became frightened and went back to bed.
(1. AFSRS.  2. UFORSA.)

10 Mar 1969 Christies Beach SA Trace
During the night a housewife was awoken by a loud bang.  A marking was later found which consisted of three twenty two centimetre diameter circles, spaced in an equilateral triangle, of sides twelve point six seven metres in length.

May 1969 Alberton SA Matthew 1M Photo
A Mr E Matthew took some movie footage of a light in the sky.  When the film was returned he noted an unusual object instead of the light.  This image was enlarged by micro-photography and it has been said that it shows an elliptical object with apparent "window" and "entity."
(1. Pix-People magazine 1 Dec 1971 (pics).  2. UFO Research Australia Newsletter 2/4.)

Jun 1969 Devon Park SA Early morning Photo
A butcher took four black and white photos of a "mass of spinning lights" close to his house.  The shots are clear and seem to show a solid disc shape.  Blowups of these shots show light and shade.  Although there has been some criticism of the shots, they remain of an unidentified nature.

4 Jun 1969 Eden Valley SA 1835hrs Koch 1F 16yrs NL
Mr G. Koch, sixteen, was driving along the Angaston road when about two kilometres north-west of Eden Valley an object passed soundlessly over the top of his car.  It was described as a series of red lights in two parallel lines connected by pure white horizontal rays.  The following day he reported finding three circular scorch marks on the bonnet of his car which had not been there before.

3 Nov 1969 Windsor SA CE2/?
Three children reported seeing a two metres long "egg" with a tail and four legs, flying around in circles which apparently landed on a back road.  A diamond-shaped trace was found.  There were three circular holes, two and a half centimetres apart in the centre.  At one end of the diamond was a small diamond shaped area not dug out (the rest of the trace was two and a half centimetres deep).  There was a line seven and a half centimetres long which curved away from this end of the diamond.  There were three of these shapes, one smaller than the others.
(AFSRS Mag Dec 1969.)

7 Dec 1969 Windsor SA DD/Trace
After a reported observation of an unusual object, an area of grass was found flattened in a ten metres circle.  The object was said to be hovering one metre off the ground and some fifty metres away.
(AFSRS Mag Dec 1969.)

15 Nov 1969 Millicent SA 2330hrs 3wits incl 2m Watson & Cranage & 1F Smith CE1
Travelling by car they saw two green lights 200 feet from the ground behind the car.  Sparks came from one of the lights.  A shrill piercing whistle noise was heard.  Watson said his car was covered in a thick layer of dust.
(The South Eastern Times newspaper 20 Nov 1969.)

8 Sep 1970 Mt Muirhead SE SA ca 2140hrs 6 wits incl 4x Fennell and Police officers Witcombe & Dennett NO
An object glowing red and white was seen by Peter and Gwen Fennell while driving from Mt Burr to Millicent as they came down Mt Muirhead.&nsp; The Fennell's children Peter (7) and Bronwyn (5) also saw it but thought it was a kite.  The object seemed to be over pine trees at the airport, then rose and headed towards the sea.  Police were informed at 9.40pm 8/9/70. Constables F M P Witcombe and A R Dennett both witnessed the object perform aerial maneuvers for about 30 minutes.
(The South Eastern Times newspaper 10 Sep 70.  Copy provided by Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide.)

29 Oct 1970 Hill River SA 0100hrs Pink 1M Trace
A young boy noticed a cigar shape on the ground one hundred and fifty metres away from the house.  It was white, had four legs and seemed to be transparent in the middle.
(Keith Basterfield.)

20 Jun 1971 Clare SA 2100hrs 1F Photo
One photo was taken of a red light, through a small telescope, using a Polaroid camera.  The print merely shows two blobs of light and is almost worthless.

August 1971 (could be sometime in 1971 or 1972) Yundi SA NL/Trace
During the middle of the night couple woke for no reason, then room was lit up with an intense white light.  Light wasn't coming through window, was "just there."  Light went out.  Lady looked out and saw a ball of glistening white light about 1.2m across, bigger than the Moon, receding beyond trees.

8 Aug 1971 Kadina SA 1835hrs Boyce 1M CE2
A Mr Boyce, fifty one, left Wallaroo and was driving back to Kadina, alone in his car.  About five kilometres out of town his surroundings were illuminated by an orange hue.  Suddenly the engine stopped and the lights went out.  The ignition light on the dashboard failed to come on, and despite efforts the engine could not be restarted.  He steered the car to the side of the road and braked to a halt.  Getting out he saw, at fifty metres altitude, an oval shape with three to four "windows".  It was stationary, almost directly above the car.  It remained motionless for two to three minutes with a continuous buzzing sound being audible.  It then left to the south-east.  Before it was completely out of sight, he got in the car and started the engine, with the lights then coming on.
(Keith Basterfield.)

Dec 1971 Tooligie Hill SA NL/Trace
A two point two metres diameter, bare and doughnut shaped circle, with a forty-five centimetre wide, ten centimetres deep trough on its perimeter, turned up in a wheat field.  Soil samples revealed nothing abnormal.  The wheat had been swirled anti-clockwise around the mark itself.  Neighbours described seeing a red ball, of light descending into this paddock, the night before the mark was found.
(Keith Basterfield & Peter Powell.)

14 Dec 1971 Waikerie SA 2300hrs 2M CE3
Two young men saw an animate object of humanoid appearance floating through trees in a sort of mist, only some twenty metres away.  It had a dog-like head, pointy ears and a long nose.  It was some two metres tall with a lumpy body.  The men moved to another point where they saw a large object, the size of a truck, resting on the ground.  It was shaped like a half sphere and had windows. The object just dissolved away.
(John Burford.)

20 December 1971 Woomera SA
Yet another sighting lead to a Department of Supply letter to the Director of Air Force Intelligence, dated January 7th, 1972, which stated that "this sighting appears to be sufficiently authenticated, yet there is no official knowledge of any military or civil aircraft that could have intruded into the Woomera air space.  It is therefore now a matter of speculation that some foreign aircraft passed through a Restricted Flying Area on December 20, 1971, without the knowledge of the appropriate authorities and this is cause for concern."
(Chalker, B. (1996.) "UFOs Sub Rosa Down Under: The Australian Military & Government Role in the UFO controversy." )

Late 1971 Woomera SA
In one case just prior to the launch of a Black Arrow rocket (in part a DSTO project) an unidentified "aircraft" was observed by a trained site meteorology observer over Woomera prohibited air space.
(Chalker, B. (1996.) "UFOs Sub Rosa Down Under: The Australian Military & Government Role in the UFO controversy." )

1972 Largs Bay SA CE4
"Carol", a twenty seven year old, housewife, reported a lifelong series of experiences which commenced with a CE1 when she was aged six.  This was followed by other UFO experiences, poltergeist activity, telepathy, precognitive dreams, an out-of-body experience, lucid dreams, hypnagogic imagery and sleep paralysis episodes, amongst other things.  Of particular interest was a recurrent nightmare of encounters with a strange dwarf in an unusual room.  Memories of some of these events were triggered after watching an "Unsolved Mysteries" segment on abductions on television.

