MAY 2007

01.05.07 West Stafford QLD Time 1800hrs NL
West Stafford, Brisbane, May 1 2007, 6.00pm
The witness was standing on a street corner at 6.00pm waiting for a friend to pick him up and then drive on to Arana Hills. While waiting he saw an object in the sky just below cloud height with the underneath ‘spinning wildly’. Out of the object shot a blue beam of light that descended to the ground in a straight line. As his friend arrived the beam seemed to develop a bulge in the middle of its length but as he had to get in the car he didn't see what happened next. He refrained from telling his friend for fear of ridicule but did tell his doctor and someone from his Church [Catholic]. His doctor told him such things don't exist and the church member made no comment. Source UFORQ

Early May 2007 : Sydney, NSW 1830hrs NL
Sydney Australia Witness Films Three Level Object (Pictures)

Hi Brian, You may not remember me but I used to do a spot with James on the show. Anyway, I was out on my balcony one evening and saw a funny looking star in the northwest sky, it was kind of dusk, just dark. The location a suburb 10 minutes from the City of Sydney Australia. I didn't look at the picture until today.

All I have done is crop it a bit, but there are two pictures, I thought I was taking two of the same thing but they are not the

same. I left the crop of number 1 large as there is a shape not bright there too that looks like no 2 picture, only it's brighter. That may be a star don't know.

If you need an uncropped straight from the camera image, I can do that. I was expecting to see something like an asteroid

with a tail or something not a 3 level object with light on each level...sending both pictures. Regards.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, Yes nearly fell of the chair when I saw that 3 level one. First, I took those maybe a week ago, 10 days no more than that. so early May 2007. It was about dusk just getting dark so around 6:30 Sydney time, I'm terrible I don't take much notice of time at the moment. I am on the north shore of Sydney (Lane Cove) which is about 10 minuets drive to the City of Sydney. It was in the northwest.

The object just seemed to sit there, that is why I thought a star at first, it caught my eye as it was so bright then it seemed to have a longer up down shape than a start. That is when I came in and got my camera. So it was around for a good 5 minuets in the sky that I could see. But it just seemed to sit there, then it was gone. I thought it had just gone out of view. Can't tell you much more than that Brian, if you want to use it that is ok with me. This is also very strange as I didn't think, oh there is a UFO I will get a picture of it. LOL. Thanks and I hope your doing ok and feeling good.

Thank you to the witness for granting permission to post the pictures, and of course for the sighting report.

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03.05.07 Sunnybank QLD Time 0800hrs NL
Source: UFORQ
This occurred on the 3.05.07. I could have mistaken this for aircraft, anyway... I was travelling towards Mains Road Sunnybank heading south when I stopped at the traffic lights of Granard and Mains Rd opposite ANZ Stadium and saw three silver egg-shaped objects travelling extremely close together, I would says five metres apart in formation, and about 20 metres off the ground, just enough to fly over the trees and buildings. This was about 8.00am in the morning. I thought it was the sun reflecting off planes because they were travelling in the same path as most planes do, but as they got closer their shape was more rounded. Their path seemed to be just over the Sunnybank Hotel, heading west to Archerfield airport. Also they were all different sizes and there was one that was smaller and was moving around another of the craft in a vertical, circular motion before it disappeared, leaving what seemed to be two craft. I attempted to follow them, but once they were out of sight I never saw them again. I was expecting people to jump out of their cars and be staring at the objects but no-one did. I did see a small aircraft, maybe a Cessna-type, fly in the same flight path about 20 seconds later, but higher in the air. I do recall thinking I could clearly establish that this was a plane, and the objects were smaller then the plane by maybe 20 percent. Did anyone else report this sighting, or were my eyes playing tricks on me? I was about 500 metres to one kilometre away from the objects when I saw them.

03.05.07 Gold Coast, Qld Time 1230hrs NL
Gold Coast, Australia Appeared To Look Like High Flying Military Jets (?) Number of witnesses: 2 Number of objects: 2 Shape of objects: Small specks.