Under regression, recollection eventuated of one apparent abduction at age nine.  One night in 1972 she was getting ready for bed when she saw an entity outside her bedroom window.  One point two to one point five metres tall , it had a big head, a pointed chin, huge yellow eyes, a skinny little white coloured body which glowed , no nose or mouth, and no ears.  She was then somehow floated up to a light in the sky which became a UFO.  She has no recall of actually entering it, but next became aware of being in a room on a table. lying on her back.

There were a number of entities in this room, with one particular one leaning over her.  She could only see its head as it was very close by.  It had a big head, with a pointed chin, and dark black, almond shaped eyes and a yellow-coloured body.  She felt these beings were "doctors."  A black "match" was applied to her leg above her right knee.  The closest being told her telepathically that: "It's all right.  Won't be long.  Won't hurt."

The shape in the ceiling, and the shapes behind the orange glow faded, and her next recollection was of being in her own bed.

Partial recollections of a second possible abduction at age fifteen, ran into a memory block.  A friend of hers participated in some of the experience which involved a light illuminating a cabin they were occupying.  Regression of this second woman confirmed parts of Carol's story but not the abduction.

The above material emerged at a time when the woman told me she was undergoing therapy for being an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
(UFORA89036. UFO Research SA/Keith Basterfield)

31 May 1972 Mannum SA 0635hrs Reeve 1M CE1
A factory manager driving in fog came across a dark oval shape with a red light on one side and a white one on the other, just hanging above the ground.  He stopped his car fearing a collision, and the object rose into the fog with a "swish" and was lost to view.
(Keith Basterfield & Tony Colbert.)

Jul 1972 Clare SA Trace-IFO
Three rings were found on a farm.  They were twenty five to thirty centimetres wide bands of dead grass forming one point two to one point five metre diameter circles.  The circles subsequently developed lush growth and they seemed to have been fungus caused.

24 July 1972 Novar gardens Adelaide SA 2015hrs 1min 1M NL
From 80 degrees N a bright light travelled to overhead (SSE).  No sound

27 July 1972
a.   Woodside SA 2020hrs 4mins 1M NL
One very bright light seen 40 degrees N travelling to the NW horizon.

b.   Ascot Park Adelaide SA 2035hrs 30secs 1M NL
A boomerang shaped object, shining like an electric light globe travelled from 80 degrees S to 15 degrees N.  No sound.

30 July 1972 Seaton Adelaide SA 2350hrs 1min 1M NL
Brilliant white light and red light close together 40 degrees SE travelling to 5-10 degrees ENE.

3 Aug 1972 Pinnaroo SA 0445hrs Venning 1F CE1
Mrs Venning, while travelling by car on her way to catch a bus, saw to her left in a paddock, an object looking like a grey-white oval with lights on both sides.  It seemed thirty metres off the ground and was soundless.  She drove past it without stopping but said her hair stood on end during the observation.
(Keith Basterfield)

5 August 1972 Yankallila SA 2250hrs (5-6 mins) 1F NL
Object seen by driver seen just above the telegraph line along the road to the E.  It was like a white cloud, oblong-shaped, hazy outline.  Travelling same speed as her car i.e. 80km/hr.  Lost to the W.

6 August 1972 Christies Beach Adelaide SA 2200hrs 2F NL
Two sisters heard a beep beep noise, then saw a group of three or four white lights lighting up the ground on a spare block next door.  Then witnesses stopped observing.

11 August 1972 Seaton Adelaide SA 2320hrs (20-25mins) 1F NL
At 5-10 degrees S she saw a stationary object which seemed to have three oblong, opaque windows.

15 September 1972 Hahndorf SA 0240hrs (4-5mins) 1M+1F NL
Point source of light at 30 degrees SW, brighter than any of the stars.  Stationary.  No sound.  Bright red in colour, then turned blue, then back to bright red again.

4 Oct 72 Seaview Downs SA Trace
Three rings of lush growth appeared on a lawn overnight.  The largest was about two metres in diameter.  Examination revealed hundreds of little black spots on the grass.  Slime mould.

6 October 1972 Seaton Adelaide SA 2015hrs 1min 1M NL
Star-like orange/white light travelled 20 degrees NW to 20 degrees E.

8 November 1972 Port Noarlunga Adelaide SA 2030hrs 5mins 1M NL
Two red flashing lights one above the other travelled from 45 degree S to 45 degrees N.  No sound.

30 Nov 1972 Murray Bridge SA 2315hrs Maxwell 1M CE2
Motor mechanic Mr Maxwell was out testing his vehicle when upon coming over a rise in the road, the motor and lights of his car cut out.  They came back on but rose and fell in intensity several times.  He decided to stop the engine and the car came to a halt.

To his left he saw a "diamond shape with the top cut off" noiselessly sitting on the ground forty five metres away in a paddock.  His car radio went "funny", making a noise like a "computer on TV", a constant rhythm.  As soon as he stopped the car he had tried the ignition key but when he turned it nothing happened, not even the oil light came on.  He then tried the wipers and the electric air horn but they didn't work either.  He locked all the doors and wound up the windows and just sat there for the next forty five minutes.  After this time, the object left and he found he could restart the car quite all right.  An inspection of the vehicle next day revealed no cause for the electrical problems.
(Allan Seer & Keith Basterfield.)

1973 Edwardstown Adelaide SA 2130hrs 5 mins Night 1F NL
16 years old at time, watching TV, then saw unusual object in sky.  Shape like a squashed up submarine.  Turned on its side and showed underside of a circle of lights.  It was in the W sky, no sound and darted with severe 90 degree turns.
(Hotline call 3789 Investigator D McNamara AURA 2004)

1973 Port Pirie SA Trace
Several doughnut shaped rings of varying sizes were found on the banks of a river.  They were bare earth/dead grass circles of about an over all two metres diameter, with a one point three metre diameter centre.  Diagnosed as fungus.

19 January 1973 Parkside Adelaide SA 0030hrs 150mins 1F NL
On a clear night, a white ball of light was seen 30NW manoeuvring around a small area of sky.

22 January 1973 Salisbury Downs Adelaide SA 2315hrs (9-10secs) 1M 28yrs NL
Two white, hazy lights sighted at 30 N travelling S at great speed.

29 January 1973 Hove Adelaide SA (2200-2230Hrs) 1M NL
A group of six, soundless, pale white coloured lights travelled from 8- degrees S to 25 degrees azimuth 345 degrees.  V shaped formation like a flight of birds.

Feb 1973 Adelaide SA Trace
Two markings on separate lawns were reported and identified as fungus/slime mould.

3 February 1973 Bedford Park Adelaide SA 1520hrs 5mins 1M 47yrs DD
Dark object slightly higher than wide, not uniform in colour was seen 10 degree W and lost behind a tree.

4 Feb 1973 Kimba SA 2150hrs 4 wits Hunt/ Finkler+2M CE3
Four people, in three separate vehicles, reported seeing an orange object in a clearing on a deserted stretch of country road.  A young couple said they saw a shape, three metres high by one point five metres wide.  One of them said they saw a two metres tall "man" in a white space-suit floating in the middle of the rectangular shape.  The other saw an orange rectangle with a white blob on top of it.  Later, a semi-trailer driver reported to police that as he passed a clearing he noted what looked like an open doorway and a figure.  The police checked the clearing by going there within an hour, but found nothing to account for the observations.
(1.  Keith Basterfield, Peter Horne, Dean Piovesan, Ray Brooke.  2.  Whyalla News 16 Feb 1972)

Mar 1973 Whyalla SA Nankervis Photo
A movie film was taken by a Mr W Nankervis, who had been filming a glider, when he saw a brilliant object beaming rays from one end, to a mass of "boiling stuff" at the other end.  The clip of film was twenty seconds long and was examined by Prof J. Allen Hynek on his Australian visit.  No analysis is known to this author.
(Adelaide Advertiser 7 Sep 1973)

3 Mar 1973 Edwardstown SA 0300hrs CE2
A large orange domed object three metres high with a dark patch in the centre was seen outside a bedroom window, accompanied by a noise like a thump and cans banging.  Triangular markings were reportedly found on a lawn the next morning.

11 March 1973 Highbury Adelaide SA 0350hrs 10mins 1M 27yrs NL
Was in a car facing W when saw a point source of white-blue light 10-15 degrees W which travelled in a straight line to S then turned and travelled E.

16 March 1973 Morphettvale Adelaide SA 2015hrs (10-15mins) 1F 22yrs NL
A flashing silver light seen 45 degrees SW travelling at great speed in a straight line SSW.  No sound.

26 March 1973 Melrose SA 2215hrs 5secs 1M 61 yrs NL
Bright white light gradually darker towards the rear travelling in a straight line from 45 degrees NE to NW.

Apr 1973 Eudunda SA Trace-IFO
Several rings, varying from point six to five point four metres in diameter with a ten centimetres wide band of dead grass, were found in an area sixteen by thirty two metres.

May 1973 Port Pirie SA Trace
Eight rings-fungal in origin-were located by the River Broughton.

May 1973 Clare SA Trace
A fungus ring, six point three metres in diameter, and almost circular, was discovered.  The rim width was one metre.  Scattered around were four large mushrooms-twelve to twenty centimetres in size.
(Peter Horne)

2 May 1973 Kalyan SA 1930hrs Zadow 1M CE2
Noting a bright light at an estimated five to ten degrees above the north-north-east horizon, through his left hand side windscreen, Mr Zadow was puzzled.  Its angular size was about the size of the full Moon, and it was reddish/white in colour.  No illumination of the surroundings was noted although the light was dazzling to look at.  Driving at fifty five km/hr along a straight dirt road he watched the light.  There was no change in size or brightness yet he had the feeling the object flew over the truck, as it rose in elevation as viewed against the windscreen.  The truck's engine stopped and the lights went out leaving him rolling in darkness.  Neither the red ignition light nor the green oil light came on.  He instinctively braked slowly and after four to five seconds whilst the truck was still rolling, the lights and engine came back on by themselves.  The outside light was not visible by this time.  Investigation revealed that the light probably did not go over his truck but was at least three hundred metres away, parallel to the road.

18 May 1973 Sherlock SA 2130hrs 3wits CE2
Three young people travelling back to Victoria recounted that a light had been following their car.  They stopped the car to watch it.  It hovered over trees, pulsating.  The driver turned the ignition key but no lights showed and the engine wouldn't start until after a few attempts.  Investigations revealed a likely cause was a combination of headlights/stars/imagination and a temporary electrical fault.

Sep 1973 Ivy Tanks SA 0300hrs Ringer 1F CE3
A thirty-two year old woman was a passenger in a semi-trailer travelling across to Perth.  She had been asleep for about an hour when a "voice" called her name and told her to look out the window.  She did so and saw an egg shape surrounded by a "force field" on the ground.  The figure of a man was walking towards the egg, while another man was sitting inside the object.  The first man entered the egg; the glow died down, leaving only one white light on.  The driver pulled up the truck but when asked, said he had seen nothing.  They did not go back to check the spot.
(Keith Basterfield & Vladimir Godic)

28 Oct 1973 Karoonda SA 2330hrs Photo
A photograph was taken of a stationary, intense orange object in the sky, using an Instamatic camera.  Investigations into similar reports of an orange object in the sky showed the causes of these were the planet Mars and flares.  It is understood that the print came out black.

November 1973 Karoonda SA Evening NL
A number of reports of orange lights seen in the district including:

28 Oct - Karoonda -2320hrs 1F
Stationary orange to yellow light in the sky to the W. Faded out into clouds.

6 Nov -Karoonda -2205hrs 1M +1F
Group of orange lights seen bearing 310 degrees.  Three lights in a triangular formation.  Drove towards them and they seemed to be over a paddock to the right of the road.  As he approached light went out and the object shot off at tremendous speed to hover over trees at a distance.

5 Nov - Wynarka -(2015-2045hrs) NL 1F+1M
Group of orange lights in W sky, "coming and going."

Dec 1973 Wokurna SA Trace
A two point four (2.4) metres diameter bare earth circle was found in the middle of a wheat field.  Wheat had been swirled anti-clockwise.  Soil analysis revealed no cause.
(Steve Bolton/Peter Horne)

Dec 1973 Bordertown SA Trace
Seven circular shaped, flattened swirled areas were found in an oat paddock.  They ranged from two point one to four point six (2.1 - 4.6) metres across and were of different ages.  Oats had been swirled anti-clockwise.  The police forensic squad were unable to explain the marks.
(Garry Little/Keith Basterfield)

Report from Ansett pilot which involved electrical problems as he went to work.
(Hotline call 3794 Investigator D McNamara AURA 2004)

1973/74 Kangaroo Island SA Afternoon 1F Photo
Rita H was taking photos when a light source appeared through the viewfinder.  She had the impression of a close approach.  She fell to the ground and the sky changed causing her extensive disorientation.  Two photos were taken with a special camera and a very high ASA rated film.  Prints have a light green coloured, elliptical shaped mass present on them.  Woman subsequently developed lupus but this might be unrelated.

1974 Clifton Bore SA 1M CE4
"A man hunting for fossils in flat desert country was suddenly approached by two short beings who beckoned him to come with them.  He was taken into an externally small object, which was impossibly much larger inside.  Twenty or more similar beings were also inside. He was offered a drink, then passed out.  He awoke and found himself on the floor of the object.  He saw two human female children in a cage-like structure who seemed to be in a trance.  The man felt he had somehow been rejected by the beings.  A doorway suddenly opened in front of him.  He stepped out and found himself back on the desert floor.  He rejoined a companion and found he had been away for one and a half hours."
(1.  Chalker, Bill. (1989). "Abducted?" Australian Penthouse. Nov. p37  2.  Australian Flying Saucer Research Society)

1974 Elizabeth SA 2F CE4
A woman recalled that as a nine year old girl, she and a friend observed a UFO at close range in suburban Elizabeth.  As she had memories of observing the object from two different angles of view, but no recollections of moving between the two locations, she suspected a period of missing time may have occurred.