Full Description of event/sighting: What we saw looked like a high flying air force jets without wings. It was traveling at least 2000 miles an hour. It left a chemtrail. It was at about 45 degrees from the horizon and out to sea. As it disappeared it was joined by another chemtrail. I could not see the second aircraft.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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04.05.07 Chapel Hill, QLD Time 1900hrs NL
Source: UFORQ
Three lights of equal brightness in linear formation for ten minutes until they faded away. They were 50 to 60 degrees above the horizon to the NNW. No noise was heard, the lights were circular with a golden/orange colour, spanning about 50cm in the sky at arm's length.

04.05.07 RICHMOND VIC 1030hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Name: Miss. Liz xxxxx
Sighting Duration: 2 mins

Observation: Driving down the eastern freeway in Melbourne, I noticed what seemed to be a stationary 'star' hanging approx 20m off the ground.

As I drove toward this VERY bright white light, I realised I was actually driving towards it. As I approached it to drive almost underneath it I noticed that it was a diamond shape and 3D, as I passed under it it 'zoomed' off in a northwest direction in a similar manner to a shooting star but in reverse! I had to pull over as there was no explination as to what I had just seen. No street lights, reflective surfaces, plane lights nothing! As I said it was completely stationary and too low to the ground to be anything I can think of. Hmmm.

Description: No sounds that I could hear as I was driving but it did 'zoom' off as explained above. Location: On the eastern freeway city bound in Melbourne near the Doncaster Road turn off.

Other Witnesses: There were many cars around me but I was too busy concentrating on driving AND watching this 'thing' to see if anyone else was looking. Apparent Size Other: large dining table size? Actual Size: I think it would have been approximatley 5x5m? Hard to say. Altitude: not far off the ground at all, I'd say about 20m. Object Origin: it didn't, it literally just appeared! Object Destination: Northwest - towards the suburb of Balwyn. Moon Visible: The moon was full and to the left of the object, quite a distance from it. Moon Size Comparison: Funny perspective as the object was lower to the ground, you could say that the size was comparable to that of the moon. Planets Visible: One star FAR FAR to the right, the sky was clear apart from the moon and this object. Weather: Clear, Pleasant : Sky Sunny Wind: Calm Effects Physical: No, just a tad freaked out! Effects Psychological: No, just goosebumps! Other Experiences: Just ghost sightings but never a UFO.

Identifying information has been removed

06.05.07 Pacific Pines, QLD Time 2130hrs NL
Source: UFORQ
Can you please tell us if what we all saw was UFO activity on the 6th of May between 9:30 and still continuing as I write this email. We saw one large UFO floating northeast of Pacific Pines. This thing was flashing silver, green, red, blue and orange. It hovered and seemed to have a slow floating effect like a feather dropping to the floor, left to right to left to right, slowly heading down - this movement is only slight but is still recognisable. There was another object more south, not as bright but still there, and we think there are a couple more to our north.

07.05.07 Blewitt Springs, SA Time day
Source: UFORQ
On 7th May 2007 I was at a friend's property at Blewitt Springs in South Australia with my son and husband. The sun was beginning to set and we were close to leaving to go home. My son was with his friends in their room which overlooks the hills and grapevines. He came out to the lounge and told us that he had just seen a plane flying too low, worried it could be in trouble and he was quite concerned. So I said for them to go down the hill and see if they could find what it was. I thought he must have seen a reflection or something like that, because the sky was unusual, this strange kind of overcast orange and pink reflective sky, which actually looked quite beautiful. As I gazed out the window I too saw this UFO. It looked like it was a fair distance away, at a guess 500 metres, but it was quite large and clear with defined edges shaped like an oval. It was a brilliant silver-white and it seem to glide out of sight just behind some trees. I ran to the edge of the yard to see where it went but it was out of sight. I called out and told my friends and husband that I too had seen it. Of course my husband only made fun of me saying, ‘Ooh aliens, aliens.’ So we decided to go and pick up our son from the bottom of the hill ,where he was still seriously wanting to know what he'd seen. I told him I too had seen it but the others missed it. As we were driving home my husband still didn't believe us - until he saw the same flying object on the left side of Whitings Road before it was once again lost behind the trees. He screeched to the side of the road and tried to see where it went, then decided to drive around to where we thought it looked like it had came from, past Douglas Gully Scrub, but we didn't find a thing. There was a strange helicopter which looked like it too was searching for something. As my son is into aircraft in a huge way he said the helicopter was not a typical one as it was long and black at the bottom and white at top, but definitely not the same shape as the UFO we had seen, this I am sure of. I can’t get this image out of my brain. It has been a week now but I am definitely interested if anyone else had seen anything in the McLaren Flat/Blewitt Springs area.