Regressed to the day of the incident, she felt her head buzzing, then she recalled being in a room of some kind, and of seeing a face on a small pointed head, with pointed ears.  In addition she recalled someone walking towards her- a silver glow around its body.  A thick metal "skewer" featured which she said was: "to take out fluid."  Nothing further could be elucidated.
(UFORA89037. UFORSA/Keith Basterfield)

16 Mar 1974 Adelaide SA 0630hrs 1M Photo
It is reported that a man had taken some colour movie film from the Hilton motel, of an unusual object in the early hours of the morning.  Efforts made were not able to trace either the man or the film.

17 Mar 1974 Burra SA 0030hrs 2M NL
While travelling in a Ford Falcon sedan two young men observed a big round, yellow/green light stationary near the top of a hill.  They stopped the car to watch.  After a minute or so it seemed to come towards them so they tried to start the car, but it would not respond.  Again they tried the ignition system.  The ignition light came on but the engine still wouldn't start.  Finally after holding the key on for thirty seconds the engine started.  They left the area but stated that the light seemed to follow them all the way into Burra.  They woke a policeman who looked at the object and declared it was just a star.  Investigation suggests the object was an astronomical source.

23 March 1974 Kybybolite (20km NE of Naracoorte) SA Early morning 2 hrs 2 wits Munro
Farmer and wife reported being chased by a UFO for 10 miles.  "We just sat in the car petrified until dawn, two hours after first sighting the object -- before it raced away at high speed to the east."
(The News Adelaide 17/4/74)

April 1974 Elizabeth Adelaide SA 2F Wright + Swan
Round, yellow-white light with a blue light flashing in the middle sighted.
(The News Adelaide 17/4/74)

1 Apr 1974 Pasadena SA Trace-IFO
A ring was reported and identified as a fungus.

15 Apr 1974
a.   Roseworthy SA 2015hrs Photo
A series of lights was seen in the sky near the crest of a hill. The photographer stopped the car he was driving and took a photo using a Polaroid camera. He says that he thought there were only two bright lights but the print shows three. He and his wife watched them for about half a minute but they did not move or make any sound. The print shows three blobs of light.
(Adelaide Advertiser 17/4/74)

b.   Woodside SA 1930hrs (5-6mins) 1M 18yrs +5 NL
Driving when he saw an object travelling SE.  It passed over their car when the vehicle suffered a temporary loss of power.  The object was described as having a spherical spinning base, with four bright lights shining from a dome.  It looked metallic.  It then headed towards the horizon.
(Adelaide Advertiser newspaper 17/4/74)

15 Apr 1974 Woodside SA 1730hrs CE2
Six people in two cars were travelling back to Adelaide.  Someone in the second vehicle said they saw an object so both cars pulled up.  One of the others said the vehicle suffered a temporary power loss as the object went over the car.  Investigations revealed the entire episode was overplayed by the media.

May 1974 Strathalbyn SA LITS/Trace
Two green lights were seen in a paddock and later a marking was found.  It was a bare patch two point six five metres diameter with a depression in the centre twenty to twenty two centimetres deep and sixty centimetres diameter.

21 May 1974 Cookes Hill near Birdwood SA 1945hrs 2wits 1M +1F 3mins NL
Object seen directly over a road a vehicle was travelling along.  30 degrees S and lost at 35 degrees N.  It was described as a huge oval orange object like a giant pumpkin.  Seen on three separate occasions on thr trip.  No sound.

7 May 1974 Moorlands SA 1835hrs 30 seconds 2M NL
While driving at speed, a man noted a bright white, blinding light off to the left.  It overtook him and it continued straight on, off the road into the distance.  It was only 1m away from his car when he first saw it.  It was 1m off the ground and appeared to be 20cm in diameter.  The second male was driving behind the first car and saw it and a bright white light, appeared to blot out the first car's rear red lights, then move away to the right as if to overtake.

Sep 1974 Renmark SA 2215hrs 1F CE2
Returning home in a Hillman Hunter sedan, by herself, a lady became aware of an illumination behind the car.  It was a white light which approached at great speed, and as it seemed to be wanting to overtake her she moved over to the left.  She saw the light to her right, then the car vibrated as if being pushed up and down.  She just held on tightly to the steering wheel, and recalls the engine must have stopped at this point for although she pressed the accelerator no power was forthcoming.  The light simply vanished. She was by this time, terrified, and cannot recall any other part of her trip home.
(Keith Basterfield)

September 1974 Eudunda SA Trace-IFO
Several roughly circular bare earth traces of various sizes were reported in a paddock.  Probably fungus rings.

4 Feb 1975 Balaklava SA 0540hrs Hall 1M Photo
A movie film, showing an unusual object in the eastern sky, was taken by a Mr Ben Hall.  A silver cloud-like object was noted and Mr Hall decided to take some colour eight mm movie film of it.  They watched it altogether for a period of some twenty five minutes of which one and a half minutes was captured on film.  The film shows a "condensation" trail type object moving very, very slowly, close to the horizon.

14 February 1975 Fulham Gardens Adelaide SA 1525hrs 10 mins 1M DD
A bright white light was seen moving from 45 degrees S to 70-80 degrees N.  Probably met balloon.

20 February 1975 Rosedale SA 0025hrs 2wits NL
Travelling by car when they saw an object like the full Moon rising in the NW behind a group of hills.  Later it was seen as a crescent shape.  Then there were two objects sitting on top of each other.  The bottom half was a very bright orange while the top was a yellowish-white.  It approached and was in front of the hill. At one point it was 60m above the car-seen then as a clear saucer shape.

6 Mar 1975 Near Mount Gambier SA NL
The flight engineer of a commercial jet flying between Melbourne and Perth sighted a falling green object slightly ahead and to the right of the plane.  It looked like a falling flare. Another aircraft five minutes ahead also reported the same object.  The same thing was seen by the crew of a Fokker F-27 near Ardrossan, several hundred kilometres away.  Investigations revealed they had sighted Cosmos 582 re-entering the atmosphere.

20 April 1975 Burra SA (1915-1945hrs) 6wits NL
While out driving a number of observations of an unusual white light were made.  At times it appeared to have a cigar shape with 3-4 orange flashing lights on it.

27 April 1975 Woodside SA 1800hrs Few mins 2F DD
A "whizzing" sound was noted, and then a semi circular shaped object, grey in colour, with a blurry glass-like base with no windows and metallic looking, was seen at 5 degrees ENE.   Initially stationary, it moved downwards towards the right as watched.

22 May 1975 Wasleys SA 0400hrs 5mins m 1F NL
Lying in bed when two lights "just appeared." bearing 065 degrees.  These lights went out and then a "dark body" rose upwards from that same spot to 15-20 degrees and travelled to the S.  Getting out of bed she then saw there was a red light to the rear of the body.  No sound.

19 June 1975 Renmark SA 1715hrs 20mins Several wits NL
Several reports of a bright white light visible in the W. Lost over the horizon at 1730hrs.   Initially stationary then went downwards.
(Murray Pioneer newspaper 24/6/75)

8 Dec 1975 Tranmere SA Trace
After hearing a noise during the night a woman and her daughter found two areas of strawberry plants, flattened in an anti-clockwise direction, some ninety centimetres in diameter.

16 December 1975 Paradise Adelaide SA 0345hrs 1min 1F NL
A whirling noise was heard, and she saw an object in the sky with a flashing red light on top which illuminated a silver, solid mass, underneath.

Mid January 1976 Medindie SA 0300hrs 4 wits NL
While on a shooting trip, they saw a light in the distance to their N.  It approached, then turned and headed W.  It was lost over a hill.  There was an associated noise like a high speed motor.

31 May 1976 Daw Park SA 0200hrs White 1M CE3
A silver suited being, one hundred and sixty five to one hundred and seventy-five centimetres tall, with a black visor, white boots and a box with a figure eight on its chest, was reportedly seen in a back yard.  When the single reporter approached the entity it flew off and entered a cigar shaped object which had been sitting in the sky.  Some traces were said to have been found.  However, when investigators arrived there were no traces visible.

15 Jul 1976 Walker Flat SA 2115hrs NL
A red object, the size of the Sun was seen and the lights of a car were affected for about a minute.  The object then accelerated rapidly away.

1977-1989 Adelaide SA 1F 24yrs CE4
A thirty four year old woman related at least three unusual episodes.  The occasions of interest to us involve finding herself in an alien environment which were the second and third of her three experiences.  One night she suddenly found herself recalling that she had somehow been in a very large room where there were a large number of human-like beings, including a human child about age ten.  The room showed no apparent source of illumination.  It was warmly lit -- a very light soft blue colour.  Breathing was no problem, gravity was normal and the temperature was skin temperature.  She can recall conversing with the child.  On the following occasion she had retired to bed when she found herself drifting through tunnels.  Suddenly, she was in a room.  This time the people present were not human.  They had pointed faces, large heads, and slanted very dark blue eyes.  Their heads were quite swollen at the forehead, with their ears being little, with no lobes as such.  They had thin bodies, were grey in colour and short in stature.  One of the female aliens was carrying a baby.  The baby had its arms outstretched and the witness asked to hold and nurse it.  Suddenly, she knew she had to go and found herself back in bed.  She quickly fell asleep.  In her teens she underwent precognitive dreams, and later in life (continuing) precognitive visions.
(UFORA89016. Ray Brooke and Keith Basterfield)

2 February 1977 Lucindale Millicent area SA 2220hrs 30secs 1F+1M NL
Large, white light seen "darting sideways and up and down at great speed..."  Through binoculars was seen as circular, with red and yellow lights with a rotating bottom.  "The middle section was like a set of windows and we could see movement like shadows.  Then the object just disappeared as fast as it had appeared."
(Woman's Day 11 Dec 1980)

4 February 1977 Kingston to Mount Gambier SA 2100hrs 2wits 1M+1F CE2
While driving between Kingston and Mount Gambier a couple observed two lights following them, alternatively at ground level and then up in the sky.  Their car speedometer broke and the car clock was slow upon arrival home.

Mar 1977 Port Neill SA Trace
A four point three (4.3) metres diameter doughnut ring was discovered on a farm property.  Its centre was undisturbed and it had a circular hollow trough with a hard rim.  Soil tests showed no cause.
(Adelaide Advertiser 12 Mar 1977)

3 March 1977 Kersbrook SA 2110hrs (5-10mins)1M+1F NL-IFO
A dog alerted a man to a light in the NW sky.  It was white/red in colour, bigger than a pin-point source.  There was no sound.  It had a small radius glow around it.  It was just above treetops and gradually went lower in the sky. It appeared to settle in a gully.  Reported to Police.  Investigations revealed it was Venus.
(1.  UFORSA SA77025.,  2.  Adelaide Advertiser 4/3/77)

22 April 1977 Yatala Vale Adelaide SA 2345hrs Secs 1F 19 yrs CE2
While driving alone on a little used road, the reporter's car was approached by an object which apparently passed over the vehicle.  As it did so, the electrical system of the car "cut out" for a few seconds then came back to life.  The object had initially appeared as a bright light of intermixed colours of star size.  At its closest it took on a vertical oval shape with "rays" coming out of it.  The oval was a mixture of red/green/yellow.  Angular size eat this stage was close to full Moon size.
(UFORSA 77048)

2 May 1977 Cal Lal SA 2000hrs Hartley 1M CE1
Out camping, a man saw a blue trapezoid shape, ten metres away.  It was two metres tall by seventy five centimetres wide at the top tapering to forty-five centimetres wide at the bottom.  Stationary when he saw it, he looked away and upon looking back it had simply vanished.
(1.  UFORSA.  2.  Australian Co-ordination Section for the Centre for UFO Studies Bulletin (ACOSB.) No 11. p21)

20 May 1977 Murbko SA 0630hrs Schultz 1F CE1
A young nurse saw a red glowing ball of light, five to ten metres in diameter sitting in a paddock only a few metres from her car.  The ball rose into the air and was soundlessly lost to sight.
(1.  UFORSA  2.  ACOSB. No 11. p21)

27 May 1977 Salisbury North Adelaide SA Early evening 3M CE2
Three boys, Brenton Clarke 15, Alex Madaros 14 and Neil Williams 14 related to a Newspaper that they had sighted an unusual object in a park.  One boy claimed he had been thrown three metres backward from a column of light after touching the beam with his right hand.  Thirty seconds later they watched as a bluish-green conical-shaped object rose rapidly from a tall gum in a group of trees 20m to their right.
(Sunday Mail Adelaide Newspaper 29/5/77 p3)

30 Jul 1977 Birdwood SA 1545hrs CE1
A large, two hundred metres long pink object shaped like a "jumbo jet" was reported to have landed in a paddock beneath some powerlines, then took off vertically with no sound.  No traces were found and soil analyses revealed nothing unusual.

22 January 1978 Klemzig Adelaide SA Trace-IFO
Material was found on a back lawn which had not been there the night before.  The material was spread over a 10-24cm wide band in an arc.  The material was light grey in colour and spread over leaves of weeds and over grass stalks.  When rubbed between the fingers it turned black and greasy.  Viewed through a 10x looking glass, the material was seen to be composed of small, oval, discrete elements.  The Botanic Gardens of SA advised their inspection indicated it was a slime mould.