07.05.07 Sydney, Padstow, NSW Time 1915hrs
Mr.Gareth xxxxx
Sighting Duration: Still there?

Observation: There is an object in the sky that appears to be a star but it flashes red yellow and white and moves up and down slightly.

Description: It moves up and down, left and right and changes colours from red, white and yellow. Location: Padstow, my parents can see it on Central Coast as well.

Other Witnesses: Myself, girlfriend, mum and dad Apparent Size: Star
Actual Size: Too far away to tell Altitude: Can't tell, looks like a star Object Origin: Staying in the same spot, moving to the left and right and up and down frequently but not very far.

Object Destination: Has not disappeared. Moon Visible: Could not see the moon, it's cloudy. Can see the object through the clouds though Planets Visible: A couple of stars where it wasn't cloudy in the sky Weather: Sky, Snowing

Identifying information has been removed

08.05.07 Wavell Heights, QLD Time 2000hrs NL
Source: UFORQ
A man was shooting some video footage of his back yard through a window and later found a golf ball like light in his images. The light would have been in the sky if it was some distance from the camera. The fly screen web was visible in the light image and the image had details which changed over time. About a minute of footage was shot and a copy was sent us for study. Analysis is still in progress.

09.05.07 Chinchilla QLD Time 2230hrs
Source: AUFORN Online UFO Report Form
Name: Mr. Phil XXX
Occupation: xxxxxx (ex Navy)
Sighting Duration: Approx 10mins
Observation: Loud tearing rumbling noise similar to fighter jets to the southwest of my home. My wife saw a white light going in what I think was a north/south direction a couple of times. I did not see the light.

Description: No, just a steady white light changing direction on a north/south direction. Location: In our backyard in Chinchilla Qld.

Other Witnesses: my supervisor Steve C saw it from his yard a couple of streets over and he used to live in Newcastle near RAAF Williamtown and does not believe what he saw was an aircraft. Apparent Size: Pea-Sized Apparent Size to other: Bright white light Actual Size: Unsure Altitude: About a 30- 40 degree angle from our view point Object Origin: Western sky on a north/south line Object Destination: south western Moon Visible: No Planets Visible: Heaps of stars but this was brighter Weather Visibility: Clear Weather: Temp, Cold: Sky, Sunny: Wind, Calm

13.05.07 Newcastle, New South Wales 0130hrs
Source: 1800 Hotline callin code 6108
Report: Ben often goes outside his home in Belmont North, Newcastle, for a cigarette. At around 1:30 - 2:00 am on 13th May 2007, he looked up to see two orange lights overhead, which seemed to be moving slowly from NW to SE but were changing directions relative to one another. He said he could tell they were different to anything else he has seen in all the times he has watched a starry sky.

The whole sighting lasted approximately 3 minutes. Ben was sure that there were tow objects in formation one keeping a true course and the other occasioning to and fro from alongside. They made no sound and the night was clear. “My girlfriend and another man watched them along with me and none of us were convinced by any explanation of what they could have been. The way they moved - wasn’t normal.”

Dominic McNamara AUFORN NSW

18.05.07 Mount Ommaney, QLD Time 1730hrs NL
Source: UFORQ
After getting out of bed a young man looked out his bedroom window and observed a large rectangular-shaped object hovering above the Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre. He estimated it to be three phone towers in height above the centre and looked grey in colour with two smaller red lights on one side. He observed the object for four seconds before it disappeared. He was looking east at the time on a cloudy morning. After the sighting he went into ‘a sort of a daze’. He added that his father has also had many sightings.


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