5 March 1978 Parachilna SA 0210hrs 15mins 1M CE1
Driving a truck when he saw a blue-green light in front of him some 50-60m ahead and only 2-3m off the road.  It started to move slowly up and down about 1m.  Two smaller red lights then appeared under the green and it took off to the right and disappeared.  About 30 seconds later it came back.  It descended towards the road to a height of 2 metres.  When the witness turned his vehicle's high beam lights on it shot upwards.
(1.  UFORSA 78035.  2.  UFORSA Newsletter 30. p1)

Apr 1978 Adelaide SA Trace
A perfect circle six metres in diameter, with a narrow band, was located on a grass lawn.  It appeared to be slime mould.
(Adelaide Sunday Mail 23 Apr 1978.)

3 May 1978 Port Augusta SA Evening NL
Two accounts were received.  One was from an Air Traffic Controller at Adelaide Airport who reported that a pilot of a RAAF Hercules was near Port Augusta and called Adelaide to ask if they were picking up another target.  He was apparently concerned about a bright light to his W which also showed on the plane's radar.  Indications were that the light was at 2,000 feet.  The second account was from the pilot of a light aircraft flying from the State's SE to Adelaide who reported hearing a call about a bright white light at a height of 2000 feet on a VHF frequency.

4 May 1978
a.   Adelaide SA 0100hrs 15mins 4 wits NL-IFO
A huge red flashing light with a pale lemon coloured light to the side was observed from the southern suburbs.  The whole thing seemed transparent.  After 15 minutes it disappeared.  Dr Fred Yakka of the Mawson Institute advised that their magnetometer had displayed signs that the sighting could have been of an Aurora.
(Adelaide News 4/5/78.  Channel 10 evening TV news.)

b.   Quorn SA 0403hrs 10mins 1M 24yrs
Waiting for bus looking S when three lights in a 'V' formation were seen at 45 degrees S.  Each was about half Moon-sized, semi-circular, and had a faint blue halo around them.  They hovered over water tanks situated on a hill 500m away, where they were joined by a fourth object.  Then they all moved steadily to the W and faded away.
(SPACERS UFO group Elizabeth -- now ceased)

15 May 1978 Hallett Cove Adelaide SA 0615hrs NL 1F
Two large lights were seen in the sky at 5-10 degrees moving from NNW to N over 10-15 minute period.  Another light was then seen, this one yellow in colour.  Another red light appeared.  These lights then moved erratically around the NW sky at 5-10 degrees, for 30 minutes.

9 Aug 1978 Wandearah West SA 2235hrs CE2
Returning home, a mother and daughter, watched as a very bright light came towards them.  Bright red, it had three black spots along the bottom of it.  The car lost power to near stopping point, twice, even though the woman flattened the accelerator to the floor.  She turned onto another road and the car gathered speed, while the light left to the north-west.

31 Dec 1978 Whyalla SA NL
A pilot with thirty two years experience was flying a Cessna 310.  He was over Alford at twenty five hundred metres heading north-west when he sighted an oblong, white light to the east-north-east.  He then turned into the circuit at Whyalla to land and was also able to continue observing the object.

1979 Nildottie SA 2M CE4
Don and Jack recounted an abduction experience, which is said to have occurred near the River Murray.  They were preparing for dinner when beings entered their house.  They experienced a time loss and next thing they knew they were standing by a large silver craft.  After being subjected to psychological testing for several hours, they became aware of being back at their kitchen table.
(1.  Australian International UFO Flying Saucer Research (AIUFOFSR)  2.  Pix-People magazine. July 1988)

4-6 May 1979 SA-WA border multi-wits incl 1M Porter
On and off for three days a red and silver UFO was reported over Eucla.  "It was like a rocket, about three or four times the size of a jetliner, and hanging vertically."
(Adelaide Advertiser 7/5/79)

9 May 1979 Lobethal SA 1845hrs 1F CE2
Driving when saw a blue light, flying ahead of the vehicle.  It was flashing and no other lights were visible.  The driver then passed through Cuddly Creek and at 1900hrs saw a very bright, white light which appeared to flash occasionally.  After turning a corner, the headlights of the car went off.  The motor was still OK.  As another car swung into view the car's headlights came back on.  Witnesses thought lights were aircraft.
(Peter Horne)

1980-1989 Adelaide SA CE4
"Barbara", a young woman, wanted assistance in determining the origin of three relatively large triangular marks on her forehead which had simply appeared over night some two years prior.  Over a ten year period Barbara saw UFOs, had a near-death out-of-body experience, and a peak experience.  She also experienced telepathy, precognitive visions, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic imagery, and other psychic-style episodes.  As to the marks on the forehead, she did have recollections of "something" touching her forehead during one night, following which the marks were seen the next day.  Under regression she recounted how a "shadow" was in her room and shone a laser-like beam of light onto her forehead, thus creating the marks.
(UFORA90038. UFORSA/Keith Basterfield)

13 February 1980 SA
Brilliant fireball sighted over the state.
(Courier newspaper SA 1/4/80).

1 April 1980 Tea Tree Gully Adelaide SA 0253hrs 7mins 1F NL
Glancing up at the sky, a woman reported a "mushroom" shaped object with lighter roughly circular patches at places inside the general shape.  It appeared to be moving to the left in a stop/go movement.  Location was 10-15 degrees, bearing 170 degrees.  They retired to bed leaving the object present.

13 Apr 1980 South Kilkerran SA 2350hrs CE2
Out of the corner of his eye a man sighted a row of flashing lights, yellow in colour, and apparently pacing his car.  He attempted to accelerate but the engine "cut out" for a second.  This occurred three to four times in fifteen to twenty seconds.  Then all of a sudden the car acted normally and he was able to drive on.  The lights seemed to move off very quickly from his right to behind him.

22 Jul 1980 Reynella SA 1620hrs 1F Photo
A moving object was photographed by a woman during daylight hours.  Three colour shots were taken with an Instamatic camera, and show merely a small dot which could not be identified.

20 July 1981 Adelaide SA 0105hrs Several wits NL-IFO
Number of calls about a white rocket like object travelling E to W.  Meteor.

22 July 1981 Whyalla SA 1930hrs 2M NL
Two fishermen reported seeing a massive, dark red/orange object about 300m up.  It had neither wings nor tail and was silent.  It moved slowly for 30 seconds then accelerated out of sight.
(Whyalla News newspaper 24/7/81 p22)

24 Oct 1981 Port Lincoln SA 2M CE4
Two young men, Messrs P. and J. were travelling in a car near Port Lincoln when they encountered a "white endless space" or room where a time loss of several hours is said to have occurred.  During this lost time they have vague memories of a "being" and recalled "...walking into a big room."  Just prior to the "space" they had been watching a mysterious light in the sky.  Arrangements to have the two men undergo full investigation was unsuccessful.  The being was described as one point two (1.2) metres tall, and humanoid.
(1.  Keith Basterfield/Pony Godic-personal investigation.  2.  Basterfield, K. "Australia's First Abduction Event?" UFO Research Australia Newsletter 3(4):4)

25 October 1981 Clare SA (2235-2305hrs) 1F 21yrs NL
On a clear night a woman was driving from Snowtown to Clare, when a very bright, oval shaped white light was seen following her car.  It hurt her eyes to look at it.  At one point her car radio experienced a humming noise and cut out a few times.  At another point the object lit up the surrounding countryside with a beam of light.

23 April 1982 Ferryden Park Adelaide SA 2wits NL
Saw two objects on the same night.  First one was a square shape.  Second was like "two eggs."  Red in colour.  5 seconds on, then off, then on again.  Flying low over Cavan or Modbury.
(Channel 9 TV news 24/4/82)

25 April 1982 Clare SA 2030hrs 3 wits 1M+2F NL
Three people in a car noticed a red glow in the sky.  It approached them.  Followed the car for 3km.  Described as a ball of fire with white streaks through it.
(Adelaide Advertiser newspaper 27/4/82)

April 1983 Golden Grove Adelaide SA (2245-2330hrs) 2wits 11M+1F CE1
An extremely bright white light approached a car.  They pulled over the car as the white light went out and an object passed over the vehicle.  It was described as triangular and perfectly defined.  The underneath had a number of "raised lines" on it.  The object made no noise and was estimated to be "Jumbo plane" sized and 150m up.  It stopped for a second or so, then rapidly accelerated in the direction of the Parafield airport.  As it receded into the distance the light came on again.  It was then lost to view.

3 July 1984 Mount Barker SA 0700hrs 1F Hubbard
"After an unsubstantiated claim of birds and cattle being found dead on a Mt Barker property, disturbed Hills residents were encouraged last week to speak on an Adelaide radio breakfast show."  Mrs Hubbard reported "an illuminated half-circle in the sky" which travelled across the sky.  Denise Size believed she saw the same object 2-3 weeks ago in Mt Barker.  An anonymous Hahndorf man spoke to Bazz and Pilko, radio announcers about "loss of livestock, power failures and strange objects in the sky".
(Courier newspaper 18/7/84)

16 January 1985 Ooldea SA
The Australian National Railways stated that enginemen on a Perth-bound train had reported seeing bright lights.  The train had broken down.  ANR said the two events were unconnected.
(AAP text 18/1/85)

19 May 1985 Wanneroo SA 0230hrs 1M+1F
One round object with yellow lights.  Appeared to be in two sections.  Seemed low down.  Witness left the area.

2 May 1986 Adelaide SA
Witnesses at the top of Kensington Road (Aldana?) saw a low slow moving white light going south of Adelaide and heading downwards.
(Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

4 May 1986 Adelaide SA Ca1800hrs
Over Adelaide a bolide(?) seen through cloud cover.
(Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

24 May 1986 Victor Harbor SA 1200hrs DD-IFO
Media reports were of a UFO which had "crashed" into the sea off Victor Harbor.  However, observations were made which started with a "flash of light" in Western Victoria, followed by numerous reports from SE SA of an object travelling E to W.  Almost certainly a bolide or satellite re-entry.

19 December 1986 Various locations SA Evening NL-IFO
At least 14 reports were made from locations as varied as Balaklava, Olympic Dam, Adelaide, Port Augusta, Barmera, Loxton, Gawler, and Wilmington of a series of lights in the sky.  Observations came in of a ball with a blue tail, a blue green ball, a white then blue green light, an orange ball.  There may have been multiple sightings of several distinct objects between 2030 and 2300hrs.

26 Feb 1987 Tanunda SA 1140hrs 15mins 1F DL
First seen 75 deg N.  Passed directly overhead.  Eight white lights.  Seen with naked eye and binoculars.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

26 Mar 1987 Location SA? 2021hrs 10secs NL
One red long cigar shaped object seen 45 deg SW to 45 deg NE.  "Assessed of no military significance."
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

13 Jul 87 Port Lincoln 1F
Object triangular with red and green lights passed over car at low altitude.  "Assessed as no military significance -- possibly an aircraft -- not RAAF."
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

11 Aug 1987 Near Peterborough SA 1wit
Bus driver reported a bright green light traveled parallel to the bus.  Affected bus electrics.
((RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)  Incident was not reported to RAAF directly.  RAAF Record of Conversation indicates source was a reporter with a Broken Hill Newspaper.)

9 Oct 1987 Parafield Adelaide SA 2145hrs NL
Bright soundless ball flew over.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

Ca 1988 Adelaide SA CE4
A married woman.  "Jan", went to bed one night and during the night had a very vivid experience which she believes was not a dream.  She found herself in this white space.  Present were three entities.  They were some two point one (1.2) metres tall, and covered in "gowns".  She wasn't frightened as the beings emitted a beautiful feeling.  She had a discussion with them.  When she woke the next morning she had a vivid recall of the events of the night apart from the content of the conversation.  Personality changes ensued subsequent to that night.  Since then she has reported episodes of sleep paralysis and other unusual activity.
(UFORA91037. Keith Basterfield)

Ca 1988 Mid North SA CE4
Over a number of years a woman has experienced interactions with aliens.  All of these have taken place in her bedroom on the interface of sleep and wakefulness.  Some of the episodes have involved sexual contact.
(UFORA91038. Keith Basterfield)

1988 Adelaide SA CE4
A man reported that he became aware of a presence in his bedroom.  He was overwhelmed with fatigue and fell asleep.  His next memory was of being pushed down a long, shiny, metal corridor on a "bed" of some kind.  He then entered a brightly lit, sterile room.  He was placed on an "operating table" which was so brilliantly lit he couldn't see surrounding things clearly.  He came to in his own bed a couple of hours later.  Next morning he reports paralysis of one arm.  Reportedly medical examination, including x-rays were not able to determine a cause for this.

He further relates being abducted the next evening, but has almost no memories of this.  Next morning his arm was healed but he couldn't move one leg.  The most recent experience occurred on 24 Oct 1988, when he woke to see a group of short human-like beings at the foot of his bed.  Three or four stood back while one approached.  He described this one as one metre in height, with a large head and big eyes, looking like a white glowing light.
(Bell, N. R. "Encounters of the 'Fourth Kind'." The Golden Age. Feb 1989.  pp10-11 & 21)

1988 Adelaide SA 1345hrs 12min 1M DD
Two security guards spotted an unusual object to the rear of a 747 aircraft in clear, blue sky.  What appeared to be a white/grey disc, some three times the size of the plane was travelling along behind the aircraft, in the plane's vapour trail.  It seemed to wobble from side to side.
(K. Basterfield)

1988(?) Adelaide SA CE4
A man reported that he was in two-way communication with aliens via an implant in his ear.  During an investigation it was revealed that he had undergone two apparent out-of-body experiences where he was "sucked out" of his body.  He indicated that during these episodes he had been taken onboard a UFO.  His account was set in the context of on-going communication with the Ashtar Command via automatic writing.

8 Feb 1988 12.4km NNW from Highway 87 nr Port Augusta SA 6 wits 2340hrs NL
Police were responding to a civilian report of a UFO when they saw a very bright white light increasing in intensity and appearing to rise 2-3 degrees then it disappeared.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

17 Mar 1988 Findon Adelaide SA 0050hrs 7mins 1wit NL
Object reported near civilian aircraft.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

16 May 1988 Near SA/NT border Multi wits NL
A group of RAAF relay runners on charity run reported seeing a green light estimated to be the size of a car, and heard voices.  A RAAF Commander explained:  "They were fooled by some children swinging a light on the end of a string."
(Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

25 Jul 1988 Jamestown SA Depression/footprints
Bronte Lloyd, a farmer, and his son in law sighted a red light.  Later that same evening, Bronte, now alone, saw an object sitting near the ground and he approached it to within six metres.  It was metallic, three point six metres wide, and two point one metres high, with a circular upper body tapering to a square base.  It rested on a couple of support legs.  Two prominent ribs ran around the outside of it.  There appeared to be portholes at regular intervals and three "headlights."

Lloyd retreated inside, and a possible CE3 event followed.  The police were called to investigate.  A square-shaped depression, apparently formed through weight, was found.  There were also "footprints" found in wet grass.  Biochemist Tom Coote took some "blind" samples from Lloyd, and some electrolyte level (salt levels) anomalies were found.
(Tom Coote interview Feb 1991. Lloyd also appeared on the Couchman (TV) show Sep 1991)

17 Aug 1988 Barmera SA 2330hrs
Big bright blue/silver and gold light over Lake Bonney.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

8 Sep 1988 Strathalbyn SA 1850hrs NL
45 deg NE.  Very fast light in sky.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

28 Sep 1988 Adelaide SA 2100hrs NL
An oval, green and yellow coloured ufo came from over the sea, crossing Henley beach, hovered briefly over North Adelaide then sped off at high velocity towards the hills, shortly after 9pm
(Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004 citing TV news update either 7, 9, or 10 between programes at 2130hrs)

10 or 17 Oct 1988 Ceduna SA NL
A coach driver and some of the passengers saw a bright white light in the sky follow them fro 10kms out of Ceduna towards Mundrabilla WA.  An Adelaide University astronomer explained it as bright planets and noctilucent clouds.
(Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide 2004)

18 October 1988 Wellington East SA 0300hrs 1 M NL
A dairy farmer stopped working when he saw a light in the distance to the north.  There was an associated "whining" noise.  Stock in the paddock "took off."  At its closest the light appeared as a ring of bright light -- a distinct solid object.  A second object was noticed as the first took off.  This second object was large, low down and had "wings" on the side but no tail.  It slowly passed over.
(Personal interview K. Basterfield 15 Dec 2003)

11 Nov 1988 W. Hindmarsh SA 2248hrs
Long oval shape reported.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

February 1989 Port Elliott SA 1M CE3
The 18 Oct 1988 dairy farmer was standing in sand dunes late one night.  A bright object approached along the beach and he saw it was an "entity."  The thin figure had a large, pear-shaped head and stood facing some rocks.  It then turned to face the farmer who decided to leave.  Next day some unusual marks were found in the sand on the beach.
(Personal interview K. Basterfield 15 Dec 2003)

March 1989 Flinders ranges SA Trace
A seven metre diameter, doughnut shaped ring was located behind a hill where a woman reported a bright light descended.  Investigations revealed the light to be Venus and the marking, complete with mushrooms, appears to have been a fungus ring.

July 1989 Adelaide SA CE4
A man was lying in bed trying to get to sleep when a low pitched humming noise was heard.  His wife, lying alongside him apparently asleep, said he was not to worry, do as they say.  He couldn't work out what she meant, and suddenly found himself paralysed.  Next he found himself floating along the hall passageway into the lounge.  Entering the lounge he saw his son in the arms of a strange being, one point seven five (1.75) metres tall, it was of a greenish/white colour.  It appeared human-like.

Next he recalls lying down in a room.  In this room was a non human being.  He described it as having an oval shaped head, big black eyes, the shape of eggs.  There was no nose, just two holes, and a small slit of a mouth.  Then he was floated back and went to sleep in his own bed.

Next morning both he and his wife felt very strange.  She can recall talking in her sleep, but not the words she used.  She says she felt a presence during the night but was not afraid.  She has a memory of being on a table with some people looking at her.  She felt she had been investigated, then drifted back to her bed.  Hypnotic regression of both witnesses confirmed the above details.
(UFORA91098.   Keith Basterfield and Peter Jones)

10 Jul 1989 Clare SA 0540hrs Langman 1M+1F CE1
A one metre diameter yellow/white ball was seen hovering stationary over a sofa in the lounge, by people in bed.  Simultaneously, they noted their feet were "glowing" like an x-ray.  The light and glow disappeared and they fell back to sleep. 
(Keith Basterfield.  UFORA89012)

9 Sep 1989 Whyalla SA 1045hrs
Witness at Williams Creek hotel.  Reporting 20 aircraft traveling at 2500-3000 km/hr.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

2 Nov 1989 Eden Valley SA CE4?
A thirty-five year old female nurse tells of events including rattling doorknobs, and a sense of presence.  There is also an account of levitation.  Entities came in to touch her.  They had eyes with no pupils.  She felt disoriented.

25 Jan 1990 Darlington Adelaide SA 25mins
Object seen at 45 deg NNE.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

28 Mar 1990 Ferrenden Park SA Night Photo
While replaying a video tape of a laser display a man noted an unusual bright light on the film, which he had not noticed when filming.  Investigation by Ray Brooke determined that the most probable cause was that he had filmed a street light.
(Ray Brooke)

25 Jan 1990 Darlington Adelaide SA 25mins
Object seen at 45 deg NNE.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

28 Oct 1990 Jamestown SA Trace-IFO
Property owners confirm they found a ten metre diameter circle surrounded by a ring, making it sixteen metres across in a wheat paddock.  The wheat was green and in undulating countryside.  It had ill-defined edges and was then revealed to be a hoax.

25 Jan 1990 Darlington Adelaide SA 25mins
Object seen at 45 deg NNE.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

20 May 1991 Clare/Burra turnoff SA 2030hrs 1M
Bright green light traveling SW.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

20 May 1991 Glandore Adelaide SA
Blue light with white tail.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

20 May 1991 Seacliff Adelaide SA 2020hrs
Green flash going very fast.  Smoke trail to W.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

20 May 1991 Paralowie Adelaide SA 2020hrs NL
Very bright light traveling SE to NW.  Left trail.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

3 Jul 1991 Lobethal SA 0525hrs
Green glow at 45 deg NW traveling downwards quickly.  Vanished.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

12 Jul 1991 One Tree Hill SA 2155hrs 8-10 secs NL
Bright green light traveling NE to SW.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

12 Jul 1991 St Peters Adelaide SA 1530hrs 1M DL
Bright light in NW sky.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)

26 Sep 1991 Campbelltown Adelaide SA 15mins 1M
Two yellow lights in sky at 45 deg ENE.
(RAAF file 6/16/Air part 1 "Unusual Aerial Sightings" 92WG Intel RAAF Edinburgh)


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